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Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things...

     Okay i took a few days off and relaxed from blogging but I'm back!  As the weekend starts I have to put my list of things to do together.  I have Quinn this weeeknd so I'm really excited, summer is officially a few weeks away and it is time to get back into the swing of things!  We have lots of adventures but first you have to get the house in order!  You don't want to find your gardens over growing or you windows dirty! 

     This weekend I plan on setting some time aside while Quinn naps to getting the house cleaned up.  Getting some windows cleaned and even doing some painting.  Maininly the windows and some outside areas.  My gardens are starting to grow so they may need some attetion but taking a day or two to get the house cleaned will be worth it when it's all set.  Spring cleaning isn't something we all look forward to but know we have to.  Living in an area with all 4 seasons when winter is over we are left with the aftermath of a dusty house!  I find just getting up and getting moving will help fix this.  Once I start I often find its hard to stop.

     So to all my readers I encourage you to break out your paper towels and cleaning supplies and lets get ready for summer!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day for our Daughter

     This past weekend when I picked up Quinn we got to talking about the Lilac Festival.  She really wanted the three of us to go.  We haven't hung out the three of us in a while we talked about it her Mom and I and we decided it would be fun.  Friday night we went out for a fish fry, Quinn, Hughey, my self and my Aunt.  My Aunt had some old friends with that she knew growing up.  It was really nice to have dinner and just talk.  Quinn was so cute and they all loved her.  That night we just watched some TV and relaxed.

     The next day we got up and had some breakfast and went to get her Mom.  We picked up her Mom and we headed out.  When we arrived we got settled and walked around, saw some of the sights and just took in the morning.  We got some lunch and sat down to eat, Quinn was so excited to be there.  After lunch we took a walk down the park and just looked at the different vendors and then headed to the Lilacs.  We took some great pictures and just smelled the flowers.  The day was nice, the sun was shining and it was not to warm or cold out.  We walked back up, I had Quinn on my shoulders and she was just loving it.

     We then headed over to the rides and Quinn couldn't wait to ride them!  She went on almost all of them!  She did great, and got to go on them with both of us and did some alone!  We then after headed to the field and listened to some of the bands play.  We sat on the grass and just enjoyed Quinn, took some pictures and listened to the music.  Quinn danced around and laughed like any 4 year old should. We then packed up and headed out, before we dropped her Mom off we stopped and got Quinn some new sunglasses.  I told her weeks ago I would pick her up some.  It was fun she got to pick out her own glasses and she keeps them in her car seat.  We dropped her Mom off home and then headed back to relax.  That night we kept it low key because of the busy day we had.

     Sunday we just took some time to finally sleep in and have some time to just hang out.  We played in side because it was so hot out.  Quinn just wanted to take it easy and being little I have to remember you can't expose her to the sun for to long.  It was a nice Sunday to honestly just hangout with my Daughter...  I brought her home and she gave me the biggest hug good bye.  The weekend was so much fun and everyone benefited.

     It was the first time in a long time we all hung out and at first I think we were both a little nervous but I told her Mom Friday it would be fun and good for Quinn.  When parents that are separated come together for the child or children it's a win win.  I would say you should always try unless you really can't work with the other parent, then its best to just not do it.  If you work together and can talk and go on functions every once and a while it shows your child that you can work together and that works our for them.  In the end that is what everyone needs.  I would always advise however do what is comfortable.  It all worked out and Quinn had a great time.

I hope you enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...


Lunch time!

Here we are!

Down the slide we go!

Round and round she went!

Bouncing time =

Here is my little cutie, she had her little Nike outfit on!

Later that day we played some Angry Birds!

Eve hung out with us.

Time for dinner!

He thinks he's funny!

Little Ice Cream for dessert.

Sunday Nap, with Eve...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Keep the smiles on, and those dangerous rays off!

