"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review 5: Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter


 This month I took the time to review a brand of Peanut Butter I love. Smuckers Peanut Butter, a very natural and orgainc snack.  Peanut Butter I always felt was an America staple.  The good old    PB&J on white or wheat, classic kids lunch!  Putting it on a Bananna or Celery is an all time fav as well!  Peanut Butter is just an amazing food becuase it is packed with good things like protien!
Below are the Nutrition facts, per serving about 2 Tbsp.  7 grams of Protein only 1 Gram of sugar the fat is low and the ratio from total fat to sat fat is also at a good rate.  Total fat is only 16G sat fat uis 2.5. However keep in mind the ingredients are just Peanuts!  Contains 1% or less of salt.  Thats it!

  A product made in the USA which is nice to see Smuckers did a good job giving consumers just plain natural Peanut Butter! 

     I am a big fan of the Smuckers company and just feel they do a good job and give us natual low sugar products.  So often we see foods that are made from anything but.  I can post pages on pages how amazing this product is but keeping it to a point, peanut butter is a great way to snack before a meal.  I try to eat two table spoons before a meal if i feel i will eat to much.  Peanut Butter will help with your hunger so you don't over eat.  This product is so pure when you open it you have to stir the peanut oil into the peanut butter, you don't get more frest that that!  I picked up this product over a year ago and found how much happier I am with a natural peanut butter.  Some you find on the stores are loaded with sugars, salts and other ingredients that can harm us.  So what if the natural peanut butter isnt't sweet enough?

     Well what I do is put honey in it!  I buy honey from my local farm market, made here in my area so they honey is pure and not tampered with.  Then I add it to a new jar of peanut butter!  I gives that sweet taste that is still healthy for you.  Try this some time, I know you will enjoy it!  Pick up some
honey from a local vendor and find a jary of Natural Smuckers Peanut Butter, any style, up to you.

    I will always adivse to be careful kids and people can be very allergic to peanuts so be mindful of others!  I will adivse however to make sure you don't leave this product to long before eating.   You can stir it more and more but I found it can dry out over time.  My daughter loves it and I feel good about giving her a healthy snack packed with protien!

 So next time you are shopping check out Smuckers Peanut Butter, or other products by Smuckers.

     I hope you enjoyed this product please visit the Smuckers website for their details, products and recipes.  Thank you Smuckers for a great product!  I plan on coming back around to this product on a future date!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paul & Amanda's Wedding!

     The weekend before Fathers day weekend one of my best friends Paul got married! Like me this is round two.  The real round...  Our other best friend Jim and his fiancĂ© came in from CT over the weekend and made the function as well!  It was great to hang out with both of them again.  I have known them both for pretty much ever.  I moved to my street when I was three, Paul was Two and Jim wasn't born yet.  We always stayed so close growing up and when we got to High school and college we visited and always stayed in contact.  Last year Paul and Amanda, Kayla and I went to visit Jim and Megan.  The trip was over due and we were so excited to go.  We spent the long weekend all hanging out, going shopping and different places and taking lots of pictures.  All our then girlfriends all got to hang out more and get to see how the three of us acted.  It was a great trip and we all bonded.  We all just click so well it's awesome. 

     So when Paul got married we were so excited, we got ready and Quinn even dressed up because she wanted to go and see.  Paul is her godfather and is very involved in her life.  They got married down town off East Ave and then the reception was upstairs in the hotel.  The room was beautiful and had a stunning view of the city.  The ceremony went off perfectly and we took some pictures and had our sitter come get Quinn.  We had a few drinks and talked, had dinner and then did some dancing.  I threw my back out not to long ago but it was feeling better that night.  We just enjoyed the evening and hung out.  We all had such a great time, Kayla and I did some dancing and then we all said out goodbye's.  We took Jim  and Megan home and headed back our selves!   The night was awesome, it was good to see my two closest friends and just have a night out. 

     We wish Paul and Amanda the best!
We love you!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we are!

Here we are! Myself, Paul and Jim.  Best friends since the beginning.

Paul and Amanda getting Married!

Quinn and her grandparents!

Here was the reception hall, it was so nice.

First dance.

Here is our group shot, I love our little group.

Megan, Amanda and Kayla.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Kids and their security tools...

