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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas day arrived!  Quinn had a good night she woke up a couple times but other than that we did well.  We got downstairs and had some gifts.  
More gifts to open!

Quinn and Daddy!

After the gifts I brought Quinn over to Brooke's house.  I stopped over my parents and visited them, Kenny came over for a little and we just hung out there.  After I stopped over at my church for a minute to just relax.  Something about a quiet church always makes me feel at peace.  I wasn't able to go to the services the other night.  After a little peace and quiet i went to some church friends house and hung out.  

I went home and took a quick nap.  Kevin called me over.  I stopped over and visited him and Ashley.  Kevman and I hung out in the basement shooting darts having some beers and just catching up.  We went upstairs and played some Wii.  Ashley's sister stopped over and then her dad and brother.  We ended up playing the old school Mario brothers games.  It was a lot of fun.  Kevman cooked up some pizza logs and the night was a blast!  

I left and headed to my next event.  I went over to one of my best friends house.  Jim's family and my family have been good friends since we moved in years and years ago.  Every christmas we stop over and hang out.  The house was full of people.  We played cards and watched TV.   After some good pics I headed out and went home to bed.  It was a great night I don't get to see Jim and his family often so when I do i usually give up sleep to see them more...

Fernando, Marisa and I.  I've known Marisa for a long time, she's been a sister to me.  Her boyfriend Fernando is one of the nicest guy's i've ever met.  We always have so much fun when we all hang out.

Just hanging out with my VBFF Jimbos

The month was long and christmas came up fast.  Over all my first time being in a house alone wasn't to bad.  I got to spend it with family and friends.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve!

I woke up early and started to get ready.  I think the days of sleeping in are over!  I got ready and headed over to Brookes to pick up Quinn.  I stopped over and said hello, she was so excited to see me.  I hung out a little, it was cute Quinn and Brooke got me a present.  Quinn was so excited she gave me their gift and I told her I would open it tomorrow with her.

When we left i has some quick stops to make then we got home for some lunch.  My parents came over as i was putting her down and we started setting up.  When she woke up we all just hung out got dinner ready and watched some TV and played with some toys.

Here I am with Aunt Ro

Cooking with Oma

Im a little chef!

Chilling with dad and uncle kenny

Oma, Poppi, dad and I

Just chilling with the boys

Presents time!

Here u go uncle kenny!

Wow look at all this cool stuff!

My first computer

Help me poppi

This ones bigger than me!

Here you go Oma!

Oma and Poppi and I

Chilling with Poppi

The Gourd my parents made for me!

Night Uncle Kenny!
 Giving Uncle Kenny a good night hug and kiss!
  He has the biggest soft side for Quinn.

We had such a good night.  She did really well and its funny to see my big brother play with her.  As she grows older its so cool to see her personality grow and how she has us all wrapped around her finger.  We had a good dinner then hung out and cleaned up!  Next year were doing take out!! Man owning my own house is tiring...  Im read for pizza, wings and throw away plates!  

But when everyone leaves the house quiets down and you miss the excitement.  I put Quinn to bed and just relaxed.  We had a early morning so i went to bed after one long day.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hanging out in Honeoye Falls

Last night my brother and I went to Rob and Greta's house for their annual Christmas party.  Its a good time and its good to catch up with old block friends.  They have such a nice house in Honeoye Falls.  Very natural old wood floors and trip.  Large rooms and the coolest shag carpet upstairs that I forgot to get a pic of!  Rob and Greta throw this party every year and its always something i look forward to.  They are so nice and put on such a wonderful party.  Rob and Greta have lived in their house for years but i haven't been able to go see it because i've been so busy!  I was so excited to get out and get the full tour!  It is such an amazing home!

Thanks for the most awesome party!
Rob playing DJ, he did a good job, even took request!

 Kevin, Rob, my brother and I are all old block friends. Kevin grew up down the street, Rob and his family about a block from us.  We all grew up together.  Kevin lives in NY City he is doing well.  I don't get to see him that much so it's always nice to catch up.

This is Robs sister's husband, he is quite the guy. 
See what I mean...

This  is a good pic of Jon and I.  Jon is  Rob's older brother.  Who loved talking about growing up and reminding us how we used to steel their breakfast bars.  He still lives and works here in Rochester.  He has a great job and owes his own home here in Rochester.  I always look forward to talking to him we have so much fun

 We even ran into our cousin Craig who we haven't seen in years!  He now lives and works in Chicago.  It was good to see him.  He will be an Uncle soon! 

