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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review 1: The Sandbox

     For my first review I have chosen a place close to my and Quinn's heart.  When I moved out during my divorce I knew I had to step up as a single Father and not let Quinn down.  It was getting cold out and I knew I had to start thinking of creative things to do and places to take her.  I searched and found the Sandbox!  A great indoor playground here in Fairport NY.  The Sandbox is right off the express way and very easy to get to.  Located next to a very nice park and sub shop.  The Sandbox offers a place for you to escape the cold or heat and enjoy some indoor fun!

     With over 6000 sq. ft. of space the playground offers many different activities for your child to do.  From babies up to 7 years old there are a  variety of toys, games and fun inflatable units for your them to enjoy.  When we first arrived it was very exciting, there was much to do and even to much at first.  They even had a beaded sandbox unit in the corner to play in.  Quinn enjoyed it when she was small because some of the toys and bounce houses challenged her to climb and work hard to get to the top.  We usually arrived early to beat the crowd and would be there about an hour or so.  The gym is laid out very parent friendly.  When you enter you take your shoes and jacket off and pay, then go through a 1/2 door.  The entire gym in one square so you can see everything happening.  One of the aspects I like is that.  You can sit and rest but still see everything going on and your child can see you.  There are two large blow up units to play on and then a variety of other games and toys.  They also have a separate room for birthday parties. 

     What I like so much is how they have updated the playground.  When we first got there years ago they had a stuffed animal area and like I said a sandbox.  Over the years they have taken out the stuffed animal area and sandbox.  I think it was a good move the sand box was messy and the stuffed animals well can hold germs.  They have moved some things around to make space and now only have toys and games kids actually use.  The middle is room to move around and is not cluttered.  I also noticed how they repair and replace old items.  If a blow up unit is old they get a new one in.  I can't stress how important this is.  You have to repair you business in order for people to want to come back.  The staff told me they wash and put away all the toys every night before close.  I also like how they have a side room for birthday parties.  It gives kids the privacy to do cake and presents.  Quinn and I attended a party there for a work friend and we had a great time.  They did a great job the staff. 

     I have also noticed they have updated their hours of operations.  They used to not always be open on the weekends or have limited hours.  Now open gym is Mon-Sun.  They also now have specials like upcoming events or price specials on different days!  For example Friday they have parents night out and you can drop off your child as they play you can have a date night.  The last Wednesday of every month is pay your own age night.  Their webpage is very user friendly and has a lot of information useful to the customer.  I also noticed they added a children's consignment shop where you can purchase gently used clothing at a great price!  The pricing is very friendly for the admission and parents go in free!  Something not all places do.  As we played staff would walk around cleaning up and even blowing bubbles around for the kids to see and play with.  Something I also noticed is there is a gated area for babies to be with parents protected and safe from the older kids.  They also have an air hockey table for older kids and adults to use!  My brother would get Quinn a gift card to use on visits for Christmas and boy did she use them!  The Sandbox also sells small snacks and drinks for kids and adults if they need a break. 

     More recently on our last visit we used the light show dance floor they have.  A dance floor that lights up and is hooked up to a computer.  They have games and actives you and your child can do.  We had so much fun and Quinn got some great exercise out of it too!  After a while many kids and their parents joined in the fun.  Indoor playgrounds like this are very important especially in colder states.  They allow your child and you to get out and have some exercise!  The Northern states can get very cold and being outside gets dangerous.  So indoor playgrounds like this allow us to let off some steam and get out of the house for some good quality fun!  You will be the Hero after you bring them trust me!  

