"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Monday, February 29, 2016

Parenting 366!

     Hello all!  So today is a special day to day is February 29th!  Yes the leap year has arrived, ever four years we get one extra day.  So today is the only day in the year that conflicts my blog!  My blog site is Parenting 365 because every day you are a parent.  Every day you clock in no matter what or age of your kids.  When they are little and need you every day or older and call you at midnight because you have water on your ceiling.  No matter what, on that first day they are born and you hold them promising them you just clocked in to work knowing it was a 24/7 shift.

     So today parents we get another day, one extra fun day this year to spend with our kids.  If you are a parent like me and this day doesn't fall on a day you have your child then don't worry.  Today is only day 60 and with 306 days left I know you will be strong and fine.  So take today to enjoy that fun extra day in February.  Do you know any Leap Year babies?  I know only one.  I always thought what a fun day to be born.  There are some fun days within our calendar year but this one is very special.  Babies are born every day however every four years are odds then getting this special day is to add to that.  I do love my birthday I will admit but this day is pretty cool too.

     So do Leap Year people celebrate on February 28th or March 1st when it isn't leap year?  Well if you are one please let me know and Happy Birthday too by the way.

     I hope everyone has a great leap year and if you have your kids this day well think of it as an extra day so take advantage of it and enjoy the time you have with them!  Remember this won't happen again for another 4 years so enjoy this fun day!

    So today I get to celebrate and say Happy Parenting 366!!!

Happy Leap Year!!


     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review 13: The Roof Rake

     So for everyone reading this post who has to get up and say, "Snow Again".  This post is for you!  For years I have never used a roof rake but now that I have I will always make sure one is my garage.  So what a Roof Rake does is takes the snow off the first few feet or your roof allowing pressure and snow to not build up.  It is a small little curved piece of plastic that is attached to a pole that can extend to over 25 feet!  The more you extend the roof rake the higher you can pull snow down or get those high peeks on your home!  However it gets harder to control I will say if you have it fully extended.

    Benefits:  Well once you pull the snow off your roof there will be less pressure as well as build up by your gutters.  If you don't clean your roof off chances are you will be fine yes, however if you want your gutters and roof to last loner and be more preventive I would use it.  After last year and the ice damming we picked one up asap this fall!  Once you pull the snow off the first few feet and get some of the snow off the gutters you will allow the roof to be exposed to the sun sooner and this will allow the gutters to be cleaned out by melting.   Once you rake and the next day or two is at least partly sunny or it just doesn't snow or stay to cold you will see a difference.  Your roof will show shingles more and your gutters will be clear.

     The assembly took a little bit of time just because the instructions were not really worded out, just some pictures.  I would say that is the only downfall.  Once put together however it works so well.  So once ready and a snow fall is over take our your roof rake.  I would wait for at least a few inches of snow.  Don't rake under that or you can damage the shingles.  Wait for a good snowfall and then go out and set your rake to what you would need per your roof.  Lift the rake up and place it on the roof and then pull.  The snow will come falling down.  Make sure nobody is under the falling snow and that you are clear too.  The snow will be heavy and cause injury.  Be safe when doing this.  After move over and keep raking.  You can get pretty high up on your lower roof and a few feet on the upper level.

     Go around the house just clearing snow off and  you will find it won't take long before you are done.  This also will give you a good exercise as you go!  If you have icicles I found this takes them down pretty easy as well.  I found I could knock down a few high ones I had.  I know after clearing off your driveway you might be tired but make sure you don't skip your roof!  It is important, height levels of snow on your roof can add weight.  Also after you rake your roof you will see your gutters will have snow in them but not covering them so the will clear off sooner than if you didn't.

     I would anyone who gets snow.  Be safe and get a roof rake, take the time to protect your roof and rake it off.  Get them fall however because come winter the stores will be out.  I would say that about anything.  Make sure you prep early and get everything you need right when things come out in the late fall.

     The Roof Rake will cost about $50 but it could be found for less or more.  I will say it is worth it, they will last for years to come and the damage they could safe is just worth it.  So for this review I would say this is a great product and they are sold at most any hardware store.

The Roof Rake:

I hope you enjoyed this review for questions or if you have used this and want to share please leave a comment.  Also have a product you would like to have reviewed let me know.  Below are some pictures of the Roof Rake.  I don't have any of me using it just because the weather has been nice but here is what it looks like.  Very simple but very effective.

