"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review 8: Prima PIzza

The Pie is in the Mail...
My old roommate once told us about a place back in his home down called Prima Pizza.  A Pizza shop like no other!  The Pizzeria has a very great variety on its very easy to follow and use homepage and menu!  They even play a little Italian music on the site to get you in the mood for you dinner!  Including a large verity of pizzas and toppings, salads, wings, subs and wraps.  The also have a great dinner selection and great desserts to choose from.  If you needed to go bigger they cater as well as have a large selection of trays for larger parties. 

     So what makes a pizza shop more special than the rest.  Well I will tell you, I enjoyed one of their very own from my dinning room!  No I didn't drive down and come back.  Prima Pizza puts all the delivery drivers to shame!  They not only deliver by car but also plane!  Yup you heard me, Prima will take your pizza order, or even bagel order and ship it to you overnight.  You live in California? No Problem for Prima!  They have shipped across the entire country before.  What they do is cook the pizza about 90% then flash freeze it and place it in a special bag then take out virtual all the air and ship it over night!  The pizza once delivered can be cooked or frozen and gives it a shelf life of up to 5 days!  He even signs the inside box for you personally.  There are many articles including one from the local paper, up to The Wall Street Journal.  With great reviews on their site and in the articles I looked over I was very excited when Kendall was getting us one.

     He worked for the owner growing up and said it was so much fun.  J.J Scalise in the article talked about the business and said he has sent Pizzas to Florida, Illinois, Arizona, and Colorado.  He did advise they don't ship in the summer per the weather is to hot.  Now that part I saw could have been updated the article was a little bit older so they may now however shipping your pizza like this was the first time I ever heard of it!  The article said it takes about an hour to prepare the pizza for shipping but he said "It's a little involved, but worth it to me".

     They can ship the food overnight or can get it to you same day!  Not sure about the same day regulations but how cool is that!  

     A.J keeps the prices the same as if you were to go in the store only charging extra for shipping something very kind of him to do. 

     When Kendall and the Pizza arrived I was so excited, there it was signed box and all, I took the pizza out and we ended up heating it back up to finish cooking it.  The Pizza we had was wonderful, thick cut tomatoes and vegetables a healthy style Pizza with a great crust and great taste.  Quinn even tried a piece and loved it she ate the vegetables and all.  I was surprised how big the pie was!  It was a very generous size and the toppings were placed generous as well.  I know everybody says their town has the best pizza, but how often can your town back it up by sending you a pie to try!?  Well I think A.J for going outside the box and offering many different items to have shipped for you to try. 

     As far as this review goes the Pizza was wonderful, I wasn't able to try other items per the one drawback is I don't live there.  However it gives me that drive to go and make the trip and thanks A.J!  I would recommend checking out the site and "flying" a pie home for dinner one night!  Surprise your family with a fun way of getting dinner.  You do have to be home to get the pizza, I don't think the delivery will leave it on your doorstep! 

  So as we get ready for fall and winter check out A.J Scalise's amazing restaurant and delivery service! 
  I wonder what pizza I'll fly up next....

Here is the sites info and I hope you enjoy the Pics!

Prima Pizza
252 Main St, Cornwall NY
845-534-7003 (800-22-NY-PIE  
FAX: 845-534-2717
Site: Prima Pizza

Signed box!

The articles they sent!

What a slice! The pizza was awesome!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Parenting Culture

     The past week my good friend at Daddies love their daughters sent me some parenting questions he answered himself not to long ago.  Some basic questions like how I felt when I found out I was having a child, some difficult times, along with some different scenarios that have or not happened yet.  It was a great change to let other parents know what I went though and how I handled some things. 

     I want to thank my friend for putting this together and encourage you to see the full article as well as his blog for other great information!  His site has some great tips and illustrations!  A very big support of my each others work we have been sharing ideas and stories for a while now.  When I first started blogging I found there weren't many Fathers that had sites or helpful tips out there yet.  There were a few however some were just to large and I feel they are now more towards looking to make money, not help out a person in need.  Cluttering their sites and making them hard to find help.  What I love about Daddies love their Daughters is the site is so easy to follow and there are so many helpful tips out there.  David the author has also expressed interest in mine and many other sites and blogs helping promote them which is very kind, I always feel Bloggers no matter how large their site is should help other fellow Bloggers out. 

