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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The weekend was just to short...

            I should start this blog by saying every weekend is to short.  Some days are good some are bad I guess.  I guess this weekend was just a difficult because it went so fast.  I picked up Quinn on Friday and we had our classic HFM! Hughey, Kevman, Quinn and I went our for a Fish Fry and had a blast.  After Hughey came over and we watched a movie and just hung out. 

            Saturday Quinn and I got up and had some breakfast.  My parents came over and we had to do some work on the bathroom.  Quinn and I hung out that day and just took it easy.  The winter has been up and down here.  We usually get a lot of snow but this year it has been cold, the warm, then cold and we didn’t get really any snow.  So the weekend was cold and wet so its hard to go out.  We stayed in and made a fort and were creative!  We did some coloring and reading and just overall chilling.

            Some weekends you just have to relax and keep it simple.  Doing things like building forts and coloring sparks creativity.  We did some hello kitty coloring as well as some TV watching.  Sunday we got up and went to church.  We haven’t been in a while and were due!  After we went home to relax.  We took a nap on the couch and just watched TV as she slept.  It is always one of my favorite things to just see my little girl just resting in my arms.  She slept there a few hours as I just rested and enjoyed my daughter. 

            When she woke up we headed out to a spaghetti dinner.  Every year my old boy scout troop.  Quinn loved it!  She loves pasta we got to see family and old friends.  Its really good to see the young kids because it reminds me I was that age running around once.  Lol I can’t believe how old I got! Well I guess it happens right. 

            Sunday Quinn told me she wanted to say, she didn’t want to go back yet.  It was really one of the first or second time she said that.  I think now at her age she is starting to realize what is happening.  I know she is still young but she is very smart and understands she has two homes.  I was touched and almost started to cry.  The whole weekend I have been working on Quinn to stay in her bed, she has been trying sleep in my room and I typically tell her to start in her room. 

            I can’t imagine how hard it is to have two beds in two different houses.  I know she is younger and they say it is easier to adapt but it can’t be easy.  When I go up to bed and hear her whimpering or if she wakes up and is crying my heart just melts.  I call out to her and ask if she wants to sleep next to Daddy and she goes yea.  She then comes in with her bunny and jumps in bed and she is so cute.  Her mood changes and she just is so happy to hang with her Daddy.  I know it’s a faze and one day she will come home and be like “hey dad” then go to he room so I take advantage of how much she wants to hang with me now…   I dropped her off and sat in the back seat like I always do and talked to her.  I asked if she had a good time and she said yes!  And I got sad and she held me.  I started to cry because I just can’t believe how fast the weekend went and I see her Wednesday then another week.  So I just can’t believe I got to start over on my week off with out her.  I also have to work both jobs a lot this week and just don’t wont to start it I guess… 
            I just push on.  I’ve been working on getting my pics back on my blog I lost and am getting close to being set.  I’m also working on the new updated blog and getting that setup with all the new info and settings I want.  I am excited but it will be some time before it is set.  I will start the new week and just push through.  Nothing we can do but move forward…

I hope everyone is doing well!  To my fellow bloggers I hope your are all well and I can’t wait to catch up!

Love you all

Lets make a fort!

Oma and Popi

Time for lunch. PB&J and chips she loved it.  Who doesn't, its classic.

We colored and looked at stickers.

Hello Kitty!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The 2012 Annual Klondike!

Last year the Klondike was a blast so of course I was excited about this years events!  Every year I look forward to the scouts coming and playing the events.  I've been running the speed ball game since I was young.  Some of the kids that have been going year after year look forward to seeing me and we catch up.  It's honestly one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Catching up with other leaders from around the area and just being outside.

The day went great we had over a 100 kids come through.  At lunch my dad made lunch.  This year Hughey came with me!  He did the frisby golf even right next to me.  It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad he got to come out and enjoy the day with us.  My brother and dad and I did our classic picture we always do. 

I couldn’t stay long because I had to work after but it happens.  I love this event so much because it brings me back to my roots of scouting.  I can remember being in scouts and going through the events and just having so much fun.  When I got to be on staff we moved from one park to another and now we are at Ellison park and have been there for a few years. 

The day was cold but we had snow to which was good for the kids cause they all had their sleds!  The day came to a close and I went off to work. 

It was an over all hit and we just had so much fun. 

Enjoy the pics!

Here are the scouts! And my pops!

The staff

Our desk

Hughey in the office!

The Family

Here we are with Hughey!

Hughey and I

Scouter Paul, Hughey and I

This actually isn't a dog.  The owner advised its a Virginia Red Wolf.  All wolf no dog!  I guess his parents were hit by a truck and the owner has a federal permit to own them.  It was really cool to pet a real wolf.   Looked just like a dog I couldn't believe it.  

When the day was over we had such an amazing time.  The kids were great, and another Klondike down.  

I can't wait till next year when we do it all over again!