I hope you enjoyed this review.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Burgers

     Hello all!  This great unique Cheese Burger recipe comes from a site I frequently visit for great ideas the BBQ Pit Boys.  Everyone loves a great Cheese Burger but try this style out be warned it can be a bit messy.  We were also excited because we recently got a half a cow processed.  Kayla's friend's parents own a farm and mainly have milking cows but they do raise one bull to sell for meat. Someone else bought the one half so us and a few friends went in and got the other half a cow.  Kayla and I ended up about 1/3 of the half we got.  It turned out to be a great deal and grass fed.  I will post about it on a efferent post.

     I will say this was a fun and easy meal to make and if you want to see the video there is a link below to the BBQ Bit Boys site where it is.  I was missing Bacon per their video but you can always add this if you would like.

1 lb of ground beef
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Pretzels (two per Burger)
Salt- 1 tablespoon
Pepper- 1 tablespoon
Any toppings you enjoy- Lettuce, Tomato, Onion etc.

We just baked French Fries and put the broccoli in the broiler. As your side you can use any kind you wold like this burger goes well with just about anything.


-Using ground beef that isn't pre formed into burgers mix in salt, pepper and any other spices you would like.  For the following burgers I also had some XXX Sharp Cheddar Cheese we got from the butcher when we got the Beef.  I broke some up and placed that in the meat as i mixed the spices in.
-  Form however many patties you need make them about standard size, or a bit smaller than the pretzel.  Round the edges and make sure they are sturdy.
-  Have your grill ready, gas or charcoal either way. Then place the burgers on the grill.  You really want to only flip each burger once they say is a good rule.
-Once the burgers are more than half way done brush some melted butter on each side of the pretzels and place on the grill.
-  Cook the burgers to your liking and then place some Sharp Cheese on top.  We used the XXX Sharp Cheddar Cheese we had.
- You can flip the pretzels about once or twice and then take them off.
- Take the burgers off as well but don't stack them on each other.
- You can now put more butter on the pretzels and salt them if they come with them.
- Place a burger on a pretzel and then dress it they way you want and use any condiment you like and place the other pretzel on top.
- Place your side on next to and enjoy!

  Here is the link of the original video, the only thing I was missing was the Bacon which you can use or not up to you!  It is somewhat messy but it was fun to make and try.  The pretzel was different and gave the burger a great and unique taste!

Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

Hope you enjoy this meal, try and and if it works out have some friends over they will never believe it!  Pretzal Burgers, hope you enjoyed.

Cooking the burgers and warming up the Pretzels.  You can see it was cold and snowing but that didn't stop me!

Here we mix in our cheese and spices.

Make your patties.  As you can see the beef has a nice color.  

Here is a clear picture of cooking.

here it is dressed.  We had fries and some crispy broccoli with dinner!

Remember cooking should be fun,
So have fun doing it!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Taking and Returning Toys because of Punishment

     Over time we have had different ways of trying to teach Quinn that if she doesn't listen or gives problems that counting to 3 isn't enough.  We haven't put her in time out mainly because she now is getting older and at the age she is at taking away toys for a time frame is working.  We started this a while ago and at first it was hard because after a few warnings we would take a few toys and this would only make her even more upset.  Over time of taking a toy or two for a day and returning after she was more behaved graduated to taking a few toys and giving them back over time.

    A few weeks ago we took about 8 barbies because she was acting up and was warned.  She was upset but then moved on and as time went on we would giver her back two.  This past week she was very good and we gave back another two.  I explained that she can't ask when she will get them back that she just has to wait and be good.  The more she ask when she will get them back the worse her case is I explained.  A little over a month ago we took her TV and DVD player out of her room.  Mind you she doesn't have cable its just a TV with DVD player for her movies.  She was acting up to an extreme and we just felt she has been taking things for granted.  Since this occurred she has been much better and has not asked for it.  We plan on giving this back, however not for a while and if she continues to not show she needs it.  So this past weekend we gave her two barbies and said she has been very good, she has been getting ready without trouble in the morning and not whining when we ask for something.  We also said we were happy she moved on and didn't ask about them all the time.

     She understood and was very happy not only to get her toys back but showing she was growing up.  So here are few tips for you parents I think might work!

