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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

    What a weekend!!!  We had so much fun you are going to want to read this blog posting twice!!!

    Friday I picked up the munch and we headed off.  We played a little then were off to bed for a big weekend.   Saturday when we got up and surprise!!!  A new table to put together!  We put together a cute little table and chairs.  Now we can draw and color on our table.  It fit in her room perfectly.

    After we took a walk to the park down the road and played!  We went on the swing, and went down a slide and climbed the rock wall!  We had a blast and then took off to get my dad his father's day gift.    We got him  a gift card from a local golf shop Big Oak.  After we stopped by Aunt Ro's for a quick visit.  We went to the park and just hung out for some ice cream.

    After we went to visit Jay, Serina and Dave.  They were at Dave's parents house just chilling.  We went in the pool and Quinn learned how to push daddy in!  She did get in with me a little but she loved it when i was on the raft.  After we had dinner and played.  Quinn really took a shine to Dave.   After we went home and off to bed!

    Sunday we woke up and did some running around, then off to church!  The bishop was here for his visit!  They had 12 kids being confirmed too, it was a full house!  My mom was a sponsor for one of the girls I was very proud.  I'm so glad Quinn loves going to church, the people love her there and when i ask her if she wants to go she says yes with a lot of excitement.

    After church we took a quick nap and then daddy got to relax!  I got to open my card and gift, Quinn got a picture with her hand prints on it!  I loved it!  The pictures and card were wonderful!  When Quinn got up we went over to my parents for dinner.  We had had so much fun, jumping around and playing.  My aunt and brother stopped over and we had dinner.  We played with bubbles and just had fun.  We had great food and then had some cookies for dessert.  We gave my dad his cards and gifts and sad goodbye!

    I brought Quinn home and gave her a big hug and kiss.  I can't wait for our next adventure!

Quinn opens her table and gets her new chairs out!

She loves it!

Wow i got a new table!

Here is my new office!

Just chilling with daddy

Off to the playground

Look at me go!

I made a friend.

This ain't no date!

Here i am with my new shades!

Off to the pool.

Bye daddy!

In you go...

Chilling on the raft

Just hanging out.

Here i am with Serina

Just the girls

Dave needs a High Five

Now Jay needs one!

Poor Dave, well he loved playing with Quinn

Happy Fathers Day!

Let's Eat!

Here we are 3 generations

My brother and dad.

I hope everyone had a great fathers day.  Keep in touch and leave some comments!