His site is listed on my home page but here is a link.  daddieslovetheirdaughters   

Please also check out the rest of the article about my questions and answers and thanks again for allowing me to be apart of you site!  parenting-culture

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome Fall!

    Hello Fall!  Welcome, we are glad you are here.  Summer was ok so we are hoping you can make good on your end!  So as you can see the background has changed and now we get to move to fall post!  Yes the changing of the leaves, pumpkins scary movies, a few birthdays and lost of fall fun!  I always loved October and the new season it brings.  The scary movies start to come on more at night and everyone gets to start decorating again.  People really haven't done any decoration all summer so Halloween is really the big Kickoff! 

     The crisp air comes in and you have to start getting warmer cloths out, shutting windows and raking leaves.  The nights are shorter and its time to just take out the big comforter and start to get ready for the new seasons of TV shows and movie nights!  Even if you live down south you can still enjoy the fun of fall!  This next month we have a few great trips planned, activities and fun things to do and blog about! 

     I love driving home and seeing the tree's start to change over slowly, or take a trip south to our camp and enjoy a weekend in the hills with a  campfire going at night.  Fall also brings fall foods, so during the week I plan on still working out and eating healthy but when the weekends come, well I'm off the clock...  Fall foods are some of my favorite because you get to see lots of comfort foods like hot pasta dishes and warm pies.  You get to cook in your kitchen now and not get hot because of the summer heat!  A nice smelling oven when its cool out is amazing.  Not to mention some fall grilling!  Still even just going to a local park and walking around is perfect.  Enjoy the season everyone because once October ends its the start of the big holidays! 

     I plan on having my brother over to watch some scary movies this month and throw a few fun parties as well.  I can't wait to see all your post and updates to so make sure to share the post and keep blogging!   

     I hope everyone is ready for the new season and the blog background!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Wednesday Wake Up! The Big Mac Attack

     Usually on Wednesdays I do a midweek break post, something short and sweet but today I am doing a wake up post!  Not to long ago I posted about the dangers of Soda (Pop) what ever you want to call it!  There are so many articles how dangerous drinking it over a period of time can be, even the effects of just the next hour after you consume one can.  So today I am bringing light to one of Americas most advertised burgers.  The Big Mac!


     Yes, the Big Mac, one of America's oldest Fast Food Burgers.  Since a regular Burger wasn't enough we needed to add more bread, meat (kinda) and lots of other stuff you can't pronounce.  Just so you know the picture above is one of those nice ones that takes hors to put together, not one you get from the store.  Photo mcdonalds wikia  So I came across this great article from Yahoo.  Article is here. 

     Like Soda the burger raises blood sugar, dehydrates you and you will feel hungry just under an hour after you eat it.  

So here is the break down!  Again for the full article click the link above. 

First 10 Minutes:
   The Big Mac has  540Calories and will raise your blood sugar above normal levels.  Foods like this will make your brain release the "feel-good" chemicals which is like the reaction after taking a drug.

After 20 Minutes:
     Since the burger and its bun have high levels of fructose corn syrup and sodium which are addictive and will make you crave more.

The Half hour mark:
     You will start to be dehydrated, unless you pound down the soda that comes with it, however that won't really help you.  Dehydration is like hunger it tricks your body into thinking it needs more food.  You kidneys have trouble getting rid of the salt and your heart and body works harder to pump blood.  This will cause high blood pressure, and can lead to heart disease and stroke.

The 40 Minute Mark:
     Here is when you will start to feel hungry again.  After you eat a high calorie meal your body will respond with insulin and bring down your glucose levels causing you to want more. 

The 1 hour mark:
     Typically your body takes 24-72 hours to digest food but because of how greasy the burger is can take up to 3 days to digest.  So eat some fiber or its going to be a long ride.

