"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review 4: West Bend Waffle Maker

     A few months ago a friend from work brought in a waffle maker for our team to make breakfast!  I couldn't believe how easy it was.  So for Christmas I got Kayla one!  I got her the West Bend brand and honestly it has been such a great product.  

     Waffle have come so far, I used to own a heavy one that just never made them come our right.  I feel it was more work to make them and clean up than was worth it.  This single Waffle maker makes the job so easy and the clean up is even easier!  I got this one off Amazon and it was only about 35 dollars and that was a deal believe me!  I think people don't make Waffle's because they think they are hard to make or that Waffle makers just are a pain to use.  The West Bend makes this all go away...

     The unit is small, light and has a small plate below to catch drips or spills.  The handle bends so you can store it in small places and it heats up and cools down extremely fast for your convince.  You can make Waffles very easily too now by just getting a box at the store and adding water and and egg.  You can then setup the Waffle maker to a setting you would like, I usually make it on the darker side because I like them well done.  A nice crunch to them when you eat them.  Once the Waffle maker is ready you can just put a very light spray on the inside.  Very light, don't use to much you will have to wipe it down later.  Then fill the maker inside till the filing is almost to the edges.  

     Close the lid and use the nice easy flip setting!  A green light will light up when ready!  Flip it back and open.  Then you can put butter or syrup on them and enjoy!  You can really crank out a Waffle every few minutes and feed a number of people very effectively.  This also is a great idea to bring into work and have your team enjoy!  If you are allowed, please check first!  I think everyone just look into investing in a Waffle maker only because how easy it is now to make them plus if you have kids you will be the star!  I make Waffles for Quinn every once and a while and she just loves them.  You can spice things up too.  You can add chocolate chips to the batter, or after the Waffle is done you can add fruit or whipped cream and even ice cream!   The West Bend makes this all so easy!

     I love mine and give this review a thumbs up for sure.  The pictures below will show you the produce and outcome!  The maker even comes with a receipt book that can give you all different ideas as well as looking online too.  After I started using ours I just couldn't believe how easy it was breakfast was fun and not scary anymore thinking about cleaning up or anything like that.  

     There are Waffle makers that make up to four Waffles however they are expensive and can be messy.  You can only make one good sized Waffle but in minutes you can have another and another.   Sometimes cleaning the inside is difficult because you have to wipe it down and with the grooves it can be tricky however its worth it.  

With three great steps!

1) Mix Batter 
2) Heat up Waffle maker
3) Pour and watch cook!

Then Enjoy!  Well I guess four steps.  So if your looking for a great breakfast idea then look into this.  You will be the Waffle King or Queen and your kids will be excited to try new ideas when you take this out!  I hope you enjoyed this review!  I used this over the weekend and Quinn loved her Chocolate Chip Waffles!  Look into and and if yo have your own comments or ideas let me know!

     Here is a great link!  West Bend 

Here is the Waffle Maker, a good sized product.

Simple and makes a large Waffle!

Just add the batter.

Cook and wait for the green light!

Done!  As you see a great nice color, the Waffle was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

End result

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A night in with Quinn

     Yesterday evening Kay had to work later into the evening so it was just Quinn and I.  For a while now since Kayla moved in Wednesday's have been the three of us which I love but last night was fun too.  It reminded me of when it was just Quinn and I.  Not that I wanna go back!  I love our life but just picking her up and getting dinner ready.  Sitting and talking at the table and then playing a game or two.  We had fun and I made her grilled cheese and tatters! She then had a cookie and we went to play some card games.  It was fun and just sitting there I still couldn't believe how big she got.  I remember after I moved out she was so little when she came over, its almost hard to think about.  Now she gets her toys and games out for us to play with and sits next to me and talks about her day as we play. 

     Her independence is growing and her knowledge as well.  Time passes so fast we forget sometimes what its like because were so busy with just life and running around.  After cards we hung out and watched some TV.  We just relaxed because it was hot still and we were trying to cool off!  After TV it was time for bed.  She did a great job and listened to me every step of the way.  She didn't fight me or ask why.  Just simply came up and got ready.  We did some reading and our sight words and she did such a great job too.  I didn't know where I would be years ago when this all happened but where I am now I feel I have come so far.  Nobody wants to say when they grow up they wanna be a single parent just how the cards are flopped.  With Kayla now however it has been wonderful she helps me out so much.  She also helps getting Quinn to the bus stop too and they get their own little time.  So having so small time with just us was kinda nice. 

