"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Friday, July 29, 2016

They are Watching...

     Just when you thought it was safe to leave your bedroom...

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...  Even when you think you are.....


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Take time to Relax...

     I can't say this enough for parents or people who don't have them.  We work so hard and often work more than one job.  For my single parents out there that work and don't see their children as much as they want to take time to reflect and just relax.  I know I say this and don't relax my self but I am trying.  In this day we are so busy and it seems all we do is work then jump online to see whats happening in the world.  Playing games or just reading up on things, even this post is a distraction to the world around us.

     Now this isn't just a regular post to say to relax when you get stressed but to honestly just take some time to stop and remember what we have.  I try to only have a few things on my phone that can distract me and only 3 platforms of social media, my blog, G+ and my YouTube site.  All which I check however don't stress over.  This past weekend we went to a wedding and after dinner Kayla and I took a walk on the beach per it was by the water.  We took come chairs and moved them by the shore.  We took our shoes and socks off and put our feet in the sand as the waves came up and brushed up against our feet and legs.  We sat and saw the sunset and just relaxed, closing our eyes or just talking.  I turned and told her it's no beach on a beautiful island but it will do.  She laughed and said it is perfect.  For a long time I have been trying to get us on a beach where there is nothing but the peach and quiet of the area.  A romantic place to just finally unwind however every year we seem to have something come up that needs our attention and finances.  I am hoping next year we will be able to go or at least the year after...

     As we sat and talked I realized it doesn't matter  where you are and the lake we were on was just fine.  All that matters is that you are at peace, with the ones you love and just take a moment to close your eyes and enjoy what ever is around you.  We took a few pictures and continued to talk but mainly we just needed the time to just be there.  Everything needs so much attention in life how often can we just enjoy life its self...  So my tip is next time you can take that time to relax, take that time to enjoy your surroundings and be with your loved one.

     We do so much, parents we are always on the go, running around helping our kids even when they get older.  We never stop we never just get to relax so do it!  Take that time, this goes for non parents to.  You are busy to, we all work so hard in this world so take sometime to just close your eyes and breath...  
This is an order from Parenting 365!  

     If we don't take the time to relax we will just over stress, single parents especially because i know how hard it can be.  I still struggle and its been years.  Will it ever go away, maybe but while Quinn is little it is hard per she can't make all the decisions her self.  So take this time to just go somewhere maybe take a day to go and just see how beautiful life is and how amazing we have it.  Take the time to also relax and just be thankful for everything we have...

I hope you enjoy the pics below...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Such an amazing Sunset, how often do we get to see and enjoy them..

Watching the waves come in.

If its a calm beach on a tropical island or a semi rough one in NY...
A beach is a beach...

Taking our time to relax and just enjoy what we have...
Each other.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Weekend Update!

     Between busy weekends and this no rain we've been having I don't know about you but I'm ready for a slow and rainy day weekend!  This weekend was busy!  We had family in town and a wedding to go to.

     Friday we hung out with Kayla's parents, my parents came over to visit and we all had dinner.  It was nice because they got to hang out and talk as well as see Quinn.  Saturday morning I did some cooking for everyone.  I made a great breakfast I can't wait to show you on the cooking corner so if you haven't seen that yet check that out! YouTube Channel

That day we had a wedding to go to witch was nice because Kayla's Mom hadn't seen some of her side of the family in a long time.  I also got to meet so family members I haven't met yet.  We had a great time and it's always fun go to weddings epically after yours is over.

     Sunday we say goodbye to Kayla's parents as they went home and we did some cleaning.  Quinn has been getting very good at her chores and we give her one reminder now.  We went to a park and just ran around and played.  After we went to a local farm market and picked up some goods as well as a sweet treat!  An apple frost, that we all love.  We had a great day all in all...  Quinn even helped us go shopping for food before we brought her home.

     With the heat finally going away the house is cooler and I do hope for rain soon.  I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip!  I hope you enjoy the pics, Kayla laughs and says to me I'm taking my classic playground pics.  Meaning I know we go to the playground a lot and take the same pics so I just cut the pics to a few!  Ohh Kayla I got one of you too!

We had a great weekend!

