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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Evening With Daddy...

    Tonight was a special night.  Quinn turns 3 this Saturday and it was the last time I would see her before the.  I picked up Quinn and we headed out!  It was raining so hard today!!  Every street was flooded.  I would roll Quinns window down, then back up she loved it!!!

    My parents came over for a little because they are going on a vacation for a while.  We had dinner and played a little and they said goodbye.  Have a good trip!  

    That night we were laying on the couch and I would go okay Quinn time for bed and she would say "no no" in this cute voice..  They say a pictures worth a thousand words but tonight I didn't take any i just enjoyed our night.  What touched me was when I was rocking her tonight she just laid on me in the rocker as we listened to some music.  She then looked up and put her hands on my face and just looked at me in the glow of her night light.  She didn't say a word, she didn't have too.  She just looked at me for about 10 seconds like don't worry dad its going to be okay...  

    She then gave me a kiss and rubbed my heart and said boo boo getting better.  I looked at her and said yes honey it is...  I usually bring her to bed after about 2 songs but tonight I let them keep playing on.  I just looked down and thought to my self this moment wont last because she will grow up, so I'm going to take advantage of it now...  I held her and we rocked into the night...  

    I carried her to bed and said our prayers, she's so cute how she folds her hands...  I kissed her goodnight and just looked down at my little girl.  

    I wanted to post this tonight to all the parents out there that get to look back at their little ones as the lay in bed sleeping.  

   I hope everyone is having a good week.


An Afternoon With Kevman!

Hello all,

Sunday Quinn and I got up and had a big breakfast.  We took a ride after we got ready to Uncle Kevman's house!  Kevin (aka Kevman) one of my best friends lives not far from me with his wife Ashley.  I've known his family since I was little, he as 3 other brothers, Tim, Brian, and Sean.  Brian is my age we are also close.  I have an event in October with them so you will get to meet them soon.   His whole family and mine are very close.  There Mom has always been a big influence.   Quinn always ask me if were are going to see Uncle Kevman.   Kevman and I grew up together both Brian and Kevin served in the Army and did many tours.  It's good there done and home.  He works for a heating and cooling company.  We always had a good strong friendship I'm so glad to have him as a friend he's always been there for me.  I usually go and spend time with them once a week just watching TV or hanging out.  Their house is so beautiful.   Thanks buddy for letting us come over and spend some time with you! 

    We had time to see the dogs and run around the house.  She gave Kevman a run for his money!  It was really good to just catch up to.  I was sad Ashley wasn’t home she would have loved to see her!  

    Later that day we went back to the Strong Museum of Play  Quinn knew exactly what she wanted to do!  She did really well and I’ll let you see the pictures!  I have a video of her going through the Wegmans kids play center.  I just have to upload the video.  I wanted to get this post up so I will get the video probably posted later this week!  (Sorry!)  We did get to go on the Marry-go-round and that just made her day!!!  We hung out home and watched some TV and just relaxed that day.  The weekend was so much fun!  I can’t wait for fall we have so much planned!!!

Enjoy the pics!  Video will be up next time!

Here we are Uncle Kevman and I!

Abby, Brandy and I

Uncle Kevman!!!

Just messing around!

Jumping on his bed.

Here we go, were off!

Ohh look another bed to jump on!

Maybe i'll take a nap at his house!

Little close up.

I know... I'm Cute.

Just relaxing with my baby girl.

More chilling...
I do love this picture.

Were back!

She loves the mail room

Shopping again at Wegmans!  Video to come.

We saw Batman

She made me pie!!!

Here first video game!

I had to take a pic of the old atari system they had on display.

Hanging out on Sesame Street.

Riding the Merry-Go-Round!

Nap time after all that...

    We had a great weekend.  I can't wait to edit the video and post it!  Now that fall is coming up fast we have to keep busy.  We have to get pumpkins, and a costume, and lots more!  Stay tuned and like always keep me posted with your comments or your blog sites!
Hope all is well!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aunt Ro's Birthday!

    The weekend was almost here!  Thursday I got out of work early to visit one of my highest advisors.  After that I played a little disk golf.  My buddy and I did a best disk game and ended 2 over.  Not bad… For the course…  We got some food and hung out at his place and started to watch some of the fall TV Shows coming out.  New Shows are back!

    Friday I took my Aunt out for her Birthday!  It was earlier this month but I wanted to celebrate it.  Quinn and I took her to a local place and we got to just talk and have fun.  She rally enjoyed my little munch.  We had to get home or else we would have stopped for dessert.  I know I can’t believe it I was responsible and didn’t get the ice cream!!!  I just feel bad because I asked her to dinner at work so I didn't have get any pictures.  Sorry!

    Saturday I took Quinn to Barktberfest!  We don’t have a dog but I thought she would love to go.  The event is run by Lollypop Farm.  They are part of the humane society.  Helping sheltered animals.  We had a blast, Quinn got to pet her first horse!  There were so many animals we didn’t know what to do. 

    We walked around and saw some of my co-workers.  They had tents for food and different stations to play games and buy crafts.  We donated some money to help the cause and played on the playground!  If there is a playground Quinn will find it! 

    Later that day my aunt stopped over to watch Quinn.  My buddy Dave came over and we went out.  The bachelor party started early, which was nice b/c I got home after dinner.  One of my good friends younger buddy is getting married and the bachelor party was in the park.  It’s always good to celebrate in the classic tradition of having some drinks and just being around your fellow men.  I of course made my “I’ll get you my lawyers card for you wedding” joke, that’s always hit…   

    After dinner we had some prized.  We then played a little CLR!!  I love that game,  After we slipped out and I put Quinn to bed.  My Aunt had some time with her, which is always great to. 

    Well I’m going to start posting the weekend in two posts because I have so many pictures so Sunday’s post will be this week…

Quinn Pet her first horse!

This big cow she really wanted to see.

Well we had to take a snack break!

Look at all the people!

Little rest on the couch after all that!

My buddy Big Dave, and I.

Aunt Ro and I!

Dom's Bachelor Party!

Here we are just hanging out.

CLR!!! CLR!!!


I hope all is well with everyone! I can't wait to share what we did Sunday!