     Now after reading this yes you may feel scared like its a danger, experts say every once and a while you can have one.  I have had my share in my life, I will admit its been years now since I have had one.  I don't even know what my body would do lol.  I however didn't blog to scare everyone just that we are in a world where fast food is just ruling.  Families go because its easy and can be affordable, plus the food just taste good and that is causing a loosing battle!  If veggies tasted like burgers and fries we would all be eating them faster than farmers can grow them!  

     However the truth is sugars, carbs and sodium make our body feel good, for the moment that is.  I mainly just wanted everyone to understand the effects of what foods can do to us.  Now there is stories of people that have eaten nothing but Big Mac's for like 30 years.   Here is the Link watching the video is just the easiest way to see.  So yes there are people that eat food like this daily for many years or even have smoked their whole life and died at the age of 90.  Does that me you should?  NO!  What I would suggest is eat a healthy diet and if you treat your self to a meal like this there is no reason to be alarmed...  I just wanted to give you all a wake up...

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Fall!

    As we change over from season to season for most of us when the weather changes we need to prep and get ready or we can be left out in the cold.  I have a few tips that I listed below to help get you ready for the fall.  Some I have learned along the way, others I have been giving from friends and family.  I do hope they all help and if you have any others feel free to let me us know!

 So as summer winds down and the fall season approaches don't forget a few important tips!

1)  Getting your windows ready for winter.  We all know the windows were up for summer and the fans were in!  Pretty much by now entering October we can safely say it will cool down.  Take out your window fans and A/C units and put the storm windows down.  Each window has two glass sections and then a screen.  Drop the middle section, or first glass pane.  The back one remains up to protect your larger glass winder and the middle one drops to protect the larger glass window on the bottom.  Leave your screen up too now.  If you have time clean your windows before the winter hits as well! 
     By putting your windows down you will not feel that cool draft in the morning that wakes us up so terribly!  The cool fall nights can come in fast and you will wake up shivering!  Make sure your windows are down and can come down with no problems.

2)  Start to think about your furnace. Have it cleaned and turn it on soon just so you know it works!  If there are any issues it is easer to get them fixed now than in the winter time when you really need the heat and every place is booked fixing them!  Be smart make sure your furnace kicks on and is working correctly.

3)  Change the furnace filter.  Make sure you have a nice new clean furnace filter for winter.  This will keep the dust and allergens out of the air.  Your local hardware store should help you out in getting the correct one.  Take the old one out and copy the numbers down so you know what size to buy!

4)  Think about your fall clean up.  Do some last minute wedding.  Weeds don't grow in the fall because winter is coming so think about getting those last pesky weeds pulled.

5)  Getting your machines ready.  Cut your lawn a few more times and get it ready for the winter.  Make sure the gas is out by letting it run dry.  Also pull out your snow blower if you use one and start it up soon!  Like the furnace you need to make sure it works.  You don't want to try to start it when you can't leave your driveway!  Get any issues fixed now, Fall is just Winters warning!  Also make sure you have shovels and roof rakes!  I wanted a roof rake last year and they were all sold out!  Go now to start looking.  Stores will start stocking them.  They are a great tool to keep your roof less stressed!

6)  Put fall/winter fertilizer down.  There are great fertilizes for your lawn that can help them over the fall and winter months.  When the Spring time comes your lawn will be healthier and ready for the new season!

7)  Clean out your closets and exchange cloths.  The one pain about fall is, its cold at night and warm in the daytime.  I know it stinks, but get your winter close out now.  There will be days you have a jacket on then by the afternoon you feel its summer but just be safe.  Clean out your closets and prep for the winter!

8)  Chimney cleaning.  If you have and use a chimney make sure it is ready.  Have it cleaned out or looked it if need be.  Chimney fires are very dangerous.  Also if you have indoor heaters like wood burning stoves also have them checked out now.

9)  Check your house foundation.  When the winter comes animals and other friends will try to get inside to stay warm!  Put a insect repellant border outside by spraying your house foundation and make sure you don't have small holes or cracks animals can get in.  Protect your basement and home.