     The only thing you have to remember is you don't have shoes on so if you use the restroom well I guess you have to deal.  Not a set back  but something to remember.  You do need socks when using the gym which I feel is important.  When I used the bath room I forgot I didn't have shoes on but they were kept very clean.  I think they did a great job over the years to keep the building in great shape and update toys and games.  There is some tight parking out front and sometimes you have to use the back lot which is down a hill but nothing a good walk can't hurt.  I always liked how the business was family run and how they make everyone feel right at home.  The staff is very nice and friendly, they treat you with respect and hand out stickers to kids as they leave.  I am thankful I live in a city with a place like this and thank the owners for keeping it in great shape as well as a place I loved to bring Quinn.  As she gets older we may have a few more visits but it really was a great place we enjoyed as she grew up.  I would encourage parents to visit and bring their kids!  The Sandbox is affordable, clean and a great place for you and your kids to have fun!

     Below I have some pictures of when Quinn was there visiting as well as their site and information.  I hope you take some time to check it out and if your live around the area or are visiting stop in and enjoy the open play!  As far as my first review goes I really hope you enjoyed it and learned something.  The best way to enjoy this post is to go and visit the Sandbox!  Check out their site for information and swing down for good quality fun!

Always remember to check out the site or call the store for updated pricing and hours. 

Here are some pictures of Quinn when she visited last time!

Here is the Sandbox's information:

Website: http://www.thesandboxplayground.com/
Phone: 585-388-7263
Address: 1350 Fairport Rd. Fairport NY 14450

I hope you all enjoyed my review.  For more reviews please visit the review site at the top of my blog.

A great blow up slide!

Small toys.
This ladder helped Quinn learn to climb!

The light dance floor!

Just being a kid...


Monday, February 23, 2015

The Weeekend Update

    Another cold weekend has come and gone.  My parents are going to FL for about a month and they wanted to see Quinn a bit before they left.  They took her out to a movie and lunch!  Kay and I had to get some shopping done on some of the projects were working on the house so we did that.  It was good to have my parents spend some time with Quinn because grandparents need to spend time with your kids too.  They played some games, did some coloring and watched a little TV with us.  They had a great time and when they got back they visited us for a little to.  That night we had some friends over for a visit and just relaxed. 

     The next day we watched a few movies and worked on the house.  Getting things done on your house is fun yet complicated.  Owning a home is a lot of fun however it needs your attention a lot epically during the winter.  So we had a mild weekend and its okay.  With the temperatures being so low we have to be carful.  Hopeful things will finally warm up soon and we can get back to being outside!  It was a painful winter and I do hope it is almost over soon!

     So with a short weekend coming and going we just wait for things to warm up and maybe we can get outside even to sled I know we only went once and I would love to do it again.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Friday, February 20, 2015

The Winter Pushes On...

      Usually I don't have to post about winter 3 times in one season but this is just outta control now!  So by now the whole US has been feeling the deep freeze.  I feel every week we just keep seeing the same low numbers I can't even tell you how roofs and homes have been damaged.  I called my insurance b/c mine was and I guess there is a team just for NY! 

     So what do we do, well we just have to keep pushing through.  As March approaches we just hope that this might be the end of it.  Some states have more snow than they can handle and with the cold temps just hanging around its sad to say a high of 32 this Sunday is very exciting!  I do hope my tips have been useful.  Roof ones, car ones, cabin fever ones.  With such a cold and strenuous winter we can only hope it warms up soon.  Yahoo had an article and pictures up today about how cold it was and some of the pictures were amazing.  How some things like rivers, lakes and even Niagara Falls is frozen over!

     They said it won't thaw till late Spring.  With everything in an icy capsule we wonder how good it is to have things like the technology that keeps us safe and warm.  We lost power for a few hours yesterday.  Our home dropped to the high 50's and it took a few hours to heat back up when the power came back on.  I know we are dependent on our technology and some could live without it and survive but I wonder with a winter like this how long.  With temperatures not reaching about 10 degrees we have gone weeks with dangerous bitter cold.  My advise still is to yes stay in, but do get out.  Take your kids to a movie, indoor playground or event that they can have fun and run around.  We have a big weekend coming up as I pick up Quinn tonight. 

