"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Friday, July 31, 2015

Review 6: My Publisher


  So last week Kayla and I exchanged wedding presents and I ended up making her a photo book!  Not like a typical one where you stamp or paste pictures.  This one was done with mypublisher.  This side is like others on the web but I am reviewing it because I have used it before and always had a great time putting together my project.  The company is wonderful and get's you your product fast and it just comes out so nice.

    All you do is go to their website and register, then download the software to you computer which allows you to work on the project right from your computer and not even have to be connected to the internet!  Once done you can just upload pictures and start working on your project.  My Publisher offers many products to choose from and they offer many bells and whistles to make your project even more enjoyable!  So once you go on the site and download the tools you just make sure your computer has all the pictures you need.  I had to go to my phone, Kay’s phone, my external hard drive and other friends and family but once set I just had to start working the project! 

     You can then figure out what kind of book you want, there are some starter options then you can just go right into adding your pics to the book!  It is so easy, you just select the picture count, from there you can have titles or words, there are also pages that have special backgrounds like weddings, travel, family, ect.  Once you start putting your book together you can save it and go back later or keep going and finish!  As my book came together I was so excited because it was a story of us.  I had pictures of when we met, our families, friends some of our adventures and concerts.  It then talked about getting married, I made sure the cover had a nice picture of us and it says VOL 1, letting her know we will do many more! 

     Getting the pictures set and what ones in wanted to use took time but it was all worth it.  The book came out so nice and she absolutely loved it!  I think she is more excited about starting our next one too!

            One of my favorite features is just how easy it is.  You can work on it without the internet, so if you are adding pictures from your laptop you can do it anywhere.  You just need the internet to then upload the book and send it out.  Once the book is set it will go over any errors like if a picture is not set correctly or if words are to long for the box they are in. It’s very cool, like a spell check!  Then you can go and see all the offers, they have for some extra cost.  You can have better paper, a higher gloss, covers, all different things you might want to add on.  The book its self was not expensive to make and I paid for faster shipping because it was getting close to the wedding.  After I submitted it the book came within a few days!  I was so happy with it and couldn’t believe how fast it came!!!

            Again the site is very user friendly, and making the books are fun and easy.  They do have a help section however one thing to say to the company would be a better walk through, or have a question mark by the sections.  Learning how to make the book wasn’t bad but I did get stuck and could have used some help.  Something else that is nice is when you log in you can see all your projects, they save so you can always get another one, or if a book gets damaged you can just buy another one, it’s not lost!  After you can also share the book with friends via email or just show them the hard cover!  In the end I am so glad to be with someone who I can’t wait to make many more books with and will use the My Publisher site to complete them on!  Below are some pictures of my book!


The book came our amazing!

A few inserts to show you all.

It was fun and easy to put together.

My Publisher, great company.  

I hope this review helped!  For more reviews visit my reviews link at the top of my blog!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Mid Week Break, A tooth for some cash!

     Today was a special day!  Quinn lost another tooth!  The past couple weeks some of her teeth have been moving and she even lost her first one not to long ago!  When I picked her up today she told me she lost one and she was so excited!  We got home and had some dinner and a little TV time.  Stayed inside because how hot it has been and then we headed off to bed!

     Quinn put her tooth in her treasure chest she has and put it on her night stand.  We put her to bed and will sneak up later to give her a little reward and take her tooth.  I think its cute and a great way to just show kids loosing teeth and even getting a little money.  I can remember I got like 50 cents or so per tooth now I guess now there has been inflation and what not so we are giving her a couple bucks to buy something.

     I can remember still as a child getting my tooth ready, putting it under my pillow and just waiting for the morning!  How fun it was to just wake up with my tooth gone and seeing a few quarters.  Running down to my parents room saying how my tooth was gone and that there was some money there!  I can also remember being nervous about pulling the teeth that were just loose and almost gone but not yet.  Ahh the joy of loosing our baby teeth!  I hope every parent has the joy of collecting their baby teeth to give to your kids one day.

     So below is our very own Quinn putting her tooth down to be picked up later tonight!!!  How fast they grow...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Garth Brooks Concert!

                So around Christmas time Kayla and I got a few concerts lined up as part of our presents!  She got us tickets to see Matt Kearney and the Script play and I got us Garth Brooks Tickets.  We were so excited Garth was back on tour from retirement and he was coming to Buffalo!  They were selling tickets at a pretty good rate too.  So we sat down and found some seats that were ok.  I just wanted to at least say we were there and got to enjoy the experience.  We took off work early and headed to Buffalo the weekend the concert came. 