     This is why I encourage single parents to make sure you put your kids first!  Nothing becomes before a life.  Nothing is more important, an outing or game, book or movie.  Your family and friends need to know sometimes you can't go out or do something.  You have to be a parent first.  Even just sitting on the couch and laughing over a TV show or playing a game will bond your child to you.  Kids love there parents, its in our genes to. 

     After a hug and kiss she was off to bed.  This weekend we pick her up and have some great plans ahead.  I can't wait to update you all!  I hope everyone hugs there're kids tonight or next time they have them extra tight!  It won't be long till they are grown up...  Life goes so fast...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


I did take one picture of her last night!  I'll post it this week.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Parents, make use of that extra day!

     So yesterday was Memorial day which you are aware.  I wanted to post a quick tip today for my single parents out there incase you had that extra day with your kids!  I was able to see Quinn yesterday per her Mom has her Labor day.  Well on special days like this you must take advantage of the day only because you get so few.  So although I don't have a tip I would just say when the holidays like this come make sure you spend the day with your child and enjoy the time!

     Have a special lunch or dinner planned, if it's nice out go out and play.  If not stay in and play!  Whatever the case maybe remember an extra day is special and they don't come around that often so use them to have fun with your child.  If you are going out take them too!  Just don't drop them off per this special day will be lost if you have other plans and don't let them know how special they are to you.  Kids will know over time the more you have someone watch them, the less time you have the harder it will only be on you and them in the future.

    So use the extra day to as that free day and spend time with your kids!  I don't need a tip for that! 

I hope everyone who had the extra day had fun and if your day wasn't I hope the next one coming up will be!  If your day is next turn well get ready and spend it with you're kids!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

     I hope everyone had a good holiday, if you were off work or with your kids.  I hope everyone took time to understand what this day means.  Soldiers around the world who gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives.  When it comes to war soldiers think the other side is the enemy, there is no wining in war no real end.  Many soldiers on opposite sides were fighting because it was their country or even because they had to.  In some wars and countries if you didn't fight you were killed.  When sons, and daughters are buried by their parents and children.  My dad and many friends and other family members being Vets I take today to remember we are free because of the men and woman who gave their lives.

     I hope everyone did have a great holiday and remember the things we take for granted like our homes, jobs and freedom were a gift from our vets.  Our great country with its freedom, some have little rights for freedom at all.  People living in fear and oppression.  Even on my bad days I am still thankful for the roof over my head and food on the table.  A safe place to sleep and our military, and first responders keeping us safe.

     Today I spent the day with Quinn and Kayla.  It was nice to have the day with my little one and Kayla.  We spend they day inside only because how hot it was and in the heat it can be dangerous for kids.  We then went to Matt and Becky's house for dinner.  We hung out and just had fun.  A day out of the office was nice I will admit.  An extra day with Quinn is always a plus!

     Always remember what was given for us to be free...

Happy Memorial Day..

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, May 24, 2015

A weekend out of town

     This past weekend Kayla and I went up north to visit her family.  My parents came up as well and we started to get the wedding stuff done!  It was a good change to get my parents to meet some of her other family members.  Friday we arrived and my parents were already there and settled in.  We said our hello's and pretty much just went to bed per we worked and were so tired.

     Saturday we started off by looking at cakes!  I think we are set on one and I promise to fill you in soon.  The ladies all went to look at the flowers while my dad, kay's dad and her uncle hung out and held her patio down, with a few "Pops"...  Kayla and I then went over to the church to talk to the organist and make sure the music was set!  After that all the uncles, ants and our big family got together at her Grandma and Aunts house for some good cookin!  Her auntie made a great chicken and rice dish along with some salad and pasta!  I hate two servings, there goes my 3 month challenge!  It was healthy so i take that as a loop hole!  It was so good to, Kayla and I, her parents, auntie and Grandma headed over to the party store to talk about how the hall would be setup and what ideas to do.  After that we headed back for some games and to spend the rest of the time with family.  (it was busy day to say the least!)

