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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The East Rochester Carnival!

The following blog post is for 07/20/2011.

I picked up Quinn and we went to get Aunt Ro.  We went and got some dinner at Friendy's.  After we went to the Fair.  It was a great night, she opened up after a ride or two.  We went on some rides played some games then saw the band.  We had some funnel cake and played more games, some more rides and we took off.  We had 2 fairs this month and a balloon rally!  What a month, this weekend is going to be great i have a lot planned and can't wait!

We had some dinner to get ready!

Then we were off to play.

Here we go.

Playing some games...

Here we are!

There was a great show.

Aunt Ro, Daddy and I.

More funnel cake!  Sure!!!!

Dancing time.

More rides!

Some of our prizes!

We had a great night and the summer is going so well.  The next couple adventures we have a lot planned and i can't wait.   I hoped you enjoyed the pictures.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

The 2011 36th Annual Wellsville Balloon Rally!!!

This blog was for the weekend of July 15th, 16th and 17th.

The Camp...
The Wellsville Balloon Rally is an amazing event.  These balloons are so amazing and if you have never seen one i hope you do get to...  The town is an hour and a half south of Rochester.  Its a different life style.  Laid back and people all wave and say hello.  Sometimes i just feel like we work so much and never get to enjoy life.  I love going to my camp because there i can just sit back and relax.  I don't have to look down at my phone or worry about how busy work will be the next day.  People say hello and the feeling is very safe.  The people watch out for one and other there.  The people there work hard and are proud of it.

It was built by family and friends and that's what makes it so special.  There is literally sweat, blood and tears in wood work of that camp.   Over the years i have had the pleasure of working on it with family and friends.  I have also had the pleasure of bringing up friends to visit and enjoy it.   Sometimes in life having fun isn't just having to be in a place like Disney Land or a very busy park.  Sometimes its just sitting on the deck on a quiet night looking at balloons or just hearing nothing but the birds...  It is so quiet the I can't explain it...  It is a place of peace...

The camp is something you can't take away it's a place that i can go to and just enjoy life...  I am so excited I got to show it to Quinn and can't wait for her to grow up and visit it.  I hope she someday will sit on the deck and realize how wonderful and magical that town and camp is.

Sitting on the deck at night you really get to just enjoy the stars and see how peaceful life is.  All your worries just melt away and for the time you are up there you can just relax and not worry about anything else...  It is one of my places of heaven...

It truly heals your soul...

The weekend!

I worked a half day on friday and then picked up Quinn.  We went home and packed up.  Then we hit the road!!  We drove down and Quinn got to see the sites of the beautiful land.  We got to the cabin and unpacked and relaxed for a little.  I got to show Quinn the cabin and a little of the land.  She didn't take long at all to adjust to the new setting.  We then wen down to Castaway's for dinner.  I had a great fish fry and Quinn had a little pizza.  I have to get her fish next time she loves it!  After we went to the park and played on the playground and then got to see some balloons take flight!!!  She loved them so much.

A quick stop at the Giant food mart and we were back for some TV then bed.  Quinn slept great, I wasn't sure how it would go honestly because it's a new place and all but she went down and slept perfectly all night.  I got to relax on the deck for a little and enjoy the stars.  I new the next day was going to be really busy.  Before we went inside we played with bubbles!!!

We woke up and had some breakfast.  I made eggs and  we had OJ.  After we went back to the park.  This time it was empty.  She had the entire playground to her self!  She loved the swing and the slides.  It  is a great playground.  I even went down a few slides with her.  After we went up to Main Street and walked around.  The closed the street off because vendors have tents up and you could look around.  The street had so much going it was so fun!  There was food and different arts and crafts.  I ended up getting Quinn this cute little stuffed dog that is holding a heart that says hugs and kisses!  It was cute she loved it, so i had to get it...  We got some homemade cookies and then went back.   The day was so beautiful but it was very hot.  I carried her up and down the street so my arms got a work out!