My beautiful Bride!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, July 18, 2016

A Weekend in Small Town America...

     I love how there are large big cities in almost every country of the world, busy and full of life and energy.  However something just as amazing are all the small towns and villages those countries and places also offer.  They are further from the larger and heavily populated cities and sometimes hard to find.  They have old roots and even older stories, some may say simple life even with the technology that finds it's way in.  We spend the weekend in a small down where my family has had a camp for years.  We took the weekend to visit with my parents and brother, we had to work on our camp and replace a window but it was perfect because it was the annual Balloon Rally which is just amazing.

     After we worked on the window we took a drive.  Kayla and I did some small shopping but then took some time to just walk main street where it was blocked off so vendors can setup shops and sell food and all different things they make.  Both sides were full of tens and all different kinds of amazing items to look through.  Some were made by the vendor and you can just see the amazing detail and time put into each item.  As we walked the street we just relaxed and had a good time.  Our phones put away and just enjoyed the time away from everything online that has now taken over.  One of my favorite things is just being there and enjoying a town where everyone is so polite and you don't feel you have to have your guard up all the time.  It always gives me one of those old town feelings, old America.  Every country has areas of old towns where life just seems to slow down a bit and things just take time to do.  The rush of life slows and you just enjoy being around other people.  You don't have to check your phone status or what is happening with whatever site you always watch.

    You distress and just enjoy the day, grab some good food and walk the street.  We got some kettle corn popcorn and just for that moment didn't have to worry about anything.  We didn't have to see what was happening online or in politics.  The world was still and that just doesn't always happen.  I am very happy to have a place to go to and enjoy.  An old town that shows you that everything we have today doesn't have to take over.  I think we just move to fast sometimes, even me.  I joke about just getting away from it all one day and settling down in a small town where everyone doesn't look down on there phone but up to what was given to them.  All the beauty and life we have to offer and everything in and around it.  When we go to the camp to visit everything just slows down and life seems so much more relaxed.

   That night after dinner we headed down and saw the balloons go up.  We setup or chairs and talked, got some nice good old carnival food and just enjoyed as they blew up the massive giants.  As they lifted into the sky we were all amazed how big and wonderful they are.  So elegant as they drifted off filling the sky.  So peaceful just the wind moving you as you float across the beautiful land.  Just relaxing and enjoying the evening.  The kind you can't look at through pics or a video you have just have to be there living it.

    So I say even though I do a lot online, still take time to rest, visit some of the older places your land offers and put your phone away.  Take the time to breath in and out, look up not down.  Smile and notice everyone around you.  Once day it will pass and you will wonder how you missed it.  Don't look at life through post and messages.  I know that sounds odd coming from a post!  However my point is enjoy life as you live it!

I hope you enjoy the pics, they don't do what I say justice per you just have to be there...

Life life in the moment.

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Watching them float away..

 It was amazing...
We got to sit so close too.
Old Towns that you just have to visit....

So graceful... 

     Waking up and seeing there is no Cell Coverage, just this...

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Cooking Corner Trailer!

     Hello all,
Thank you so much for all your support over the past few months as this project got started.  I wanted to say I hope you enjoy the trailer and stick with the soon to come videos!  They will start to drop early fall.  We are in production now and have to do some trial and error with some videos and things and I want to put a video up once a week if not twice a week in the beginning.

     If you are just reading this and joining in...  Well I was given the idea to start a cooking channel based off the page of my site.  I have taken the side down during construction but it will be back up in the fall!  I wanted to share not just my cooking tips and ideas but show you that there are many people that work full time with families and lots going on but can still put on a good meal.  There are a lot of great shows out there and I am happy to see all the differences with them.  I wanted to do something in between your basic 3 ingredients cooking show and your extreme ones with hard meals and expensive equipment.  I wanted to cook for everyone out there that works hard and then comes home to just more stuff.  The kids, sports, the gym, another job!  How many times do you ask your self or your family "What's For Dinner?"   More importantly how many times do you say or hear "I didn't take anything out".

