"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review 9: You're Local Farm Market

     In the spirit of the Fall season I wanted to do a review on the local farm market!  This is mainly a general one meaning "Every Local Farm Market".  I wanted to give thanks and much needed attention to the local farm market that does so much.  Below I will talk about 3 in my area and why I love them so much!

     Every town pretty much as one, you know the owner, their kids and even everyone shopping.  The local farm market in your town.  The farmer that still does it all the old way, they may have vegetable fields or grow mainly fruit however the case maybe they have that old style look with that loving respect.  There were a bunch in my town growing up and the three I visited most were.

baumans farm market

     Bauman's Farm Market was the closest to my home I would ride my bike there to get food and goodies.  The owners kids were in Scouts with me and they are all a great group.  I still see them out today.  They put on a great spread all year and do amazing work in the fall.  They have a great variety of local grown fruits and vegetables.  If they don't make it they bring it in from local other farmers to sell.  Jim the owner and friend of ours has been doing this for so long and does a wonderful job.  His greenhouses let him start growing flowers early in the year and he sells all different kinds of plants and things to put around your home, not just food!  You can also pick strawberries and other things thought out the year to have or you can make some money off them.  As far as I know you still can.  With a great friendly staff I encourage to check it out! 

schutts apple mill

       Schutts Apple Mill is just down the road from Baumans and has a different variety.   They have fields full of Apple Tree's, and different berry bushes.  When I was a kid I used to pick all different kinds of berries to sell back for money.  They have the same type of layout as well inside.  A very cozy feel their staff is friendly and helpful.  We come here for a few things, Apples and Honey.  With so many different kinds of apples it will take a while till your finally get through them all!  With apples being so healthy I always love getting some for the family.   Shutts sells apple frost, which are very addictive.  In a cup they pour out like a gritty soft ice-cream.  It's sweet and smooth and has an amazing taste to it!  You can get a brain freeze fast so be careful!  They sell them all year to so that's awesome.  When I picked for them I think most of my profits when to an apple frost after I was working.  Seems they know how to work the system!

powers farm and market
     Powers Farm Market is a few towns over but not far.  We usually go to get our pumpkin for Quinn there.  Now the other places sell them but she request to go there so.  Powers has live animals which is different and fun.  When we go we like to feed and pet them.  Actually when my brother and I were kids we were over there petting the sheep and other non-dangerous animals because they only have safe ones.  Well my Grandma yells us to get away so they don't bite us!  My Aunt started laughing only because if you saw the little sheep you would too...  These little guys just wanted to be fed and pet they could care less about my hand haha.  It was funny and we laughed.  Powers has a large inside and with lots of fresh foods and baked goods I dare you to leave empty handed!  I also buy some of my honey there.  In fact I talked to one of the bee keepers when she was unloading some jars.  She told me all about the process and everything.  This is why I love to buy local!  With a great staff and them being open almost all year  I would check them out and get some fresh goods!

     When it comes to getting my honey I will only go to the local farmer now.  Unless I am out and there is proof the store selling is buying local pure honey then yes.  Also they all have such amazing baked goods!  

The honey is all natural and nothing is done to it like in the stores.  I actually learned from a local bee keeper the store honey is bleached and altered. You can also buy honey combos and eat them!  We got honey there not to long ago and there was part of the hive in the bottle.  Kayla was like that's the hive!  I said, that's how you know its fresh!  I love it!  Honey is so amazing and powerful.  It helps in so many ways and pure honey will never go bad!

With that said I encourage you all to visit and spend money at your local farmers market, you are investing back into your community and getting some of the best goods there are!  I would never want to live in  a world where I had to go to the store for everything and see a box with printed out info on it.  So I say support your local farmers!  One small setback I will say is they usually aren't open al year, however we all understand this and learn when to shop and stock up! 

See below for info on some of the ones near me! 

Powers Farm Market
PH: 585-586-4631

Schutt's Apple Mill
PH: 585-872-2924

Bauman's Farm Market
PH: 585-671-2820

I hope you enjoyed this review and remember we have come so far because of our farmers!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...  There are Farmers...


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A mid week break!

This month is very important to Eve because she is my Halloween Kitty!

So todays pic is from Eve and she wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Halloween

     This Halloween is on a Saturday which is pretty cool I must say!  Being a time of the year I love so much I get excited it is here.  However you need to remember people want to have fun, and some want to be dangerous.  As you get ready for the big weekend here are some tips that will help you and your child have fun and be safe!