                Friday we just checked in our room and settled in before dinner.  Since I have been to Buffalo a lot to visit friends I wanted to show Kayla around.  We went to the Anchor Bar, a place known for food and Buffalo wings!  We had a nice lunch and tried some wings just talking and enjoying the day.  We were there for the concert Thursday which was opening night and I was nervous after traveling if Garth would have a good opening show.  Well keep reading…  So after lunch we just went back and got ready for the big show!  We headed downtown and got a parking spot and followed the big crowd in.  There was such a big crowd the city was just booming with people.   We got our tickets out and checked in and headed up to our seats.  We were pretty high up and behind the stage.  So looking down you saw the back left of the sage but you saw it all.  We took some pictures and sat and waited.

                All of a sudden a guy comes down our row and kneels down.  He starts talking to us and asks how our seats are.  I told him ok, he ask us if we would like to be down there, and pointed to the stage!  I laughed a little and said “before you start we need a new roof and can’t afford to buy your tickets”   He said he didn’t ask that he just asked if we would like to sit closer.  I looked puzzled but said “well yea!”.  He then pulls out two tickets and says he works for Garth Brooks and that Garth wants to take care of his fans so here are two front row tickets!  I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock I think.  We thanked him and shook his hand, I wanted to hug him lol.  We then headed down still in shock.  We walked to the floor where there was another section of security and they checked our tickets.

                They let us in and directed us to a table where we got our wrist bands and continued to walk in!  We had an usher help us and he smiled and said these are fee bee’s I take it.  We said yes.  He directed us to another usher!  This one was walking us closer and said “have fun, just don’t get on stage!”  I said what? Why would I do that?  Well he directed us to our seats.  Very front row!!!  Almost in the middle to.  We were in more shock, everyone around us was talking about how they were given tickets too.  We sat down and just got ready for the show.   Talking and taking pictures we were so excited this happened.  He had one girl come out before him and sing and she did a great job.  Then they got set for him to come on.  When he came out the crowd went nuts and all got up and went to the stage!  It was nice because only the front row was allowed to go up to the actual stage so that was cool.  He just started singing and the show was off with a blast!  He would come up to the front of the stage and we would touch is leg or boot or something.  I know it sounds silly but how close to you ever get to someone like that so yea you gotta tap their leg right?  Kayla and I still couldn’t believe all this was all happening!  When he started singing Ain’t going down till the sun comes up the crowd wen nuts.  He put down his guitar and then picked up some water bottles and drank sprayed the crowd with water then walked down from one side of the edge to ours.  Kayla laughs when I tell this part but.  I put both my hands up for who knows why and he just happen to stop and grab them both.  I couldn’t believe it so there I was both hands up not knowing what to do I didn’t want to over stay my welcome so I started to pull back and he wouldn’t let go! Haha so I just went with it.  He eventually moved on but it was pretty freakin cool I will have to admit.  Growing up just always listening to his music and dreaming of going to see him perform there I was front stage hold his hands haha.  Well the show continued on and he stopped and talked to the crowd got us pumped up and then his wife came out and they did a few songs and she sang on her own to give him a break which was cool.  So we got to see Trisha Yearwood also.  When Garth came back he was just having fun you could tell.  All over the place singing to all sides of the stage his band came up front a lot they really just were amazing to the front row people.  You are sitting there watching and you just can’t believe it.  He did all his old classic songs and a few new ones.  When he sang The Dance the show stood still.  Everyone was quiet and it was just something else to hear.  He eventually said goodnight and left, then came back and sang again, he did this a few times till finally he did part.

                We could tell he just had a blast.  After the show ended we just got our stuff and walked out slowly with the crowd.  We laughed and still couldn’t believe that just happened we tell our selves we may not win the lotto or anything but God takes care of us in other way!  The next day we got up and had some breakfast and headed home, it was Friday so we had the whole weekend ahead of us.  As time passed we told our story to all our friends and showed them pictures.  I thought after how cool to just film one or two slow songs and put them up, but I guess this was our concert and enjoying it was just enough for us.  Good thing Kayla took good pictures somehow I lost mine and some small videos I took.  So now I will finish a thank you card and mail it to him thanking him for what he did and how he does take care of his fans.  I hope everyone has a fun concert memory they have had.  I really wanted to see about 3 or 4 concerts and one of my favorite bands I have seen years ago so checking off Garth Brooks was big! 