     1)  Wait for your child to be a bit older before you take toys.  Time outs work best for younger children.

     2)  Explain that you will be taking a toy or few toys away if they do not continue to listen or behave.

     3)  You can start by taking the toys away for the day and see how that goes.  The first time you do this they probably will freak out and plead.  You need to stay strong and just keep them from screaming.  Maybe put them in their room.

     4)  As this punishment starts to work remind them they will loose toys for longer period and they can not keep asking when they will get toys back.

    5)  When you take toys, hide them and keep moving on.  After they relax do something else but also explain always why toys were taken.

    6)  After time goes on and you feel they have been good give back a toy or two explaining they have been good and they get part of them back.  Explain why you did this again and why they are getting toys back.  Remember giving toys back isn't fully a reward its more like the punishment is over or part over.

    7)  If they show gratitude thank them and tell them they are on a great track to get the rest back.  Also remind them you can still take them back if problems occur.

    8)  After you give all the toys back advise this so they know.
    9)  Remind them that we take away toys not because we are mean, but we need them to help us and not give us issues.  They need to grow up to and even though they are young good habits start now.

    10)  Most important, remember they are kids too, punish them when needed please do not just take away toys because they aren't perfect.  Everyone has different rules and standards but the big ones are getting ready, listing and just not throwing fits.  Take it easy on them too, they are still growing and you don't want to look at your self and just see someone punishing a little person because you can.

       Always remember to explain why you took some toys and why you are giving them back.  Make sure they listen to you as you explain this, don't let them get distracted by the toys coming back.  If they hear what happened and why they will understand.  I hope the following tips help, they have been very effective for us!

If you have any tips of your own let us know!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, February 21, 2016

The weekend update!

     The weekend has come and gone yet again.  Friday we picked up Quinn and went out to dinner it was really nice we had it with Aunt Ro and Uncle Ken.  It was a while since we saw them and wanted to catch up!  After we just had some dessert and then headed out.  Quinn has been doing so well with listening and getting ready to go out and wind down for bed time.  I will say it's awesome how far Quinn has come and how great she was this weekend for us!

     Saturday we got up an and just relaxed.  My parents took her out mid day which was nice as well.  Every year around the holidays they take her out but this year we just were so busy so Saturday they took Quinn to the Zoo then had dinner!  They brought her home before bed and Quinn told me all about it.  It was nice because Quinn hasn't seen them in a while so it was a great chance for her to spend time with them.  I can remember growing up my brother and I would go to dinner with my Aunt and Grandma and we had so much fun!  We actually still do it, we have our dinner soon as well.  I'm glad Quinn loves seeing her grandparents and spending time with them.  I am also glad they live so close.  They can come and see her when they want or stop buy and see us too.   We did some cooking this weekend and honestly just hung out as well.  The time we have with Quinn is priceless so weather it was doing some games or just relaxing on the couch it was all awesome.

     Sunday we had such a big day I can't wait to tell you about it!  I will save that post for this week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, we did.  Quinn saw a lot of family and just had a great time and I hope everyone enjoyed their kids and enjoyed their time!

     Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Friday, February 19, 2016

Single Parenting: Making and Receiving Changes.

     The past several years of giving advise as well as taking it I feel working with one's ex can be one of the hardest obstacles still yet to hurdle.  I have posted about some of the things we have worked well on or had differences.  I always post to my single parents that work with their ex when it comes to a child to please just do what is best for all.  There are times you don't want to or get frustrated for many different reasons however over the past week I feel we made a great stride.

   I currently moved jobs and emailed my Ex advising that Kayla would be picking up Quinn midweek only because the distance is going to be difficult.  I was polite in my email advising her of my time change and that it would be really convenient for Kayla who can stop on her way home from work per its closer.  She said it was no problem and to let her know the times as well as giving Kayla her number in case something happened.  It was good, I will admit I was nervous I wasn't sure how she would handle the email.  However Kayla and I now are married and the email was very nice and not offensive or written in a powerful way or demanding one.

     For my fellow parenting readers and friends when it comes to this please keep in mind what I wrote.  If you are sending some changes be nice you may not have to ask to make them if they are small.  However don't send a demanding email that states the changes and that's it.  Be polite and advise what is happening and why.  Your Ex should be nice and listen, if they don't you can look into your decree it might not justify their not agreeing.  Either way keeping your cool is most important.