1)  Never let your child go out alone!  If they are older most parents let them go with friends, however make sure they stick together and don't go places they shouldn't.  For younger kids be behind them every step of the way.  If your spouse has to stay home make sure you don't get distracted texting or using your phone.  There are cars out, and lots of people as well so watch your child.

2)  Make sure they have something on their costume that will reflect or shine making them easy to see.  And carry a flash light as well for dark areas of the neighborhood. 

3)  Start early, even if its daylight out young kids can go out early, many people will see young kids and understand this. 

4)  Don't stay out to late or go to long.  Your kids need to rest too, give them a set of homes and visit some family but don't let them get tired.  They will think they can keep going but they will wear down fast. 

5) When you are done inspect the candy!  A big one everyone knows, most is safe however always look for things open or something that doesn't look like your general candy and be safe, just throw it out...

6)  Let your child get comfortable and help you pass out candy!  Lots of kids like to go out but lots also like to go home early to help pass out candy!  Open the door with them and let them help out! They will get to show their costume off and see others.   

7)  Make sure if you kids go out they know when to come home and make sure they have a phone with them.  If you feel its getting later call and get them home.  Also make it clear to stay in the one area.  If they want to travel outside take them your self, this way you can wait by the car as they go house to house.  One of my best friends and I when we were kids went out to a new area.  Our Mom's drove us and they talked and watched us go place to place.  It was fun and our Mom's felt safe they were there.

8)  Don't let your child go in anyone's homes, unless you know them!  Friends, family people you know and trust.  We live in the 21st century but people still use old tricks...

9)  Just generally keep an eye out.  As your kids are in front of you look for cars, anything out of the ordinary.  Just be mindful and don't be distracted social media can wait, look at your kids!  Also if you are driving be careful of others and drive slow and look out for families. 

10)  Have fun!  Go out and see your neighbors, they will love to see you come by.  When you are done put some fun movies on and have some snacks.  Enjoy the festive holiday and parents, eat something sweet!  I know were all on diets... its HALLOWEEN!  enjoy the night and diet the next day!

Here are some more follow up pointers as well!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting our Pumpkins!

     The past weekend we went on our annual pumpkin picking day!  Every year we go to Powers Farm market not to far from us.  We go around to different ones this time of year but usually get her pumpkins there.   They have been in business for many generations and are one of the staples to the area and families like ours! Their staff is very friendly and with much to do Quinn looks forward to our visit.  We arrived on Sunday and it wasn't to busy which was really nice.  We walked around a bit and then ended up at the tepee they make there.  It is actually many put together and you go inside and walk though about four areas.  Quinn went through with Kayla as I took some pictures, she loves it and they get a little scare.

    After we put some quarters in the machine and got to feed the animals there.  We walked around some more and looked for some pumpkins we told her she has to be able to carry her pumpkin to get it and of course she looked at big ones first haha.  It was cute and yes she found one!  After a few pics we went inside and got some sweets, cider, cookies some natural honey meaning non mass produced!  Some other small things and we packed up.  I love honey but only from a farm market.  They have bee keepers from around the area bring it all pure natural honey.  You would be amazed how much honey is tampered with if you get it in the store.   Sometimes there are bits of the come in the honey when you buy it off the farm.  That is pure!  I love it!!!!

     After we loaded the car Quinn wanted to feed the animals one more time.  We walked over and Quinn was so cute she took out her own money she brought and put her own quarters in.  She wanted to and I told her it was ok.  I was proud she used her own money because she is showing responsibility and working with her budget.

     We headed home and put some fun scary movies on and started to carve her pumpkin.  I did the hard parts because an adult is required but she scooped and drew the face she wanted me to to cut!  Kayla put the seeds in the oven and made amazing roasted seeds to eat!  They were so good.  After we were done we just hung out and relaxed the rest of the day.

    I love fall season because everyone has their heavier cloths on and you just walk around looking at the sights and the fall smell of the cold air and foods are in the air.  Everyone is in the spirit and just loving the days.  We went to pick up Quinns Halloween Costume as well that day!  Every year we have gotten her a costume even if I had her on Halloween or not.  We always made it work and this year its our weekend so I am so excited!  I can't tell ya you will just have to wait and see what she picked out!

     Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season and getting ready for the big Halloween Night coming soon!

Enjoy the pics!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we go!

What a great job they do!

Feeding the animals

We found one! Kay and Quinn.

Look how festive!

One more feeding trip

Carving the pumpkin!

All done!  Quinn is a goof some times but she so cute!  Just like her Dad!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sometimes one second of love can make up for hours of anger.

