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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Week to End a Perfect Summer

The following blog is for the week of Aug 20th-Aug 28th.

The Mikalojko's are coming to town!
I don't even know where to start! Well i guess I'll start from the beginning...

I'm very lucky to have such a good inner circle of friends and family but i have some of the best friends anyone can ask for.

When we first moved in my family met the Mikolajko's.  Steven, Marissa, Rob and Jim.  Growing up Jim and I became best friends.  A little bit later Paul our other best friend joined us in causing some trouble around the street.  The three of us made a great combo and our friendship grew as we got older.  We visited paul at college, enjoyed a beer in the Kodak Cooler.  We did everything together.  Paul and Jim stood up at my wedding, and just this past Memorial weekend Jim and I stood up in Paul's wedding.  Well  since Jimbos came home im gonna focus on him. (no offense paul i still love ya, i'll blog about you too)..

Growing up Jim and i hung out all the time we traded baseball cards, rode bikes, made forts, hung out with our older brothers and sisters, played video games and did sleep overs.  Jim and I have so many memories it's just awesome.  Jim's family became mine and vise versa.  I actually think i only rang their door bell once in 26 yrs of being on that street.  Steven and Marissa baby sat me growing up.  (just ask her about the movie she let me watch)...

Steve lives in rochester with his wife melissa and  two kids, Nora and Jakob.  Rob is down by DC with Laura.  Marissa is in Boston Fernando her boyfriend also lives in Boston and Jim in Central Conn.  Every couple times a year they all come home.  Well not steve he lives here... but you know what i mean.  Well the week of the 20th they all came in to town.

Well Saturday came and my parents came over with my brother and we worked on the yard. We got it raked and seeded!  We worked so hard on it and now the grass is growing in.  The only tough part was i had to go to work after i was so tired!  The day was so long but i knew Jimbos was coming home!!!

I got out of work sat and stopped over.  I was so excited, Jim, Rob and his new Fiance' Laura, Marissa and her boyfriend Fernado and jims mom and Uncle Steve (thats there dad don't let the uncle part fool ya).  Were all up and around.  I was so excited because the entire summer i had a good time but was so busy I was just so excited to relax and see them all.  I took some time off work so i was pumped.

We sat outside and just talked and laughed.  Sunday at work don't I snip my finger and have to go to the urgent care!  Well i got out early at least.  That day i went to Jim house they were having a dinner because Steven's son was chrisined and they had a dinner.  My parents and brother were there and other family showed up like uncle Allen and all.  We had dinner and talked and just hung out.  Rob and Laura had to go early that week so i spent a lot of time catching up because they had to leave early.  They are getting married June 9th 20012.  I'm attaching their site to my blog soon.

I ended up catching up with Jim mid week.  I picked up the munch and we had dinner.  I dropped her off at my parents after so they could enjoy her and i could take Jim out.  We went down the road for a uncle ralph steak dinner.  Jim's ma, uncle steve, Marissa, Ferando, my self and even our buddy billy went out.  We had a great night, i got to catch up with Ferando and talk about work and Boston.  He wants me to come visit and it told him   He is such a good guy.

The next day I was so excited because I was off at Lowe's and I took off from Paychex on Friday.  After work Kevman and Laz came over and we had a beer and talked about our big cabin trip coming up!  Don't worry you will get the post.   Later Jimbos called me right on Q.  I stopped over and had my bag packed i planned on staying the night.  We had some beers and ate dinner.  Later that night we played UNO, Fernado kept steeling the Green Cards. (he's from Brazil so it was funny at the time).  Well the first game took like an hour but then we got moving.  They then tired to do what no other has, tough Chris Rosini how to play Euchre, even my poor parents couldn't do that. Well that was an epic fail, but we had fun trying.  We played cards the four of us till late that night just joking and having fun.  I love spending time with Marisa and Fernando I don't get to see them that much so we always have a great time.  After we spend some time just talking.  Jim and i got to catch up and just talk.  One of the things i love most is just hanging out.  We don't have to so anything crazy like go out on the town or anything I just love being in his company.   We went to bed and called it a night.

The next day we got up and i took Jimbos to breakfast.  We went to Billies Homestead.  We got a great breakfast for pretty cheap.  We talked about how work was going and just good old days.  After that i went home and cleaned up.  I went back to Jims and we decided to go hit some golf balls.  We went to webster.  Jim well lets say getting golf balls is not as easy as you think.  It says hit the button swipe the card.  Well we hit it and swiped and what a pain in the ass.  "Hit the button swipe the card"  Yea thats crap!  Jim went out side and asked this poor old lady on a bench reading a book if she worked there.  Yea like she did haha i don't think she knew where she was...  Well we got it to work and spend some time hitting some golf balls around.  We then went to Charlies for lunch.  We got some burgers and some logan berry to drink and headed out.  Again just spending time with Jim was all i wanted to do.  The time we got to spend together was awesome.