     If you do go out however make sure you start your car and give it time to warm up before you go anywhere.  Also start your car every day or so.  If you don't have to drive it you still need to get it running.  Sitting still for to long in the cold temperatures can be bad for it.  Let it start up and run for a while.  Be safe this weekend and enjoy the Winter, from the safety from indoors!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why the Struggles are worth it...

     I posted yesterday about some of the struggles I have when it comes to being a single parent and working with my Ex.  I know every single parent has their own struggles.  Driving home after picking up Quinn I was tired and traffic was bad.  I thought it wasn't fair my ex just sits there while I pick her up and drop her off.  I guess I can't complain I really don't want her to see my house.  However when we got home there was a few times Quinn came in the kitchen as we cooked to just tell us she loved us.  You then stop and realize your hard work and frustration will come and go but your child's love for you is forever. 

     When we lay on the couch and she just watches some TV you know things are going to be ok as they hug us and tell us it will be ok.  I wondered if my last post was more venting than concern.  I don't know how many other parents have the same struggle and telling a single parent to just stand up to their ex isn't as easy as it seems.  Sometimes the struggles are bad but when you know the bond, the base what you have your child have is unbreakable then driving a little or putting up with a demanding ex really isn't that bad...  Even if they don't share insurance cards. 

     The key to parenting, if its single or not is just never giving up.  You may get tired, even close but you can never give up.  As parents we have to do our best and be there, show our kids we will no stop being there.  If it gets hard, expensive or if working with our Ex is just hell on earth we never give up.  So when the days are long or hard just hold your child.  Watch some TV or read with them.  They will tell you they love you trust me.  Stand your ground on things and choose your battles but never feel you have to just do as others say.  There is no greater reward or joy when your little one expresses how much the care for you and tell you they love you. 

     Maybe one day Quinn will go over some of these post, if she does then she should know sometimes in order to get to heaven we have to go through hell...

    Always remember,
You are never alone...


One of the hardest struggles...

     My ex and I haven't had the best relationship, mainly because she still refuses to ever ask when she speaks to me.  She mainly just emails me what ever demands she needs and then states it like that is what will happen.  Not to long ago she emailed me because her family is having a reunion and it will happen on my weekend.  She just pretty much told me she will be taking her and I can see her Friday for dinner but have to bring her back that night.  I advised I would need to see her more and offered other days on her end to let me see her.  Like fathers day over night and another one later.  Yes I know she won't let me even have my own child on Fathers Day over night.  Again, read your divorce degree people... 

     She was upset that I was editing what she offered and said she was going to just take that time as her vacation because we are both allowed it.  The thing is anytime I ask if I can have Quinn later over night she alters my request and says I can have her later but not over night.  I emailed her and told her I wasn't going to loose the other weekend I had in July its not right.  I was upset I told her as a teacher she has the whole summer off and should be wanting to share her more.  As my girlfriend talked me I thought of something else.  I called my ex and left her a peaceful message,  I told her how about we switch weekends.  She takes the first and last in July, I take the middle two this way we both have enough then.  She called back and said she was upset but heard my VM and heard I was peaceful on it and agreed.  So we switched weekends which we could have easier if she thought of it but its all set.  I am just upset and have told her to just ask nicely.  Why is it adults tell kids to be respectful and polite but they yet to follow those own guidelines?  How can you tell your child to share, and ask for things with manners.  Then go and email your ex and demand they do this or tell them that's how it will go.  Every time I need to do anything I always ask her.  This year was the first time I sent her an email of letting her know of our vacation without the form of a question. 