     We have all had them, the bad day.  Well yesterday I had one all right, I had to get up extra early to get breakfast for the team which I'm not the biggest fan of because its bagels but I got them then realized the traffic was just horrible because people can't drive and there was like 3 accidents on both sides of the express way so I was about 15 minutes late to work.  Not the biggest deal but it sucked to start like that. 

     I had to work late this week till 5pm, I usually work till 4 and then beat the traffic so when I left traffic was horrible again per an accident! I said of course why not, by the time I got to Quinn's Mom's house it was after 6, I was so tired and we still had to go home!  I got out and Quinn came to the door smiling, she came out and hugged me right away.  Everything the long day threw at me everything that just was bad and tiring melted away when she hugged me and showed how happy she was to see me.  She asked why I was late and told her because of work.  Her Mom fed her and we got home just in time to relax and get her reading then off to bed.

    No matter what life wants to try to throw at you the second your little one or spouse greets you with love and support will melt away the anger and fear.  They will embrace you and let you know everything is going to be ok.  The world has so much darkness to it, a lot we don't see or know of I say don't go looking for it or exploring it...  I still feel there is good and love that will win, sometimes I don't fee our species deserves what we have per how we treat the world and each other but there are good things and people in the world and a loving embrace is one of them.  I don't know the future of us or the world but we need to keep fighting for the good in life.  When you have a bad day hug your kids and loved ones.  I can't tell you how much it will help...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Future is here!


   So today is Back to the Future Day!  Yes everyone that time has come!  If you ever watched Back to the Future part 2 you will know they travel to the future, 10/21/2015!  First of all, how funny to finally be in a day where back then it was mealy the future.  Also how many younger kids even seen the movie!  However something like this is mainly cool because that day is now!

     So did you get in your flying car and go to work? No, but there is a link below that talks about what we accomplished today and what we didn't.  I will admit in the movie it says the Cubs win the world series after the long streak and they are in the playoffs so that could happen!  Other technology like TV's that can have video chat are around and the Pepsi bottle was made for the special event however the larger ones are still being worked out.

     I know that theaters are playing it today which is really cool but if you never seen any of the movies I would go see them!  I really feel the series is a classic and with an all star cast to show this.  So check out the link below for more info and enjoy the day of the future!!!

Back to the future day

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Don't Donate to Breast Cancer for the Cure

Now that I have your attention, relax and take a breath before you fall off your chair and start posting mean comments...    

     So my title sounds terrible, donating for cancer research is a good thing... but there is a chance you are doing it wrong...

     Please read this post and watch the video below before jumping right to commenting... 

     Now everyone knows how important donating to a charity is and I think everyone has tried to help and still does however with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I wanted to advise you to be careful where you donate!  I am a pretty big fan of Rob Dyke he post about different video's on You Tube.  Things that are scary, funny and interesting.  He recently uploaded a video explaining where some money goes to when you donate to different charities and how much some of the CEO's can pull from this.  The video is below and I advise to watch it and see why I posted this blog.

     Now being someone who is very supportive I have to advise like Rob I am not trying to cause an issue or upset people however with all the money raised for different things do you ever wonder how much of that is used correctly?

     What others don't also realize there are so many other days and months that are dedicated to other research.  For example did you know October is also Physical Therapy Month?  I bet you didn't know that.  I didn't know that!  Kayla is a PTA, no not the group of woman at schools that yell, that's PTSA...  She works in Physical Therapy and yes this month is dedicated to for this.  Now it is shadowed by Breast Cancer awareness month.  I will tell you after throwing out my back, PT was all I wanted so yes it is very important!  Get a new knee, hip or surgery and see how far you get with out physical therapy.  It is so important but with Breast Cancer awareness month being this month as well little is known or brought to the attention for PT.  However again I am not braining down Breast Cancer Awareness however shedding light that there are so many other very important things we should also pay attention.  With hundreds of National Awareness days you can be taken for if you're not careful.  Another very important aspect is October is also domestic violence awareness month, again very important.  In fact there are places that donate money to the local chapters for Domestic Violence if you buy their products which I think is awesome of them.  The funds go directly to help people that have been hurt.  Domestic violence is horrible and happens more than we probably know.      

      After I saw the video I really understood what goes on and Rob does give links to places that can give you good direction on charities that and explain them better.   What I do now is just ask you to check out the quick video so you are aware of  how some charities are run and so when you donate you know and feel your hard earned money is going to good use!  So my post may not be extremely long however I wanted to give you all understanding of how you can be taken for and think you are helping out when in reality your hard earned money is just making someone rich.
     So yes cancer research is important and I do donate however what my post topic meant was donate to the correct pathways and look into where your money is going.  I do encourage you to please watch the full video for it will explain what I have talked a little about!

