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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quinn's Birthday!

The following blog is for the weekend of  October 21st through the 23rd.

Friday I picked up Quinn and we home and had some dinner.  Its’s getting colder out so trips to the playground are shorter.  We stayed in and watched some TV that night and headed to bed. 

Saturday we got up and went to the park for a little bit.  We went to Greenwood park.  A park by my old house that I grew up and used to go to.

Quinn and I then went to go get her Halloween custom! She wanted to be a monster.  Not to many 3rd old little girl monster costumes!   We decided on a Which!  She was so excited when we picked it out!  She has a little broom to.  I was so happy she loved it.  Were going go out the Wed I have her after Halloween!  Pictures will follow!!!

After we went to Jason and Chelsea’s house by the lake.  Quinn loved it, she loved it!  They had so much fun with her!  After we went home and had our lunch and nap and then we were off to get our pumpkins!  We went to Bauman’s Farm Market.  There was a hail bail maze and lots of other great fun things.  We walked around the maze and picked up our pumpkins.  We also got some cider and doughnuts. 

We went home for dinner and had pasta with bread.  Later we stopped over and saw Jay and Serina!  They now live buy me.  Dave was there as well we had so much fun. 

Sunday we went  to church and Quinn got her birthday blessing from Vicki!  We were late because the past couple weekends ago my poor little munch was sick..  After church we had some lunch napped a little and everyone came over!  My mom and dad, brother and Aunt came over for dinner.  We all talked and played with Quinn and just had a great afternoon. 

We had pizza and wings and ice cream cake.  The perfect dinner!  After dinner we opened presents!  She got some really great gifts.  A camping kit, play dough, books, puzzles, and lots of cards! 

We had such a great afternoon; after we did presents we took some pictures and played with our gifts.  After I brought her home and told her we still have a lot left in the month to do!

We had such a great weekend, like always!!  I can’t wait for Halloween we have so much planned!

Hope all is well, enjoy the pics!
I love you all

Green Wood Park!

We stayed in it was cold!
We build our balloon we got this past summer!

Yea! The hail bail Maze!

Running Around

The Maze!

Getting our pumpkins!

Hanging out Saturday Night!

Serina and I chilling.  


Here we are sunday! Chilling with oma and popi

Oma and I

Popi and I hiding!


We took a walk.

I showed uncle kenny my table!

Here we are!

Cake time!

That present was bigger than Quinn!

Where'd I go! 

My little camper!  I can't wait!

Quinn got a little doll.  Well it was pretty big actually.

I love to open gifts!

Aunt Ro and I

Uncle Kenny and I

He got me puzzles to play with.  

Here is my Daddy and I

A great weekend with family and friends and just hanging out with Dad... what more to ask for...