     During game night we hung out, laughed talked snacked and just over all had fun.  People come and go and with a family that size its fun to see everyone talking and getting to know my parents.  They fit in well and were joking with everyone very soon.  It was nice, kayla her mom, auntie and I sat and talked while others played games or watched TV.   As the night went on we cleaned up and then all headed home.  I usually hang out with Kayla's younger brother until I fall asleep on his couch in his room as he plays video games.  haha.

     We got up and then headed to church.  My parents wanted to meet the minister as well as see the church we were getting married in so they came with us.  After the service, yup another meeting! lol.  We met with Mother Elizabeth and talked about what we needed to do for the weeding and even got some homework!  Like I'm not busy enough!  JK!  So the next few weeks Kay and I will talk to her and get some things she needs in order and we'll be wrapping up!

    We spend some time with Kay's family and then said our goodbyes.  Off we were back on our way home.  My parents left a little before us but it was nice they stayed to talk to before we all parted.  So the good news is tomorrow is a Holiday!  Please remember it is Memorial day and keep the people who lost there lives in your thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Game Night!

Kayla and her Auntie, my soon to be Auntie! 
Her and Grandma throw a good party!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A PROMISE I Made...An OATH I Took...

     Some people know what single parents go through, they also sometimes ask how I do it.   How do I work with my ex even if I feel I don't see Quinn as much as I honestly should because her Mom wont allow me.  How do single Dad's fight the struggle.  Well it isn't easy, there are some that get along so much better they split the kids easier and encourage them to be almost half and half.  With me it has gotten better, however my ex just feels she can't miss a thing with our daughter I feel.  Heck I even fight to see Quinn more on fathers day, she yet has let her spend the night and that's my day!  I feel like a criminal some day's.  Like this separation degree has bound my hands and I have to do what she says because I trusted her in the beginning.  Over the years it has improved we have worked together and if we talk we usually get by our differences. 

     However the struggle of still going to pick her up ever time even when I asked her if Kayla can on the way home from work because she is closer was denied or the fact that yes parents like I have to still see their Ex.  Most get off relationships easy, they don't deal with their Ex and don't care.  However parents the split up deal with the that other parent for ever.  Even when the child is grown two involved parents have to communicate about one thing or another it seems.  I think over the past year or so there were some difficult times.  I went through the divorce pretty easy and now looking back should have honestly fought a lot more.  Try this one on, after you have to move out of your home and a few years goes by there is a new guy in your home!  I didn't care he was with my Ex...  Here I was struggling while some new guy lived in the home a lot of my money and even families money put into hard work and time took to make nicer and a place to live.  Someone new comes in because you are forced out and they sell the home you helped build.  After they sold the house and moved to a, well huge one in a very well community it takes even more time to get used to...  (I do love my home and where I live though).  My ex can live on the whitest street if she wants id don't care, I live down from the hood and I love it!  Well don't think its bad, its a great area but I'm close to the city but I love all people so.

     However when you go and drop off a check and that money could have been used so desperately it isn't easy when you see the place you drop it off at.  Child support is something I believe in I do and pay it every time on time.  But when your ex and her new husband make well a few times over you it doesn't make it easy.  When their home is very new, big and filled with the newest amities like beautiful hard wood floors and granite counter tops while you are saving for some paint because all your money was in the last house, the one you were thrown out of, its hard...  

     When you know your daughter has so many more toys and stuff because they can afford it well its not a glass of cool water to swallow.  However I have been blessed, I have family that loves and helped me a good home and beautiful soon to be wife.  Quinn loves her room and our home when she stays with us.  One of the hardest parts is letting of the past, moving on and not caring.  The time, money and work you put in has gone and you have to let it go.  Like a cancer it will consume you and if you don't it will darken you and eventfully kill you... 

    So what do I do?  Well I have many supports like family, friends, Kayla, Quinn and even my bloggers and friends who read this and love me so much! (I love you too!)  Blogging does help a community of people you never met who support you and tell you to keep going and your doing a great job.  People that comment that my blog has helped them yet we never met...  Reading their stories and helping them, telling them you know how they feel and that your connection is deep on a level you don't need to be in person to tell them. 

