"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some of the best years of your life…

            Well this fall I approach the 31 yr mark.  The past 30 years have been a learning experience.  I think from about 17 to 25 you really start to shine and I would say have some of your most fun.  I have learned that as a child there are sleep over’s and pool parties.  Riding bikes with your fiends and starting to bond with kids you will be friends with for life.  As you enter your final year of High School you really start to make your final mark as a young adult.  College gives you time to live off your parents but you have to be more responsible and getting ready for life.  Your final year of high school allows you to work a little and get some cash but really just go to class and hang out with your fiends.  By your last year of HS you will probably have your heart broken maybe once or twice, but don’t worry it will heal.  You will probably have nickname and a few great started stories to get you in college and have people laugh over.  Having a car you will have the freedom to travel and start going to parties and just doing what ever it is you want to do. 

            I learned and found that when you enter college you really start to find your core friends and work, and just be in this little bubble of being taken care of by family, but also getting ready to leave the nest.  I never lived on campus so I don’t know the feeling of that but I loved just being able to travel to all different colleges and see my friends.  Have a blast of a night and then go home in the morning to my clean room and home. Worked out great!  College is probably one of the best years of your life, it gives us that freedom to go out and have fun meet people, it allows us to make a little extra money but really just enjoy our youth.  I threw a few good parties in my day and I’m really glad I went and experienced college.  To be honest I’m not sure what the whole college thing is for.  There are some degrees that you really have to go for like being a doctor or lawyer but honestly…. I think college is just for kids to burn some fuel, learn about them selves and gain some responsibility.   After all when you get out the company trains you anyway!!! 

            After you leave college you will never get those years back and time doesn’t stop for anybody!  After college I settled down and got married about a year later.  I had a baby not to much longer and now here I am.  I’m 30 divorced with a little one.  Starting over and if you think it’s easy, its not!  If I was older then I would just be able to find someone and love them.  No kids to think about or anything.  If I was younger I could take my time to just do what ever but being 30 if I want more kids I have to make moves.  I have to meet someone, get to know them, date, get engaged again (buy another ring) and then get married, and then have kids…  All in all this can take years and by the time I look I’m pushing 40.  So I’m to old to just say I’ve got time, I’m to young to count out kids…  I look back and can’t believe how old I am.  If I went to a college party (not sure why) I would be called the old guy and told to beat it.  I have been working since I was 15 and lost a lot of time because of it.  My first year out of college was a great year to finish visiting friends at school, making better money and just winding down my college years. 

            As we grow older the responsibility grows and the late nights fade.  I find my self laughing with my friends at 10:00pm approaches and we have to call it a night.  Before I would be showing after work to go out at 10:00pm.   I find making my daughter nap so I can get one in!  I find my self doing more dinners with friends and small bonfires after.

            I would say becoming a father was a moment I will never forget.  The time you look down at your little special child.  So when I think about it I don’t have a best time just different ones.  I would say I had a great life and great different parts of them. 

            I still have a lot of living to do and if you asked someone older I’m sure they will have many times in their lives they would have to think about…  But growing up I had such a great childhood and then growing up I was very fortunate to have great family and friends.  When I look back at the few years of my divorce I try not to think about the hard times but what is ahead.  You can’t go back but only forward. 

            I could post on but I want you to think about some of the best years of your life.  Think about growing up and your friends and family, your child hood and funny stories that make you laugh.  Think about some trouble you did as a teen or adventures you had, lost loves, children and even grandchildren. 

            If I could close with this, life has its ups and down’s but think about the good and keep moving on.  I know sometimes the bad feels hard to forget but think about all the love in your life and surround your self with pictures of loved ones and memories.   Remember just because the past of good times is over doesn’t mean you can’t have a future of good ones to look forward to…

Keep family and friends close, the good memories and times will follow...

Always remember
You are never alone…

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A mid week break

To help ease the heat I wanted to send you all a nice "cool" pic of Quinn...
The long weekend threw me off so I forgot my Tuesdays Tip! Sorry readers!  I will be back on track next week.


Monday, May 28, 2012

A quick post after a long weekend

This past weekend was memorial day weekend and it is one of our biggest at my other job and it was just hot and long.  I am glad its over. I hope everyone had a safe memorial day weekend and had time to think about all the men and woman who have died for our freedom.  I hope everyone realizes how much our freedom should mean.  I haven't posted in a few days and am excited to get back into it.  I have some good post coming up and great new adventures coming up as well!  This week should be fun and I can't wait for the weekend!