     Kids all over need a sleeping aid like a stuffed animal or a blanket of some sorts.  They may like it because it makes them feel safe or smells good.  Since Quinn was small she had a bunny she carried around.  As she grew older she carried it around the house and when she came down stairs.  As she grew older I have tried to think of ways to start leaning her off the bunny.  She is not almost dependent on it and I feel now needs it.  This past weekend she forgot it and her Mom brought it over.  We talked to Quinn and at first she was ok, but she then just couldn't do it she needed it.  I should have advised her Mom not to worry and it was only one night but I advised it was ok for her to come and bring it.  It can be difficult because we want them to be happy and kids but after kindergarten I believe it is time to start making a change to not need your safety blanket or stuffed animal.  I know it can be hard but if you don't start now then it only gets harder. 

     This year when Quinn starts 1st grade we plan on making some more changes for Quinn.  When she comes home now she automatically puts her bunny up which is great, but we plan on only allowing her to have it one night not two.  Also we will be cutter back on her letting her suck her thumb.  I feel her Mom lets her do this whenever and allows her to bring her bunny anywhere.  This will only hurt her more when she gets older.  Rules and guidelines help us understand why we do things.

     So my Tip to you is start early with your child if they suck their thumb or have a clutch they use for bed or all the time start small.

1)  Start when they child is around 4 or 5 so when they reach 6 they understand things like why they have to put away their safety net. 

2) Limit time, only let them use it at bed, don't allow them to bring it down stairs anymore.

3) Talk to them, explain that as they get older they need to know they have to limit things like this.  Big boys and girls have other toys and fun things but they have to slowly let go.

4) Give them other things in their lives like older treats, movies, older toys.  Replace the baby things with bigger ones.  Move them to the next level.

5)  As far as divorced parents, well its hard.  My ex lets Quinn have her safety net whenever she lets her suck he thumb whenever so you have to start and get your child on the path to not getting what makes them feel good all the time.  Life won't do this, you can start or they can learn the hard way...

It takes time and is not easy.  I struggle a lot because of the fact her Mom isn't helping letter our daughter grow up.  I feel like the bad guy but know if I don't life will.  She will grow up and wonder why not everything goes her way, or she will learn in school.  However we as parents have to not shut them down just show them they have to move on and grow up.  Be independent and start to take on older responsibilities even at a younger age!

I do hope this helps and I will keep you posted on Quinn.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

     I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day today!  Last night we picked up Quinn and made a special dinner.  Kayla got her and I some Delmonico Steaks!  They are my favorite not the most healthy yes so I really only have one a year.  They are the more fatty of the cuts but they cook so well and yes taste so good!  So we cooked up some potatoes and onions and some veggies and I put our steaks on the grill.  We cooked up Quinn a few Glazier Hot Dogs, they are hot dogs you can get up in Northern NY.  A deep red color and very good and healthier for you.  We all sat down and ate, talked and just enjoyed the our dinner!  After we had a small piece of strawberry shortcake that was light and very good as well.  It is one of our favorites for a light treat.

     After dinner Quinn gave me my gift, she made a candle holder and a nice card for me!  I love it, the picture on the holder was cute and she did some drawings and colorings too.  We then sat down to watch a movie and headed to bed.  Sunday we got up and went to church.  After we relaxed for a bit home and then headed to my parents.  We called Kayla's Dad and talked to him to wish him a happy fathers day and we headed to see my Dad.  My Mom had a brunch for us and we just hung out and talked.  We gave my Dad his cards and gift, my brother and I got him a new drill he needed!  Then some pics and home to rest for a bit.  We had dinner then got Quinn back to her Mom's.  A fast 24 hr pace but we make it work.  Quinn had a great day with us and we loved it because it's always a pleasure to have her.

     I hope everyone celebrated with their kids and saw their Dad!  Dads are very important, they fix all the things we cant.  Then teach us how they did it, give us some money to go out when were young and work hard and long hours while we are home or in bed.  They help raise us, protect us and they do all this behind the scenes.  I knew a few times growing up my Dad would get called in to work in the middle of the night he had to go away here and there but honestly it was the tip.  Dad's will never let their kids know they are tired or that they had to work an extra shift to pay some bills or get some extra things needed.  They never show it in their eyes or will let you hear it in their voice.  Like I never knew fully how hard my Dad did and he did.  Quinn will never know the part time jobs I did the late night hours I work and the hard shifts or things I don't get because we need the money for something else...
     That's our job, we come home and hug them and read to them.  We kiss them goodnight and tuck them in bed.  When they get scared we re-tuck them in  and tell them we just checked the room and its safe.  Dads put their lives on the line and would jump in front of anything that came before their kids, because that's what Dad's do.  They come over in the middle of the night when you call them screaming because water is leaking all over your house and your freaking out!  Then they stay till 3am cleaning up your house and tearing down the area's the water came in and find what is going on!  That's what they do.  They then help you get your home, and then fix it up.  Buying a water tank here, some parts there, they help you tear out your bathroom and fix it up for weeks, just because that's what they do.