     Above all this however there is one more thing, I made a promise and an oath.  A promise I will never break.  A promise to a small little person.  I promised he made when she was born no matter what I would be there, I would protect her at any cost and make her life the best one I can.  When it all fell apart and she became a product of a divorced family I keep the promise.  I kept pushing forward fighting and fighting never giving up even in my darkest hours.  When I would go to church alone in the dark and cry on the rail asking for answers, demanding them. 

     When I worked up to 70 hrs. a week with two jobs and barley ate.  I kept fighting because that's what we do.  We keep fighting, some animals give their lives to just see their young born.  There are some people that after birth won't even want to see their child...  It is a strange world I know but below is a picture I look at when some of the hardest times have come upon me.  I look at it and remember there was this little person looking back at me.  Pure innocence, love and new life. 
Looking and thinking please protect me because I can't protect myself...
Please feed me, cloth me, give me a home, teach me, punish me when I'm wrong and cheer when I'm right, laugh with me when I'm happy and cry with me when I'm in pain, protect me from life but let me spread my wings and fly, but most importantly... love me... 

Just love me for who I am..
Your Daughter...  

     So this was the PROMISE and OATH I took and will keep, that no matter how upset I was because her Mom wasn't working with me or sharing her more when she could, or seeing things like money you put into something gone or used by another.  I would love her I would support her and I would be there for her no matter what....

     We are parents and parents we shall be... 

Always remember...


Friday, May 22, 2015

A day in the Yard

     This past Sunday we spend the day outside working and cleaning up the front yard!  Last year we dug out a lot of bushes, plants and small trees to make room for new plants.  The bushes were overgrown and we wanted to start over.  Over the year we got busy and still need to buy flowers, however we did a lot of weeding and mulching!  Kayla and I started by just pulling all the weeds and any roots in the ground.  Trust me there were a lot, we filled two big paper yard bags up.  Then we tilled the ground and picked up any loose ends of weeds. 
     After we put the mulch down!  We went through 18 bags, that was the front and back!  After it made such a big difference.  Quinn was out raking and picking up leaves too!  Its good to start them off early letting them know yard work is just a part of life.  She also played and watched us to.  It took several hours to complete but when we were done we were so happy. 
     The result of yard work can make one so satisfied all the work you put in and seeing the amazing results.  Mulch really makes a difference as well.  So our next step is to get some plants in and then we will be set!  The back is pretty much set we just need to figure out the front.  I hope everyone is started their landscaping and spring cleaning!  Get moving now while the sales are going on, also it gets harder as the year goes on!
Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...
Getting started!  We already weeded so much for this picture to.

Looking good!

Even better!

The back looks done and not to bad if I may say!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Smoked Ribs!

     So Kayla and I got this massive grill and she said as long as I use it she's ok!  So after doing some reading and getting a few books on grilling I took my first shot at smoking ribs!  I looked online and read up on what I wanted to do.  Both are very helpful tools, if you watch someone online it's a little more step by step however books give great recipes to follow.  So I did some homework and then set a date.  It was a few weeks ago and I had half day off work.  I had all the tools set and the ribs were in the fridge.  I had to get some things done on my car so that set me back but I was starting around 3, which is late actually... 

     So without giving away all my secrets here's what I did!  

First I cut the membrane off the ribs and got them ready.  I put a basic all season on them and let it sit for a minute.  Then I used my binding agent and rubbed that it and got both racks set for my rub.  I used a sweeter mix rub but you can make or buy anything you wish.  I don't like to hot of things so I went on the sweeter side.  After the ribs were set I got the grill going.  Getting the smoker box fired up and having the coals put in.  I then put some woodchips on and put the ribs down.  Every 45 minutes I would spray them with a solution to keep them moist!  Basic juice, oil combo.  They then cook over 3 hours.  No direct heat, all indirect so the ribs were over nothing and the heat and smoke came from the smoker box.  You would think you have a lot of time on your hands but you have to keep the heat going or the ribs won't cook.  Once the three hours were up I took them back in side to prep again! 