                Over the weekend Quinn and I spent a lot of time outside but we also took some time to stay inside.  Remember now that winter is over the urge to go outside will be overwhelming!  My tip today, protect your skin and avoid over exposure.  I use suntan lotion on Quinn whenever we go out because her skin is so sensitive being so young, but we also spend time back inside because you have to remember little ones get hot and tired fast.  As the summer progresses I usually spend a few hours outside then go inside to stay cool.  If we go swimming we still follow this rule because sun damage is very painful and the long term effects can be dangerous. 
                When your child is little you have to remember their bodies are growing, add in the fact that the suns rays are extremely dangerous that can equal a very bad day.  When looking for sun protection make sure you blog UV A and UV B rays.  Look for a good brand and one  you have used and trust.  Don’t be fooled by water proof either.  Apply after you get out of the water, no sun screen is perfect.  We have to remember a little sun is good for us, but everything in moderation.  We also have to remember to stay cool and hydrated.  Even being out of the sun we can still get hot.  Make sure both you and your child are drinking lots of cold water and staying in a cool area.  We can be outside playing for hours and then the effects happen when the sun goes down.  Our burns show, and we are extremely tired, so don’t let the fun fool you! 
Here is a quick Sunblock Guide!
                Apply sun lotion to any exposed areas and make sure the face is very well protected; a hat is also very good for your child.  You don’t want their face burning because of how sensitive the area is and their head houses the brain so keeping it cool is very important.  Being inside all winter can make us feel like being outside for hours is a good thing.  Use caution!  I know we are all pasty right now and trying to get our tan going, but remember to be proactive and don’t risk it.  Sun damage is very dangerous; the one thing that makes it so dangerous is the fact that we don’t see the damage until we are older.  Moles will appear and when you become elderly the damage really starts to show.  Skin cancer is very easily avoidable and you can take steps to avoid getting it and sick by just protecting yourself and child.  Also remember sunglasses!  Kids love them because they feel like Mom and Dad, and they protect their eyes.  Quinn loves her glasses she wears them every time we go out and ride around in the Jeep. 
                So to recap, everyone knows the sun’s rays are dangerous but we all seem to forget and end up getting burned!  Be careful, use sun screen, hats, glasses, stay inside and take breaks and remember the water doesn’t protect us.  We can actually burn faster because the light reflects off it.  Take precautions and have fun!  It only takes minutes to apply sun screen, a hat and glasses and days for a painful sunburn to heal and you child will not be happy.   This also goes for you!  Don’t just project your child, protect your own skin as well! 
Here is some help if you would like!
Be Safe and have a great start to summer!!!
And always remember…
You are never alone…


Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Weather is finally.... Better

     So we had a cold front come through one more time just to piss us off...  Well today it finally warmed up!  I think for good too...  I got out of work and picked up Quinn, she was excited to see me and show me her bikes!  She rode them around and I even got to push her a little.  It was really nice, I can't believe she is on a bike with training wheels!  She really wanted to bring her big wheels to our home for the weekend and her mom was okay with that so we packed it all up and we were off!

     My parents are going away for a week or so for a vacation and wedding so they came over for dinner.  We all went to dinner and then for a walk afterwards.  The day was so nice and it was hard going inside!  It was close to bedtime however so we headed in and said goodbye to my parents.  We went inside and settled in then we went to bed.

     I can't wait for the weekend we have so much planned!  The weather should be great and the lilac festival is going on this week!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tues Tip: Managing their Independence

                As Quinn gets older I am seeing her become more and more independent, she is doing more things that can be difficult.  For example when we went painting a few weeks ago she wanted to use the difficult brushes.  I let her use them so she could try them out but if there is something she is to small to do I just simply tell her I can help her.  She usually replies, “I’m to little” and I usually laugh and tell her she’s cute.  I have blogged about independence before  and now as I see her growing up I still just can’t believe how big she is getting.  She does so much on her own and wants to do more.  She even likes bringing in the big trash cans with me!  The way I figure I giver her a little extra rope and let her go through life.  If she goes to far, I pull her back in a little…  I think as a parent we don’t exactly know how much slack to give.  To much and there gone!  To little and they will rebel or fell constricted. 
                There isn’t a parent out there that has it down pact.  That’s why in life we have trial and error, and forgiveness.  I know my daughter may never see this post and she is to little to read it now but I’m very proud of her.  Sometimes when I’m having a bad day she is the one to tell me it’s going to be okay and hugs me.  I can’t believe how strong she is getting.  So when it comes to independence, well I just do my best.  I let her get a head of me a little but make sure I have a good grip on the rope so if she needs me I can pull her in.   It’s all we can really do in life as parents.  Even our parents still have a rope on us.  When we get in trouble or need help our parents are there for us.  They come over and help us fix a broken part in the house, or just talk us down from an anxiety attack.  A parent’s job is never done, they do their best to guide us, and so we can guide our kids and so on and so on…
                Just always remember to give your kids some slack, let them go a little to explore life and test the waters.  Just never be too far from them, because they may need you sooner than you think.  I can’t wait to blog more about this and tell you how Quinn is doing and growing with her independence.  I can’t tell you how far she has come.  She now gets in her car seat all by herself, helps me bring in things to the house and even just talked to me and listens without always having to get her way.  We negotiate about things like going out or dinners and she understands the concept of not always doing what she wants to.  Its going very well and as a single Dad I have a lot to grow but I feel pretty good…