Robs video is very educational and will make you think twice... Now I didn't fill this post with articles and facts and charts mainly the video because Rob does a good job explaining to be careful where you donate.  I try to donate as much as I can.  So after you read my post and watch the video please take note I don't mean don't donate!  However donate wisely and even look at other things going on this month you may not realize is happening...

Robs YouTube channel: Rob Dyke

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Birthday Weekend!

      How do you follow up with post like that!  Thank you Kayla for the wonderful birthday post it was so nice to have someone post for me.  She is so good to me...

     So this weekend my father in law and one of my brother in laws came down to visit us.  Friday we went to Quinns School for their annual fundraiser.  They do a Hoe Down every year in the fall to raise money for the PTSA.  The even is very well rounded and put together, Kayla arrived and found Quinn who was with her Stepfather we then found her Mom and we all walked around and did events like the haunted house, face painting and got some candy most of the rooms had all different things you can do and you just needed to get tickets for it all.

     We had fun, took a few pics and just enjoyed the night.  Working with her Mom on events like this are what make the child know we can.  It can be odd or hard for some ex's to walk around with new spouses and the child but we do fine.  I like my ex's new husband he is really nice and I heard my ex likes Kayla so as the night went on we headed to get something to eat and then headed out becuase it was late and Kayla and I didn't eat.

     We got home and spend some time with Kayla's Dad and Brother and we put Quinn to bed.  The next day we spend most of it fixing and working with our kitchen!  We got a new fridge from my buddy.  Long story short we had to adjust the counter space and we did for the most part...  We also got a new dryer from Kaylas Mom and Dad, thank you again for that!  So as we update the house a little at a time but thats the joy in owning a home!  That night we cooked up some food and had family and friends over.  We ate, laughed and just celebrated a little.  I was so tired from all the work we did that day we all were so tired it was hard to party almost!   As the night went on we wound down and just relaxed and watched some TV waiting for the fridge to cool down as it settled in.

     It was a great night to a awesome weekend.  The next day we said goodbye to her family as they left and we had our own stuff to do!  We needed to get our pumpkins and other goodies and I can't wait to post about that, we also got Quinn's Halloween costume!  That night we ended up getting a few more things for the house and now just relaxing before the next work week...

     It was a great weekend and nice to get work done and spend time with my family.  I can't wait to post about our pumpkin picking!   I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


   We didn't take many pictures which is actually ok because you don't want to live behind a camr

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Hi all! It's Chris' wife Kayla here! I snuck onto his blog to do a birthday post for the birthday boy! He usually does a Tuesday's Tip but today is a special day and I'm guest blogging! Today is Chris' birthday and he always puts out a post for everyone's birthdays. Well this year I wanted to put one there for him. He usually blogs about what we did for his birthday and how we celebrated but this year I wanted to do something different.

So, of course with it being a Tuesday, we both had to work so we couldn't really do anything special to celebrate. I gave him part of his present Saturday as he knew I had it and gets so excited. I can never keep anything a secret from him (I usually do his christmas shopping like 2 weeks before and wrap it right away so I'm not tempted to give it to him early!). I got him a video game and walk through book to complete one of sets he has. Then today I surprised him with his card and 2 small gifts. As you all probably know, I'm slightly obsessed with the minions and I think Chris secretly is too. His favorite is Bob. Well while we made our minion kids at build a bear during our honeymoon, Bob's teddy bear was on back order. I FINALLY found it today. I also found the little character Bob that will go with our collection as we were looking for that as well. He was tickled pink with all his gifts. So while he was working today, I brought him a surprise treat, one of his favorites, cookie cake! I got a bigger one so he could share it with his co workers.

I tried to do as much as I could for him because he's always trying to do things for everyone else. He never complains when he gets home late and he's had a long day. I've never known him to be selfish of any kind and is always helping friends out when needed. I just wanted to give him a birthday post because he deserves one just as much as anyone else.

Chris, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for loving me and others before yourself. Thank you for working long hours so we can take mini vacations. You are so amazing and such an amazing father to Quinn. You love and support me no matter what and I will always do the same for you. I hope you had an amazing birthday because you deserve nothing less. I love you so much Christopher!

Always remember,
You're never alone...

An oldie but one of my favorite! 
Happy Birthday handsome! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quinn's Party!