     I put them on tin foil and used a sweet mix of brown sugar, magic butter and honey for the money on them. Covered both sides then wrapped up the rips, then laid them meat side down.  Remember to do this so they cook in the juices!  This trick I saw online where you wrap them up again.  It really made the difference.  They cooked another 1 1/2 and when I took them off they looked so good.  Then I took them out and put them on the grill with just a little BBQ Sauce for a glaze.  They cook for 1/2 more hr and then we cut them up.  Everyone enjoyed them and we even had some the next day.  I found a few things for next time I will correct but everyone loved them and I was happy they came out so well!  It was fun I will add and I can't wait to try them again.  I will look into doing other meats but I do enjoy ribs and want to try them again soon.  Along side the ribs we cut up potatoes and onions and then put them in foil with some butter and seasons.  They cooked on the grill as well and with the ribs tasted so good! It was a good first attempt I can't wait to see them after I make my adjustments!  I may make a video also if things go well! 

 I will keep you posted! 
I hope you all enjoy the pics!  Sorry no catering yet folks!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here they are with the rub.

Getting the coals and wood chips lit.

Smoking ribs.

Cooking Away

Glazed and almost done!

The final product!  5 hrs later! What an event!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Making yard work fun!

     This past weekend we did some yard work!  (I have to post yet)  Since we had Quinn we wanted to make the day fun.  Kids usually like to actually help out and you can let them and make a day of it!  Quinn helped us pick weeds, rake and put piles in the trash.  She also supervised of course!  So if you plan a outside cleaning day thy the following!

1)  Tell your kids your going outside to get some sun and do some yard work!  They probably will want to join you.  Kids generally like being around their parents.

2)  Give them things they can do like pulling weeds or raking a little.

3) Invest in some small tools for them!  If they have their own rake or gloves they will feel that much more special!

4)  Make it a fun time and talk as you do it.  Yard work isn't the most fun activity but you can make it enjoyable!

5)  Take pictures and show them the hard work!  Explain how it pays off and now look at the result.  They will be sure to show others that come over too and they will be proud of what was done!

     Making yard work fun isn't that difficult if you make it enjoyable.  We do have to teach our kids to do it because one day they will have their own homes and it will need to be attended.  If you teach them that spring cleaning is important they will do it when they are older! 

     When I was a kid growing up my brother and I mulched cleaned weeded, mowed the lawn and just about all the work my parents did to help out.  Sure at times it sucked!  However it made us realize that now as a homeowner it is a needed job!  Now I have to take care of my home because if I don't who will?  As we grow up we start to teach our kids things our parents once taught us, without even realizing it!  Crazy how this secret learning takes place! 

     I was so proud that Quinn wanted to work and that she did do such a great job!  I can't wait to post this week about our outside work and show you our pics!

I hope the following tips help!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Lilac Festival!

     This past weekend was the final weekend of the Lilac Festival!  Every year for many years I have been attending this festival because it just feels like one of the heart our our city.  We do have many other festivals however this one starts off summer and the Lilac is our city flower!  Vendor's come in from all over to sell goods, food and offer rides for kids!  There are music concerts all week and even a run at the end of the week.  The event has just always been something I love, smelling the flowers eating some funnel cake and just walking around and seeing the sights.  I have brought Quinn for a few years now and she get so excited!  We got up early on sunday and ate some breakfast then got cleaned up and left!

     The three of us headed down and started walking around!  We took some pictures and smelled the lilacs!  Thing about them as a flower by late May they will be gone, they are so pretty and smell so good but they only bloom for a short period of time.  However the park is filled with Lilac bushes!  White, dark purple, light purple they fill the hills and all over the park they just are everywhere.  It is so amazing.  People bring food or eat there and have small picnic's in the shade.  Everyone just has a good time and it really is a good time.  So after our walk we got some funnel cake!  It is a tradition in fact!  We sat in the shade and had our sweet treat!  After we headed home just because it can fill up fast and then it gets crowed.

     Throughout the year we have so many fun events but this on just holds a special place in my heart, a time to go smell our pretty flowers, eat some food and get some sun.  A time to just spend with Kay and Quinn and not worry about work or the house or anything else.  I hope everyone has a festival or party the enjoy every year and look forward to!  I have posted about this before but always love sharing it with you!  I have a few more updates from this weekend but well I like giving the festival its own post! Enjoy the pics!

Always remember you are never alone...