     I'm posting because I can't ask enough, work with you child's other parent.  If they are in the child's life the child knows how important they are and not sharing more is only going to hurt them and you.  Your child will see how you interact with their other parent.  To this day I am still fighting for Insurance cards.  For years she has failed to get me copies.  At first she said they were hers then  she finally said she would get me a copy so I can have if anything happens to our daughter!  She has yet to deliver.  I will again ask but honestly I don't know what to say, all my single parents said its horrible to keep them like that.  the safety of  child is more than anything.  Since I have her every week at some point I just sometimes hate thinking about it.  These honestly are what make being a single parent so hard and stressful.  To anyone who is not a single parent just imagine an ex you probably never want to talk to again.  Then imagine you have a child and have to see and work with them every week and they demand and treat you less of an equal because they want the control.  Now you know what its like.  Granted some single parents are best friends and work out everything which is awesome.  Some fight about everything and go to court all the time.  This is the other side and can be terrible for both parties.  Now I didn't post this to say negagive things about my ex, just let the single parent world know to just know how important it is to be respectful. 

     My blog my not reach the person set in their ways but I will say one day your child will grow up and see how you act, so be nice to your Ex.  Work with them and let them do things to be in that child's life.  I always feel its so unfair that there are so many woman out there with kids that beg for the father to do more and be more active and I get stuck with the one woman who doesn't want me to do much because it takes away from her doing anything or her family...  This is my hardest struggle besides not seeing my daughter.  Sometimes I just don't understand...  To my readers  I hope you work together.  If you have your child more I hope you share and work things out.  For the parents that always feel they fight to just get an inch I am sorry.  Keep being polite ask your ex for things and try to work things out.  If they want something talk to them and reason with them.  Nothing is worse than a child growing up and learning one parent tried to hard but the other kept them away. 

     I hope everyone finds some small amount of peace we all so look for...

Always remember...

You are never alone...


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Tire Pressure

     So I know everyone says watch your tire pressure but this time of year do it more so.  With cold weather hitting the entire country your tires will seem lower.  When the cold air is here the air in the tires will contract and the pressure will get lower.  However remember when you drive the air and tire heat up and expand so be careful.

My tips:

     Drive your car and let the tires head up then check the pressure.  Do not fill them to the max after your car sat all night or the air will expand more than what is recommended. 

     You don't want more air then is recommended the tire could get damaged or blow.  Less airs is better only because if the weather breaks and warms up your tire will start to warm up and the air expands so just keep an eye on it. 
     If you feel it is vey low check the pressure and only fill after you have driven and the air has had a chance to warm up. 

     My pressure like most cares is 35lbs.  In the morning on cold days my tires can be as low as 30 lbs.  As I drive they can go up to 32 or 33.  I usually leave this because I know warmer weather is coming and you don't want to overfill your tires.  Early spring check them or check them at your next oil change. 

I hope this helps!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Trip to the Rink!

     Saturday we headed off to and Ice Skating Rink with Becky and Matt.  The 5 of us got our stuff and Kayla had to go get her skates cleaned up.  She has her own which might save in the future if Quinn wants to go again.  We got all setup and headed on the ice!  I have to be honest it has been a while since I have even been on it.  Quinn at first was nervous and it was understandable.  We used a chair like other beginners had to help her out.  She took a few falls but keep it up.  She didn't want to give up and she wasn't going to leave till she got it.  She did take a few breaks to rest but after a while on the ice she started to get the hang of it.  We would push her in the chair and she would even push us to get the hang of things.  It was cute to see her get out that and try something new like this. Ice Skating is not easy and even adults can struggle. 

     Kay and I even had some time to go around by our selves and have some time.  It was fun to be back skating and just enjoying the day.  I haven't been on ice in years so I had to be careful too.  There were however some really good skaters out there.  Some really knew what they were doing.  As the time went on Quinn got to the point where she was going by herself.  she even let go of the chair a few times and didn't use the help!  We were so proud of her for at least trying this.  We got some great pictures and video's and then wrapped up the event.  We were out there a good hour and I forgot how much your legs can hurt!  I am so proud of her however and she even said she would do it again!  I would go back with her some time and see how she does.  The nice thing is rinks like that are open all year. 

