"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going to the Bounce House!

     Not to long ago Quinn was invited to a birthday party for a classmate and it was at a bounce house in town.  I was excited to bring her because this was a new place and I wanted to see if she liked it.  Also I couldn't wait to see her classmates.  We arrived and she got right to business, finding some of the giant bounce houses to slide down and run through.  This place was different than other places we went to in the past because it was just so big.  The bounce houses were bigger than I have ever seen!  She was so good and played with all the kids.  As I followed her around I watched her enjoy the day and just be a kid.  She didn't have to worry about school, or work she was free and clear of responsibility and all she had to do was be a kid...  I often think back to the days when my world was different for me running around with my friends, playing games and just being a kid.  I let her have and just enjoyed her because I know one day she will have to work and I just want her to enjoy her youth.  

     After a few hours we went upstairs for pizza and cake!  We all ate and hung out while the kids eat lunch.  We sang happy birthday and then enjoyed our cake.  After we went back down to pay and jump around again.  Quinn went down some really big slides, I really wanted to slide down with her!  We ended up going home after and enjoying the night in.  I will have to check it out again sometime, what a fun place!  

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we go!

WOW, look at this place!

There's my little girl.

Look at this big slide, I didn't know they made them this big!

She did such a great job climbing the wall.

Down she goes!

They even had a small section to just play with regular toys.

They had a maze too!  This maze was so big I couldn't get it in the shot!

Lunch Time!

Time for Cake!

Some more pics of the giant jump house.

As you can see this place was big!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: Don't forget the Pro Bowl...

    Sunday night was one of my favorite nights in football.  The pro bowl, is one of my favorite games to watch because it unites players and coaches and just allows everyone to have a little fun...  Most people make fun of this game and my dad laughed when I asked him if he was watching it.  I know everyone is hyped about the Superbowl and yes it is the big game that brings people together.

     The thing that I like about the game is you get to see just all these different players that usually face each other team up and work together.  The game was really good, there was a lot of great plays and it is always good to see how excited to see how excited the players are to see some of their own heroes.  The game almost broke 100 points too.  When you watch the game you can tell they usually don't play fully or to the extreme but it's a good time.   It was funny to hear the refs call fouls, they said there were fouls even in the Pro bowl...

     The reason I posted about this was because in life its good to just have some fun.  In the world we are competitive, we work hard for our job, or to find a mate, its nice sometimes to just kick back and relax.  Not have to worry about having to win or loose, that the day can just go easy.  The past few months for me as been this way.  I just have been taking it easy and not worrying about much, I found life has been less stressful and just so much more enjoyable.  I guess when it comes down to it a pro-any kind of game its just good to see all kinds of players just come together and show off such amazing talent.

     So when it comes to different games and matches in life like the Pro bowl take some time to watch it and remember in the game of life its good to just laugh and have a good time....

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Monday, January 28, 2013

A great play date

     Saturday started off with Quinn and I catching up on some sleep and just getting up a little later than usual.  We didn't have anyplace to be till 11 so we took the time to just lay in bed a little.  We got up and picked up my parents.  We had a funeral to go to, one of my cousins Peter Castro passed away last week.  Peter was a wonderful man, everyone was excited to see Quinn and it was good for her to see all the family members as well.  The service was very nice, after we went home to clean up and head over to Vinnies.  Courtney and her daughter Alyese who is just a year younger than Quinn.  The girls had so much fun and when Quinn first got there with me she was cute, she played shy.  They both warmed up and the day was cute.

     Vinnies balloons were still there from the night before and the girls loved them.  They were playing with them and throwing them and just having so much fun.  Vinny does so well with kids, he loves both girls so much but has always been so good to Quinn since she was born.  The girls just adore him and we had a great day.

     Later that night we hung in and watched some TV and just relaxed.  We had one heck of a day so it was nice to just relax and enjoy some down time.