Quinn in the park.

Kayla and Quinn

Here we are!

Enjoying the beautiful flowers!

Funnel cake!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Certified to Save Lives...


     This past week I had to get recertified in  CPR/AED/First Aid. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator.)  Every two years it runs out and I go to a few hour class to get this set.  I think with all that goes on in today's world I can't stress how important it really is to just at least know this information.  I know not everyone has the time to get it set and some places charge however I would tell anyone its always very important because someone could need it that could be around you.  The course was fun and we got to watch video's then do demonstrations.  They teach you how to not panic and just start to get aid to someone who needs it.  I have not needed to use my training however it does feel good I am ready if I ever need it.

     When it comes to helping others in this day and age there is a question of do we?  I know this sounds bad but there are cases of people getting more hurt from others helping and then lawsuits come around.  However there are states that have a good Samaritan Law, some sates will fine you if you don't try to help!  I would say yes if you know how to help someone try, when it coms to more back issues or something well then be careful I wouldn't advise anyone to move someone if they don't have to.  Let professional help arrive before you hurt them further.  Of course there are things like fire or if something was going to fall on them or they were falling that can override however in cases like CPR you always check the scene first.  The good thing is learning CPR/AED is not hard and an AED tells you the steps.  Our instructor told us the most important thing with and AED is turning it on because after you do the machine will tell you what to do.  Preforming CPR is so important because you are moving the blood thought the body.  We learned that blood has oxogyn in it and you can keep performing CPR and the blood will still get oxoygen to the body.  There are mouth to mouth trainings.  In this day however we are trained but they recommend we use a mouth guard or filter.  I know people get nervous when giving breaths which is why they always say if anyting just keep doing chest compressions. 

     Our instructor advised they are considering taking mouth to mouth out because a study showed when you do chest compressions the lugs do get air.  Kind of like a squeeze ball, when you compress it fills back up.  However don't quote me on anything!  They say the rule of thumb is give mouth to mouth to someone you would kiss.  Family or very close friends.  However always keep doing CPR!   Also call for help ASAP!     

     We asked our instructor if you can get sued, he said he performed CPR on many people including woman and people are going to be more grateful you saved their lives than rather get mad a rib is bruised or their shirt was opened up so you can perform CPR or place an AED.  He told us ribs and things like that heal, but you can heal death.  Also most people may not know there are different pads or devices for kids and adults.  You need to use the correct ones so you wont hurt the child.  That is why the course is so important because people may just start pounding on your chest but there are places you cant push!  If you go to low can you break ribs and they can go into lungs or your liver, if you go to high you may not get the heart to move blood at all.  We also talked about how to use the AED and how important it is.  

      Of course for more information please contact the American Heart Association , your local town or The Red Cross to get info on training.  Seek help with a certified instructor don't just use the internet!  There maybe out dated information you are reading.  Be sure to get helpful information the correct way and make sure it is up to date. 

     The picture below is what we learned are the 5 important steps to saving a life with CPR. 
1) Call for help, 2) start CPR, 3) use AED,  4) Medical Help assist (EMT), 5) Hospital or facility care.  I guess we take this for granted because we don't need them or are around someone that does.  However never do!  Always be alert and ready!

Be safe, get certified and always be ready...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our First Concert!

    Several months ago Kayla and I attended our first concert!  100.5 the drive had a concert featuring a few great bands and Kayla and I went.  A local singer Amanda Lee Peers who made it on the Voice started off the show, she did a great job and it was nice to see someone from our home town too.

     Next OH Honey came on, they played a few songs and the crowed got even more pumped up.  I liked both performers but I have to admit I was waiting for Matt Kearney.  He came on after Oh Honey. 

     After came Mat Kearney who I really wanted to see.  I have been a fan of his music for a while now.  He did a great job, it was only him and someone on the keyboard.  He played about 5 or so songs and you could tell he was having fun.  His father was born in our city and he talked about it he even has a song about it called Rochester.  He played a lot of his popular songs and some of his new ones.  He had a CD coming out right around the concert time.  He was just a great artist and we could tell he had a blast being up there.  We were right in the middle of the floor since there were not assigned seats and had a great view.  I got some great pics I can't wait to show you below.  After he left the Script came on.  It was a long night because between each artist was about a 15 minute interval.  So by the time The Script came on we were tired.  We did stay for a few songs however did have to go because we were tired and had to work the next day.  We did see them pay a few of our favorite songs and the crowd went wild!  There was a lot of people that attended and the place was jamming!