     If you are on the other end and you get an email or if you are hearing about changes don't get upset.  Listen to them and take time to think and just relax.  Change is good and scary all at once.  Be kind to your ex if they are approaching you with changes to a set schedule.  As your child grows up things will change they just will so by learning how to do them sooner will only make it easier!   You must remember the child needs to come first, they have two homes to go back and fourth to plus they don't see both parents all the time so try to make it easier on them.

    So if you have some changes to make, ask kindly and advise what is going on and why.  If you are hearing about them take your time to read and take in the changes that might be happening.  If you new spouse is like mine and very calm and understanding talk to them.  Remember your new spouse is part of your life and they are here for you!  I feel the past changes we made went well, and it was handled correctly.  Kayla picked up Quinn last night and Quinn was very happy to see her!

    She cares about Kayla a lot but also it was a nice change to me getting her so I think it was nice.  So I do hope this post helps, I try to live by the words I type however I still get upset working in this agreement for anyone is difficult just slow down and think before you say anything back.

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Amazing Buffalo Chicken Dip!

     So there are so many different dips and there are many kinds of Buffalo Chicken Dips you can try.  Today I give you Kayla's!  My wife makes such amazing Buf Chicken Dip.  I will admit I don't love to much spice in my food but this dip has a perfect ratio, however you can make it hotter or more on the milder side.
     It really also is very easy to follow and you can put this all together in under an hour.  The biggest part of this receipt is that she uses "real" chicken NOT canned Chicken!  I mean real like we go to the poultry section where the chicken is wrapped and ready to be cooked right away.  She has made this a few times, the one time my co-workers had it and they knew it was made with real chicken not the canned kind.  The plate was emptied very soon.    

3/4 lb Chicken (freshly packaged not canned) cutlets work great
1 8oz packaged cream cheese (softened)
1/2 cup hot sauce you can use any she uses franks
1/2 cup blue cheese
Shredded Mozzarella and Sharp cheese- you can add to taste

-Boil Chicken and cook all the way through.
Add some hot sauce to the water for a spicy kick!
-Mix cream cheese, hot sauce and blue cheese in bowl
-Once chicken is cooked drain and shred it.  You can use a food chopper, processor or by hand.
-Add the chicken to the bowl with the other ingredients.
-Place in a oven usable dish
-Add Mozzarella and Sharp cheese on top for taste.  Sprinkle on top
-Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes

Serve with your choice of chips or celery.

     This will make a great office dish to pass or bring this to a party!  Your guest will love it and using real non canned chicken will make the difference!

Shredding the Chicken.

Mixing everything together.

Add the Mozzarella and Sharp cheese on top then Bake.

Here it is!

     A special Thank You to Kayla for sharing this with us!  It really is an easy Dip to make and every time she has made it the plate is emptied!  I hope you try this out and always let us know how things go!

Always Remember,

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Winter Car Tips

    So winter is here and unless you live down south you know the cold and snow are now here!  This past day we had about 22 inches of snow drop on us!  What a mess this has been, but either way my tips today are for you and how to keep you and your car safe this winter!

     1)  In the FALL start checking things like your tires and battery.  Make sure they are in good condition.  Another note is make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape and that you have windshield wiper fluid at all times.  Some days it can get so salty you can't see where you are going.

     2)  When winter comes make sure you are checking your tire pressure.  With the extreme cold your ties will loose pressure so be sure to check them out.

     3)  Wash your car when you can.  Keeping your car clean is important because salt will ruin the frame and everything underneath it.  Wash it especially on warm days when salt is active.  Colder days where it is 0 or close to it don't wash it!  The cold will keep the salt from working and well you don't want to get your car wet if its to cold!

    4)  Start your car in the morning.  If you have an auto start its good to get the car idle before you jump in and drive it.  The oil will start to be moved as well as your car will heat up!

   5)   If you don't plan on driving for a few days make sure you start your car for a bit.  If you plan on having the weekend off and just staying home make sure you still start and run your car for at least 5 or 10 minutes.  The cold can make it harder to start if you leave it sitting for to long.    

   6)  Make sure before you drive your care you brush it off!  Do not be that person who drives down the road with snow all over their car!  Be safe and brush your car off and make sure the side mirrors are cleaned off as well.