We had some lunch and then down for a quick nap.  She slept so well again.  After she woke up and like clockwork started jumping on the bed.  There is just something about Grandma's bed that makes people jump on it!  Growing up i always jumped on it.  I used to fly from the top bunk down onto it but the bed does hold its own.   After we stayed in because of the heat and played with some toys and had a dance party!  As the day closed we had dinner.  We made a Pizza and had chicken wings, chips and pasta salad.  Giant makes the best chicken wings!! They are amazing...  She ate 3, they are really big just in case you are wondering.   After dinner we went back down to the fair.  We started off back at the playground, she really loved it.  It is so nice to see her interact with other kids and watch her take turns and just be this great little person!  We walked up to see the balloons and got a good seat.  They lift off from about 3 areas.

Quinn was very good, it took a while to get setup and she sat very still.  When they went up she just loved them.  Seeing these massive balloon's lift up above your head.  We took walk through the fair and I ended up getting a balloon to build and I will hang it in the family room.   We drove back and the really nice thing about the balloon rally is they just fill the sky.  When you see a fair you have to be there to really see it but here they just fill the entire town it's just amazing.   People park on the side of the roads to just watch them fill the sky.  We got to see them from the deck.

We took some time to sit on the deck and have some juice.  After we went in and watched a little TV then went to bed.  The next morning we got up and had some breakfast.  Enjoyed the beautiful hills and the land.  After breakfast we went down town one more time.  We took a walk through the park and then went back to the camp and packed up.  We said goodbye to the camp and headed out.

When we got to Andover we stopped for one more playground.  The school has this Mega playground.  We took some time to just enjoy it.  It was empty so we had a lot of fun.  There was this tall slide and lots to do.  I will let the pictures tell the story.  Went we got back we relaxed and then it was time to go!

We had one more stop!  We went to the Big Dipper.  They have such good ice cream.  I love stopping there.  We sat at the table and just enjoyed the sun and our time together.

The weekend was amazing!  I love just talking to her and seeing how she responds and how she understands.  She's this cute little person.  I just love when I ask or tell her to so something and she goes "okay" in this cute low tone.... It is just so funny...  She is growing up to be this cute little person and it's just amazing...  The fun stuff is great but just sitting around and watching her grow up is really what life is about.  She is this little cute person who I just love so much.

I have to be honest for a second I know this blog has been all fun and games but the past several months living with out her I though life was just going to be so difficult.  I realized it just takes time...  Not being around Quinn has made life difficult but you see it in a new light.  You take the time you have with her and enjoy every second.  Never taking anything for granted.

I just take one day at a time...
Enjoy the pics!
Here we are!

We had dinner at CastAWays It was good home dinner food.

After we went to the park.

Rock wall time!

Look Out!

Here we are...

Here are the balloons! 

Look at them get bigger.

Look at them go!

More are going up!

Quinn Loved it.

The day was perfect to see them go up.

We always have time for to lay down!

There they go to pick them up.

Friday night we did some bubbles!

My little girl.

Just getting ready for bed.

Grandma's bed, I used to jump on it to.

Just checking out area.

The next day we went down town to see what was going on!

It was busy busy busy!

Back to the park for some more fun!

What a playground!

We had the entire place to our selves.

She had so much fun.. 

We picked up some candles from Northern Lights...

Nap time.

Dance Party...


Chips, Pizza, Wings and Mac Salad.  Okay so we were short a veggie... It was Vacation!

Back to see more balloons! Look at all the people.

There are going up!

There they go!

They filled the sky!

After we just chilled with a drink...

Daddy Daughter time

Here we are!

Time to go!

We had one more stop to make!

WOW look how big it was, and we were all alone.

We had a blast.

We were at Andover Central School.  The playground was so big!

We made one more stop.  The Big Dipper!  

Ice Cream break


How do you know you are in Wellsville???

See below Picture...

A pickup truck with 4 kids in the back on ADK chairs leaving the rally... 

Hey everyone I updated this blog and added some video's!  I hope you enjoy them.  Thanks for coming back to view them!!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry.  I was so excited to write it.  I love my camp.  I think it is a place that just makes life magical.  A place to escape and relax.  We had such a good time i can't wait to bring her back.

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