Well just wanted to say I hope everyone had a great weekend and I will talk to you all soon.

Always remember....
You are never alone...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a hot weekend!

     Well the past weekend was a hot one!  I picked up Quinn this past Friday night and we were off.  I could tell she wasn't feeling that well because she is usually excited to come but she wasn't as excited this time.  When we got in the car and started our weekend!  We did some grocery shopping and then headed home.  I could tell she wasn't feeling well and then she started getting warm.  My poor little baby was burning up!  I gave her some meds and then cooled her down with a cool cloth.  I know the meds do most of the work but I always loved a cool cloth growing up.

     Quinn was so cute she loved the cloth and would say "thank you daddy that feels better" as I put it on her head and neck.  We just relaxed on the couch then up to bed.  I let her sleep in my bed because she wasn't feeling well and she crashed early.  The next day we got up and had a big breakfast!  The fever was broken and she was doing much better.  We spent the morning with my aunt and mom.  They came over to see us and just catch up.  We had so much fun playing in her room, running around the yard and just sitting on the porch.

     The day was very hot and we stayed out of the sun to avoid getting burned.  We had our sunscreen on of course, but you can't take chances.  My mom, Quinn and I planted a sunflower, we can't wait to see it grow!  After hanging out on the porch got us hungry so we sat down for a big lunch!  We took a small nap and then hung in the rest of the day.  The day was just so hot Quinn can only stay outside so long.  After her nap Vinny, Jay and Serina came over for a visit and got to say hello!

     We settled down for the night and then got some rest.  Sunday we woke up and went to the early service for church then headed home for our nap.  Later that day we went to my Aunts house for dinner!  My parents were there and we cooked steaks, and corn and had fruit.  Later we had pie and went to the playground behind her house.  We had so much fun and it was so cute just seeing her chase my parents around as my aunt and I talked and did some dishes.  The house she lives in has seen many generations of my family so watching my little daughter run around I got to experience the joy so may other family members have in that home...

     After we played at the playground we headed back.  It was a good weekend and I finally got some time to just relax and hold Quinn.  We played outside, hung out on the couch and just overall bonded.  I would be lying by saying I'm used to it by now...  I will say things are getting better...

Always remember,
You are never alone...
Enjoy the pics!

Puzzles with Oma!

Look at my little gardner!

Aunt Ro and I

Daddy and I

Just chatting it up...

There are the ladies!!!

Like my grandfather before me: Daughter in one hand, Genny in the other!

At Aunt Ro's house on sunday!

She wore my pops out!

Dinner was so good!

Get up Popi! Time to chase Oma!

Come and find us.

Just some Daddy time...

Down we go! I don't think I have seen my old man go down a slide in a long time!

Here we are!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Nap Time Part 2

      A few weeks ago I did a post about Nap Time since then Quinn's Nap's have been getting better  but as the days get longer and the weather is nicer out she is getting harder to put down for her nap.  What I have been trying and it is still a work in progress is now getting her to lay down around noon and then putting some TV on for just a little bit.  She has lunch then we lay down and relax, after a little while I turn the TV off and she has to close her eyes.

     I have found that if i leave the TV on she gets distracted but if I don't let her unwind to a short movie or some TV for at least a little she doesn't go down as easy.  I don't mind a little TV time but try to limit it to just a small amount.  When I left the room and came back I saw Quinn was sound asleep and she did great.

     I still can't stress how important a nap is to not only a child but even the parent.  A small mid day nap gets us rested and when the weather gets hot out a nap is very important.  As it gets warmer out we will spend more time out side and not realize how tired we can get.  We have to be careful not to get sunburned or over tired.  If the day is dangerously hot we will spend the day on the porch or inside a little more only because of how young she is and how dangerous the heat and sun are to her.

     The difference a nap makes is just so big.  The days she skips it or just doesn't go she gets very cranky and difficult.  If she goes down she is much easier that day to deal and work with.  Getting her in her room is difficulty because she is used to the couch and loves to just be around me which is cute.

     So if you are having difficulty putting your child down try different area's of the house like the couch and try letting them wind down with TV and then turning it off so they can fall asleep.  If you have any other tricks or advise please let me know.

Always remember...
You are never alone...

