"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Learning to Swim

     Now that summer is here many people will be heading to the pool or different bodies of water.  Now this tip isn't going to teach you to swing, however just advise have your kids learn.  Swinging is so important just because kids and adults drown every year and learning to swim is easy and fun.  Quinn has been taking lessons for years and I am so proud of her.  This past weekend we went swimming and though she could touch the bottom she still was swimming and diving around.  I was proud because she can swing without help.  Now she hasn't gone in a deep end much but I now she will do just fine!

     So my tip is just simple, Sign your kids up for swing lessons at a young age and make sure you can swing yourself.  There are many places that will offer lessons and just doing a search will find a few.  Call around and check, see pricing and what is offered.  Make sure your child continues to go and learn as she gets to be a stronger and stronger swimmer.  Swimming is so important because one day you could find your self falling in water or you may need to run out and save someone one day.  I was so happy to see how well Quinn was doing in the pool when we went swimming.  She swam around so well and I can remember when I first brought her in a pool as a baby.

     You wouldn't believe how many kids and adults can't swim, once you get older the fear will take over and you will soon not go near water.  I am grateful I learned how to swim because growing up my friends had pools so going over in the summer was always fun.  Knowing Quinn can now swim and is getting stronger and stronger at swimming makes me feel safe.

     What you can do is look for places that offer swim lessons as well as take your child swimming and showing them your selves.  Just make them feel safe and don't throw them in and say go!  Take your time and let your child go at their pace.  As they grow older let them take more advanced lessons.  Even if they don't become professional swimmers at least they will know how to stay safe in the water which now a days is just so important.  With open pools and water all over I can't say how important it is to have this skill.

     I know this tip wasn't long but honestly it is just that important.  Swimming is just something that is fun and easy to learn.  The outcome also maybe you living.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun start to summer!

Here we are! Well kinda I think I'm sleep swimming!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, June 27, 2016

A birthday wish to my Brother and Mother in law!

     This past weekend was a busy one, the last few post can tell you this.  Sunday we took some time to just relax.  We called Kayla's Mom because it was her birthday!  We wished her happy birthday and even Quinn got to say hi!  I was sad we didn't get to see her however we will be seeing her and the family in a few weekends.  That afternoon we had lunch with my brother and parents per my brothers birthday is today!  After we headed back to my parents and hung out there.  We did some swimming and just tried to stay cool.

    I wanted to wish both my Mom and Brother a very happy birthday!  I know they both hate their pictures taken and my brother always tells me no pics on the internet!  It's ok he won't mind.  Don't worry I will get a picture of my mother up north in a few weekends she will fight me on it but ill force it.  I also have Quinn, she can be a secret weapon so if your reading this your getting a picture!

    I wanted to say Happy Birthday to a great and wonderful Mother in Law.  Elaine has been so supportive of us and has opened her doors to me and my family.  It can be difficult after a divorce where family is hurt and has to draw sides.  Moving on and having a new family can be scary, you wouldn't understand unless you experienced it, which I hope nobody has to...  However she has been there for us as we grew and got married. They come and visit us as much as they can and we travel up there as much as we can.  The drive isn't bad but the weekends always feel short.  Thank you for everything and thank you for always being there for us.  She loves us and loves Quinn so very much and when they see her she gives Quinn the biggest hugs.  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

     Now on to my big brother...  From the beginning he has been there my big brother.  If you saw us you would never know.  You would think one was adopted, and my parents would point to me!  As we grew up we were always close. With different friends and different lifestyles we always still had time to hang out.  I would come home late and he would be watching a movie in the family room.  I would usually sit in and join him.  After I moved out he came around to visit and now with my new home he does too.  During his less busy season he usually swings by for an hour or two to just hang out.  He loves Quinn very much she loves pushing his buttons and well he pushes her's.  With just one brother growing up I was still happy because we were close even if we had different paths.

     I know both my mother in law and brother don't want to much attention but a post to say thank you and happy birthday is the least I can do.  My mother in law lucked out I don't have a picture on hand but don't worry I will be bringing that camera up north soon!

     Happy birthday to my Big Bro and my Mother in law who both have been so supportive and wonderful.  Kayla,Quinn and I love you very much!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...  


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Love Conquers Anger

     When times get hard or if we don't see Quinn enough one can almost just break.  So over the years of all the anger and hard times I just had to writ this...

