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Friday, September 23, 2016

Spelling Test!

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So Quinn has started 2nd grade this year!  With that comes so much more and newer responsibility!  This year they start spelling test.  They gave us a sheet of all the words and bonus words and when they will have the test.  Quinn had her first one last week, we will find out how she did next week when we have her.  We are so excited because last weekend she was studying and getting ready buy writing them out.  She did really good, she was able to spell them all with out help!

     I can remember growing up and the spelling test we had to take.  How nerve wracking they were!  I think the spelling test is one of the first a child will really take.  I told her how important spelling is and she doesn't want to end up like Dad!  I can't spell that well at all, thank you spell check on our computers!  However still a very important skill to know.  You have to know how to spell in life or you can't write and it won't look good.  Spelling is something we all have to learn and just get better at.

    Over the next few months her words will get harder however she will adapt and learn.  This year is going to be harder than 1st grade and she will have to work at it.  A few words at a time however and we will get there.

     For all my readers!  I hope your school year is going well and remember how important homework is, also how important spelling is!  Take time to learn how to spell.  I know we are spoiled with computers and all the technology given to us but we still need those basic fundamentals like spelling and reading.  An education is so very important so keep your kids learning and spelling.

Who knows, maybe someday they will become a big Blogger!

I will let you know how she did next week!

Have a great weekend!

Always remember,
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Aunt Ro!

     This past week was our Aunt Ro's Birthday!  So Saturday we just had a little celebration.  We had a small dinner and even uncle Kenny came over.  We made some chicken on the grill and cooked up some other very taste foods to just eat and talk over.  We had a good night and then celebrated with Quinn giving her a nice card and some flowers.

     My Aunt has always been a big part of my and my brothers life.  She has done a lot for us and many others so a little dinner I feel is the least we can do.  It was a nice to just have a quiet dinner and relax.  After dinner and some dessert we just hung out and talked.  It was a great time and everyone had fun.  I wanted to say thank you for coming and celebrating with us and very Happy Birthday Aunt Ro!  


Aunt Ro and Quinn!
Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, September 18, 2016

October Fest!

     Last night was our annual trip to the October Fest here in town.  We have been going for years now and Quinn just loves it.  My parents came with us along with some friends.  Every year we go to enjoy the food, music and just the German experience.  My Mom's side was German and taking it in school led me to a tip with my German class to have an exchange student then go over and see the country.  It was amazing to say the least.

     So every fall we go for a few hours to the festival here in town and just have fun.  Quinn loves the food and we do some dancing.  Festivals like this allow us to see other cultures and experience their food, music and games.  They setup a big tent and have a stage and lots of vendors inside.  They really do a good job with everything and yes you do pay to get in and the food is a bit pricey but what are you gonna do right?

     So we got a table and our food and just hung out eating and having a good time.  We listened to the music and talked.  After we got up to do some dancing.  Quinn really loved it!  She loved to dance and just have fun.  After dancing we saw some of the games they do and then had some dessert!  We headed home.  Quinn was tired but we let her stay up  a touch later per this was a special event.  We pretty much all went to bed after that per we were all so tired.

     I hope everyone enjoyed this post but also I hope if there are festivals by your town you check them out because its really nice to see what other cultures do and how they live.  Check out different events the come to town.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

We hope you enjoy the pics!

We got seated and had some dinner!
Here was the band!

We did some dancing!

Quinn with Oma and Popi

Here we are!

Always Remember
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Getting back in the School Year!

     So with this week now pretty much starting off school I hope everyone's year is going well!  I hope the nerves are calming down and the excitement is rising.  So with Quinn now in 2nd grade I have a few tips I might be able to help!  I also always take pointers too!

     So I didn't have time to put out tips out before school but I hope by now everyone has their school supplies! So now that school has started here are some tips for you and them!

1)  Make sure you keep asking your kids how their first few days of school are and if they know any one from last year or met new friends yet!

2)  Make sure you are starting homework and getting into the routine of getting it done!

3)  When the school info comes out make sure to look it over and save all the important dates.

4)  When the things like fundraisers and classroom meetings.

5)  Take time to sit with your kids and get ready for homework.  Remember its been a while since you have done this!

6)  Getting up early is something you need to get back into swing of.  Making lunches, breakfast all this fun stuff we didn't have to worry about summertime.

7)  For your sake as well make sure you are leaving early to for work!  Your commute will be longer so remember this.

8)  Also remember someone needs to get the kids on and off the bus!

9)  Be excited about this year and motivate your kids to have fun and work hard.  Education was so important.  Remind them how fun school can be and they should be having fun learning, meeting new friends and just enjoying the time there!  After school is over its work work work!

I know this tip was short and sweet but this week is so important.  Parents and kids are both nervous so I hope you take the time to get back into the swing of things.  Have a great first few weeks of school and get ready because fall is pretty much here!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy First Day of School!

     Happy First Day of School!  Like a national Holiday I tell ya!  Some started already, some start a bit later.  Today however was Quinn's first day of school.  We were so excited because every year we go and see her before she gets on the bus.  So Kayla and I headed over and spend some time with Quinn.  She was nervous but excited and of course she looked so pretty.  Her hair was done and she had a nice dress on.

     We talked to her a bit and just tried to take her mind off that big first day.  A few new kids now come down to her house and catch the bus there so that's nice.  She has some company to join her.  As we sat and wait I just thought back to how little she was.  Now she is starting 2nd grade and just so big.  I can't believe my little one is growing up so fast.

     I hope everyone had a great first day with their kids and got some great pictures!  As the year starts I hope everyone has a great year and best to all!

     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Oma!

     This past Sunday was my Mom's birthday so over the weekend we all hung out!  I haven't posted per I honestly wanted to just relax and enjoy the weekend and get to posting later.  I found taking the time to enjoy life in the moment is better than having to update the world on every little thing as it happens...

     Saturday we went over and just hung out, Quinn played some games with her Oma and we started cooking dinner.  The day was nice and for once it wasn't to hot out.  Quinn was excited to go, she loves birthday parties!  We haven't been over to my parents in a little while so it was nice to stop over as well to hang out and just relax.  We finished getting dinner set and all sat down for a nice meal and talk.  Typical birthday stuff right?  So after we did some cake and presents and Quinn and Oma picked some flowers.

     My parents see Quinn as much as we can per the divorce but it does get difficult at times because kids that have separated parents have to go back and fourth so times can get thin.  I know the frustration it sometimes causes and do my best to just keep reminding everyone its the time we have with her that counts.  Quinn loves all of us and that's all that matters.  The ground is solid and there is nothing to worry about if you have the concrete foundation.  You just have to enjoy your time and be there.

     My parents love Quinn and are always excited to see her.  My Mom has been a big part of my life and now with my own child I want her to be there to see Quinn grow up.  Being a single dad for a while and having Quinn between homes has been difficult but she also got used to it and is doing much better.  In the end things are good and we just do our best.  That's all we can do.

     Happy Birthday Mom!
Quinn and Oma's flowers!

Just hanging out!


Happy Birthday Oma!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...