10)  Just get mentally ready.  I know it can be hard, summer is over but you need to know ready or not, Fall and the cool air is coming so be prepared.   

     I hope these tips helped and like always enjoy the season!  Just make sure you are ready for them!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Weekend Update!

     This past weekend was a busy one! Friday we kicked things off by going to the Oktoberfest!  We usually go with my parents however this year my Dad couldn't make it so we took my Mom and headed out!  We arrived and got some dinner found a seat and ate.  The  place wasn't to busy so it was really nice.  We all ate our dinner and talked even took some pictures then got up to do some dancing!  The german food was good its not exactly comfort food lol but I do enjoy it!  I won't try to spell anything we had it would take to long.  So we danced and laughed and even got in a conga line, which I don't do usually.  Quinn got her face painted and a ballon animal, she just had so much fun.  My Mothers side is German and I am always making sure we are part of all our backgrounds but it is nice they do this festival and we had one heck of a good night!  At the end of the night we gave my Mom her birthday present!  Her birthday was early September and we wanted to get her her card and gift.

     The next day we got up and had some breakfast, Aunt Ro then headed over and we took her to lunch. My Aunts birthday was last week, also a September Bday.  We took her out to lunch then did some presents and her card.  Later that day we headed up to see our friends Dave and Jenn for canal days! We met up and headed into town for the parade.  We got setup even though it was raining we still held our own.  The parade was so much fun and Quinn got some good candy, to much of course but its a parade so its ok.  Nothing makes you feel more like summer and an American like a good old parade. I don't know when the last time I went to one was honestly.  So it was just so much fun to see all the different groups and people that serve our country.  We had great seats too, front and center!  After the parade we headed back to Dave and Jenns to have some dinner.  They were babysitting their cousins so Quinn had some new friends she got to meet and play with.  When the night came we headed home and got ready for Sunday.

     Sunday we headed to church since it has been a few weeks since our last visit.  After we just hung in and did some cleaning and relaxing.  Our weekend was so busy we took the time to just take it easy, as the weather cools we also have to get ready for the fall and winter months ahead.   We brought her home after dinner and a new week starts.  I am excited for fall to be so close!  The cooler weather, food, smells of the season it all is just my favorite time of the year.  

     So I can't wait to keep everyone posted and see what the fall brings!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Teaching them takes time...

     So tonight on this mid week break we had a lesson learned.  So I picked up Quinn and we headed home.  When we arrived she wanted the TV on and she knows she only gets a little after dinner.  Well after I said no she got mad and threw her bunny.  Stuffed animal that is, I don't want anyone freaking out my kids throwing animals!  Well I picked it up and told her she lost it tonight.  She went nuclear it is her most prized stuffed animal.  She has to know she can't throw things its not right and if you do you loose it.  Well she cried and stormed around and I had her cool off in her room.  Kayla talked to her and calmed her down and before dinner I gave her an option.  She can go without bunny tonight and that's it, or she gets her bunny but no TV at all this weekend when we get her.  No movies in her room not one second.  Now I wasn't sure what she was going to do because she needs that darn bunny but no TV all weekend is big.  Well she took not having bunny we told her she has to eat dinner and go to bed with no issues at all and she did.

     We had some dinner and talked and she understood her punishment.  Kayla talked to her and told her she can't throw things.  She was ok and understands now that you have to come home and relax, she knows she doesn't get a little TV till after dinner.  So we went to bed and got ready, we did some reading and she is getting better I will admit.  I am proud to say she has been good and only really thew some fights a few times here and there.  It is hard going between two homes I am just trying to instill we can't just hear yes and we have to relax if something doesn't go our way.  Also like I have blogged before you do have to stick to your guns.  You can't say something then take it back like a punishment.  I gave her two options later but if you do they will know you don't mean business.  Giving out punishments isn't fun or easy but when you have to do it right and let them learn.  As we get older we still bump heads with our parents trust me just ask mine, however we learn more importantly to be adults.  Now she is a child and learning I know I had my moments and maybe I am hard on Quinn sometimes.  Just they need to respect what is given to them so never let your child come in after you worked all day and start giving orders it doesn't work that way.  Be nice but be in control, your house, your rules.