     Sunday Quinn and I went to church and Quinn did great, she is now going to Sunday school and loves it.  She has a great class and knows the other kids pretty well.  I can't wait to see them grow up together.  Vicki had a great service and after we had a wonderful brunch down stairs.  It was the Annual meeting that Sunday but Quinn and I had to go so we could get home.  We just spend the afternoon relaxing, we watched a movie and just took some time to unwind.  Around dinner time Quinn and I went to my old troops spaghetti dinner.  It is always nice to go and see the troop and all the kids working and keeping it going.  I can't believe how years ago I used to be a young scout running around and helping out.  Now I have my little one i get to bring and I get to enjoy a night out.  The troop is doing very well and the dinner was delisous.  It was nice to have Quinn laugh and see her Uncle too.  Ken had a good time and even walked out with her holding her hand.  She loves her big uncle very much.

     I took Quinn home and gave her a big hug and kiss, she told me she loved me and I told her the same back.  Leaving is still difficult, but not as bad as it used to.  It is going to be a busy week coming up and this weekend will be packed with things to do.  I can't wait to keep you posted!

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here they are with Uncle Vinny!

Vinny, Courtney, and the Alyese.

The girls playing around.

They loved the balloons.

They also love Vinny!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Crazy Day!

     Although I still am behind on my post I wanted to tell you about my weekend so far!  Friday was my buddies birthday.  Vinny, he turned 31 and he had a few people over.  It was really nice there were about 8 of us and we had a few drinks and just joked and talked.  Yesterday was my weekend to have Quinn but I arranged my parents to take her out.  They haven't taken her out in a while and I know they were excited to spend some time with her.  It was good to catch up with Vinny and his girlfriend Courtney.  It has been so busy at work that just having a beer with friends and not worrying about work or the busy week.

   Later that night I got back to my parents and the three of them were all on the couch under a blanket.  It was cute.  I know being a single dad is hard but for grandparents it can seem harder because as little as I see Quinn, they see her even less.  So i knew a dinner out would be special.  Quinn was so excited to spend time with them and I knew it would make their day.  We had a busy rest of the weekend planned so we headed home and crashed...

I can't wait to tell you about the rest of the weekend...

Always remember,
You are never alone...
Just chilling with Popi & Oma...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Night with Tina!

            I have been waiting to post about this adventure for a little while now so I could sit down and take my time on the post.  For a while now I have been wanting to get Quinn over to meet a very close friend of my Aunt.  Tina and my aunt have been friends for many years.  She and her husband Jim have 2 boys, Jamie and Mark.  Mark lives here in Rochester and Jamie lives in Phoenix.  Jamie lives with his wife, Kelly and they home for the holidays.  Tina is also one of my biggest supporters and readers of my blog so I was excited to finally have her meet Quinn and take some pictures!  She is one of my biggest fans and I love how supportive she is.  We try to get over to see Tina around Christmas time because the family is over and its great to catch up and talk to everyone.  That night was one heck of an adventure lets say that…

            It was the day after Christmas and there was a blizzard warning in effect!  It was snowing like crazy by the time I got Quinn from her Mom’s.  We went over to get my brother and aunt and headed out with the food and all of us.  On the way there it started to really snow even harder.  As I made a slow right hand turn we started to slide a little!  There we were, Quinn and my Aunt singing in the back, my brother trying to side seat drive and me, yelling at all of them to pipe down so I can get us there in one piece!  The Jeep held strong and we got there with flying colors.  When we walked in Quinn was excited to meet everyone.  Not only was the family there but they had many other friends come over to have dinner and just spend time with each other.  We had pizza, snacks, drinks and amazing desserts.  There was a lot of great food and I was excited because I was hungry.  After we ate Quinn ended up playing with another little boy that was there, it was cute they played with some Lego’s and other toys.  I guess my aunt told me while I was in the other room that the little boy told Quinn he was bigger than her, so she said no!  They both stood up and were toe to toe, the little boy was just a taller than Quinn.  Then my aunt told me he said “see I am” then Quinn goes “for now”.  Quinn, haha you’re to much.  That’s my little girl, she is such a trip.  Later after dessert we all sat in the family room and talked while Quinn ran around the room and house playing hide and seek with Mark and my self. 