    Being our first concert we were excited to just go.  It was nice to go with Kay because we have both gone to many in our day but to go with someone you love is different.  In the end for our fist concert we just had a lot of fun.  We wanted to beat the crowd as well and left early.  Concerts are so much fun but hard because you want pictures but also want to enjoy the show.  We did take a few and I would recommend to take them, however also enjoy the show and don't spend to much time behind your camera.  Just being there in the moment is something to remember, there are still so many I do want to go to and some performers I will never be able to see however for this moment it was awesome...

    Thank you all for coming to our city and performing for us!

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Here we are just getting there.

100.5 the Drive, thank you for putting this concert on!

OH Honey, they did a great job!

Matt Kearney, one of my favorites!!

He did such a great job!

The Script!

Here we are!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We're Engaged!!!

    So this past weekend Kayla went home to her parents house up North.  The past few months we have been under a lot of stress because of the roof that is now finally fixed.  We needed a new roof and ceilings inside per some damage this past winter.  So with the roof finally fixed and now we were broke!  It happens however, we were nervous we were never going to get married so we talked about what we could do.  When we were on our way I started getting my plan ready.  When we arrived to Kayla's parents house we settled in and just got to talking.  Later that night I talked to Kayla's Mom, and just told her how much I care about Kayla and will take care of her no matter what.  Not to long ago we were offered a ring from Kayla's Nanna.  It was a ring her husband gave her when he was diagnosed with cancer before he passed away.  Kayla's Mom was very happy and said she would talk to her Mom.  The next day everyone had things to do and I just relaxed and made some calls.  I talked to Nana and thanked her so much for what she was doing.  I told her I would get Kayla her own ring one day but she said not to worry and that Kayla's Pappa would be so proud. 

     Later that day Kayla's dad came home and I got a chance to talk to him we sat down over a beer and just got to chat.  When ever we come to visit I like to hang out with him and talk in the garage.  We put some music on and just relax, I could tell he was very happy for us and after I asked he gave his blessing.  When Kayla's Mom came home she had the ring and cleaned it up.  She then gave it to me and I took Kayla out for a drive.  I told her I just wanted to get out for a drive.  I took her down the road to a beautiful spot on the river and we took a walk.  I then talked to her and proposed.  She was shocked and even though we talked about marriage she didn't know and she couldn't believe I had a ring.  We went back and she got to tell her family I could tell how happy she was and I was so happy we go to do it all right there for her family.  We had dinner that night and the rest of the weekend we just hung out and Kayla got to go see her friends around the area and just talk to them as well.  I know we wouldn't be up there for a little while.  We set a date for this August and are very happy!  We have some planning to do but other than that we are just enjoying the summer and everything with it.

     Over the past several years I wasn't sure if I was possible of marrying again.  It wasn't easy and it did talk time.  The heart maybe one of the most difficult parts of our body and spirit to heal.  Over time our relationship has been tested and time and time again we have come though stronger and stronger.  I think one of the hardest parts was overcoming the anger one can have.  However I knew when she won Quinn over she won me and that didn't take long...  So now with a wedding this August we start planning. We are ready and don't need a drawn out time frame. So I will keep you all posted!  Thank you all for your love and support!

So usually on Tuesdays I have a tip.  My tip is to be happy and even if your days are dark remember that the dawn always comes and to fight whatever is trying to bring you down.  Fight hard and let your heart heal, let go of your anger and forgive.

It has been a long journey and there is still more to come so I always tell my readers or anyone that has come by my page to always have faith and keep life positive.  I was once in a darker time than were I am now but there is good and light in this world that won't give up on us no matter how dark we think our day is.

Always remember...
You are never alone..


Her ring!

Here we are!

Quinn and Kayla before our trip. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

       I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!  I want to wish one to everyone and to my special blogger friends who are Mothers!  