     She is upstairs sleeping and she went to bed, she has other stuffed animals and she is doing ok.  I hope she learns and I feel she did...  It's parenting...

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, September 14, 2015

A Day on the Bay!

     So right at the start of September we still had some hot days, very hot I should say so our friend took us out on his boat!  We have been a few times just Kayla and I so now we wanted to bring Quinn.  I try to get her boating as much as I can because she just loves it.  The key to boating is having friends with them!  He lives on the bay and has a very lovely place just an amazing view. 

    So we started off with just some driving around the bay a bit and then headed out to the latke as well.  Just boating around and enjoying the time.  My buddy let Quinn even drive the boat!  Well to a point he was right that lol.  She actually did a great job she didn't jerk the wheel or touch the throttle the ride was very nice.  I hope teaching her to drive a car is this easy!  When I was young I can remember boating and my parents friends let me drive their boat.  I can't tell you how awesome it was, I knew exactly how much fun Quinn was having because I was there when I was a kid. 

     After boating around the lake we headed back into the Bay and found a nice spot to drop anchor and do some swimming!  The water was really a nice temperature so a nice day for a swim.  We weren't to far from the shore so we walked up to it were it was a nice beach and just sat for a bit.  After just hanging out we then did some tubing!  I took Quinn out a few times and she just sat with me.  It was her first time going and I know its not a contest but being a Dad that sometimes may not see or be there because it's her Mom's time, it was kinda cool to have this with her.  We laughed as we tried to hang out as he drove us around.  I will say we never fell off!  Toward the end he slowed down and we tumbled off lol.  We headed back and just swam in the pool there at the complex a little before we thanked our friend and headed home.  We got some dinner showed up form our day in the Bay and then just relaxed.  We were tired! It is not easy boating for a few hours!  I had a lot of fun, but honestly don't know if I could boat every day.  Just because you do get tired epically if the sun is out in full force.  However it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go again next year. 

     I hope everyone had a great Summer this year and did some fun things or trips! As fall approaches so does the cool air and the fall foods!  I can't wait to keep everyone posted as well as learn and hear about your adventures! 

Enjoy the pics!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, September 13, 2015

The HoneyMoon, our special day!

     So I took some time off blogging about the honeymoon for other things but I did want to keep all my readers posted!  The Thursday of our break we took the time to have a day trip.  Kayla and I took some time to just be together.  We first went on the river again and just enjoyed a nice time boating around and having fun.  The sights were amazing and it was just so peaceful.  After we went to lunch and just talked.  We had brick fired pizza and a nice salad.  We had a lot of fun that afternoon just being  a new married couple and enjoying our time off. 

     That night we took Connor and headed to the mall.  Kayla and I went to build a bear and made some fun Minions.  The are our little guys, Steward and Bob!  We got to pick them out and get the cloths and see them being all made!  Then we got to get them Certificates and take them home!  Later that night we we went to dinner at the Royal Dynasty.  We like to take Connor there when he visits.  We had a nice dinner and got to just talk, laugh and eat.  It was a nice day and we honestly had a great honeymoon, the next weekend to come Kayla's Dad and other brother Andrew came up to celebrate Kayla's birthday.  We had a great weekend friends came over and we just had some snacks and hung out.  As the honeymoon ended we really had such an amazing week off.  Being married is wonderful and I can't wait for our next little vacation.  As we started our work week again I could have used more time off haha but it was nice to get back to work.  I will get pics of the weeding don't worry!  We are still working on that.  I hope everyone enjoyed our honeymoon post.

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Enjoy the pics!

Here we are getting in!

There we are!


The day was so nice out!

Couple drinks!

Yum, Lunch!

Here we go!

Getting them set!

I know we probably didn't have to but it was funny.

Dinner with Connor!