     I know my family, friends and fellow bloggers would tell me never to be sorry but as a blogger and someone trying to help people in hard spots in their lives.  I feel like a mentor trying to help others and there I go breaking down.  I wanted to post tonight to say I took the day to relax and be with Kayla and Quinn.  They told me everything was going to be ok and Quinn seemed to just say its over no worries.

     We went to church this morning and that always makes us feel better.  Religion has always been a big part of our lives I feel faith is just a good thing.  The minister talked about anger today.  She talked about what anger does to us and how it hurts us.  She said that anger dries up the polls of creativity in us.  When they dry up it is harder to love and be creative.  We focus on the anger and it starts to consume us.  All we think about is that and the anger will in the end destroy us.  After a divorce especially with a child it can be so hard and so difficult.  Kayla has been a savior to us. I dated after the divorce and honestly thought it was over, I just couldn't meet anyone then I met Kayla.

     She has been so wonderful to us and over the past few years we have stuck through it all.  She never gives up on me and took Quinn in as her own.  Both her and her family have been so wonderful to Quinn, myself and my family.  I feel sometimes my anger has taken me off the road of being a good partner to Kayla.  For this I told her how sorry I was after church. We agreed we would be more a team but not let our ex's ever bother us and that we have to work harder at not letting anger or frustration dry up or pools of creativity in our selves.  Kayla and I got married and we burned items for our ex's to set us free.  We got tattoo's to show our love and freedom so we told our selves this was it we are going to live and love...

     So as I write this post I want to say thank you for all the family, friends, fellow bloggers and strangers that just give support.  Thank you for your kind words and support, but for knowing I am human and just trying...  I wanted to let anyone know to always reach out and talk, don't let your pain stay in side and don't ever do anything harmful.  If you want to blog or talk or even just vent and say bad words then vent.  Seek out blogs and reach out.  However go to your loved ones, Quinn and Kayla are my rocks.  They keep me together and stable....  I wanted to just say things are ok and will be, just how it is but I no longer will ever let my ex fuel anger.  I may get frustrated but anger will not control us.  We will live our lives and be happy.  Show love to others and spread that.

     I wanted to just say thank you Quinn and Kayla so much for being so supportive.  I don't know where I would be without you...  I love you so much...

When the destruction and heartache are over, my supports are there never giving up...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Being ready for Summer!

     So Summer is official here!  So what other way to get ready then to send you some tips so you are ready!  With Summer here we have to be careful and safe, not only from the sun but from boredom!  Before summer arrives try to plan out some ideas's so you're not just going to the same park or staying in side watching TV.  Below are some great tips to get you ready for summer!

Image result for summer

  1)  Make sure you have sunscreen.  Make sure it is new and enough to protect your kids.  Sun burns are very dangerous and can cause long term damage.  They also hurt like hell.

  2)  Make a list of things to do for the summer, look into different places to go and enjoy.  This way you have ideas!

  3)  Have your pool ready, or know friends with them!  Having a pool at your disposal is key for those hot summer days!

  4)  If the day is to hot, stay inside and do things outside at night.  See fireworks, or have a bonfire!  Have fun inside a safer time frame.

  5)  Enjoy your summer.  Depending on where you live, most people in colder areas the summer is great! If you live south of your country it may be to hot to enjoy.  Either way with summer out take time to enjoy the time you kids have off!

     With summer now starting and so much to do make sure you take the time to do it!  There are many fun things you can do inside if its to hot, or invest in a fun smaller pool if you don't have a larger one.  Going out and taking hikes and camping are also always great summer things to do and enjoy!  Always make sure you have plenty of water and get some time in the shade as well.

   Summer is also fun for just taking a walk with a nice cold ice cream or icy treat!  If you have a beach or lake near by its nice to just take a walk and enjoy the scenery.  If you have friends with a boat get out and do some boating!  It's cheaper to know someone with a boat than buying your own!  Also remember to stay active, if you have cold winters don't spend all your summer inside because you have time to do this in the colder winter months.  Visit lots of parks, see friends and just enjoy the day!  Just remember to cover up and be safe.