   7)  Fill your tank regularly.  Make sure your car doesn't get to low on gas in the winter.  A low tank is dangerous plus you are using more fuel and the last thing you want is to be out of gas in the winter!

   8)  Have a emergency kit in your car.  Go to the store and buy an emergency kit if you do not have one.  The kit's have jumper cables, rope, different things you can use if you are stranded or if a friend is.  Jumper cables are one of the most important even if your car is new have them!

  9)  Like 8, have a first aid kit.  Again lots of stores sell them.  Buy a small or medium first aid kit and keep it in your car.  If anything were to happen you have supplies to start first aid.  You don't need a full hospital but have some basic things.

10)  Think about having AAA or road side assistance.  The service isn't expensive and there are other discounts.  However if anything happens you can call them and they will send help.   I have used my Triple A card a few times and was glad i had it.

     I hope the following tips helped.  If you are a parent or have kids in your car please think about the tips above.  Kids get cold fast and you don't want to be stranded with little ones.  Be safe this winter and do things like get your car serviced before.  Like I said, tires and a battery are very important.  Also make sure your car doesn't have any leaks or bad seals.  Not that you would want them anyway but just remember winter puts such a strain on us so have your car in good shape!  

Drive safe everyone!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Day for Love

     So today is Valentines day, yes lovers day, Hallmark day a day to spend cards, flowers and candy.  Some say this is a day for couples to celebrate their love.  For Kayla and I we spend the day just relaxing.  It has been very cool the past few days and we spend the day on the couch just relaxing.  We did some nice things for each other.  I got her some flowers and a nice card and she got me some sweets and a nice card.  The card is really all we love the most, however we both will say we feel this day is just a day and you should celebrate love everyday.

     So for this short and sweet post I say I hope everyone yes celebrated with a loved one but always remember everyday should be special and to surprise your loved one all different times of the year with a nice dinner or card even flowers to show them you care and how much they mean...

        Our spouses are so important to us so always show them you care...

Happy Valentines Day Everyone...

     Always Remember,

You Are Never Alone...


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad!

     So yesterday February 12th was my Dad's birthday!  This past Wednesday we all went out for dinner to celebrate.  Kayla and I got Quinn and headed out to dinner where we met my parents and brother.  We had a fun night and just talked and laughed.  Quinn had a great time talking to the family and just catching up.  There are times I know it's not right or fair I don't have as much as her Mom should share her but sitting at the table and just seeing everyone enjoy her makes it ok, makes things worth the while with the time we have.

     At dinner we had the staff come over and sing, my poor Dad but he was a good sport!  After we went to my parents house for some cake and presents.  We sang and had some cake as he enjoyed his time with Quinn.  They took a great picture and we stayed for a little more but then had to go.   It was a Wednesday so we had to get her home.  I think my Dad's favorite part of the night was seeing Quinn and yes us but just spending time with her made his day.

     I hope everyone has time to spend with their parents and lets them spend time with their grandchildren.  I know grandparents love seeing them and its just so important they do...

     Happy Birthday again Dad and thanks for all you have done and continue to do!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Quinn and Poppi!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday

     Today is one of my most treasured days in the year.  Ash Wednesday, this is the day those who follow receive ashes and are reminded that ashes we are and ashes we will become.  This is the start of lent a very religious time for Christians.  A service dedicated to asking for forgiveness and forgiving those who hurt or sinned against us.  Now for my Blog I don't push religion and always say that this is a very diverse and wonderful world we live in.  I have friends of all religious backgrounds.    

     One thing about this day is that it doesn't just relate to Christians, it reminds us that we are only human and not one is better than another.  That we need to forgive each other and love each other.  That we all came from ash and to ash we will become...

     As the ashes are placed on my forehead I am reminded that we are all equal and being a single parent to forgive epically if we have anger towards our child's other parent which can happen.  It is hard being divorced and sometimes we need to remember we are all loved and equal.  Even though on a daily and weekly basis I try to live a good live and ask for forgiveness and attend Church this service is the start of a period that is very holy and sacred.  To all reading this at the least I hope you take this day to know we are all equal and everyone is just human and we were all born of the Earth and the Earth we will return...

  Love each other and always remember...

You are Never alone...