I ended up stopping over later with Quinn and we played with bubbles and just hung out.  The next day we went to their cottage!
Before we left Kenny and Aunt Ro came over for a visit.  They played with Quin and did some puzzles.  Uncle Kenny loves Quinn so much I just love how good he is to her.

We ended up leaving mid day.
It was a blast.  We played with bubbles, walked around saw the bay.  Steve had his family, Marisa, Fernando, Jimbos the rents and my rents and Jims uncle and aunt were up to.  It was just a great day.   We had a blast! Steve took us on the boat and it was Quinn's first time!  He showed us the bay and took us out and she loved how we went fast!  She loved it!!  She was so excited!  We ended up having lunch and going back out on the bay.  Quinn loved the boat so much she wanted to go tubing but I had to tell her down the road.  I ended up going tubing and having a blast.  Steve crushed me both times but i did pretty well!  Of course I'm still tired out from it but ohh well.  After dinner we just played and spend our time together.  It was so fun watching Steve's daughter Nora and Quinn play and hang out.   The day was just perfect, the weather the food, people and just everything.

Sunday came and we spend some daddy daughter time.  We made a fort and took some cool pictures!  We did some crafts and watched some TV.  The weather was bad because of the storm.  Jim ended up staying sunday because of how bad the Hurricane.  Quinn and I stopped over one more time and said good bye to Marisa and Ferando.  After i dropped her off i went home and relaxed.  I stopped over Jims once more to say good bye.  The week was just awesome.  I am excited because i know this fall i have a lot planned but the past week for the first time in a long time i took some time out for me.  When Jim went home i didn't feel sad because we just had this awesome week and i know i'll see him Christmas.

Jim and his family are so good to Quinn, when she goes over they adore her.  Jim's so good to Quinn she kept saing all weeking Uncle Jimmy, uncle Jimmy home?  But having both families together with our kids playing was really cool.  The girls played and had so much fun its so cool not only growing up with Jim and his family but now seeing our kids play is just something to sit back and enjoy.

As the week ended i was so grateful to look back and see what i have.  The friends who love me and helped raise me.  The years of memories and fun we've shared and now we get to me more with our own kids.  It's the times i have with Quinn that make working so much worth wile, but also things like last week as well.  Things like chilling with my buddy just going out and hitting golf balls or getting lunch.  Laying on the couch and watching TV people sometimes take for granted but just being around Jim was all i wanted and thats what we did...

Here we are Paul Jimbos and I at Pauls wedding.  We are the three amigos.  

Saturday my brother and parents came over to finnish the Yard!

My mom worked on the railing.

My dad and i put stones and plastic down behind the garage to keep the plants away.

Friday i picked up Quinn and we went and played bubbles with Uncle Jimmy!

Chasing Uncle Jimmy around some more.

Im gonna get you Daddy!

Here we are all just hanging outside.

Fernando joined the fun!

Marisa joined in the fun too!

Saturday Uncle Kenny came over!

So did Aunt Ro

My little girl in box.

She's a goof ball!

Uncle Kenny and I did puzzles!

He's so good with her!

Here we are at the cottage.

Just chilling.

Did some swinging.

Nora and Quinn

Down i go!

There's Uncle Steve with his grandchild Jakob.

Here's Oma and Quinn,  Mrs. Mikolajko and Nora!

Here we are, going for a boat ride!

Look at the pretty bay

Just enjoying the ride.

Lots of boats are out.

Chasing Uncle Jimmy again!

"What's in that pocket!"

Here is Jimbos, Quinn and I!

Fernando and Quinn just relaxing!

Marisa, Nora, Fernando and Quinn

Here is Quinn putting bubbles on Mrs. Mikolajko's dinner! ohh noo Quinn!!!  She didn't mind, Quinn was so cute!

Steven, Quinn and Nora playing around.

Here is a great pic of Jim and his niece Nora!

A very cute picture of the girls!

We had a beautiful sunset

Here we all are!

More hanging out with Uncle Jimmy!

Marisa, Fernando and Quinn!!!

Sunday we made a fort.

The back of the garage looks great!

The yard is coming along!

I did some mulching

House is looking great.

It was an amazing week!  I cant believe it went so fast!  With fall on the way i look forward to getting some great adventures under way!  We had a great summer and what a way to end it!  I hope you enjoyed the blog.

This post was dedicated to you Jimbos. I love you man.