     I want to make everyone feel they can cook and don't have to be intimated.  If you're single, dating, married, have a family or a single parent I want you! I want you to know you are not alone and I am here to help...  I want to show you fun and easy appetizers, breakfast, lunches, dinners, side dishes and even desserts.  Not my strong suite desserts...  I want to start a section called Midweek Meals.  Quick and easy meals you can put together on those dreaded days where you are so busy!  The leftovers are gone and its not quite payday yet!  So what do you do?  You tune in...

     I will be cooking from my kitchen using just the basic things a regular person that works hard has.  I want to show you tips others don't, but most important I have learned so much and after a few meals I wasn't sure I could ever do I made them and felt a joy.  An accomplishment of no other and I want you to have that.  I work two jobs, my wife works two jobs she is also my camera woman and IT desk...  My point is we work hard and sometimes watching shows where the cook online or on TV's job is just that you start to say, "yea ok well I work so I can't make that."  I want to show you I work and yea it sucks but we can make awesome foods together!

     I may have to stay up late to get video's out but I will!  I will listen to the comments/emails and see what I can do to help.  I want to do the best I can to make meals you will like and ones you send me.  Once we get moving I want to have special guest and go to other kitchens!  Maybe one day I'll be in yours!

     Either way I am here for you and I want to let you know, you are not alone and I hope you stick with me.  I will be posting weekly come Fall and will not drop off.  I won't also be bugging my viewers to subscribe or like or share but once just here I will!  If you like it leave a like if not hit the other button, subscribe to see future videos!  Once I start posting a link to my blog for all the info on that meal will be there.  An online cook book, i know in the beginning it wont be full but I took a lot of meals off to work on the videos for them so just stick with me!

     I will end by saying I hope you stick with me, a brand new channel!  Just think you are getting front row seating!  If you start now you won't have to binge watch!

Here is some info:
YouTube Site
Cooking Corner G+
(I will have updates on my Parenting 365 G+site as well...)

I will do the best I can and I will do it for you... 

Always Remember...Cooking should be FUN, so have FUN doing it!!
Trailer is below!

Chef Christopher 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Cooking Corner Is Almost Here!

     With all the equipment almost here we are just about ready to produce the trailer!  The site is ready and we are just waiting on some final equipment!  The past few weeks I have been nervous and excited to start this project.  Once the trailer is out we will start producing some video's and then then have a bunch so when we roll out in the fall we have some to fall back on per if its a busy week.  I plan on putting out a video or two a week.  If you are just joining me here is what I am doing!

    I am starting a food channel to help those who want to learn how to cook.  So whats different about me than others?  Well I want to cook food and use equipment that won't intimate you.  There are so many amazing food shows out there on TV or the internet and using some ideas of my own mixed with some I have seen I want to show you someone who works two jobs can still make some awesome meals, so if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!  I will be making a bit of everything from appetizers, dinners, desserts, breakfast, lunch and sides dishes.  I want to make fun easy dishes you can make, also show you some tips I have learned and seen my self.  On of my biggest projects is going to be my Mid Week Meals.  I have always found there is a day or two in everyone's week that is just so busy!  The leftovers are gone and payday isn't here yet.  You have a busy day and afterwards you play a sport or work out or have kids.  Either way you go home and nothing is ready or even thawed out!  So what do you do?  

     Well I want to show you some amazing meals you can make on the fly that need little prep and cook time.  As time goes on I want to expand and visit other kitchens as well as have guest over to show me some of their special meals!  I think cooking honestly is not that difficult and with some basic skills anyone can put a great meal together.  I always believed cooking should be fun and to have fun doing it.  I do work and have a basic kitchen so I want everyone to know you can cook, you don't need expensive equipment or have to make difficult time consuming meals.  Also I have some great meals that anyone with kids will love including some vegetable ones.  I am also doing this just because I do love to cook and teach, also having an electron cookbook online is nice too.  My blog will have everything I do so you can just go to that link and have everything there for you to follow along with the video as well.  

     I hope if you are reading this for the first time or if you are one of my followers you are excited as I am.  I will keep everyone posted soon and this should get moving once the final pieces come in the mail!  At the top you will notice the screenshot of my channel, it is all set just waiting to drop that trailer!  

I can't wait to get started...