I hope everyone enjoys the pics!
Here we are front row!!

Garth arrives!

The band had so much fun, they just put on this amazing job.

Thank you Garth again!

What an amazing concert...

Always Remember,

You are Never alone…



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting them to pick up as they are older.

     Over the past several years I have posted on how to get your kids to pick up in different stages of their lives.  Going from showing and helping them to explaing they can't move on to something else unless it's done.  Truth is kids will always have a few things on their floor just how they are.  However as Quinn gets older we have new ways to help and I want to share them!

1)  As your child gets older organize their room or play room so everything has a place. 

2)  Put everything away and explain this is how you want it to look when they are done playing.

3)  Make sure they have the correct storage for their toys.  Buy different tools or boxes to make putting their toys away easier.

4) Give them advanced notice.  If you need them picked up by dinner, let them know 10 or 15 minutes ahead so they can start.

5)  If they are not listning then just tell them if they don't pick up, you will.  Then adivse if you pick up they will loose toys!  I do this and it gets Quinn moving.

6)  Explain if they pick up they won't lose their toys, or tip over them!  Let them know picking up is important.

  We have Quinns area's organzied and there are places and boxes for her different toys she uses.  Sometiems we will get her and he room is trashed and she tries to just push things in one spot like that will fly!  We tell her to use her boxes, and other compartements to make sure her room is clean.  She is happy once it is set because she knows where her things are and then it gets her starting to do this more and more.  We also trust her and often ask her to clean her room then leave so she doesnt feel she is being watched. 

     Try some different things out on your kids!  Quinn will be 7 this fall if your child is younger or older there are different tips of course, always feel free to share too!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Very Special Weekend...

     This weekend was extra special because we had Quinn again!  Here Mom and I switched weekends so she could have Quinn my weekend.  We worked it out over the summer and I switched weekends.  So the new two weekends she has her but this was two in row for us!  Friday we picked her up and just got some dinner.  We relaxed and settled in because it was hot out.  Saturday Kayla had to work in the morning so it was just the munch and I for bit!  We had fun, I made us breakfast and then we went to the bank and as we were leaving she said we haven't done much just us so I smiled and we went and got Ice Cream...  She goes Ice Cream before lunch!? I said sureee its summer...  We got a small one and we walked by the water.  It was nice just chilling but it was getting hot!

     Kayla came home and we ended up doing some lawn work, we have been fighting the weeds because its been so wet this summer!  That night we went out for dinner with Aunt Ro, it was fun and she hasn't seen Quinn since Pauls wedding.  After we just relaxed a bit at our house before we called it a night and headed in...  Sunday we went to a coworkers house that Kayla knows.  They lived up on one of the lakes by us, it was beautiful.  They had some friends over and all of us just hung out and had lunch.  We all just had so much fun and Quinn and their daughter played.  The day was still hot but we made it work, it didn't hurt they had A/C haha...

    In the end the weekend was great and I will get pics up I just have to load them.  For having two weekends in a row with Quinn was awesome!  So I say to my single parents if you have your kids two weekends in a row take advantage of it!  Plan things, go out, and just enjoy the extra time with them!  Treat it as a gift b/c it is one...  With the next two weeks being so close to the wedding we are busy just getting things set and wrapped up....

I will keep you all posted!!!

I hope everyone stayed cool and had a great weekend!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Countdown is here!

     So yesterday was 25 Days till the wedding.  I have been so busy I have been slacking on my posting duties but i know you all understand!  I told Kayla I feel like it is December 1st.  Every December 1st they do the 25 days till Christmas and the coutndown is just so much fun.  Movies, events and all different things to get you in the spirit!  So now I feell like its the 25 days before the weddinga and just as exciting!  We maynot have any Hallmark specials on TV about us but being my second time getting married its nice to know I got it right this time around...

    So the next few weeks I have to finish getting some gifts for the bridal party as well as some other small odd's and ends!  This week is half over and this weekend we have Quinn again so that will make the time fly!  With just some basic things i am still pushing my self to get in shape and will need that time!  I am almost there and feel the past few months have been my best.  This is probably my best year and have focused more than ever.  I can't wait to post and update you all!  Till then I have more older updates and post to get out there so I will do so I promise! 

     I think in a week or so it will finally really touch down and the excitment will be here!  We have been in so much of a need to also have a vacation I just can't wait to relax and go on that.  So I will keep you all posted and will update the blog very soon on older post I have been meaning to get out.

 We are under a month before the big day!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The weekend update!