Here we are home with our little guys!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Have you ever thought about the effect?


     Ever wonder if you just did something different?  Instead of going one way you went another, if you didn't take that change to meet that someone who now is your spouse.  Took the other college choice or just wondered where you would be if a few key points in your life were made differently.

     The term Butterfly Effect, as explained by Wikipedia is when one small change can result in a large difference in that later state.  Norton Lorenz coined the name and his example of details of a hurricane being influenced by minor perturbations such as a butterfly  flapping its wings.  Check out the sites listed for more info.  However getting back to you and I, have you ever just wondered honestly what would have happened or how you're life would be if you went back and did something different?  Now my examples are just examples and I am a big believer in you shouldn't mess with the past epically if it effects life or a human beings existence.  For example if you went back and killed Hitler before he rose to power.  Yes you would prevent WW2 and stop many lives from being suffered however many lives would never come per all the people that met during the war or after like me!  My grandparents met because of the war also who knows someone worse could have come to power and the war could have still come with even more terrible results.  This change in history is I believed uses so much, many people have said why not go back and kill someone like him.  However history could be altered immensely.  I am glad we can't meddle with time I think we need to learn to make the present count and work for a better future...  

     I bring this post up because I can't help but wonder honestly what would have happened if I just didn't do some of the things I did.  Now don't get me wrong I know my wife reads my blog so I am not saying, what if I did stay with someone I dated or something.  It's not like that!  However I often wonder for example what if I never went in to talk to my now Ex Wife years ago.  What if after the first time I tried I just gave up and didn't try again and just said "ehh wasn't meant to be".  Now I wouldn't have Quinn and that I wouldn't want because she is amazing and a human life so I would never change that.  However I don't know, I may have not ended with my now wife either. The path that got me to Kayla would have been gone or altered.  I may have ended up with someone different with a different family.  I tell Kayla even though my situating is hard at times with an Ex and all without her who knows I may never have met her.  I may never have applied to work for a job where I met one of my now good friends, then when the divorce came moved to where I work now.  He followed and met his wife here because we all worked together.  Your choices do effect others remember that.  So my divorce sucked but it made me move paths and made choices that created lives and families so in the end there is light even in some of the darkest hours. 

     I use my divorce and previous marriage only because it was a big path in my life.  It resulted in a child being born as well as many new paths after the divorce my paths changed many times with many different results but in the end we live our lives and work with what choices we make.

     There are lots of others for example but the one I feel was good was when my met my new wife.  I was at a movie with an old friend and our friend texted us to come out.  She was telling us her cousin (my wife) and some friends were out having a drink.  Now being tired and the movie didn't even start yet I was more towards going home and just not caring.  I use this example only because it is one of my best ones.  After the movie my friend and I were in his car sitting at a crossroad thinking what to do.  He wanted to go, I wasn't sure.  If we made the left we would just go home, if we went right we would go meet the girls.  Well we went right and I said sure lets go, he convinced me to just do it. However for a moment there were two paths in my life that could have been very different.  I could have gone left and went home.  I may have met my now wife sometime later but who knows what state I would have been in.  I may have given up on dating ( I was very close before we met).  I honestly don't know but it is interesting to think about.

     There are movies about this and TV shows that reference it as well as even a video game.  The game is Until Dawn the game is pretty good and there are points where you make a decision and little butterfly's flutter on the screen telling you the path has changed and the game will have a different outcome.  Very creative I will say for a game to do this.  However in our lives just think or wonder what would happen if you made a left turn not the right. One of my favorite examples is from Dr. Who an episode called Turn Left. Where Donna makes a change in where she was going and never met the Doctor and the whole world was changed.  It is a great episode and though my choices my not fully effect the entire world it is just interesting to think about.

     So I post this not to wonder your life in the past but to think about the future.  Next time you come to a crossroad in life think how each path may differ and how they can change your life.  The roads maybe hard to see down but just think ever action will effect you and the ones close to you.  This will maybe slow you down and not make quick decisions take some time in life to see what outcomes may happen.  Remember the choice is yours...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Midweek Break...