Monday, May 21, 2012

The 2012 Annual Lilac Festival

   Spring time means Lilac's in Rochester!  The 2012 Lilac Festival was this past week and I had to bring Quinn.  Now because of our strange winter and very warm days in the winter the flowers came and went pretty much.  I picked up my parents because I new they would love to go and we headed off.

     When we arrived we walked around and took some great pictures of us and continued to just enjoy the wonderful afternoon.  The Lilac is the city flower and if you have never seen or smelled one you must.  They only come up in the spring for a short time but are such a beautiful flower.  Blooming in many different colors.

     We sat down and got some food and just watched everyone walk around.  Quinn and I had our yearly funnel cake!  It was so good and right after we finished, the wind blew and just dumped the power over her.  It was so cute, she did good.  She never cried or complained she just sat there and looked at me.  She was so cute.  We cleaned up ate some more dinner and then went on some rides!  This year they brought in more rids than usual.  It was so cute she had so much fun on them.

     In the end it was just a great day and so nice to spend with my parents and walk the park.  See how beautiful our city is.  The only problem is the place can get crowded fast.  There was a lot of people there for a Wednesday.

     Well my weekend update is coming I took some time off to just enjoy Quinn I will update everyone this week our adventures!

    I hope all is well and please keep in touch!
Enjoy the pics!


Here we are!

Oma and Popi with Quinn.

The Lilacs! 

They smell so good!

Here she goes!

More playing around


Funnel cake!!!

Watch the wind!

Look at all the people!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting ready for the sun.

           As the spring finally get’s ready to close out and the cold weather finally ends it is time to break out the shorts and light shirts.  Now is a great time to clean your home start on the yard and just get ready for summer.  It is also take time and remember you can’t just jump into summer.  You have to slowly start.  Just because it is nice out don’t go outside and just tackle the whole yard.  You may think your ready but remember you relaxed all winter and hibernated.  Do one small job at time and take your time.  Ease into cleaning and getting your yard ready for summer. 

            When you start cleaning the house do a section at a time.  Put some music on and tackle a few rooms at a time and then rest.  Go out and see friends or just relax, pacing your self is very important.  We also have to be aware that the sun is back out and to be mindful of its harmful rays!  Be sure to protect your self and not take advantage of it just because it is May.  You can still burn and get sick even though the temperature isn’t that hot outside.  As we transition into summer this is a great time to just get ready for the nice weather, friends and family.  It honestly takes me some time to do this.  The past winter was odd.  We didn’t get much snow, it was cold, then it would warm up.  Coming down from a winter like that you have be careful.

            For all my single parents out there be sure to now start getting active!  Be outside and play with your children.  Take them for walks, or to the park or outside just to get some fresh air.  I know the past several months you were used to being in and lounging on the couch but make sure they get some run-around time.  The other thing to remember is to not be outside to much.  They can only take so much sun as well.  So I usually go in the morning when it is cooler out and by lunch we are on the porch or on the couch with some window open getting ready for our nap.  Make sure by mid day you see how hot and sunny it is out.  They may want to go play but they don’t understand how dangerous the heat can be. 

            Make sure your child is protected and you are as well.  As you are outside and planting flowers enjoy your time in the sun!  Take some time to “smell the roses”.  Sometimes I feel we are so busy with work all we do is run to our car go to work then get home to unwind.  Enjoy a nice cool beverage on your deck or porch under an umbrella or porch roof.  Hang out with friends and just enjoy their time.  Some of the best days Quinn and I have are when people come over to visit.  We turn some music on and sit on my porch under the safety of the shade.  We get a snack and a drink and just talk and relax. 

            As summer starts up remember to go into it slow and always take shade breaks!  It is however to get some sun.  Sun is good for your body and makes us generally feel better.  Enjoy the start of summer everyone!!! 

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Mid Week Break

Hello all,

I hope every ones week is going well!  It is Wednesday so you know what that means!  I go into the photo archives and select something to make you all smile!

I title this.  "Playing House"  

Have a great rest of the week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Dining out with a 3 year old.

A few Wednesday’s ago I took my daughter to dinner.  My car was still in the shop and I didn’t have a car seat in the rental so I stopped over and we walked to dinner.  We went to a Chinese place across the street.  The walk was nice and it gave me a chance to get some fresh air and just enjoy pushing Quinn.  She loves Chinese food so she was so excited to go. 