     I thought about getting into Skiing and I will see how she feels when she is older.  For now I am glad she is getting different kinds of experiences and exercise!  I would recommend this to you, get out and try skating with your kids!  I think it is something they will enjoy and it makes a great family event!

I hope you all enjoy the pics!
Getting ready!

Here we go!

She took a break and just got used to the ice! Dads, we do it all...

Everyone got a push!

Matt and Becky!

She's skating!

Here we are!

Kay and I

Look how good she got!

No Hands!!!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, February 15, 2015

A weekend for love...

     So everyone knows Valentines day is the Hallmark of holidays but its still fun.  With the cold still lingering well it wasn't the best day for a nice walk.  So we spend the day just relaxing inside and staying warm.  That night we just made a nice dinner and watched a movie!  Sometimes the little things are all that mattered.  So with some revenations on the house to come we are keeping it light on the spending and just taking it easy.  Our little romantic dinner and being together is all we need.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Remember this holiday isn't about running around to be with someone and you should always shower your loved one with small things and love.

And always remember..

You!  Are never alone...


Our romantic Dinner

Here we are!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ice Ice Baby!

     Hey all!
So the last few days and no post, well I have a good reason. Ice Ice Baby!  About a week ago we found a water stain in our living room and looked around the bathrooms and areas of the house.  We then shoveled the front roof.  It continued, I then called a roofer but Tuesday it was to late, we were up till 2AM my Dad, Kayla and I ripping down the bathroom ceiling.  The next day the roofers came back and explained an Ice Damn.  How the ice builds up and the water ruins your home.  The knocked it down and I worked on the front roof again making sure the ice was off that.  We ended up getting a new long ladder and today I plan to clean out the gutters so they are fully empty.

     With the weather being so cold this year this problem is happening all over.  It gets worse to, so now we had to drill a hole in the family room ceiling and drain the water sitting there!  I had a waterfall in m house.  Well with the ice under control the damage did stop.  The area's are starting to dry up and I will just have to watch for snow and build up as winter continues.  I did call my insurance and put a claim in.  They did say they don't fix the roof because its not technically damaged, just the shingles lift per the ice.  They gave me great ideas for spring on how to fix this.  They also will cover anything inside damaged. 

   Here is some humor that can happen, I'm sure you have all seen this ad.  How true it is however!

    So now we have to wait it out another month or so till the winter is fully over then get the rooms and roof looked at.  It won't be the most comfortable but for now things are dry and we know now what to look for.  I was grateful how fast the roofers came and how good they were.  Driving around I can see a lot of ice and I have some tips for you!

     Make sure you look around your home and get rid of any icicles first.  Keep an eye inside if you see a water mark that means water has been there probably a little while at least.  Call a roofer, don't endanger your self and try it.  Unless you have the right tools and help falling is not worth it!  Then call your insurance and put a claim in because there is a long line a head of you.  Once the ice is off keep an eye on it and look up differing remedies on the internet there are some that work. 

    Then in the spring have the roof looked at, make sure you have flashing or a weather proofing substance below your shingles there are different things they can do.  Also have your ventilation looked at and your insulation looked at.  Also think about either larger gutters or even taking the gutter down.  The one roofer said I could remove the one section in the Fall and there would be no ice build up because the gutter will be gone.  Then have the inside fixed and always keep up with your roof.  You should have something under your shingles like flashing all the way around the edge of the whole roof.  Also if you  have swelling or your ceiling is bubbling then get a bucket and drain it!  You don't want water sitting up there.  I know putting a hole in your ceiling sucks but you have to drain the water or it will spread and come down anyway!  A hole will make the water find an exit, one you can have a bucket under.  Get the water out of your ceiling. 