     This year we have a lot planned with Quinn, I can't wait to share how our summer goes!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

     Today was Father's Day and it wasn't our weekend with Quinn however we got to pick her up on Saturday and haver her till Father's Day evening.  Saturday we had dinner with Aunt Ro and some other family members.  It was nice we relaxed and just hung out a bit.  When we got home Quinn and Kayla gave me my fathers day gift.  It was really sweet.  We sat together and Quinn showed me what she made me in school.  It was really cool to just have a night in and spend it with Kayla and Quinn.

Opening some gifts

Just hanging out and being Dad.

     We had a fire later that night and hung out.  Quinn loved it and it was her first fire with us since we got our new fire pit.  We had a lot of fun she was so excited to stay up and hang out with us.  Sunday we got up and Quinn made me some breakfast with Kayla's help.  She was so proud and excited to do this.  She is such a good helper.  We then went out and washed our cars.  It was nice to get some sun and just have fun washing our cars.  Quinn loves it and helped clean and dry them.  I think the cars needed it they were happy.  A good day to be outside!

     We called Kayla's Dad and wished him happy Fathers day per they are a bit out of our area and after talking a bit we then headed over to my parents.  We had some dinner and then did some gifts.  My Dad just wanted to be around us but we got him some fun stuff anyways!  I think this year all I wanted to do was play catch with him.  So Kayla and I went out and got some baseball gloves!  I got a new one, she did too.  We then got my Dad one.  After dessert we went outside and threw the ball around.  Just a game of catch.  Quinn played with my Mom and Ken then she even helped play catch with us.

     Playing catch with my Dad always brings me back to the old days when I was playing baseball and just throwing the ball around after dinner.  That nice summer night when it cools down, those memories are some you never forget.  I think all kids love a good game of catch with their Dad after dinner, there is just something about it.  It was a great night and after some pictures we headed on home.
Catch with my Dad...

Kayla and Dad.

Everyone just had a great day.

Ken, Dad and I

Here we are 3 generations...
Happy Fathers Day Old Man...

     I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there working so hard for their families and kids.  My Father was a big part of my life and I work very hard to make sure Quinn knows I am.

     Fathers are so important to their kids and if the family is not together you as a father have to work hard to show your child you are there and how much you love them.  My Dad has always been there he has come over in the middle of the night to help if we had house trouble and never complained just said i'll be over.  When I was growing up I can remember our phone ringing very early in the morning and my dad answering.  It was work and after a few minutes he would just tell them he was on his way.  He wold get dressed and head in.  He went away on business and we would always run to him when he came home.  He got us in the cub then Boy Scouts and always enjoyed camping and just being with him.  He along with my Mom raised Ken and I right and I can't thank him enough.  He was always there no matter what and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done.

     Thanks Dad so much, I love you so much!

     I hope everyone had a great day with your father or at least called to wish them a happy Fathers day if they live farther out.  Thank you Dad for all you have done and all you do!

One of the Best Father, Son Movie Scenes...
Make sure you watch.

From one Father to all the Rest...  You are as Important as you are Loved...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Thursday, June 16, 2016

There is Always Hope...

     This past week it was Kayla and I anniversary of dating.  We have been together for 3 years now and it has been just wonderful.  She has taken Quinn and my self in for who we are and everything we offer.  I wanted to say Happy Anniversary and I love you so much!

     I wanted to post to my fellow readers who have or are going though a tough time in their lives.  If its a divorce, separation or breakup.  Being a single parent for me was scarier than anything I had done.  I was afraid of what was going on with the divorce and what would come.  I think I put to much trust in my ex which led to more pain.  I wanted to write however and say you will get though this.  I had many long nights of just the deepest thoughts one can have.  I felt like I was in a prison just without bars.  When the nights were quiet and long, thoughts set in.  Ones of guilt or despair.  As time went on I didn't feel there was hope, just work and the time I saw my daughter.  I kept busy but secretly went mad.  I felt at times I just lost it and was falling apart.  Never have I wrote or expressed this to many but there are others that need to know per they maybe feeling this way.

 Image result for hope
    A divorce they say is worse than a loss or death.  One might argue however they say that there is little to no closure with a divorce.  If you have kids you now have to work with this person for years to come.  If you don't get along how do you now work as a team for this child?  Many questions that honestly I don't have the answers for.  However I had many people there for me.  I tell all my readers going through times like this to seek out help and lean on others.  Sometimes I felt I just won't be able to make it.  Some day's were just to long and some nights to dark.  I lost significant weight and the toll of working so many hours was showing on me.  However over time you learn to fight and get back up.  Look up to those who know what you are going through and never bottle it up inside.  It's to strong to stay down.  You need to heal properly, even if you never fully heal.  