            She was running from room to room and Tina and my Aunt couldn’t help but laugh.  She was so funny, Mark, his brother Jamie and his Wife Kelly were so good with her, they just adore her.  We took some great pics of everyone too.  I had to calm my little angle down a few times or she never would have gone to sleep!  I think everyone just enjoyed her though.  The thing about children is they bring noise and they run around and sometimes knock things over but they remind us of our youth and that you can’t put a price on.  I find when adults get together and Quinn is around they usually love when she gets excited and plays with them.  Sometimes a quiet house is nice, but the laughter of a child brings so much to a room of adults.  I know my aunt enjoys her but Tina was having so much fun.  She couldn’t believe how excited Quinn was and just how she wasn’t shy and how she talked to everyone there and just had so much fun.  Wet sat around and watched Quinn just be her cute self and run and play, without a care in the world, the way it should be.  After a while we packed up and headed back home.  I got everyone back and then we were home to relax.  I ended up having to snow blow my drive way twice that night it was just that bad when the night drew on. 

            We had such a good night and I can’t wait till next year when we go again.  It was a visit long in the making and I’m just so glad Tina finally got to meet and enjoy Quinn.  Everyone had such a good night; I remind my self that with the bad days comes the good, like this.  I can't wait for next year and hope we can do this more often.  I know I have such good family and friends that love me and Quinn and support us and our struggles.  They way life should be…

Enjoy the pics!

Quinn and Tina did a little gift exchange! 

Here we are just hanging out.

Aunt Ro, Tina, Quinn and I.

Quinn Showing Tina her new cowgirl hat

Of course there's dancing!

The girls!

Tina and her boys, Mark and Jamie, with Aunt Ro and Quinn.

Tina, her boys and  Kelly

Always remember,
You are never alone…


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Mid Week Break

I have a very special blog post for Thursday so today I wanted to post a "Sneak Peak" of what is to come....  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tues Tip: Letting her know her own room is okay...

            I posted not to long ago about Quinn sleeping in my bed.  Last week was her first night by her self.  When we got back to my house we had dinner and then relaxed and got ready for bed.  She asked if she could go in my bed later and I told her I wanted her to try to stay the whole night in her bed this time to try.  She was sad but she did go down, it’s a hard thing to think about being a single Dad because I don’t see her that much so when she comes in later on in the night I don’t see it as a big deal but I know she has to stay in her own room to just get used to it.  I don’t want her to just get in the routine that she comes in my bed for comfort.  Remember we have to break out of our mold to make progress.  When we are at work and have to take on a promotion or new job we are all nervous, but we learn and adapt.  This is why I really push this, I don’t want her to think what is easy after time is always best, and you just have to tackle.  Usually after we try something new that is out of our comfort zone we learn and then say “it wasn’t that bad”. 

            That night she woke up and came in to my room.  I walked her back to her room and she wasn’t happy about it.  I felt bad but I want to make sure she knows its not a bad thing.  Sleeping in my bed happens on special times.  She must have gotten up every hour or so and she kept trying.  She kept me up from midnight till about 5.  Yea I was tired on Thursday.  The moral however was to let her know her room is a safe place and that special things are saved for special times.  Crashing with Daddy won’t be special if she does it ever night.   So when a special time comes it will feel special.  I do feel bad she was sad but I had to be strong, this was a test for me too.  When I get older being a single Dad, I am going to want to help her and make things easier.  Not seeing her as much I won’t want any tension but at the same time I have to parent.  I have to be strong and know it is my job to guide her to a good future and let her fly without me carrying her. 