Now I didn’t bring a bag with games or crayons or anything to entertain her so I knew I would have to be creative.  We got there and I ask where she would like to sit.  I find if you let them pick their seat they will feel like a big kid and the night will go smother.  If you just make them sit some place the night can start off down hill.  Remember there are times when you have to do the work and instruct your child, and there are times you can give them room to do things they want.  We got seated and we looked over the menu.  I stared talking to her about her day and what she likes to eat there.  Getting your child involved will keep them busy.  Bringing things for them to do is nice but it also distances them from you.  If you are alone its nice to just have the two of you talking.  I offered up some ideas for dinner and we figured out what we wanted.  We ordered sesame chicken and a kid’s low main dish.

As we waited we talked about school, how her day was just small chit chat.  At 3 you will be surprised how much your child can carry on a conversation.  We also joked and laughed.  I always ask her what my name is.  She goes “Chris” ha-ha I love it!  She makes me laugh so much.  My parents try to correct her and say “that’s Daddy” I know it is a phase but I can’t help but just laugh.  I asked her at dinner and she told me Chris.  I love it! As we waited for our dinner to come we talked about how here week was going and Easter coming up.  How she will be going to see her family and things.  At one point she needed a straw for her glass and she pointed to the server area and goes “there is one there”.  I didn’t see one and said “Hun I don’t see any”.  When the server came over I asked for one and she pulled it right from the area Quinn pointed to.  I was like you little smarty!  I was so impressed; I guess she is already starting to pass her father.  I really though I had a few more years before I was pushed down the latter of power!  I know I didn’t have any crayons or books so I just kept talking to her.  Asking her if she was excited about dinner and if she was having fun.  Just making sure she didn’t get bored or anything.  The thing about kids is they love us.  Parents are their world and if you just give them that attention they will grow and blossom into amazing people. 

You have to make sure you are paying attention and not distracted.  Put your phone away!  Don’t do anything that makes your child wonder if you even care about them or are to busy doing something else.  Showing your child that you are interested in what they have to say and do is going to make all the difference.  When dinner came she got so excited and you could just tell how happy she was to be out with her Dad.  I love being a Dad not only because I have always wanted but just because of how this littler person looks up to you and you are their world.  Being a single Dad has tough me a lot and I have a lot to go but I notice when we are out people look over and see how we interact.  I think it’s very nice when people smile when they see a single Dad doing his best.  I think a lot of people know how busy and hard it is to be a single Mom and I think a lot of the time people think single Dad’s are there but they do their own thing.  So when society see’s a Dad that is just going above and beyond they love it.  I think with the majority of kids living with their Mom it is very important that Dad does a super job and steps up.  As dinner progressed on we continued to talk and just enjoy each other’s company.  Anything she learned she shows me to impress me.  Well I am very impressed all the time because she is so amazing.  It’s cute to see how they get your attention and then show you they can do something new like use their fork better ask for food and say it, not just point.  Using please and thank you is something she is getting very good at. 

I could tell she was wrapping up when she starts playing around and taking her time.  We wrapped up dinner and then left.  I ended up getting a good fortune and have to find it to blog about it.  I really liked it…  We walked home and I hugged her goodbye.  When we were there I ended up ordering some soup for her mom.  I brought it to her when I dropped Quinn off and just told her I wasn’t sure if she ate but I got you some dinner.  It was just a nice gesture.  Now I’m sure some of you may say why are you spending your money on your Ex!?  Well one it was really nothing big and two again you have to just show good faith here and there.  I didn’t get her a dozen roses and a love card.  Just something to say hey, I’m a good guy and maybe someday you will finally realize that.  Now that’s not exactly the response I’m pushing for but I always felt I was a good guy and its okay to do good deeds…

As hard as divorce is I still try to show good form and let her Mom know I’m not mad at her and we have to work together.  It was a fun day and I made the most of my time.  I couldn’t let her sleep over because of my car but I made the best of what I had and that is what counts.  I have learned over time you have to do what is best and take what you can get.  I didn’t pout or get upset.  My car in the shop was not in my control so I worked around it.  Being a single Dad is all about plan B.  You have to have back up plan for everything.  When things change you just have to adapt.  I know it doesn’t seem fair but you do.  This event was good because not only did we have fun but I worked out the night with her Mom and we got along and everyone won.  Most importantly my daughter won and that is the most important aspect. 