Always remember,
You are never alone…


Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

      This weekend was mothers day and this post goes out to all the Mothers!  We went to my parents on Wednesday for dinner because I had Quinn.  We had a great time, my brother showed up and we sat down for dinner.  After dinner we had some dessert and then my brother and I gave our Mom her gift!  We went to Color me Mine and Painted a watering pot.  My brother and I painted it.  It was really nice to go out and work on her gift, we all had fun, and pics are on their way.  Quinn also helped me paint a mug for her mom.  It was nice we gave her Mom her gift when I picked he up Wednesday.  She was so excited to give her the mug and kept the painting a secret like I asked!  It was a good secret, not that keeping them is good, but we had just cause!

     I just wanted to post to all the mothers and say how wonderful you are.  Mothers do so much for their kids and ask for so little.  The give us hugs and kisses, help heal us when were sick, and every thing we make they hang on the fridge with pride.  Mothers are our friends but also have to tell us no and keep us safe when we think were invincible.   The thing about our Mom's are is that they will always be there for us, when we grow up and rebel they are there, when we get mad and yell, they are there.  Mom's are there because the day were were born they looked at us and promised to keep us safe, protect us and guide us as we try to figure out life.

     My mom is very special to me, growing up was quite the adventure.  We are alike in a lot of ways, mainly we are both stubborn and we often butted heads.  My Mom however always supported me and was there for me, she made me confront my "pranks" and always told me we can't run from our problems.  One of the biggest lessons she taught me was this.  I can remember when I was young if my friends and I got in trouble she made us confront the neighbors.  I know this may not sound big but growing up I realized that we can't run from our problems and to make it work, if something gets difficult or a time where you have to confront an issue you just do it.  A lesson that will grow with you as you get older.

     As the night winded down we said our goodbye's and went home.  The weekend came and Quinn was at her Mom's and Sunday on Mothers day we went to church and then breakfast.  It was nice, we were all there and I know its what my Mom loved.  The day was nice and I hope every Mother had a great day! Remember you are all loved!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Quinn helping Oma with dinner!

Quinn and Oma!

Here is mom with her boys, and my little angle.

     We have more pics to come, here were just a few.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Tea Party for 3

    This past Saturday my Mom, Quinn and I went to a Doll Tea Party at the Perinton Presbyterian Chruch.  The party was for a great cause, Safe Journey this organization helps woman who are in abusive relationships.  If they are thinking about leaving, trying to leave, or have left and have nothing. Safe Journey provides help, finance and support for woman that are in dangerous relationships.  All the raffel and ticket sales went to help support the organization.  When I was growing up through my youth group we helped the battered womans association of Rochester.  We saw where kids and Women go for protection and support.  We spend the day playing with the kids and keeping them company.  When I found out there were other organizations that helped support Woman in these kinds of sisutaions I was just happy to know others are out there helping.

     I can't tell you how strongly I feel about helping Woman and yes even men in abusive relationship.  I think to push around your partner is just stupid and no matter how upset you get just take a walk.  When I was going through my divorce no matter how upset we got we never said anything very hurtful and never hurt each other physically.  I just don't know why people have to get abusive.  Terrible what some people go through.   One of the people that work for the organization came and talked and gave a great story about someone who was in a bad place but with the help of Safe Journey she is now doing wonderful.  With all the things that go wrong in the world, its good to see how many people fight for good, fight to help others and fight for a better world.

     They had a doll show where all the kids stood up and someone red about their doll or bear.  They explained what they were wearing and why they were special.  Quinn wanted to just watch so she didn't go up but maybe next year.  It was very cute and there were some very cute dolls and stuffed animals.  The kids were all so proud.

     After we all sat down and had our tea and cookies!  Then we sat and waited to see if we won any of the prizes.  We sat and waited as they called out other numbers.  Quinn was so cute she said "maybe next prize" she had her heart set on a tea set.  We didn't end up winning but what happend next was so so generous.  She started crying and a woman came over and gave us a prize she won.  She told us when her daughter was little she didn't win and someone gave her a their prize when she got upset.  I thought it was so sweet, just pay it forward she said.  We thanked her, and with all the evil in the world things like that help fight it.   When good things like that happen it makes us stronger and able to push down the bad.