     Mothers are such an important part of our lives I don't know how to say it.  They protect us even before we are born!  Then after they vow to keep us safe yet watch from a distance as we go through life.  They see us fall down, pass and fail test, fall in and out of love get hurt, get our hears broken and yes do it all again.  The only thing they can do is guide and steer us.  After so long they have to let go and watch us ride away...  Parents are both extremely important but Mom's are Mom's there just isn't a word.  I can remember crying to my Mom as one day I was waiting for the bus and kicking a ball.  I slipped right back and crack right on my back and head.  It hurt like a, well you know all the words...  I ran right upstairs balling and she held me and comforted me.  After I was good and she checked to make sure there was nothing wrong I still ran down and made it on the bus for school!

     She was there when I was passing some of my hardest test, projects at school and all the kids loved seeing her when she came in.  Her popularly was growing faster than mine i think haha.  My Mom was there for my relationships and good times, and she was there to hug me when I had my heart broken and didn't know what to do like any other High Schooler.  She saw me grow up and get jobs, graduate and get a degree and a job.  She was there when I was married and was so excited to become a grandmother later.  She also was there when my marriage ended and helped me through that.  Moms have a hard job epically when it comes to Sons, especially me! lol  They get yelled at and we take our frustrations out on them when we know its not them were mad at, its the world.  My Mom and I are alike yes and still do knock heads from time to time but she's always there for me and after we cool down we talk.  A cycle of life that so may do.  

     Life isn't easy, its life!  However Mom's do things like love us and hold us and sometimes even the hardest of days just melt away...

I love you Mom...

Happy Mothers Day.

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How to get them out and moving!

     So now that the weather is warmer (for most of the country!)  Its time to get out and get moving.  So how aver several long and cold months do we do this!?  We this past weekend my parents came over and we headed to the park!  Quinn was so excited to go I know she had cabin fever per the long winter.  When we got there I made sure to get some good pictures, however get her moving too.  Below are some things I do to get my little one running around and I think they might just work for you!

1)  First be excited!  Let your kids you want to take them someplace like the park or and out door area they will have fun with!

2)  When you go point out some areas you know they like and get the ball rolling.

3)  Play with them!  I know we all work hard and probably want to just rest but play tag with them or swing next to them.  Showing your kids you want to exercise will encourage them to!  Play tag, or hide and seek they love that!

4)  Let them play with other kids!  If there are other kids there usually they all end up playing together which is good on many levels!  They meet new kids and it does give you a break to rest and watch them.

5)  Make sure they do rest and have water.  If they get excited they will forget to rest and drink water.  Make sure they do. 

6)  Make the time just long enough to get exercise but don't be out all day remember they can tire faster.  Make sure they are covered too.  Just because its May the sun is still out and you can burn!

7)  Always tell them as you have to leave that its ok and you will take them again next time!  Or offer a new park to look into!

8)  I always give Quinn a few more things to do before we go.  I tell her we have to leave soon and she can do two more things, use the slide or swing a little bit.  Gives them a chance to wrap up and not feel rushed.

9)  Invite people!  Call your family and friends over.  It gives others a change to enjoy your kids and you a break to!

10)  Have fun!  It's almost summer so get out and just enjoy the day.  Take the time to have fun with your kids and laugh and run around.  Remember they go to school all day and we work so take the time to just unwind! 

     I hope my tips helped, anything you may do or think of feel free to leave a comment and let us know! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend was an exciting one!  Friday some of Kay's family came up to visit!  Connor came up and is staying with us for the week!  Quinn was so excited to see him.  We went and had some dinner with friends and family.  We just grilled out, one of Kay's family members has a daughter Quinns age and the girls have a lot of fun.  Saturday we had some friends over for dinner and just hung out with friends we haven't seen in a while.  We showed Kay's family our house and gave them a tour of what we have done.

     Sunday my parents stopped over for a few hours and we all went to the park! Quinn had such a good time playing hide and seek and tag with Oma and Popi. We all sat outside and visited and enjoyed each others company. After Oma and Popi left, we relaxed and got dinner ready for Quinn. Then it was time to bring her home. The weekend always goes by so quickly. She had such a good and fun weekend.

Here's some pictures from our Sunday adventure! Enjoy!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

The park!

The squirt running around having fun!

Hide and seek with Oma!

Enjoying the beautiful weather!