     What I also want to say is this will make you stronger, you will rebound and grow from this.  Are you ever going to be the same? Well it depends on how hard you were hit emotionally during the divorce and if you have kids keeping you close.  For me it's hard, I tell my wife all the time I feel I'm not the same.  I'm different or less romantic, maybe still cold inside in some areas or the fact that scar tissue never lets one heal.  Weather it be emotional or financial issues you have they can be very difficult to move past.  What I will say is you have to fight however.  If you have kids never give up on them and keep seeing them.  Showing them how much you love them and they will grow up and see your passion.  Sometimes I feel I just have to push and fight through the resentment but I have to or it will consume me.

     Don't let it consume you, find love and find someone who loves you.  Don't let your anger or pain never allow you to heal.  You maybe a different person but you will find someone who will love you for that.  I can't tell you how close I was to giving up on looking and then Kayla came.  I tell my self daily I just want this site to get out to those going through this ordeal so if you know anyone please get them here.  There is always hope even in our darkest hour...

Image result for sunrise

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Rewarding with words...

     This past weekend I explained in my weekend update how much fun we had and how Quinn is getting better at picking up and listening.  Sunday before we went to our friends house we explained her room needs to be picked up and she has an hour before she goes.  When she came downstairs she was so excited of her progress.  She couldn't wait to show us.  We went up stairs and her room was picked up, it looked really good.

     We told her we were so happy and she did a great job.  She was so happy to see how excited we were.  We told her as time goes on we won't be reminding her and she will have to know that on Sunday's she needs to get her room picked up.  We will start with a small allowance however its really words that inspire kids.  They want our approval so much and they just love when our eyes light up.  The feeling of accomplishment is something you can't get unless you give that hard work.  Supporting your child after is just so important so here are some fun tips you might find useful!

1)  Explain what your child needs to do, tell them what chores are on their list.

2)  Give them a time frame and let them know, maybe give a reminding per time for them is not as understood as it is to adults.

3)  Don't check on them just let them do the chore and when they are done let them come to you.

4)  When they come down be excited to see the job done!

5)  If they worked hard show them love and appreciation!  Tell them they did a good job and you are so proud of them!

6)  Offer any constructive criticism and be nice about it if there is room for improvement.

7)  Don't offer a reward right away but you can advise down the road an allowance can be talked about.  You want them to know they have to do chores with no reward, we don't get paid for everything in life!

8)  Remind them that the chores have to continue and to get in a routine with them.

9)  Add more or change the chores they do as time goes on.  Giving them more responsibility.

10)  Always be there to help and teach them.  However always show how good of a job they did.

     If your child worked very hard on something and you come down on them or don't show any appreciation they will be hurt and it will hit them hard.  Giving some good advise is one thing but remember they are learning so be easy on them.  If you show how excited they are, this will boost their confidence and be excited to do the next job you have for them.  All kids want is for their parents to be proud of them and to love them, that's it.  Really easy when you think about it!

    Remember also to teach or show them to they can't be expected to know everything in this world, we don't!  Show love and support, it is worth more than anything physically you can offer.

I hope this post helped and if you have any let us know!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, June 13, 2016

The weekend update!

     Hello all, I hope everyone had a great weekend!  This past weekend we has such a great time.  Friday we stayed in and did some cooking and saved some money.  Quinn and Kayla love my cooking so hopefully per my last post I hope my cooking show takes off and you enjoy it too!

     Saturday we took the day to just relax, we actually all slept in including Quinn!  I think we all needed it!  Taking a day to just sleep in and rest is so important.  This time of year your kids worked so hard though school so a good nights rest is well deserved.  That night I went to a good friends bachelor party.  He is getting married this weekend and we all got together to hang out and have a good time.  We ended up getting a Box at our local baseball game.  It was so fun, it has been such a long time since I've been to a good old ballgame.  We had a lot of fun and I always loved baseball games I think just being around america's pastime.