Always remember, when your child wins, you win.  The fact that your child does see you even for a period of time will keep you fresh in their mind and continue to help them grow and they will know you are trying your best.  If they know they can’t see you because of reasons outside your control they will understand and adapt.  Just show them you love them and are always there.  The rest will come with time…

I hope I have brought joy to your day today…   

Always remember,
You are never alone…

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I wanted to post and say Happy Mothers day to all!  

     Mothers are such special people.  They care for us before we even enter the world.  Keeping us safe from harm and protecting us.  When we are born they hold us, love us teach us.  They hug us when we fall and comfort us when were down.  When we smile and laugh they smile and feel so wonderful in side.  When we get hurt or need a shoulder to cry on they are always the first ones there.

     Mothers are such amazing people and I hope everyone got to talk or spend some time with theirs.  My mother has always been so wonderful to me.  From when I was little she would hug me when I would fall down and laugh with me when I was happy.  When I was dumped she hugged me when I cried and was there for me when I came back to my feet.  From grade school to college, girlfriends to even my divorce she never left and always listened.  When I still to this day call past midnight she answers.  The day I cut my finger she didn't even let me finish before I heard her tell my dad.  "Get up were getting Chris to the ER".

     She would help with with homework and she got to know all my friends in school, I think she knew everyone in school.  I would say she was probably cooler than me!  But when I was older and threw a party or two... okay or three I made sure two things.  One, it was hunting season so my dad was gone.  Sorry Dad... It's better you now know how many people came over, hey the house is still standing, and two I made sure my mom was there!  Momma Zini (long story I'll tell you later) as she's known for was the life of the party and helped me run the show.  People there would fight over who would get her as a beer pong partner!  I have to admit she is good!  She taught me the importance of family and the value of friends.  When it was time to have fun we did, and when it was time to be serious she was.  I was raised right and I can't thank her enough.  One of the hardest aspect of life is where we are born.  Some into fame, some into failure...  We do not choose what family we are born into but if every parent just steps up to make a difference we would be better off.  I was very fortunate to have good parents, family and friends.

     When my divorce came she did everything to help me get through it and she never stopped.  So i stopped over after work and my brother gave her our gifts and spent time with her.  She said the best gift was us, and just being there with her two boys.

     My Mom and I also are stubborn so we argue to.  My dad growing up heard a lot of it.  Passionate people we put our feelings out on the table so it was an interesting house to grow up in.  But before I would go to bed I would always end up by her door.  She would look up from reading and know I wanted to talk and say I was sorry.  We fight hard and fast, cool down and move on.  I know it sounds crazy but I love her and it works sometimes, and others it always doesn't.  The one thing I can say is whenever, and wherever I need her, she will be there for me and my brother.

     So I say I hope all mothers know this, you are so very special and loved by all.  Although my daughter's mother and I are no longer together she is a very good mother to her and for this I am grateful.

     So to all the Mothers around the world I say Happy Mothers day.  You are an amazing person!

    To you Mom I say thank you for being such a good Mom.

Happy Mothers Day!

Love, Your son

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking in the Rain

         I have always been a big believer of never taking advantage of the small things in life like the rain.  Over the past several years I’ve noticed how many people run and hide from it.  We bundle up and carry umbrellas to avoid it.  We fear getting wet and want to protect or clothing and hair.  Now sometimes this is agreeable but I often see rain as a time to slow down and just feel it on my face and body…

            You may ask why in the world I posted about this…  Well it’s so often we take advantage of the rain.  How many times have you just slowed down and felt it land on you on a warm summer night.  We fear getting wet because then we have to dry off and honestly people don’t love to walk around soaking wet.  Just once go outside in the rain and feel it come down.  When Quinn is over and it’s warm we always play in the rain, take a walk, jump in puddles just enjoy it for what it is.  She has learned to love the rain and when it rains out now she ask to go outside and play.  I have no problem as long as its not thundering out or cold.  Rain and cold weather can cause an issues this I will agree.  Besides playing in it there is also just lying in bed and hearing it hit the roof with a window cracked.  I also love to sit on my porch and have a cup of tea and watch it fall. 

