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Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Time Bowling!!!!

This blog is for  June 25th, 2011.

Tonight we went bowling with my team from Paychex!  We had such an amazing time!  Almost everyone from the team was there.  We had so much fun and it was Quinn's first time bowling.  She loved it!  I can't wait to take her again!!!

Quinn gets her ball ready to go!

We took a pizza break.  Pizza breaks are fun!!!

Here we go!  With a little help from Daddy and the bowling ally Quinn got her first ball down! She really did all the work.  I was just there for support.  

Quinn goes again while Tim, on my team looks on.

She loved getting the bowling ball her self!  Heather, Karla straight back, along with the rest of the team cheered her on!!! 

She carried the ball with no problem at all! 

Straight down the middle!!!

Hanging out with Weaver, and Karla!!

We really had a great time she loved to bowl and i can't wait to take her again!  I love getting her started on things she is so good at learning and she is not shy!  She growing up really fast and I just love how well she is doing.  She jumps right in and the time we have is priceless...  
I hope all is well with everyone stay in touch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a weekend!

The following blog is for the weekend of 20th-22nd.

We started out friday by just hanging out at the house!  We played with our new bike and got a picture by the Lilac's.  My foot was in a boot so we didn't get to go to the festival.  I bought a tripod to so now i can actually get in some pics!!!  We hung out and had a good night.

Saturday we woke up and just took it easy.  We stopped over at the East Rochester clean up day and visited Aunt Ro who was working!  We got some breakfast and walked/crutched around.  It was a good morning.  That afternoon we took it easy and did some puzzles and relaxed.  I felt bad because i had to stay off my foot till it heals.  But we had a great time and Quinn was loving every minute of it.  That night after dinner we just relaxed and watched some TV.  For dinner Quinn had her first taste of Past Bolognese!  She loved it!

Sunday my parents came over and spend some time with us.  They had breakfast and did puzzles.  Later that day we took a nap and then stopped over Kevman and Ashley's house!  They did a surf and turf dinner.  They smoked rips, had clams, crap legs, good apps, corn, salads and great desserts.  We hung out  while and then I dropped off Quinn.

I went back and finished dinner and we had a fire.  It was a nice night, there were a lot of people.  Kevin, Ashley, Mike and Liz, Jason and Steph, Marisa and then Ashley's brother and sister came over for a little,  Hughey even was there!

It was a great weekend and we had so much fun!  I hope you enjoy the pics!  Also remember you can post a comment!!!

 Wow Look at my new bike!

Our Lilac picture!  We didn't get to the park but we still got our picture in!

Little chicken for dinner.

Here we are in East Rochester Working!

Man this job is hard!  Time for a break.

She is so cute!

Saturday we went to East Rochester!

Here I am!

Time for a snooze

Sunday we chilled at Kevmans.  Thats Jason in the background, sorry Jason ill get your fully body in next time...

Thats Kevin's smoker, the ribs were so amazing.

The food was so amazing.

We had so much good food.