     They do all this and so much more, but they do it and never say a word, they don't complain they do it because they love us.  We put our Dads to the test and usually when we call them over for dinner or to come stop by for a drink on a hot day.  We usually say "ohh by the way dad, can you bring your tools and look at something"?  AKA I need something fixed, updated or replaced...  They come over smiling and say ok where am I going.  They never let us know anything of this, but deep down we grow up and do know.  We know how hard they work the cuts, scrapes and bruises they take so we don't them.  I always tell my readers my goal as a Dad is not only to be there but to work hard and not let Quinn see it.  Not come home and complain about my day or how tired I am.  Just to raise her right and show her to work hard in live and be good with her manors and finances.  

     I am honored because my Dad is that Dad, and now I have TWO!  Kayla's Dad has taken me under his wing and come to visit us from 4 hours away.  He brings his tools and never says anything, just smiles and says where am I going?   So Dad's out there with young kids remember when your Dad did all this so when our kids call, we just go over and say "ok whats up?"  I feel extra special because now I updated the house with both Dad's!

You are all Loved

      Always remember...
You are Never alone...

Enjoy the Pics!!!

Here we are! 
Happy Fathers Day!

My Dad and Quinn, he liked the drill but really just seeing his granddaughter was the best part.

My brother and our Pops!

Here we are 3 generations of crazy...

Quick Pic of my rents, Kay, Quinn and I...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Leaving Kindergarten Behind...

     Yesterday was such a special day!  Quinn graduated Kindergarten!  (Tech again, they moved school dist. and she now did full day).  So per my last post yes we had a tough night with her Mom but that morning we got up and got her ready.  She looked cute and had a pink dress with a light sweater over the top part.  We took some pictures of Kay and I and Quinn and headed to her bus stop  We got her on the bus and then went and got ready our selves.  As we got to school and got seated my parents and aunt showed as well to see her ceremony.  The kids all came down in a line and got on stage.  They sang some songs and then had a picture slide show all the kids loved and watched.  Then they got up and the principle had each teachers class stand and he talked and congratulated each set. 

     After they went back to their classrooms and the parents were allowed back.  Kay and I said goodbye to my parents and aunt and we headed to Quinn's room.  Her teacher talked a little bit then presented each child with their certificate and asked them what they want to be.  Quinn said she wants to be a teacher.  After we hung out and had some snacks and talked.  Her Mom got a picture of Quinn and I and I got on of the two of them so even after a small disagreement the night before we still know to come together and show we are here for Quinn.  She gave us a hug and I told her how proud I was of her.  I told her I would see her this weekend and to have a great rest of her day!  After Kay and I headed off to work and they day just rolled out...

     A special day for kids when they begin their journey out of Kindergarten.  She will have more challenges and work to do, but she's a good kid and smart, smarter than her Father that is.  I know she will shin...

     So enjoy the end of the school year with your child and remember the moments and enjoy them!  I will upload more pic's soon, below I only have one because that was the one I had ready to upload but I will get the rest on!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Congratulation Quinn!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Standing up for a Father's Rights...

     So tomorrow is Quinn's commencement from Kindergarten! I can't wait to put up some pics when we go tomorrow.  Well I went to pick up Quinn and I already knew her Mom was going to push for me to bring her to her house early to get her ready.  She asked me last fall when it was her picture day and then I said ok.  This time however I told her we already had a dress for her and she should have let me know earlier what she was thinking.  I knew we were heading for a disagreement I just didn't want to start one.  I told her last time we did this I did bring her early and that this time I would like to dress her and get her ready.  Easy to think about right? You had her last time I'll take her this time...  You would think she would agree and be excited for Quinns Father to be excited and involved.