Cooking should be FUN so have FUN doing it!       

Chef Christopher 


Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday's Tip (early): Get your free Slurpee!

Today's tip is early!

    Yes we finally made it! 7-11!  What a fun day, the day you can go get a free small Slurpee from your local 7-11, always check before you are stopped for steeling!  The website however says from 7:00 am today to 11:00 pm tonight (go fig) you can get a small Slurpee.

    So who doesn't enjoy a pastime favorite like a sweet Slurpee!  How many days go on throughout the year that we don't know of fun things like this.  With many different flavors the cool Slurpee will help any hot day!  Good thing its the summer this day happens and not January!  So has anyone ever taken advantage of this?  I honestly say I think I have once, in all the years I have known about this I went maybe once.  Guess I just keep forgetting.  Everyone loves the convince stores like 7-11 per their late night hours and snacks we all love at that time.  Face it, nobody looks for a salad to snack on around the late hours of the night.  We are looking for processed sugars and tran fats.

     The fact however that the company does this at all is really cool.  They take the day to celebrate and share with their customers a free gift.  One not every company does at all.  So even if they are a small size its still better than nothing.  These fun days throughout the year just make us smile and thank places like this to do this.  With everything going on in the world it honestly nice to just relax and sit down with a cool Slurpee.  I know the past several months even years have been seeming difficult with everything happening in the news.  I think even a small Slurpee can just let you wonder off and not have to think about the hardship.  Take the time to have one with a loved one, parent, child or friend!  Take your kids and enjoy a cool refreshing drink and enjoy the time you have with them.

     I hope everyone does have a great day, if you are reading this where there are no 7-11 stores I am sorry, if it makes you feel better I won't get one per I have to work a double tonight.  So anyone reading this that did get a free one please if anything enjoy it for me...

Here is a link if you wanted to read more.

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend we headed up north to visit Kayla's family.  Quinn was so excited because she couldn't wait to see everyone and she hasn't been up north in a long time.  We picked her up and headed out, Quinn was also excited because we usually stop for dinner and she gets to eat in the car.  Yes I know but for kids that's a big thing.  The drive wasn't to bad and we got there at a decent hour.  We were just excited to get there and settle in.

     The next day we were busy getting the house ready for one of Kayla's cousins graduated high school and we were having people over for dinner.  Of course the day was cool and rainy.  It rained all day until just about dinner, but the party was fun and everyone had a good time.  I can remember my high school graduation it rained all day as well.

     We all talked and joked and then had dinner.  After we had some cake and just relaxed.  It was fun just to see family and have that time with them.  Quinn had so much fun as well, we felt bad because it rained so much the pool was cold and all she wanted to do was swim.  We were so sad because she was so excited, we tried to go in but it was just to cold.  We played in the yard with Connor and had just as much fun.

     That night we settled in and just played some games, we let Quinn stay up a little later but was so good that weekend.  We got up on Sunday and just packed up and relaxed, it was a good weekend and we all had fun.  We ended up saying goodbye and we headed out.  Now back home ready for another week...

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well...

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Some afternoon fun

Connor and Quinn Rocking out!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

When Life Gives you Lemons... Have your friends over for Lemonade


       Over the past several years of being a single parent and now married again I have shared so much with this community.  I try to give you all tips and tricks as well as share the good along with the bad.  Truth is some of the darker times go unnoticed just because as a blogger and advocate for single parents I know how hard it can be.  I know the struggles and no matter what anyone says about the past they don't know anything.  When you have a child with an ex the past is the present ever time you pick up your child.  In the beginning it was confusion and frustration, then comes the day you pick up your child and see a new car in your driveway.  The new guy moves into your home, uses all the things you worked hard for as you were forced out.  All you can do is smile and say hi.  As the years go on sometimes you feel it just takes a toll on you.  Financial you work hard and it takes months not weeks to get where you need to be, just for something new to bring you back.  Sometimes each year feels harder than the last and you feel life now is just against you.  With a few good breaks just to keep you in the game all you can feel is that life and thrown you lemons...  