     Finally the weather cooled down and the stretch of hot days finally broke.  Like a bad fever it wouldn't go away.  In fact we slept in Quinn's room the other night because it was cooler.  Today was a nice change seeing how we are in September.

     So I picked up Quinn, Kay had to work late so it was just the munch and I.  We got home and had some dinner then just relaxed a bit.  We missed Kayla but knew she would be home soon.  After we relaxed we went up stairs and did some reading.  Quinn has been doing much better with her reading she is getting through starter books her self.  I am so excited to see how her reading has improved, maybe someday she will proof my blog!  Once she starts writing maybe I'll have her post!

      After reading we said some prayers and then off to bed!  Now as my little one sleeps with her big world ahead tomorrow I can only imagine what her day will bring.  Sleep tight little ones around the world and sleep safe...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, September 7, 2015

How some Dad's had a harder first day of school than others.

     So by now if you haven't seen or heard Ohio State University was in the news.   Some kids in houses were putting up signs saying "Dads we'll take it from here"  and "Daughter daycare 2.0".  Here is the Article.  Take a look and read it or finish my blog first.  I went through it and was I guess both nervous and laughed.  I thought it was funny because they said in the article it was a joke and honestly I laughed when I saw it.  The boys were interviewed and again said it was just for fun.  There was even some girls putting up funny posters for the boys. The article went viral and many people saw and commented on it.  Honestly if Quinn was older and going there I think I would laugh, maybe talk to the boys to see if they were fun or for real douche bags.  However the fun and sport of college lives on and over the years changes.  I do give them credit for being creative. 

     So I can only imagine what was going through some of those dads minds.  I thought I had it bad when I had to see Quinn get on the bus!  I can't imagine what will come when she is that age!  I think when it comes to joking Dad's get nervous  because we are protective and yes boys come off as horn dogs even if they aren't.  It can be difficult epically because this world is more dangerous and being a female it can be with all the dangerous people out there.  No father wants to get a late call saying something happened to his child, son or daughter but with movies like "Taken" and the internet and all its doing how do you blame Dads with daughters for getting guns. 

     So I encourage to read the article for its full content and let me know what you think.  Below is a pic, i think the scariest thing honestly is the guys swim shorts.  That is not cool to our flag or my eyes!

     So just remember how tough your Day was when you walked your little on to the bus or saw them drive away just remember you weren't the Ohio University Dad's, unless you were then I hope you had some fun and not stressed to much...

I thought my first day for Quinn getting on the Bus was hard...
Look out!

Always remember
You are Never alone...


Thursday, September 3, 2015

There just isn't time for Hate.

"Hatred is to strong of an emotion to waste on someone you don't like"
  With the several years I have lived on this great planet I feel I have been through many of lives trials.  Not all the worst but some of the best yes.  Being with someone who truly loves me, family and friends that care about me.  Having been born into a good family and a safe one.  We take these all for granted but over my years I have really tired not to hate to just be upset but not truly go dark enough to really just hate someone.  Sure I hate test, going back to work after a nice vacation and even the fact that I feel there are just to many people with to much money.  However to really hate a human well its just going to burn up your time. 

     There is a very good quote I actually heard from one of my favorite shows Dr. Who, Clara said on the show she heard this.  "Hatred is to strong of an emotion to waste on someone you don't like."  When I boils down to it we say we hate bad people like killers or people that do evil but we use that term in general.  However to point out one person who you actually know and can say you know personally then say you hate them, well just feels like you can move your energy toward move important things.  Being a divorced Dad I can assure you people in my shoes want to hate their ex's.  Especially since we still have to work with them and the struggle can be difficult.  Having an Ex you can break free from with out a child is one thing, you can never see them again.  However having an ex you have to split from then see regularly is a new story.  The struggle of who does what with the child if the two work together or not are all factors.  Being a Dad that wants to be involved I feel I do fight the good fight. 