     Her issue is that Kayla is helping get Quinn ready and she can't accept that.  I told her her we both are raising her and that I can get her dressed and it isn't just Kayla.  She told me it's a Mom's job to get her ready I asked her what my job was then?  I just approve boyfriends?  Well I just want to go and she always holds me up and ambushes me with this stuff of course.  Then Quinn of all people sat up and said stop, stop fighting over me.  She said we can just rotate, Daddy can get me ready one time, the next is Mom.  How smart are our kids...  I said thats a great idea Quinn!  Her Mom didn't listen she just pushes for the win.  After trying to again tell her we will talk about it later Quinn was sad and got upset.  She then didn't want to go, again if my ex can't win she will hurt anyone even our own child.  She said to Quinn they would dress up another time and she said ok.  So Quinn had another idea, she said how about they bring the dress to my house and she can look at both.    I again said it was a great idea, Quinn comes up with two ideas and her Mom finally says ok and they go get it.

     So they went in and got the dress, and we were off.  I texted her after and just told her all she had to do was tell me earlier what she was thinking.  I told her I email her days and even weeks ahead of time on events and things so she knows.  I just told her I want to be apart of Quinn's life and I am excited for this.  After texting back and fourth pretty much me upset because for years I have asked and fought for extra time with Quinn where she has her more.  Well we went back and fourth and I honestly just don't know what to say but what can I say.  I'm arguing to see and be involved in my daughters life and my ex just wants to have her way.  She ended with her saying I don't see it and thats it.  I told her I don't feel bad and for the years of me being alone and working hard to give Quinn a good life now she doesn't get her way. Sorry but I just had enough.  For years I've gone by her ways and asked for things where she would just say no or say its routine.  Well you can only take so much and I'm done being pushed around.  So if something does land on my day or time I will be up to talk but I'm not gonna be pushed around anymore.

     So that was it and upset yes mainly because she won't ever learn and I just hope Quinn doesn't spend her life trying to make her happy.  If you spend your life making another happy like a parent you won't be...  Live your life and make yourself happy...  What will happen next, well next we will just take time and cool off like usual.  Things pass but next time we will see.  I will again try to be calm and patient but I just hope it doesn't soon...  I told Quinn that night I was so proud of her on how she tried to make it all work.  She is such a good and smart kid, as I sat next to her in bed as she got ready I told her she is such a smart and amazing girl and I will always fight for her and have her back.  I told her its over also and not to worry anymore about it.

     Now if you are reading this it may sound like a vent post however it is not.  Many single parents work hard to put food on the table, a roof under their heads and cloths on their backs.  There are very good fathers and mothers out there that get taken advantage of by the other parent and it isn't fair.  I stand up for both Mom's and Dad's who are taken advantage of.  Kayla is frustrated because she is so good to Quinn, and Quinn loves he so much yet she can't get Quinn ready without my ex getting upset because it's not her.  Well it's a divorce, and yes they are sad but you can't divorce someone and then expect everything to go your way, thats how it was for me for a while until now.  I'm done and over it and from now on I am standing up for not just Kay and I but Quinn.  She needs time with her Father its just that important.

     I guess what just also upsets me is if Quinn is happy then let her be happy!  If it was reverse I would totally be excited for her, parents can be mad or fight but let the child have the best interest and she just looks out for her own.  Worst part is there are so many single Mom's that would beg for the fathers to be more involved or try more.  Quinn's happy and excited to get ready tomorrow here and it's all going to be ok.  My Ex is just my Ex...  Well it was a tough week however with the whole soda argument that I blogged about and now this!  I sometimes can't wait to have Quinn grow up and see the truth her self...  Until then she needs a Dad and I will be in her corner.

     Always try to just talk but remember you can be bullied by adults.  Just be calm and do your best...

This is what we fight for...
Never give up

Always remember,
You are never alone...



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Kids are the best Medicine...

     So over a week ago I pulled my back moving Quinn's room around.  It sucked yes but I got threw it almost, we are almost out of the woods I hope soon!  This past weekend she was so cute, she helped me get up and would lay with me and just watch TV in bed as I rested.  So for my tip this week I want to say when your not feeling well let your kids help you out!  Kids always want to help their parents they want them to be well and feel they can help out Mom or Dad when they are down.  It gives them a sense that they are needed in a time of need and start to know how to care for someone too.

    Quinn would help me up or just with things around the house.  She was really good and understanding when I wasn't feeling well.  She would always ask how I was doing and she loved just laying with us when we were on the bed watching TV and resting.  It can be hard because as adults we just want to do everything our selves and don't want to involve our kids but we should.  Let them feel needed, ask them for help or to help out around the house.  Giving our kids something to do will only help them keep busy and feel productive.  They will feel compassion when you are not well and try to help.  Don't be so quick to push them away.  Let them feel needed and wanted.