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: When your wife has to write the blog because your sick

                Well it's Kayla again! Chris has been sick with a cold the last couple days so here I am writing his tip! I don't really have a parenting tip but I can give a few pointers when you or a loved one are sick!

                 First thing is, make sure they stay home and get their rest. I know it can be hard to just sit home and be sick but your body is obviously trying to tell you something. Chris is always on the go and can't sit still so I always stress to him that he'll feel better sooner if he takes care of himself now. Some people, like myself, can get sick just from not getting enough sleep and getting run down. When your body doesn't get the sleep it needs and you're constantly on the go, your immune system can get compromised. So sleep and rest are key factors in helping your body fight whatever illness you have. 

                  Second is drink lots of fluids! If you're congested you need to drink a lot of hot tea. I like it with honey but you can put cream, sugar, milk, or nothing at all. The warmth of the liquid opens up the vessels and will help break up any mucus that is in your chest or sinuses. Another good hot liquid is soup! I like the Lipton kind with rings or extra noodles. Yes the classic chicken noodle soup is good too! Make sure you drink a lot of orange juice too for the Vitamin C! 

                   Third tip I have is if you're fighting a sinus infection use a humidifier, especially at night. The humidifier will put moisture in the air that will help you breathe better at night. My mom used to always put a humidifier in my room when I was little and sick. Rubbing Vick's on your chest can help as well. Some people say that if you put Vick's on the bottom of your feet and then put socks on, it will work as well. I haven't tried this as I don't like putting socks on wet or damp feet. 

                    Last but not least is make sure your taking preventative measures to not spread anything. Hand washing is a big one. Wash your hands after you sneeze, cough, blow your nose, etc. Wipe down anything that maybe someone else other than you will be using like the remote control. Make sure you're taking the right medicine. Look and see what your symptoms are and use what you think will work the best. If your cold doesn't get better with OTC medicine, seek professional medical advice. You could have something bacterial which will require an antibiotic to get rid of it.

                     Now, I've been trying to take care of Chris when I get home from work and he does allow me to so that's how I know he really is sick. It's usually me who is sick so to actually take care of him is nice. He is feeling a little better so he'll be back blogging soon! I know there are a lot of things you can do when your sick but these are just a few of the main ones. If anyone has any other pointers that work for them please feel free to share them! 

I hope you enjoyed my post and see you all again soon!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Basketball Camp Comes to an End

 Today was Quinns last day of Basketball.  For weeks now the kids have been getting together to play and just have fun.  They did some warm ups and then practiced.  The coaches have been so amazing to work with all those kids too!  So after they did some drills they broke up into teams and did some games.  We were so proud of Quinn she did so well.  

     Later that night we made dinner, we did homemade Chinese food!  It was really fun and I can't wait to post about all the food we made.  More to come so stay tuned to the cooking corner.  

     A note to my parents out there make sure when you kids are young let them try things.  I don't know if Quinn will want to keep playing Basket Ball but at least she got to experience it and who knows maybe she will love it.  However it was so good for the kids to get out and play and that is what's most important!  This post was to share how my daughter is growing but to say to my fellow parents sign you kids up to do stuff!  Sometimes schools and other places offer things to do so I would say take them up on this.  It can be difficult to come up with some ideas so take the time to let other places or groups help you.  

     In the winter as well it can be harder because of the colder weather so things like this are awesome to do.  I hope everyone is getting some time in each day or week to play and stay active.  

Enjoy the pics 

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Getting together to start

Lots of running!

Time for a full game.

What a great end!

Here is our little star!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Breaded Walleye

     So my Father in Law has been waiting for this very special Cooking Corner post!  A few weeks ago we took a trip up North to visit them it might have been our Christmas visit.  Well Saturday him and I did a dinner and cooked some breaded Walleye.  He has a friend the catches it fresh and makes his own breading.

     Dave, my father in law owns a nice outside fryer.  It is a big bowl and gas cooking device that allows you to fry outside.  It is very simple but so effective!  We setup our table and had everything ready.  We put the fish in milk for a bit to take the fish flavor away just a bit.  A trick my father in law taught me.  Some fish have very strong smells and taste so milk can tone them down a bit.  After we put them in the bradding mix.  Now I don't know what it was made of because the person who caught the fish supplied the breading however you can look up most breading recipes on line. 