            I live in a city that is second in the nation for seasonal depression, next to Seattle.  But I embraced the seasons and when it rains enjoy the fact that my city gets rain where others may not.  I also love to walk in it because you just never know one day it may stop.  I know for now it will keep raining but what if one day it did.  What would you do if one day you had to tell your grandchildren about rain because it no longer happens.  We take small things for granted and then when they are gone wish we had more time.  More time to jump in puddles or just feel it come down, the smell of the air after it settles or a beautiful picture of a rain bow after a storm. 

         Sometimes I just love being out and getting caught in the rain.  One day you will just be walking and then all of a sudden it just rains.  I just can't help but love to keep walking, even slow down.  We see people running to their cars or getting out their umbrella's.  I guess I just love to watch as I get rained down.  

            As a people we have used up so many resources on our planet already and continue to use them as our population increases.  I wonder the future of our planet I hope she holds up.  Not every country cars for it in the same ways and I just fear one day the rain will just stop…

            So next time you are out and it starts to rain, if you don’t have something important in your hands, enjoy it.  Walk a little slower and think about what would happen if one day if the rain was just a story…   

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Nap Time

  Nap time, as long as our cultures have been around the nap has too.  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are napping a mid day nap refreshes and gives your body that little break it needs.  In Italy, workers take a nap after lunch then go back to work.  We as Americans nap but I still feel we work too much and then go to bed late on top of it all.  We get up early use caffeine to get us moving, work all day get the house in order and dinner ready, put the kids to sleep and other things we have to do before the next day comes.  We may close our eyes on the weekends in the afternoon after a nice big lunch or even if its nice out take a nap in the shade while the sun warms our gardens and feeds our plants. 

On the weekends I have Quinn I stress her nap because she is still growing and after she is refreshed and feels better.  It also gives me time to relax and nap to.  I get to get some work done or just lay on the couch with her and enjoy her company.  When she doesn’t get her nap in she can get cranky.  But then again can’t we all?  I try to get her down mid day so the rest of the day we have to do other activities.  I used to put her in her room but now she naps on the couch after lunch.  She loves to be in the family room because it is close to me and she wakes up here and there and can see that I’m close.  After lunch she get’s on the couch and puts a movie on.  Then she gets her blanket and bunny and I let nature take its course.  The tired eyes fall and she begins her rest. 

Quinn will nap for about an hour but she can nap longer if we had a busy morning or late night.  Sundays she can nap up to two hours!  Sometimes I feel the nap takes away time I can be playing with her but I remember all the times I used to nap when I was growing up and how important it is.  She doesn’t fight me on it but if she is tired she goes down easier than if she is not.  Sometimes I will lay with her to get her settled in and we will watch a movie together.  Then I will get up and cover her as she finishes.  As I sit quietly and get some work done I look over from time to time and just see how she’s doing.  It is one of my favorite things about being a father just seeing your little angel sleeping knowing she is safe and protected.  I even catch my self from time to time taking one as well.  We do so much in a day so there is nothing wrong with getting a little extra rest in and relaxing. 

Here are some tips for helping you get your child to rest and get their nap in. 

First try to get them to nap everyday around the same time.  This will be your biggest asset.  Being in a routine will help them get started and then continue to keep going.  It makes it easy and their bodies get used to it.

            Second make sure they know nap time is coming.  Tell them that it is nap time and to get ready.  Maybe after lunch or snack, usually after food is a good time because the body is full and ready to rest.

            Third get them excited, let them know that a nap is a good thing and that you will rest to!  Laying down with them is a good start because they want to be by you so let them enjoy laying with you and just feeling the comfort of you.  Having your harm around them curled up on the couch with a good movie on will make them feel safe and comfortable.

            Forth get them comfortable with a movie, I know TV has its down’s but if you start a movie they will fall asleep then you can turn it off later.  A movie is fun because you can allow them to go pick one out and make them feel they are involved.  They get the movie they want and have their milk or water next to them.  They will feel like they have a part in all of it and that’s what kids really want.   They want to feel they can make choices too.  

            Finally, make sure there are no distractions if someone comes over let her get down first.  Then when she wakes up ask her how he/she feels and let them wake up slowly.  Let them adjust to waking up and don’t just rush them into the next thing.  Let them lay there for a while and get ready.  After all who likes to wake up and have to rush, I know we all do it but that doesn’t mean we like it. 