     Kids are such a good form of medicine, they make us laugh and feel loved.  When we are sick we sit with them and they help us with what ever we may need.  They love to be our little helpers and will hug us and tell us they hope we feel better.  Quinn did all weekend!  She was such a good helper and was just there for me next to Kayla. 

So you don't really need a tip but just let your kids be there for you when you are sick!  Let them help you and hug you.  Don't feel you need to heal alone and tell them to go and play.  We all have a sense of belonging and wanting to help, let them!  Next time you don't feel well ask your kids to help you out and give them things to do and just be around them, unless your contagious then wait.  However kids are great medicine and they love to be there for you!

Always remember,
You are never alone...



Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Anniversary Kayla!!!

     I wanted to wish my love Kayla a very happy anniversary!  Two amazing years today!!!  I cant tell you and the world how happy I am.  We both had some tough roads to get down but here we are in love and getting married.  Kayla has been so amazing to me and Quinn I don't know where I would be without her.  This past week she has been the most caring and patient person ever.  This past week while I was out because of my back she cared for me and made sure I was getting up and taking my meds, moving my back and just being loved.  She has cared for me over the past two years like no other.   Quinn loves Kayla so much she just lights up when we come home and Kayla greets her.  She loves going out and doing things with her or just getting tucked in to bed.  You know you have a keeper when they have not just your heart, but your child's....

     This past weekend we knew our anniversary was coming up but we both were so busy and tired we kinda forgot!  She then came home today with a card and gift!  I was so happy, and sad b/c I couldn't move to get her anything.  The card was so sweet and the book she go me was too.  I'll send some pics soon.  And yes hun I plan on getting you something special!  For now I just wanted to tell you and let the world know I love you so much and the past two years have been amazing.  We have had our good days and bad but always talk when the day is over and make sure we kiss before bed.  She also knows me so well and knows what to do when i get flustered.  I can't ever picture my self with anyone else love and can't wait for more and more years to come!

I love you so much!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Down but not Out!

     So on Friday evening Kay and I were moving some of Quinns room furniture around.  We adjusted her room to have more space for her to play.  We were almost done when I went down to put her last coaster under her bed leg and BAMB! My back!  It went out!  I can't describe the pain.  It was horrible...  If you ever thew your back out or slipped a disk you know.  Kay ran over and got me up, then I made the mistake of laying down.  I figured I would rest then move on.  I was wrong.  I couldn't move ever inch would just spike my back to a pain beyond the chart level...  So I took some over the counter pain meds we had and iced it a little.  We tried to move me so many ways but I just was in so much pain.  I didn't wanna call 911 because they would have brought me to the ER and that bill along with the Ambo Ride would have been terrible! We knew the Urgent Care could take me b/c I have a friend that works there.

     We both were just stuck, I was laying there and Kay was holding me both just frustrated.  She called my parents who came over to help.  I rolled on my side and my dad held my chest and Kay had my legs.  They sat me up then stood me up.  It was horrible, I put my arm around my Dads neck to lift my spine and relive the pain.  We got down the hall and down the stairs then into Kaylas car.  It took a while for sure and wasn't fun.  The ride over felt like forever but kay drove slowly for me.  We got in and got set.  They checked me out and took some X-Rays got me meds and I was on my way.  Good news is they said my spine is in good shape, it is straight so thats good!  After the weekend I followed up with my Doctor who thinks I did a sprain/strain.  I sprained and strained some muscles and ligaments in my back.  I just have to rest up and do some stretches to keep my back moving the correct way and not get stiff.  So this past week I have been just taking it easy don't worry I didn't leave you!  I just wanted to check in with all my readers.  So thats where I have been!  I hope later this week I can really heal and get over this and back to blogging!

    I have had a busy spring with lifting mulch and even working out so when I am better I will make sure I think about what I do at the gym and how I lift.  Make sure you are lifting properly and remember you can pull your back bending over to pick up a piece of paper!  If you have been overworking.  I do give Kayla so much credit she has helped me so much.  She gets up with me to get me moving and helps with my meds.  She is so amazing and she puts up with me!  Thanks so much Kayla!  So the nest few days will be difficult but I have to push forward.  So remember to take your time and give your body breaks and rest.  I will be blogging soon don't you worry!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Family BBQ

     This past weekend we had all our family over for a cookout.  It was nice because Kayla's family came into town and stayed the weekend with us.  Her family came into town Friday and left Sunday so it was nice to have them the whole weekend.   Saturday we got up and Kayla with some family and a good friend went dress shopping.  So Matt and Kayla's Dad hung back and started getting dinner ready.