     Sunday we did some cleaning and just relaxed.  It had rained pretty hard Saturday Morning so we spent the day relaxing because everything was still drying.  After getting some of the house cleaned we had some lunch and then headed to our friends house for dinner.  Before we went over we told Quinn she had to pick up her room.  She did and was proud of it!  We told her we wanted to have her clean her room on Sundays and not give a problem.  Cleaning your room is really a good start for kids.  She did a really good job and we told her she did.  We told her doesn't it feel great to pick up and see the progress!

     We headed over to our neighbors house and Quinn played with the kids as we hung out and talked and had some dinner.  It was good because it was nice out and we want to have Quinn have friends around our area.  She isn't with us as much as her Mom but we want her to have friends at our house, its just very important that your child has kids at both houses if you and your ex are not important.  After dinner we brought her home, we talked to her in the car and asked if she had a great time, she said she did and honestly that's all that matters.  This past weekend, Quinn was so good to, she listened and just didn't give us a hard time.  She had a great time and just was a kid which I try to remember.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend with another week down we start over again.  I told Kayla I hope as Quinn gets older she understands responsibility but has fun.  Once you get older you just work and wait for your weekends, and even then you are tired.  I laughed with my friends at the ballgame because now we are old.  We used to hang out all the time and now we have to make dates to all hang out.  How funny we laughed as we now are older and can't party like we used to...

     The weekend was really nice we had so much fun and Quinn just had a blast.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you had your kids if you have them I hope you had a lot of fun with them and just enjoyed the time you have with them.

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

YouTube or Bust!!!

     Hello everyone, so if you have been following me you know a while ago I started a page on cooking.  I put up different meals I made along with the ingredients and directions.  I was having a great time and had so many nice complements I thought it was time for an upgrade!

     So starting this early Fall we are reopening the corner but will be doing a YouTube channel!  Yes I'm going viral!  Well prob not but...  I will still be posting the meals but also showing a video as well.  So if you are wondering why the Fall then I will tell ya!  I have done a lot of research and want to do this show right.  I am in the process of making sure I have all the right hardware and software.  We are in good shape right now, we just need a few more things and need to figure out what editing software to start with.  I would like to do this as professional as I can and don't want bad footage or not quality sound.  My wife and I also work 2 jobs each and have Quinn so the expenses are there to say the least...

     However I want to have a trailer this summer to show you all and that should be good to go soon!

"So can we get a sneak peek since we love you Chris and are G+ followers/friends"?.....

OKAY...... Since I love you all, here is whats going on...

    So after much research I thought how nice to do a show that shows everyone that with just a simple kitchen they can make great food!  I don't have any gimmicks or anything just feel there are great cooking shows/channels but they may go to fast or use equipment the average person cant afford, or use food we don't know where to find or what is!  So I want to show everyone there are great meals and sides you can make!  You, and your family and friends will enjoy!  I want to show the single person, person in a relationship, and family person there are great meals!  I will touch base on cooking healthy, non healthy and cooking for and with kids!

     Also I want to have a segment on that crazy midweek!  I always found it doesn't matter when your midweek falls I always feel it's just the hardest day to cook for!  So I want to make videos of amazing meals you can put together for those days!  You maybe single or in a relationship or have a family, either way I feel everyone just has that one or two days where they get busy or work late, or have kids events and just don't know what to eat!  Your out of leftovers and its not yet payday!  So now what?

    Well I wanna change that!  I want to show you what great tools and foods you can store in your kitchen to have you ready and what items you may need to get ahead of time.  Then you can make a meal as your family is walking in!  BOOM 0 TO HERO!!!!

    Most importantly I wanna have fun, I want to listen to your comments and emails and just show you how much fun you can have cooking.  I want to have people over and get them to share their meals with us as well as go to other kitchens and see whats going on!  You never know, I may end up in your Kitchen one day!

    Either Way I hope you check it out when I get it moving.  I didn't include my site yet per its under construction!  I will however keep you posted!  You can follow me on G+ for more info or save/follow my blog to keep up to date.  There are a lot of cooks online, but I hope you find my channel and enjoy it.

     I want to thank all my friends and family for being my Beta Testers!  I asked around some friends and they are all excited and ready to start viewing and sharing.    A big thank you to my wife who is helping me with filming and gave me this idea I thought so hard over....     

     With this said I hope if you read this you do stay tuned...   I look forward to getting this moving fast!  I want to get a bunch of videos made and then put up about one video per week, maybe two here and there.

Stay tuned everyone, and remember.

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!

Chef Christopher

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Let Kids be Kids!