     Also don't stress, don't fix any dry wall yet, check for mold and wait for spring.  The only thing we can do is wait for spring and then start working.  Just keep the area clear of ice and snow and you should be fine.  The inside will dry and insurance will work with you depending on your coverage and plan.  I hope to get back blogging again and not having to clean my roof every day!  Below is a great example I found online on what can happened.  I hope it helps and always be safe. 

Happy winter!

Always remember,
You are Never alone...




Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

     This weekend was a busy one!  I plan on posting about Saturday tomorrow because how busy it was but Sunday was special!  We got up and had some breakfast, Quinn got to play in her room with some of her toys that she loves.  We then visited some of Kayla's family.  We haven't seen Courtney in a while and we were due to catch up!

    We then headed home to spend some time with my parents who stopped over.  They haven't seen Quinn in a while so it was nice to see them.  She showed them some of her toys she likes and just spent time with them.  It really is good for kids to see their grandparents and with a divorce it can be harder because how the schedules go.  However we try to get Quinn to see all her family as much as we can.

     After the visit Quinn cleaned up and had some dinner and we were off.  With the snow still falling we may see several inches so again, the winter is not over...  I can't wait to update you all this week with some great post!

I hope everyone had a safe and great weekend!  We sure did...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Friday, February 6, 2015

Lunch with the Munch!!!

     Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone had a great week and a great weekend to come!  For the past few weeks now we have been talking to Quinn about going to have lunch with her at school!  She has been asking when we are going to visit her and we finally found a day we can go, and that day was today!  We had the day off and headed to her school with our lunch and checked in with the front office and headed down.

     We saw her class come down and her teacher let her know we were there.  She was so excited to see us!  We all sat down and talked as we had lunch.  Her classmates were so curious and asked us all different questions.  Quinn had so much fun and let us take some pictures!  We talked about school and what the kids like to do for fun.  They were all so sweet, we had a nice lunch.  After we did some coloring!  After you eat you can play games or color pictures.  We all talked and did some coloring.  It was nice to see all the kids sharing and just hanging out.  It has been a while since I have been to a school lunch, we forgot how loud they can be!

     We hugged Quinn and then we had to go, the kids were going back to class and we had to get going.  It was so nice to spend time with her and I think its just so important to do things like this.  Quinn has a lot going on with parents in different homes so as a single Dad I wanted to make sure she knows how important she is.  I knew from just talking to her how important something like going to lunch is to her.  I would recommend going to visit your child at school for lunch!  It is a great bonding moment because outside your normal time you show them that you want to see them more and not just before or after school.  Kids also loves to show off their parents!  Enjoy a lunch with your child at school one day!  Make sure you talk to the school to figure out what you need to do and follow any rules they have.

Have fun!

We took some great pics!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...

PS Kay came up with the cute Post name.

Quinn at her table with her friends!

Here we all are!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's Tax Time!

     So as we finally start this Tax year gather your info and get your taxes done!  You can do them via paper or electronically as well.  There are places that will do them but they may charge you so be careful.  Also if you do them online use your checking acct.  If you use this your refund will come sooner!  A paper check can take 4-6 weeks.  If you are afraid of the Government having your bank account info well they will get it if they wanted it so... 


So the other night Kay and I did our taxes.  Yes it's that great time of year, unless you owe then it sucks balls...  However there are ways to make it so you don't owe which I will discuss later.  So why do we file again?  So the government can watch us?  Well yes this is true however it makes it so everyone is correct in giving them a piece of their cut.  Doing our taxes is a way for the government to see if we overpaid them over the year, or didn't pay them enough.  I know it's not the best time of year but it has to be done or people would take advantage of not paying and then things would fall apart. 

     So why do we pay?  Well we pay taxes for many reasons, those taxes help protect us by paying our military, government officials and employees working to keep the finical state in check.  Now the politics can be debated.  With the corruption and if they even do anything is another story!  I try not to think about that.  However citizens, and companies have to pay taxes all year round.  Most people get a refund because they file zero or pay extra over the year.  With your deductions and expenses that can be claimed they figure out if you pay or get money back.  Also the great gift of children! I got to claim Quinn this year per our agreement so that is nice.  Children bring your refund up a lot and if you qualify for Earned income credit that helps as well.  You can also write off things like the house, other qualifying expenses.  If you don't the Government gives you a standard deduction so your not left high and dry!