     This time around I did smoked BBQ ribs again.  I made some changes this time to make it easier and they came out great.  Matt did a great job helping me out and just being there when I needed it.  The ribs took a while but I made smoked ribs and oven ones.  It was good to BBQ again because its relaxing.  Seeing my work done and all the time i put into it is really awesome, which is why I love cooking.  We also cooked up some potatoes and onions and had other dishes as well.  We all sat around and ate and talked.  After dinner we just relaxed and had some stories and laughs after.

     Sunday we took the time to just relax and take it easy.  We just did some small cleaning and enjoyed the rest of out time off.  We had fun but needed some time to just unwind and relax!  The weekend was finally ending and a new week will start.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I will sometime post my BBQ Ribs.  I hope you like the pics and had a great weekend as well!

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Here are the Smoked BBQ Ribs!

The Oven Bakes fall of the bone ribs!

Potatoes and Onions.

Here is Kayla and I.

Matt and I. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Soda Stop

     So over the past few weeks I've noticed when I pick up Quinn she has been drinking Soda when I got to get her.  Now that the weather is nicer she is outside.  However she usually has a can by the front step before we go.  She knows better to bring that in my car!  I don't need to clean it up, however we have very little soda in our home, very little.  Yesterday I picked her up and she had a small can of 7-UP her Mom said to bring it with her and she stopped.  She said "Daddy doesn't allow soda in his car" Good girl Quinn I thought. So she took a few more sips and got in. 

     On the way home from her Mom's I asked about her soda "habit" she said her grandmother gives her a can and her Mom too.  So yesterday she had two cans of soda.  They may have been small but its still not the correct number! DUHHHHH 0!!!!  KIDS DON'T NEED SODA! HOLY SHIT HOW EASY IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND!? If you don't read or know English I will put this in any language you need!

     I don't like to swear on my blog but this calls for an occasion.  

     Okay with that said yes we give Quinn a small soda every once in a great while!  Like very special events.  We give her water at every meal and then maybe some juice, juice is no hero either with all the sugar in it.  If you want to give your kids a small treat NP!  I don't know if its every day, Quinn seems to say so but her Mom said yesterday not to worry about leaving the soda, that she couldn't bring the soda in my car and that she has a lot more. That's just great, tell the kid there is a ton of un needed sugar back home.  Best part is, my ex is a health teacher!  Hmm maybe she needs job security so she is giving our kids an unhealthy lifestyle.  Smoking is bad for your, everyone knows it, people that smoke know it, they don't care, there are studies out the ass that prove it.  Guess what, soda is too.  Now I'm not comparing them but yes I am.  I found a blog post from someone who posted about Soda and the harms it causes.  Check it out!  Look over her post and see how damaging it can be. 
Soda Post  
Check it out!
Below are just a few facts as well.
     So I told Quinn going forward if she has Soda at her Mom's on a day I pick her up she will not get dessert after dinner.  I know some may say dessert can be bad.  We usually give her one small cookie, or a few M&M's but that's after we eat a healthy dinner and she eats veggies ever time.  Also something like a cookie is still better than soda.  Desserts still are food that the body uses and contains some things you body can digest and use.  Soda is pretty much sugar water.  I tried to explain to Quinn she doesn't have to drink soda if its offered to her she can say no.  Ask for water or something else.  I hope the days I don't have her she will make the right choices at such a young age its hard. I'd talk to her Mom but that won't work and she won't listen so I'm pretty much on my own...
    Now every once and I while I may even have one, Kayla likes to have one too, some people like the carbonation.  However again this is on special occasions.  In the end it will never go away because there is just to much money  in it, but our kids our suffering.  Many more people and kids are overweight.  Food and drinks have played such a big role, however the first step is to start them young!  Parents give your kids water, fill their container with water every meal so they get used to it.  Then as a small treat give them juice or something.  Maybe a soda when they are older but very special times!  I don't need to go on only because everyone knows the facts!  Be mindful when you are giving your kids something to drink and eat.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them. 

PS you may call it Soda, or Pop or Soda Pop or a Soft drink.  So many names, so many ways it can hurt you.  We should just rename it death drink.
Always remember,
You are never alone...