     Last weekend was Quinns birthday Party!  It was a busy week and I finally got to post.  Sunday we had our family and friends come over and celebrate.  We had great food and just took some time to be with Quinn.  I mad some great apps that I can't wait to post about!  We then all sat down for some pizza, everyone enjoys a good piece of pizza.  After we had some cake and then presents!  

    Quinn opened up her presents and just had so much fun, everyone was so generous and Quinn took some great pictures with them.  After we just played with Quinn's toys a bit and relaxed.  It was a good day and Quinn had so much fun.  This coming weekend we have a big one getting ready for Halloween.  

     I added some pictures from when we celebrated Quinns birthday the week before.  We gave her some video's and some cloths and books. It was pretty cool to wake up that Thursday on her birthday.  Being in the a divorced you only get to wake up or put your child to bed on things like their birthday when they come around on your time.  Unless you alternate and some parents do.  However we do not, it stinks but when it comes around we just make it that much more memorable.  We did have so much fun that weekend and honestly thats all that matters...

Enjoy the pics!  

Here she is the night before her birthday!

She was so excited!

Getting together for her party.

The birthday Girl!

Uncle Paul and Aunt Amanda!
Paul is Quinns Godfather.

Uncle Kenny!

Matt and Becky!  Matt and Quinn love arguing its pretty funny.  

Aunt Ro, she got her a purse, now I can borrow some money from Quinn.

Oma and Popi!

Here we are!

We had a great day and Quinn had an awesome 7th birthday.  
Happy Birthday Quinn.

     Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quinn gets her ears pierced!

     For Quinn's birthday her Mom and I decided she could have her ears pierced.  When she was young I wanted to wait only because kids have so much time to be adults when they grow up.  Plus I wanted her to understand what it was and knowing what she was doing.

     So at the age of 7 my little one is taking the next step into growing up!  She said she did very well and i am so proud of her!  She knows how to clean them and take care of them as well.   I just wanted to make sure she really knew what she was doing.  I am excited she is old enough to make the choice and that we all talked about this.  Her Mom talked to me about it which is respectful and nice.  So as she goes to her new stage of jewelry we move on, lets hope a tattoo isn't next, well at least to soon...

                              Do you remember when your child or you got your ears pierced?

I hope you all enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here they are!

She is so excited and growing up!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Split Birthday Parties

     For many kids and parents a birthday party is a fun day and event.  When it comes to divorced parents it can be harder.  The past several years I have thrown Quinn's birthday party it really was just family and friends.  Friends that are really older that is.  Since she lives with her Mom more and there are more kids on her street they usually throw a big party at a place.  Seeing how I can't afford this I usually throw a party at my house and invite close friends and family.  It was nice and I can't wait to blog about it and post how the day went!  However for parents like us I won't lie its hard.

     At one point Quinn was upstairs and I went to get her and she was upset in the bathroom.  I sat down and hugged her b/c she was crying.  There was no kids her age there and I felt horrible, I told her it would get easier and that she had a party earlier at her Mom's so her friends there went and they had a fun I bet! When it comes to having to share your child it can be hard and something like this is one of those times.  The past few years have been difficult because there aren't many kids at all on our block and even harder to have time to play with them because Quinn isn't here much.  One of the harder aspects I guess.  I felt so bad when I was trying to comfort her and did everything I could.

     So for single parents trying to throw a party I have some advise I learned and try my self...

     1) Always invite family and close friends, if there are no kids her age at least family and friends you know that love her will show her how special she is.

     2)   Give your child things to do so they don't just sit there as the adults talk. 

     3)  Make sure she feels special and is listened to!

     4)  Let her play with any toys she already has, or for the most part a few.  Play with her and enjoy your time. Or let her help prep and cook for the party!

     5)  Keep the party moving and don't let it slow down. 

     6)  Take lots of pictures and after play with your child and let them see their new toys!

    After the party a few people left but some stayed to just help pick up and hang out.  Quinn did have a great time and we did what we could.  It's very tough on the parents and child when you have to figure out things like this.  Every year her birthday comes up I wonder what I can do to make it memorable.  Just if anything do your best to show your love and celebrate it with your child.  That's all that will matter...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Quinn!

If you see Quinn today! Or have I hope you said Happy Birthday!

We woke up with the little birthday girl and got ready early.  Then headed to breakfast with her!  We had a good morning and waking up with her this year was a special one.  After we ate we headed to her Mom's house to let her on the bus.  
She is the big 7 today!

Quinn and Kayla!

Here we are.

Happy Birthday Quinn!

     Celebrate you're kids Birthday and let them know how special they are...

Always Remember,
You are never alone...