     The thing is we have to do our taxes to protect us, the small families wouldn't hurt our country, its the rich that would.  I know the rich feel they pay more and have to keep the lower classes afloat and sometimes that happens.  However if taxes were not enforced or if you didn't at least have to file, then well most people would overpay and not get a refund and smart richer people can companies would avoid paying which would hurt the country more than it would do good.  It is very hard to figure out how much to pay the Government and it is rare that when you file you owe or receive anything.  Breaking even is very hard, we usually overpay and then get a refund... 


Some tips however, claim zero.  This tells the Government to take out more from your paycheck.  Also you can even elect to give more, say 10 or 5 dollars extra on top.  I do this just so I know I will never owe.  Some people hate paying more than they have to, mainly older people.  They rather have a larger paycheck.  My taxes got messed up years ago and I owed.  I never want to again so I make sure I give more than enough.  When it comes to giving remember paying a little more to the Government and making a budget is smart.  If you owe what are the changes you have that money?  If it is a small amount we might but you don't want to risk it so have them take out the correct funds through out the year and figure tax time is a bonus! 

     Those with more than one job be careful!  You need to take out extra, if your part time job is small the taxes coming out will be small and this will hurt your overall income!  Your refund will go down because of this.  Make sure you are taking out maybe even a little more than usual in a part time job so it won't hurt you during tax time!  I know all we do is pay, trust me I feel it to however if you file zero, give a little extra then come tax time you won't have to worry.  When I comes to filing, file early!  If you file early you will get your refund back sooner.  Once everyone starts filing it gets busy and then it takes longer.  File soon, even if you owe, you have till April 15th to pay.  You can also ask for extensions and payment plans if you need them.  Remember you paid the Government all year so file early and get that money back!  Plus the later you wait opens the doors for issues or problems.  I file and get my refund and if anything happens with the filing year, well to bad I got in and out...

You can run, but you can't hide!

     I hope everyone gets their taxes done, remember Al Capone was arrested for tax evasion, they got him, they will get you!  If you do your taxes wrong or not at all the Government will contact you.  You can only really avoid doing your taxes for so long  and I wouldn't recommend it. 

Have a great Tax Season! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Snow Stops, for now...

     The past few days the North East got hit with a snowstorm.  The worst so far this season, I was up yesterday morning snow blowing out the driveway and I'm thankful the machine still runs so well!  Yesterday I got out early and came home to Kay shoveling out the driveway!  She was so sweet to help.  I remember last year we were cleaning out the driveway and I got frustrated how bad it was I told her to go inside because it was cold and the snow was heavy.  I said something like she was a girl and not to worry.  Well she held it over my head since and yesterday proved me she can handle it. Half the driveway was done and I was so proud of her.  We finished the driveway together and it was done.  Now with the storm gone we should be in the clear but we did get a lot. 

     I do love how she helps me out on things around the house.  If you are cleaning out your driveway be careful.  Snow can get heavy and it can get dangerous being out in the cold.  I would recommend a snow blower or someone plow.  If you cant afford then shovel.  However save for a snow blower because they move the heaviest of snow with ease.  The few times you may get snow that is just to deep a machine can really come in handy.  I can get everything done in less than an hour.  It really makes life easier.  Make sure you dress warm as well because the cold can catch up with you fast and before you know it you can freeze.  Take breaks and go inside if you need to, but make sure you stay on top of it because if it keeps coming down you can find your deep in snow and your car won't be much use. 

     So are we done for the year?  Well I can't say however I hope everyone is safe and keeping up with this winters snowfall.  I am excited because now I get to play with Quinn this weekend in the snow.  We have a fun weekend planned and I can't wait to update you all!