     Over the past few years there were some times things were good and times things were not.  I thought I did hate my ex for everything I have been having to do since the divorce.  I then realized I shouldn't be mad at her but me.  For I was the one that didn't have things changed in the decree when I could have.  However what I go through as a Dad working with my ex still will never put me in a place to hate her.  It isn't easy knowing I don't see our daughter as much and I try, or paying child support to her Mom when her Mom and new husband make very good money.  I do it because its my job, granted I hate working late or having to have to work around money issues if they come up but I found if I hate her its just burning out valuable emotions I can be spending on our daughter. 

     I have heard people in person say how they hate someone, they may have said it out loud our quietly however its all the same emotion.  It was jus blind anger, it hurts to hear epically if you know both people and both are good people.  What I do say to you all is don't hate, you want to be angry with someone that's fine maybe someone did you wrong.  However think long and very hard before you say the words Hate.  The word is very powerful and will consume you.  I found if you hate someone you will just go deeper and deeper into a hold of anger that can be near impossible to get out of.  The longer you carry this anger and hate around the more it builds up and starts to show.  The human body can only hold in so much especially when it comes to emotion. 

     Is everyone going to get along with everyone, no however we need to learn how to let things go and not carry our anger.  Anger will only lead you to other emotions like rage, jealousy, guilt and then you will just carry a grudge.  Once this all simmers and a grudge is born you will never be the same until you can free your self from all that. 

     So when it comes to things like our Ex's or family or fiends that upset us don't hate them.  Work with them.  When I think about things to come and events with my Daughter I think a head and try to work with my ex.  Do we still bump heads?  Of course it happens but we try to just talk and take a few days then we go back to being normal.

     My advise to all my readers especially ones with kids and ex's is to let go of your anger and work on the futures and the present state you are in.  Breath deep, think ahead and talk to someone, your new spouse, family, friends or professional help.  Don't waste your time on anger, use the energy to be with your loved ones or kids and push all the energy into them in a form of love and support.

Remember we all get upset, just don't water that seed and let it grow into anger.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy First day of School

     So this morning Kayla and went to see Quinn off to school!  We got to her Mom's house and surprised Quinn as we pulled up!  She was waiting for the bus so we got out and hugged her.  We waited with her and her Nana as she told us about her vacation that she came back from as well as all her new cool school stuff.  She has new shoes a new bag and her supplies.  We were so happy to see her that morning!  The bus came and we hugged her and watched her get on.  It was a good morning and seeing my little one now in first grade made we just wonder where the time went...

                        I hope everyone had a great first day seeing their little ones off!

Here she is ready for her first day!

Off she goes!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Ready or not here school comes!

     With many starting school tomorrow I wanted to send out one more tip before the year came!  Now most are at college but for the younger ones with labor day being late this year a lot of kids start this week.  Quinn does and I am so excited so I have a few tips for the night before school for you all! Feel free to comment/add anything!

1)   Make sure your kids are in bed early.  Getting a good night rest will be very important, they will be excited and nervous but a good nights sleep is what one needs to start the first day off right!

2)  Make sure their outfits are ready!  Have what they want to wear out so there is no issues in the morning.  Everyone is going to want to wear a nice outfit the first day so make sure you already went shopping and are set! 

3)  To add to this make sure they are set on school supplies.  A backpack, any writing tools anything the teacher advised them to get as well.  You want your child to be ready on this front as well.

4)  Have them get up a little early and get them a good breakfast.  Eating will help with the nerves and they want to go in with energy.  Now they need to eat breakfast every day but the first day is so important.  They might be nervous but have them eat a little at least.

5)  Talk to them, they maybe excited but of course nervous.  Everyone is on the first day, tell them they will have fun and assure them its going to be great!  They already probably did a class walkthrough but just by talking to your child will help them get ready for the new school year.

     A new school year can be a lot on a child but just by getting them ready will help so much.  As the year moves on things will get easier and they will fall into their routine.  However that first day will always make kids wake up nervous.  Of course all the parents will be opening champagne but...  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and a great year to come! Be sure to get everything set for this is the night before so do it now.  

I hope everyone has a great first day!

Always remember,
You are never alone...