     This weekend came and went but what a great one it was!  We haven't seen Quinn in a few weekends due to some events and moving around some schedules.  I picked her up Friday and we and my parents headed to dinner.  They haven't seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up!  We all headed down to a diner and had some dinner and just talked, caught up and had fun.  After we all went out for ice cream!

     Saturday Quinn, Kayla and Becky went dress shopping for Quinn!   They picked out a nice dress for her for the wedding.  Quinn is so excited and loves the dress they got her.  My little girl growing up...  After Kay, Quinn and I headed down the the bay by us and went canoeing.  We went years ago and Quinn just loved it.  So I try to make it something we do more often or at least one a year.  We all got in and just went around the area looking at all the beautiful wildlife and just taking some pictures.  We even went under the bridge and headed into the bay a bit.

     We were out for about an hour but i have to tell you Quinn just loves this event.  Next time maybe we will get kayaks.  However we did have so much fun all of us in one boat!  We passed all different animals and beautiful plants and flowers.  It simply is just amazing how peaceful the area is and untouched by man.

     Sunday we caught up on some rest and then went out to a playground.  We had to take advantage of the nice weather we had!  Quinn got some great exercise and I some great picts.  After we did some shopping and headed home.  We rest up a bit, had dinner then were off to bring her back to Mom's.  The weekend was so much fun and of course so short, but we made the best of it and because we moved some other weekends around we have Quinn again next weekend!

     I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and now that summer is in full swing enjoy the long days and warm nights!  I hope you all like the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we go!!

The beautiful lilly's

Just amazing how peaceful it is...

There is a house there, once owned by friends now the State.  How awesome it would be to live there!

Some ducks!

Here is a crane!

Out on the bay!

Under the bridge!

Sunday we were at the playground.

My beautiful Fiancee' she's so cute...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How to handle longer times away from your kids

     So the last weekend I was schedule to have my daughter I had an out of town wedding I needed to go to so the past three wekends I have not seen her.  I have seen her however on our Wednesdays.  For many parents this can be very difficult to go so long.  I did ask before this trip to work more time in but she declined it sucks but i have some tips for you all!

     First keep your mind busy, take the time to find things to do and just keep busy.  The weeding we went to did a good job at that.

     Call your child, call them on your off days.  Every parent should have the right to reach out with a phone call to just say hi!  We called Quinn last week and just talkd to her we asked how she was doing and just how her weekend went.

     On the days you have your child in between long spirts make them fun!  Let your child know you are going a little while for a certian reason but it will be back on track!  Have a fun nigh with them, do something special or stay up a little bit later with them.

     When you get back on track have a fun weekend planned!  Get ready to just blow them outta the water!  Have an event planned to make up for some lost time and show them how excited you are to see them again!

     Last, act like its okay, don't let them know you may have missed them to much or show them you broke down if you did.  Be strong for them and explain that you have a fun filled weekend and that the time is now back on track! 

     When I first lived alone it was so hard.  The nights just dragged on and in the beginning I didn't know what to do.  Over time you will work on that and realize you will make due with you're time off and as your child get's older they will love the time with you. Make sure always you just spend the time you have with them!  Enjoy it, have them see family or friends yes, but do things with just you and show them you are trying, are there and are doing your best.  The rest will fall in place...

I hope these tips helped, I know going without seeing your kids for a while can be very diffictul but be strong and use the tips!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

     Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope everyone had a great day and spend it with family!  Kayla's family came to visit and it was nice to see them! Her parents, aunt, grandma and some cousins came so it was great to have them visit.  Today we went to the mall quick to look for some suits and dresses for her family and just get ideas as well.  After we went over to my parents house for a picnic!  My aunt and brother meet us there too.  My parents we so happy to post and to show the house off to kay's family.  We had some great food and then played some yard games!  The best part was just sitting around joking, laughing and just spending time with family.  We are all excited about the wedding coming up and just talked about what was going on.

     We took some time to take some pictures and have dessert as the night winded down.  We headed home and relaxed because how busy we were.  Honesty we didn't see fireworks because we were just so tired and wanted to relax.

      I hope everyone also knows why this day is so important and what our founding fathers did to fight for our freedom.  The fireworks we see today were a lot different back then.  Since then our country has continued to fight for us all across the world.  Our country with others also are there when disaster strikes and when other countries need help we go and do everything we can.  Even people not in the military go and volunteer to help others in need.  Always remember what this day truly means and what was sacrificed for our freedom...

Here we are!

     I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Always remember,
You are never alone...