Stay safe and warm!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, February 2, 2015

Saying Goodbye to an Iconic Show...

     This past week the final season of Parenthood, one of my favorite shows.  I was going to post about it as the episodes went on but just never got around to it.  The shows was based around a couple, Craig T Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia and their four children. Here is a link for the Full Cast.  Their children all grown and have families of their own.  Every child had a different lifestyle and their own struggles.  What made this TV Drama so amazing was it infused humor with real life drama.  It was one of the shows that made people see all different scenarios.  Some were fun and easy going, others were difficult to watch.  The show probably shed light on every family in America in some way and the difficult times to watch were the life changing ones.  Sometimes in life we look for the humor in TV shows because nobody wants to watch awkward moments.  Those are the ones however that make us think and see our lives.  Not taking the easy way out the show focused on many issues like divorce, drugs, health problems, cancer, sex, autism, love and the struggles of being a parent.

     You would see how the family interacted and used each other for help and support.  Sometimes after watching I could totally understand where the episode was coming from and I felt it was directed at me.  I feel the writers did such an amazing job of keeping the viewers on their toes and giving us a great story line.  The cast did such an amazing job, I couldn't imagine a different cast.  The show had special guest as well and toward the end picked up a few other characters.  Ray Ramano came in later and honestly I feel his role was perfect.  He did such an amazing job at the part.  I have seen him act before but taking on this role was amazing  John Corbett guest starred as Sarah's ex and father to her children.  A tough role to play however he did a great job.  There is a deleted scene in the end I saw.

     It really was amazing and I am sad they didn't include it.  .  When the end of the final season was coming they did such a great job wrapping up some loose ends as well as put a final episode together that was just perfect.  I have seen a few series finales over the past year and honestly I wasn't extremely happy.  I felt they could have done some things different.  However when Parenthoods last episode came it was an ending to remember.  The whole show wrapped up perfectly.  I won't ruin it incase you have not watched it.  If not I would see the series and take the time to invest.  It was sad to see it end and Kay and I watched it twice because it was that good.  As this show ends I hope more like it come.  Not often a show that just captures the viewer comes alone.  A show like this that shows how difficult family life in this time frame can be, but how amazing and fun as well.  I would personally thank everyone involved for this show.  It was one that will be remembered.   Take some time to watch it if you haven't. 

     I can talk about how good the show was and what it was more about in depth but I think its best to view it for your self.  I wanted to say short and sweet.  They did a great job, every once and a while a good show comes along and this one was it. 

Thank you Parenthood for a great show...
Below are some clips and the final scene from the show...

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Parenthood Fan...


Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Special Night Out.

     Right after I tell everyone how special our spouses are Kayla takes me out on a date!  It has been so long since we have had time for just the two of us and she took me out for dinner and a movie!  We got out of work and went home to get ready.  We went to the Garlic Pit in for dinner and had a wonderful time.  The food was well cooked and the setting was very nice.  In all my years of living here I always remember driving by but never stopping in.  The food came out on time and the service was excellent.  I would go again for sure.  We headed out to the movies and saw Black or White featuring Academy Award Winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer.  The movie was about two families trying to raise a child. They both come from different backgrounds and have to find a way to work together for the good of the child.  A very good movie for families and single parents.  It shows the struggle of working with someone you might not want to.  I posted the trailer below.  I would recommend this movie highly!  Keven and Octavia did an amazing job and I think it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and I'm a huge Kevin Coster fan!

    After dinner we just went home and relaxed, it was so nice to be treated out to dinner and a movie.  Date nights are so important to a relationship.  They give a couple time to relax and have fun.  We work so hard throughout the week that night outs are just so critical and important for a relationship.  The past few weeks we have been so busy that the other night was just so needed.  So go out and have a date night!

Always remember,
You are never alone...