     Once the fish were all breaded and the oil hot we just slowly put them in and watched them cook a bit.  We flipped them once and then took them out to dry.  A very easy and simple dinner to make and I would recommend you cook them outside however.  Now you can use many other kids of fish of course but the fresh caught Walleye was really amazing.

     We cooked fries with this dish and it made a great meal.  Not your typical fish fry and that is why I loved this meal so much.  Something different and fun to try. 

Walleye (Other fish you have)
Milk: enough to fill a small bowl
Two Eggs
Salt and Pepper
Breading:  A mix you can find online or buy in the store
Oil: Vegetable or peanut oil is good

Wash Walleye fillets and dry
Let them sit in a bow filled with milk for a few minutes
Dry the fish and just salt and pepper each side
Take two eggs or more if you need and scramble up
Place the fish in the eggs to get a good coat
Place in your dry mix and coat each piece well
Place in fryer and cook for about 2 minutes on each side
Take out and place on a plate with paper towels to dry

For your side you can oven bake French fires or fry them in the same oil.  You can also cook any other sides for this dish you like.

The out side fryer

Here is the fish

Enjoy and remember!

Cooking should be fun so have fun doing it!



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Changing a Spare Tire

     So over the past weekend as we were driving up northing we saw the dash light up because one of the tires started loosing air fast.  We must have hit something and not known it but we had to get off the road fast.  For our sake there was an exit we pulled off and looked.  We looked at the tire but didn't see anything but I knew something wasn't right because you could hear the air escaping. 

     So I did what my Dad once showed me in college and started to change the tire!  Back when I was in college I had a flat coming home from work and my parents came out and helped me change it.  It was the first time and my Dad told me to listen up and watch because next time I may have to do this alone!  I did and he explained everything to me and was very polite and let me help as well.  We got the tire fixed and soon had a new tire on.  Since then I have had tires patched up per nails but this was different the nail was out so we were loosing air fast!  So I got the car set and the doughnut on, we made it up North and the bad tire was fixed soon.  It was quite the experience but we made it and we got the old tire off and spare on in about half hour.  It was about 26 degree's to so you are aware. 

     So below are some simple steps for you if you ever need them or never changed a tire.  I'm sure many of you have your own experiences or even funny stories.

The instructions are for cars and SUV's  Trucks are about the same but the tire is not small it is a real sized tired they keep under the truck.   

1)  If you feel something is wrong or your car dash lights up first find a safe place to pull off and park.

2)  If you are alone and its dark call for help.  If you have AAA call them too, you don't want to subject your self to harm by doing this alone epically at night!  You also pay for AAA so use them.  However if you can and want to change the tire keep reading.

3)  Go into your trunk and lift up the secret compartment, the handle will be by the back.  You should see the tire and all the tools you need. 

4)  Unfasten the tire and all the tools and take them out.

5)  Start getting the jack lifted and then put it under the frame close to the tire.  Make sure you are under the frame or the car will get damaged.

6)  Jack up the car until the tire is off the ground.  This might take a while but go slow.

7)  Then unscrew the bolds of the tire, you can also do this before you jack it up or at least loosen them.

8)  Once the tire is off the ground and the bolds off slide off the tire and look for the hold or damage.  (if you have time)

9)  Place the spare on the tire and put the bolds on.

10) Tighten up the bolts and make sure they are nice and snug.  You don't have to wrench on them but make sure you put some muscle into it.

11)  Bring the care back down by reversing the jack and then put up all your tools and the tire in your car.

12)  Drive home or to your nearest destination, you can use the spare for a bit however get the tire fixed the next day or so max. 

13)  If the tire is new it will last longer however they say do not drive to long with the spare or go to fast. 

Once fixed your spare will go back in your trunk and you will be set!  Avoid damage to your rim and get the spare on fast or you will have bigger issues if you ride the rim.  Now granted we drove kinda far but the spare was new and the roads were clean and dry.  As we were doing this Kayla took my picture as you can see I was smiling, I wasn't happy but I mean your getting your picture taken so you have to smile right?  she took another and I didn't smile but for the blog I will be happy!

So here I am just finishing up, we were cold and tired and now loosing time but we did it and now we laugh about it...  That's life right?  So I hope this tip helped and know changing a tire isn't hard just take it slow and you will do fine!

Always remember,

You are Never Alone...