            Think about when you wake up in the morning and if you have an hour of time or 10 minutes.   When you have an hour you can slowly wake up and maybe shower or have some breakfast.  Your body gets ready for the day and you adjust slowly.  Now think about when you wake up late and have to rush.  Think about how tired you feel later in the day and how nervous you are rushing to get dress and then end up driving fast to work to get there on time.  You are not thinking clearly and then when the day goes on your body starts to come down and you get tried faster.

            As your child sleeps or naps always allow their own bodies to let them wake up.  If you have to get them home txt the other parent and just let them know they are just getting up or maybe they slept in a little they should be understanding.  Also make sure you get rest and give your self a good nap when you need it.  Naps aren’t just for kids anymore!

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


Monday, May 7, 2012

A great finish to the weekend.

      Well the rest of the weekend went great.  Saturday Quinn and I made some breakfast and took a nice long walk.  We ended up going to the playground and just enjoying the sun.  After we headed home for a nice nap.  We had lunch and then took our mid afternoon nap!  We crash on the couch and get some rest because we had a lot more to go.

      Aunt Ro came over to give Quinn her Easter things and to take us out to dinner.  Quinn showed Aunt Ro her room and the new blinds!  She loves to show people around and is so cute when she does.  Quinn is just so excited about our home and when she visits.  We ended up playing around a little and then went out for dinner then came home.  We went bowling and colored in her room, the day was perfect and the sun was out!  We stopped over Jason and Serina's house for a bonfire.   Quinn had a blast she had smores and just hung out with her dad.  I love Saturdays...

      Sunday we slept in and I told Quinn we have to go to church next time she comes over ! lol... But we took the time to just relax.  I know minister. (who is a follower)  will be understanding. :)  We took our nap and then headed out to my rents for dinner.  My Aunt, Mom, and Dad put on a good spread for us!  Chicken, beans, mashed potatoes, and pound bread.  We got to run around and jump on the trampoline!  Quinn loves to jump on her daddy and well daddy is good about being jumped all over.  It was good to see my parents with Quinn because they haven't seen her in a while so I was excited to see them just enjoy her.

      Sunday's are very hard because I have to get Quinn home by 6:00PM so I feel like the day feel so short.  As a single father it is something I have to overcome and look forward to the weekends and not think about Sunday's.  I am still working on a tip for how to handle dropping off your child and leaving without feeling horrible.  It is still being worked on because I haven't perfected it yet, may never will.  Nothing is harder so far in my trials of being a single dad then the 6:00pm drop off...  It's just that hard.  I do say for any single moms or dads out there that have to do it to be strong and when you get home keep busy, see friends or clean.  I cleaned the whole house which it had to be done but it was good get the house in order.  My heart does go out to you and I hope when you drop your child off you can get through.

      I got a call later that night from her mom.  Quinn was upset and wanted me to say I was sorry for rushing out to get her home.  It was about 5:40 and I didn't want to be late because we don't have that relationship where I can stay.  I can txt her and tell her I'm running late but I guess it's just sad we don't get along  to the point were we can trade her off and on and I don't have to get scared about time...  Well I talked to Quinn and told her I was sorry, I rushed her home and she wanted a drink of water.  I told her we had to go and that she can get on home.  She was sad I let her get a drink and felt I was upset with my family.  When in reality I was nervous and flustered because I feel controlled by this divorce decree.  She said she loved me and I said it back just feeling so horrible.  I hate this, being rushed because her mom and her lawyer put it together and I was blinded by the fact I still cared for her and now that everything is signed I can't help but feel like I should have though it through more.  I don't feel like going back to court yet.  I will give it some time but eventually I will go back and ask for more time.  I know I sound like I am complaining but some day I will post about how much time I do have her and then you will know why my frustrations are just so high.  But I will post about this later and give some other tips...

      I just love being a dad...  Any ideas or pointers please let me know!

     We did have such a great weekend and I can't wait for Wednesday!  Here are some pics!!!

We got up Saturday and played with stuffed animals!

Nap Time :)

We played bowling!!!!

She had so much fun.

We also did some coloring.

Quinn and her personality.....

Here we are at the fire!

Quinn and Serina

Here we are!

Playing around...


I got my lawn rolled Sunday! Jay's brother did it.  Now I can build the fire pit this summer.

Nap time!

Here we are at Oma and Popi's!  Oma is showing me the bird feeders!

Jumping around!

Just chilling with Popi.

Oma showed me how to fill the bird feeder...

Here we are!