     I looked back as a single parent before I remember how much fun Quinn and I had and I just let her be a kid!  As she got older I can't help but feel sometimes I'm hard on her.  I asked Kayla a little while back if I am.  She say's sometimes I can be hard on her.  I felt awful, all I want is for Quinn to be happy...  Do I yell to much or ask her to be perfect and sit still to much?  She is just like me and loves to get loud fast so how can I get upset when I'm the same way?

    It can be so hard when your child has two households to go to, each has different rules or guidelines.  Maybe the anger of the divorce still slips though and comes out.  We still have to parent and not get walked over, but also have to let them be kids.  I can't tell you my fellow parents that share your kids how hard it is.  Sometimes it's the frustration of not seeing your child as much, or the fact that yes you want them to be good in public or not to grow up spoiled.  I tell Quinn when i get mad because she wont clean up, "who is going to clean up your place one day?"  Smart ass answered, "You Daddy, you are going to come over and clean while I sit"  Ha!  Good one kiddo I say.  Now I don't want Quinn to get a job tomorrow and start working, however there are ground level skills she needs to know and do like listening and starting to do chores.  The more she does the easier they will come.  I don't love cleaning but I'm so thankful my parents instilled cleaning because now we do it.  We like living in a clean home so Kayla and I are always cleaning but also clean more on Sundays.

     I can tell you Quinn and I fought and then it was time to send her home.  There is no harder pain then not seeing her a few days after a fight.  It's horrible, so what can we do?  Well not making a list of do's and don't but here are some tips I try to use and will try harder on.

    As your child get's older, if the share a home with you or not.  Start to have them do chores like picking up their toys.  Cleaning up after them selves is a great start for responsibly.  Be kind and instill this but also mean it when you have to repeat this action.  Tell them eventually you don't want to have to tell them and they should be doing it out of habit.  With things like this being done give them more room!  Once they start showing they are growing up a big give them time to spread their wings.  As parents we just try to keep the peace.  When Quinn hangs out with kids I usually tell her to share and play nice, also to keep it down as best she can.  However I usually let a few loud noises go because you can't run in screaming at them or they will feel they can't do anything.  You don't want that.  Let them be kids and let some energy out!  Go to places like parks where they can let go and just run and play and yell and jump.  Show them quiet places and places to let go.

     It takes time yes but also know don't jump to getting upset.  You can't turn you child into one that sits quietly all day and doesn't say a word.  There kids, they need to release that energy we all want!  Trying for them to understand when it is ok to is our job.  Yes we have a lot to do but we can do it, were parents!  Let me tell you I would love to go back to the days of running down the street to a pick up ball game or just down to a friends house to do nothing.  Now I work, and work and work and maybe sleep...  Let them not worry or think about what your life is and never push stress onto them.  Let them enjoy their youth!  However make sure they know right and wrong too.  So as I go forward I will still instill that there are rules but also let Quinn be a kid, I want her to have fun at our house and know she is happy and wanted there.

     Yell your kids to have fun and enjoy the youth they have and we so want back!


     As they grow up you slip some discipline and knowledge in there and the rest will come...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...



Monday, June 6, 2016

What's Your Super Power?

     Several Years ago I came into a superpower I didn't want.  After my divorce and many days and sleepless nights I finally realized it was not going back to the way it was...  As I started this blog I wanted to tell my story but I also wanted to tell others that is is OK to feel sad or hurt if this happens however you need to bounce back because you have a little one that depends on you.  

     Working with my Ex and making sure I was showing Quinn support, as well as making sure everyone else see's here is difficult.  Between working, maintaining a home and cooking/shopping for this little was a task I was nervous about.  Over time I just stood up and said I won't let it bring me down.  Yes we go to the park and it was just us but that only made each of us stronger.  Yes arguing with her Mom at times is hard but you can't get pushed aside.  Before Kayla came into our lives there were times I just wasn't sure how I was hold it all together.  However we made it, Quinn loves coming over and I made that special bond and foundation as she grew and continues to grow up.  

     I took my time and then finally dated, tried it a bunch and then met Kayla.  Now not tech a single parent anymore, but having been one I wanted to say this.  All parents are Hero's.  Parents that are involved and show up!  Single parents get a tough rap because were not a perfect family anymore...  Well there are so many divorces now a day's its very common.  However for the parent working two jobs and being tired most of the time you are a hero.  I've been there and all I can say is just don't give up, never give in.  No matter how hard it might feel or be keep pushing, loving and hugging! 