            Making our kids ready for the real world takes tenderness and tough love.  All parents know this and the good ones give both at the right times.  Parenting however doesn’t come easy, we can’t have our first child and then say “ohh this is easy I was so ready”.  Why do you think people have more than one, they get all the bugs out, unless you’re my parents.  My brother was lucky he came first.  My Mom always jokes and says if I came first there would be no second… I just laugh and say “that’s right”!  What ever life brings us we have to remember nobody is perfect or ready, so we just go slowly, or try to at least.  That’s why in the early morning I let her come in and crash with me.  She was so excited and she got through the entire night in her own room.  This Wednesday I  guess I will have to see what happens.  I wish I could say I will know what will happen but its all a mystery to me!

            So as I get ready for the week I will figure out if her little cute voice will win me over, usually it does but, I am working on that.  I do feel I made a big step by getting her to know her room is fine.  As time goes on I know she will grow further apart but I also know I have to be a parent.  Well I will keep you all posted and I know everything works out for a reason…

Always remember,
You are never alone.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Colder Weather

     As I sit here and post tonight I think about the days when I wore shorts!  I don't think I can put on anymore layers!  The past weekend it went from 65 down to 7.  As the temp drops and the snow comes in I realize yes, it is winter...  With winter comes the dormant times, staying in and being close under a blanket with a movie on or just sitting with a cup of hot tea.  The one thing I do love about where I live is the cold sends the world into hiding...  The bugs hide out, the birds leave town everyone skips out, except us...  We have to work on Monday...  So as this week starts I know I will be getting up early to get the jeep ready and to make sure I am set to run out and face the cold morning.  I hope I don't have to clear out the drive way to much this week.

     I love looking out over the white lands as all the green earth gets covered and the trees look like they have been dipped in marsh mellows.  Winter brings a sense of just taking it easy and catching up on some relaxing.  Get your blue ray/dvd player working and put on some nice movies.  If you have a nice day go out and do some sledding with the kids or skiing.  Next year I would like to get Quinn involved so we will see about that.  Winter brings a sense of a fresh start.  Well I know you would think spring does but winter starts us all over and the animals all leave and it gives us a change to go outside and not get a bug bite, you may get frost bite, but at least it doesn't ich!

      As your winter goes on think about just having some friends over for a board game night or catching up on some inside cleaning.  Remember that winter keeps the circle of life around for when spring comes everything will wake up and you will find your self back outside working and getting ready for the summer months.

    For anyone that has a cold week a head I hope you stay warm!  Cuddle up and drink something soothing!  I attached a nice video clip for this event!  I know my buddy Hughey will love it...

     Have a safe and healthy Winter, and always remember,
You are never alone...

Enjoy the Video,

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day with Uncle Paul

     Just before New Years Uncle Paul stopped over for a visit.  Uncle Pauly had some gifts for Quinn.  It was so nice of him to come over and spend time with us.  Paul got her some Angry birds things, like a game and a pillow and a candy making set!  Paul has always been so good to Quinn, she loves her uncle.  We made some candy played with some of her games and then just talked and caught up.

     Paul lives back in town so it's nice to see him more.  He's busy with work but its nice to have him close again.  I hope he stays here for a little while...

Here they are!

Angry Birds!!!

We stopped to make some home made candy!

Uncle Paul and Quinn

Doing some puzzles

Quality time.

Here we all are.

I know we're goofy!

Paul's so good with Quinn...

     We had such a good afternoon.  Quinn went down for her nap and Paul and I had some time to catch up ad just see how things are going.  I try to see him at least a few times a month.  Sometimes we do lunch or breakfast and catch up or just a beer some nights and talk about old times.  Paul's always been such a good friend since I was young.  I'm very fortunate to have such good friends like him...

     With friends like Paul, sometimes I forget I'm a single Dad for a while and the pain of being alone disappears....

Always Remember,
You are never alone....