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Thursday, April 28, 2011


The following Blog is for April 22-24 of 2011

We had a quiet night on friday because the weekend was going to be busy!!  Saturday came and we got up and had breakfast.  Then we got to fix Quinn's Room!  We made her big girls bed!  We put her new bed together and then made it up.  We even got in it for a quick pic!  We hung out that day and then took our nap.  Later that day we went to Oma and Pappi's house for Easter.  Aunt Ro got to join us.  My brother had to work but we knew we would see him Sunday.  We had dinner and played a little with daddy.  Dinner was great and we got to just all relax.  I love just spending time with her and just see how she is growing.

Sunday came and we went to church.  After they had an Easter Egg hunt!  We got some pictures in and then went home for our nap.  We went to a friends house later and Quinn got to spend more time with her uncle Kenny.  She did so well the entire weekend in her new bed and we really had a great time.  They go so fast i can't believe it.  Enjoy the pics!

We started off the weekend with a Dance Party in her Room!

Here is her bed all made up! Look at her go!  She'll probably never make her bed again good thing i got a picture!!

Here is the old crib! It did it's job and a good one at that.  Can you believe this was my old crib!

Saturday we went to the rent's for Easter!  Is she winkin at me??

Hanging out on daddy's bed, you know...Chillin..

itting with Oma and Popi

Here's dinner

A pic with the ladies!

Popi and I

After dinner we went and found Easter Eggs.

I got outfits.

Lots of fun stuff to!

Happy Easter!

The easter egg hunt at church

Look at all my eggs.

Here is Aunt Ro and I

Oma and Popi and I

Here is Dad, Vicki and I.

Easter weekend was very nice.  We had a lot of time to jump on Daddy.  We fixed up our room and got to see some very wonderful people!  Hope yours was wonderful too! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Night In The Crib

Today was long.  Work was longer.  I was so excited to pick up Quinn.  I stopped and got her and off we were.  It was really windy out today and cold.  We got back home and we got some dinner and watched some TV.  We took some time to just hang out.

Tonight was special because it is Quinn's last night in her crib!  She has been wanting to go to her little kids bed now for a while!  I took some pics of tonight for the record books!
Here is my little angle

Last night in her crib!

So peaceful.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Fun Weekend!

The Following Blog is for dates 04/08/11-04/10/11.

    This weekend was one for the books!  Friday I picked up the munch and we went shopping.  We went over to Wegmans to get some food.  We got some supplies and as I was walking down the candy isle, we love that isle...  She was playing with a bag of M&M's.  Well I looked down and heard the hit the floor!! The bag was fully blown open!  They were all over, hitting the floor and cart!!  I was like ohh boy.  I gave her the other bag and said yea, open this one... She did!  Oh man i had to ditch the stash lol.  Well i ditched the bad in a near trash and we finished up shopping.  As we cashed out I told the cashier i owed them the 2.79 plus tax.  She laughed and said no worry...  I think Quinn's smile saved me.  We went home and had a  nice evening.

Saturday we woke up and had some breakfast.  Oma stopped over to spend some time with us.  We planned to make cookies!  We played with games and puzzles.  The three of us made some cookies and watched some moves, after lunch Quinn took her nap.  We spend the afternoon playing and just having fun.  Later that day Aunt Ro came over to babysit!  I had one of my best friends wedding shower to go to that night, Paul and Danielle.  It was at Pauls parents house.  We had such a good time.  It was so good to see old friends and meet some new ones.  We had food and drinks and a great night.  The food was awesome, the company even better!  We stayed and had a cigar with the boys after and then I took off.

Sunday Quinn and I went to church.  I love taking her to church because I always feel so good when i leave.  Our minister Vickie is such a wonderful person.  I am blessed to have a good church and church community that loves to see Quinn and talk to us.    It was a nice service.  She is really enjoying it and loves to go.  The people love seeing her and she of course knows where the cookies are after the service! :)  We went back and had a little nap.  We hung out and then took a bath!  After getting all cleaned up we got in our PJ's.  We watched some TV and then had some food and went back to Mom's.

We really had a great weekend, we played and cooked and now that the weather is getting better I can't wait to get outside and go to parks and walks.  I hope you all enjoy the pics!

Saturday we had so much fun!
Playing Blocks!

Oma Stopped over.

We made bunny hop cookies!

Cooking with Daddy.


Later that night was Paul's and Danielle's Party! 
Here is Paul and I.

Paul and Danielle! Don't the look great!!!

Mom and Mrs. Mikolajko.

Mrs. Mikolajko was my date!

Hanging out with the rents and big brother.

The cake cutting time!

Paul decided not to be nice with the cake! He better be at the wedding!!!

Don't worry Danielle got her licks in!

Paul then went after his own mom with cake! She was a good sport.

They got such nice gifts!

Danielle and part of the wedding party

The other part of the wedding party!
Dave, Paul, Myself and Jeff.  We are a good looking crew.

Outside for cigars

Paul's Mom took some time out for a pic!

Sunday Quinn spend the day searching for the Kitty Eve!

Bath Time!!!

Snack Time.

   It was such a nice weekend.  I am so very blessed the time i have with my daughter.  She is such a blessing and the time we share is and always will my best moments!  She is such a good kid.  I got to spend a great weekend with my daughter, see family and friends and by sunday felt refreshed and ready to get back to work.