     In the end we had such a great day, the event raised over $2,000!  Quinn had so much fun, after we left and went back to my parents for some lunch and then hung out.  Later that day we just stayed in and relaxed.  I can't wait for next year!

Enjoy the pics!
Her is my little cutie!

A few Pic's before we left.

Here we are!

Lots of donations

More to look at.

Quinn putting her ticket in the tea set

Our table.


In the Church getting started.

A guest speaker

Susan B Anthony, came and red a story for the kids.

Time for tea!

Quinn and Oma.

Here we are.

She is just so cute!

     It was just a nice start to spring, I can't wait for next year.  I hope more and more people come to support such an amazing cause.  

Always remember...
You are never alone,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: One Hug is never enough…

                This past weekend was amazing and although I haven’t posted the entire adventure yet I wanted to talk about Sunday.  I dropped Quinn off and Quinn, my self and her mom talked.  It was nice, Quinn was excited to tell her mom what we did and it gave her Mom and I a chance to catch up as well.  While I was leaving Quinn must have given me a bunch of hugs and kisses.  I was packing up the back seat and she yelled for me to come hug her, it was cute.  I told her I was just getting the Jeep ready, she gave me a hug and kiss and we talked and then I got another one and then as I was getting in she said “one more hug and kiss daddy!”  I bent down, picked her up and gave her a gigantic hug and kiss.  It was cute for her to stop me a few times, the past several years I would give her maybe one.  She would be so excited to get inside but the past few months she has come back to make sure I gave her a few hugs. 

                So my tip to you is never leave till your child feels they have all the hugs they need!  If they stop you 2 or 3 more times always run back.  A hug goodbye is so very important, your mood when you leave will be so much better and let your child know you’re going to see them real soon and you can’t wait!  Always remember also when your ex is picking up your child or you are taking them that they get as much time as they need.  I will admit in the beginning I would get impatient because my ex and Quinn would take a while to say good bye.  I told my self why, she will see her in a day.  Then as I saw how good Quinns mom was with making sure Quinn saw me as many times before I left I realize we have to work together and now I sit quietly and watch them say their good bye’s.  I will pick up Quinn a little early and her Mom is cool about it and doesn’t make me wait.  We have come a long way and honestly it was a divorce so we had to work the kinks out.  You can’t have your family split up and just go back to normal.  Where we are now is good, we communicate and things are going well.  I’m sure we will have disagreements but we will get through them. 

                As far as you’re goodbye’s go, always give you’re ex the time to say goodbye even if you haven’t seen your child in a few days or even a week.  Just know the child needs to say goodbye to both of you in their way and it’s very important to them, and that’s all that matters…  So give your little one that extra hug when they run to you and give them positive feedback and let them know you had fun and that you have much more to come!

Always remember,
You are never alone.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Night with the Girls, and Hughey... and I...

     So Friday night Hughey and I talked to Courtney and we decided since Vinny was working to go out.  Courtney and Alyese met us out at Shamrock Jacks.  We had a great dinner, the girls played while Hughey, Courtney and I talked.  The dinner was great and the girls had so much fun.  After we had dinner we went down to the lake to get some ice cream!  We had so much fun the girls just talked and giggled and played in the both.  We took some cute pics then headed home, when we got home we headed over across the street for a few minutes.  Now that its nice out everyone is out having bonfires and just hanging out.  Quinn loves my neighbors and they love when she comes over.

     I'm so glad it's warming up Quinn and I have been inside for months and just getting outside and enjoying the nice spring air.  We caught up with the neighbors and Quinn ran around playing some games they had and just getting hugged.  My neighbors daughter Amanda and Quinn sat by the pond and looked at the fish!  She loved it, Quinn was so excited when they came up to her.  She even got to touch them!  What a night she had.  We had to get to bed however because we had a big day!  I can't wait to post about the rest of the weekend!

Enjoys the Pics!

Here are the girls at dinner.

They were looking at something!

They are so cute!

Enjoying some Ice Cream.

Just playing around.

Here we are!

Uncle Hughey!

We had to pull them apart! They were having so much fun.

Here we are across the street!  Quinn with Amanda.

Looking at the fish.

Here we are!

Quinn with Bobby!

Playing games.

Look who's shy.

Uncle Hughey playing around.

Touching the fish!

Quinn had so much fun Friday night!  We had a fish fry, then saw some real fish!

Always remember,
You are never alone...