It was a great time.  Talking to everyone and just catching up the party is always a great time to get ready for Christmas.  The food was great and the evening was just awesome.  Hanging out with old block friends is always something i always loved because as time moves along you get busy and forget about all the good times you had growing up.  We shared many memories about growing up and just talking about fun times and the adventures we had.  I'm really thankful to friends like this, they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Growing up with them made life wonderful.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old Times, Old Friends...

Work this week was busy but slow... I had very few planned calles but lots of small fires to put out.  It was nice Paychex (where I work, if you didn't know) had their lunch for the Rochester employees today.  Our office got to go to the corporate building, it was nice.  I rolled up ith some co-workers and it was a good spread.  The food was nice and it was good to get away from my desk...

After work i was off to Brooke's to see Quinn.  We played and it was nice watching TV while she sat next to me.  I just love how when i ring the door bell i hear her yell "Daddy!"  It really makes my day.  Even after the longest of days just hearing her get so excited just makes everything melt away.  It was really cool she stayed up a little later as we played and had story time.  We put her to bed and just hung out a little and talked. 

Afte I left it was off to see some old friends.  One of my best friends Jim and his family were up he road at Daisy Dukes.  A local bar we visit from time to time.  Lots of old friends were there and his family and my parets were there as well.  Its always so good seeing Jim, we grew up from birth together, I just a few years older.  But knowing someone that long and seeig them so litter is hard. 

His brother's Rob and Steve where there as well, Marisa his sister who is Kenny's age was in town too.  Laura who is Rob'girlfirend was there who is just so nice and Fernando-Spelling?.. Was here too, we all get along so well and its good to just catch up iwith everyone. 

We had some food and drinks and then went back to Jims parents house and just hung out.  They are all playing Eucher-Sp but i dont play so i decided to jump on and blog.  Its really nice to be here in a full house with one of my olders friends.  I don't really see him that often so when he comes in town i take as much advantage as i can.  Sorry no pics today.. But Sat i will have some when i come back! 

Well i think thats good for now, it's almost midnight and im gonna be huring tomorrow but "If your going to hoot with th owles you gotta scream with the eagles"! 

Till next time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The weekends over already?

Today was nice.  Quinn and i got up and after a quick breakfast we were off to church.  Today was the christmas pageant.  It was nice all the kids dressed up and Quinn loved watching them.  She's getting really good at walking around and exploring and seeing people.

Later that afternoon after nap we went over to my parents house.  She calls my mom oma, and my dad papi.-(spelling?) oh well.  She helped with the christmas tree and then we had dinner.  It was a good day and she is getting very independent.  I am very proud.

Well this week should be busy I have some more shopping to finish and with christmas coming i will have to get more pics!  I forgot my camera when I went over so i am sorry! This week we will get some good ones!

Until next time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Go Sledding!

Today was a great day.  I woke up and Quinn and i got breakfast together.  I made her bacon and eggs.  After breakfast we went to pick up an early christmas gift.  Uncle Kenny got Quinn a sled!  We packed up and headed to Ellison Park I had the sled, my snowboard and Quinn, it was a enough to just get to the hill!

The first time down was an event, she didn't like it at all.  We went down a couple more times and she got the hang of it.  I think she liked how we would wipe out at the bottom.  She also learned how to get a free ride.

First time sledding!!!

My future snowboarder

Mommy joined us. she did all the hard work

After i took a nap on the couch

Uncle Vinny came over! 

After Quinn woke up for her nap. We had a visitor!  Vinny came over and hung out with us for a little Quinn mad sure Vinny knew it was her bear!

After, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Ro, Quinn and I went out for our annual dinner.  We went to Creacent Beach.  It was good, Quinn loved all the lights and she ate four olives which is new to me!  After dinner we walked around outside and saw all the lights.  Quinn loved the place she walked around in and out she was the star of the show!  Everyone in the place loved her!  They watched and laughed as she made them all stop to watch her.  After we were done we had a little dessert then home for bed!

Ohh Quinn, let's not pull the electric cords! 

Here we all are!

We had such a wonderful day and we still have tomorrow to go!