     This past weekend one of my best friends came home with his wife and our other best friend and his wife went out.  The six of us all had a great time, we went to dinner, had some drinks and ate to much.  We laughed and the girls who now know each other very well, we all just talked and for the few hours of the night forgot everything that was going on or that was troubling us.  Nothing mattered because we had each other.  The night continued with more laughing and just enjoying each others spirit's as they lifted one and others up.  We ended with a camp fire at our place and had some drinks and snacks.  With some music going and just fun conversation everything that is going on that night just melts away.

     We are thankful for everything we have and for friends like the ones that love us.  As the weekend moved on we hung out more and when we all came back to reality and work we had other struggles come up however they will be dealt with because spending time with your best friends gives you that sense of hope again.  It refuels your drive and gives you the strength to keep going and never give up.  The night was fun and well deserved with everyone having their own difficult times it's nice to just not have to always think or dwell on them.  When Jim, Paul and I get together it is just a blast.  We have been friends forever and know each other so well.  We have been through so much and always been there for one and other.  This is why when things get really bad I know going out with them will always help...

    The girls have been our saving grace too.  I can't tell you how awesome it is that we have them.  Since we all met they have all gotten very close as friends and its a really good group when this happens.  They all have been there for us and we them.  We just depend on each other and that is what we need to do.  We can't go through this alone and we can't be unhappy at the world.  Finding love again was difficult for all 3 of us.  We all had our different stories and backgrounds when it came to that but we all ended with the three amazing ladies above.  As time goes on you know you have a keeper when they just won't leave even through the darkest of times.  Kayla helps me out more than I could ever imagine.  I have two amazing best friends and now met two new amazing woman that are there for them, not to mention Kayla who has do so much for me.  We all came back from everything that we have lived through, we all even got married last year.  All 3 couples, it was pretty cool too.  As time goes on I know there are hard days but with woman like them, they don't seem bad at all...

     Over the course of the years of being divorced I have learned you can hide some the issues or problems or even mask them but they always will come back.  You have to address them and move on.  However going out with friends and just letting your mind be at peace is something I would also recommend.  Always take time to lean on your friends and even share your concerns with them.  They will have encouraging words as well as a different outlook that may help you.  I was always told to run to your problems not from them.  You can accept some of the hard times in life but you have to fight through them, or they will take your life over and life is just to precious to give up...

     So when life gives you lemons...  Just grab some water, sugar and call your friends over...

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday America!

     Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope everyone had great holiday weekend!  This weekend was busy for us here.  Every summer one of my best friends and all his siblings as well.  Yesterday we did most of our celebrating.  We went to his cottage and just hung out and relaxed.  The cottage is on a bay and its really beautiful.  Everyone had such a great time really just a day to have fun with family and eat and drink.  You couldn't ask for a nicer day.  The sun was out and the weather was just perfect.

     We spend the day just talking and laughing, Jim and Paul my two best friends were there with their amazing wives Megan and Amanda.  The six of us just get along so well, Jim, Paul and I have been best friends since birth but when our now wives met they all just clicked it really is awesome.  So the day was just one for the books.  That night we had a fire and then saw the fireworks.  Cottages all around the bay lit off fireworks as we sat and watched.  It was so much fun, funny to see how we grown and we have kids now growing up.

     The next day we picked up Quinn per it was our year to have her on the 4th.  We went home and did some prep work per we had friends over.  Some family and friends came over and we did some burgers and dogs on the grill your classic 4th of July foods.  We hung out and talked after then cleaned up.  We spend some time with Quinn and her Mom came to get her which was nice so we didn't have leave early to get her home.

     After we headed over to say goodbye to Jim and Meg and his siblings.  They are all going back to their homes this week.  We spent some time just talking a bit and then we headed home.  We were tired and still a bit sunburned from yesterday.

     It really was just an awesome weekend and a busy one.  With a nice short week and a busy weekend to come the busy month of July rolls on!

  Today is not just about food and being in the sun its about freedom and how many before us fought for freedom and to do what's right.  They stood up to others to start our country and put everything they had into it I hope everyone had a great weekend and 4th of July!  Always remember what this day is so important because it represents our freedom and many gave their lives for us to give us this amazing country so to you America we say happy 240th birthday.  You look great...

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...