Hope all is well.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's that time again!!

Time to go back to The Sandbox!  My brother gave us passes to go for Christmas.  We were so excited I told her last week we were going so when I picked her up she goes. "Goin to the sandbox!"  When we woke up we had breakfast and off we went.

When we got there we realized they moved some of the products and toys around.  The room is filled with toys and things to climb.  She had so much fun and just ran around climbing and playing.  I like to get their early because it's empty and a couple hours in we can have the place to almost our selves.

After we had a little rest and then off to a birthday party.  Tim and Becky's son Kyle was turning 1. We had some lunch and then did presents and played with the kids!  Quinn did so well she opened up so well its so nice to see how well she gets along with others.  We played with blocks and made a fort then the kids knocked it down.

After the party we stopped over my parents to say hello.  They made us dinner and we all played.  Quinn had her first share of Venacine.   My Dad and Brother are hunters and my Pops got a dear this year.  Yes i know there is mixed review about eating deer.  But it is healthier, and I was raised on it and hunting has been in our society since the dawn of time so.

Sunday Quinn and I got up Sunday and just hung out.  We did some puzzles and watched some TV and movies on the couch.  It was a good day to just bond and have a day daughter day.  It was also freezing out so we played it safe in side!  Somedays its just good to hang in on the couch.  Spending time with your child and letting them know your there is something words can't describe.  We had a perfect day just hanging out in our PJ's...

As she grows older I can't believe how independent she is getting.  How she is just turning into this little cute person who can do so much.  I feel my need to help going away!  But then I realize how much more I have to do...

I hope this finds you all well and that your having your own adventures.  As winder comes into full swing we still have a lot of playing to do!

Enjoy the pics!
Back to The Sandbox!

Down I go.

Hanging out with the stuffed animals.

Here I at Tim's house.

Uncle Kevman!!!

Here is the Birthday boy

I love my Uncle Kevman!

Time for Cake

Just goofing off...

My Dad the builder

I was full of energy

Dinner at Oma and Popi's!

I hope everyone is doing well!  I've been rebuilding my site as well as moving forward to reconstruct it.  Things are going well and I can't wait till its done!

I miss you all.

Friday, January 13, 2012


    So today Quinn and I decided to have a new event HFM.  Stands for Hughes, Fish fry, Movie.    So Hughey stopped over with a fish fry and I got a movie. There are more than one Hughes so it can be anyone of them today it was Hughey!  We had dinner and played with Quinn.  She played her keyboard and we danced.  She is so amazing and getting so independent at her age. 

    It’s really amazing to see how she’s growing.  It sucks I don’t see her as much.  I hate it but I just have to deal.  In the car over she told me she wanted to go to the Sandbox!  We have been there before but she was so cute because she knew I brought it up and knew I said we would go it was cute she was cute about it.  I told her we would go in the morning! 

    When I was putting her to bed she was so cute.  I was reading to her and just enjoying some Daddy Daughter time.  When I was rocking her to sleep to music I was holding her and running my fingers through her hair and getting some knots out and one pulled and I said I was sorry.  She told me “don’t be apologize”  It was so cute I was like awe hunny you’re so cute!  She’s getting so big and I can’t believe how much she’s growing.

    This weekend we have a lot to do! I can’t wait to update everyone! 

Enjoy the Pics!

Here we are playing around!

Chilling with Uncle Hughey!

See you soon!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear 2011... It was fun... But it's time to go...

Dear 2011... I have met someone else... It's 2012...

I have to admit of my 30 years on this planet this one was my hardest...  Even though the divorce started in 2009, 2011 was my most difficult with living alone for my first full year and just getting settled.  My blog was in full swing and I was learning and making new friends but with signing the separation papers, then the final divorce papers and learning how to deal with being alone and finally realizing its over put me in a sate of sadness and I often found my self alone with my thoughts wondering why…

The end of summer brought the divorce papers to be signed and I realized it was fully over.  I was divorced and as a child it was something I swore I would never be.  This year was emotionally, physically, and spiritually hard.  But they say, “The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn”.  Toward the end of the year I realized my Blog was starting to take off and get more views and I have met such amazing people.  But I have some news that made me smile.  I had a complete stranger tell me my Blog helped them.  A single dad reached out because I helped him.  That is all I ever wanted.  To help others and reach out to others was all I ever wanted. 

I started working out and do feel so much better and look better too.  Running and lifting has made me feel better and made me focus.  I’m still working both Jobs but it’s going….

But most important is I bonded with my daughter.  Quinn is doing so well.  We went on many adventures and saw so much over the past year.  Our bond is so strong and I just love being a dad.  At the end of the day I realized yes this was a hard year… But the bond I made still outweighs the difficult ones.  

I am excited about the New Year.  I have grown so much as a Father and this year I have a lot of things planned…  I hope you are all here to see it… 

Stick around; it’s going to be a great year…

And always remember, you’re never alone…