     I pay child support and then turn around and have to buy cloths and food too.  It's hard but just seeing her smile and get excited when we pick her up is worth it all.  There is no other reward than the love of a child parent or step parent the love is real.  I want all parents going through a separation or divorce to always know it will get better.  It will, never give in and never give up.  Don't sign anything until you know your rights.  Try to work together but also keep a distance and use the court system to protect you.  

      As a single parent I had to work two jobs and never let my daughter know how tight money was or how tired I was.  I had to always show I was ready for whatever she wanted to do and as she gets older she is more understanding of everything however as frustrated as I get I still try to keep as much a secret.  I never want her to know I work early in the morning till late at night then cook and clean.  Kayla and I both, all for a good life.  To give her and us a safe and loving home.  We try to teach her and discipline her  all to show her what life is.  This is what we do, this is what you do!  This is what superheros do...  We do and never ask anything in return.  We don't want a reward, we just want our kids to grow up safe, happy and to pay it forward.  To make the world a better place... 
     You are a Hero and never forget this.  I have had many years to get stronger but everyone is at different stages so I remind you there will come a time you will stand up and know you are a super hero too.  I hope this post reaches you all and weather single or not Parents are superheros because we are helping our future become a better one...

You have Super Powers!
Always Remember

You are Never Alone...


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Restoring the Floors

     When I first moved into my home over 5 years ago there was carpets almost throughout the house except the bathrooms, kitchen and downstairs bedrooms.  I knew I should take up the carpets in the dining room at least but I moved in and just had the bedroom hardwood floors refurnished.  As time when on I cleaned the carpets as best I could but I knew they were taking a beating pretty badly.  This past few weeks we just finally made the call to pull up the living room and dining room carpets.  The house is very old and we know there were nice hard wood floors beneath however the shape of them was not clear.

    So we got some tools and an area rug for the dining room and came home and just went in and started tearing them up!  My parents came over and helped us out and took the carpet away to which was so nice of them!  As we started tearing the carpet up we found the floors were in pretty good shape.  The floors are the small wooden pieces may 1/4 inch wide and all the nails were hand put in per how old the home is.  The kind of work you just cant get anymore, or will pay for to say the least...

  As more carpet came up more of the beautiful hardwoods were showing.  We were so excited because the floors were in good shape but also just to get the old carpet up.  Carpets can carry dirt and other things you just don't want to walk on.  Even if you steam them over time you just need new ones or go with hard woods.  I was just happy to get it all pulled and taken out.  We made sure any staples and the edging was pulled and we cleaned them a bit.  It was one heck of a day but its done.

    We had an apt with my flooring guy and we took all the stuff out of the rooms and placed them in other areas of the house.  We ended up taking out the couch and love seat and just went and got new ones.  They were about 6 years old and needed to go, they did a good job but it was time for new furniture.  Kayla and I spend a few days at my parents house last week as they sanded and started working on the floors.  It was fun to be back in the old house where I grew up.  My parents did a lot of work to their home so it was the same but still a bit different...

      Within a few days they were done and looking amazing.  I couldn't believe how they came out, this kind of hard work is just priceless.  Hardwood specialist are very valuable they just can turn a room around.  We put back our downstairs and the new furniture came and we are just waiting to get the area rugs down.  We need some time to let the floors fully dry and set.  I can't tell you how happy we are.

     So why am I blogging about this, well I would tell anyone to just do this.  If you have carpets please look at them.  Over time they can carry things that can hurt you and your family.  Your kids also may crawl around on them and if you have pets all the hair and dander gets trapped at the bottom.  Yes the area will be a bit louder per the carpets add a layer of sound proofing but the results are just amazing.  Below are some pics from before and after, if anyone was wondering if they should look into this I would say at least get some prices.  You can tear up a small part of your carpets to see if you have hard woods beneath.  Any home that is old will mostly have them.  With some manual labor and getting a good flooring guy you can just have a room flipped to a new one in days.

     We are just so excited and yes I wanted to add this is also why I haven't blogged in while.  With this set and done I am back in business!  I hope you enjoy them and any questions let me know!

Before pic





Always Remember
You are Never Alone...