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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Annual Scout Klondike!

     This past weekend was the annual Boy Scout Klondike.  Since I was young I have been attending this even, and once in High School I started working it.  For almost 20 years I have seen kids come and go, as time went on it was one of the few events I had time to still do.  This event is one of my favorites because of how long I have worked it.  I worked the "Snowball Toss".  Really throwing tennis balls as I caught them on a speed gun.  It was fun the kids loved doing it and trying to get the fastest score.

     Over the years we have had some really fast scores and over time we started giving trophies out for kids that were older and a section for those who were younger.  Ever year I would be there making sure I worked this event and every year my Dad and Brother would be there too as we took our annual picture.

     My Dad this year gave a great speech as he had Veterans come out and retire a flag.  They all said a few words and my Dad talked about how special they are.  I always enjoy hearing this speech and know how much he loves giving it.  Once the opening ceremony was done the kids all left and started doing the events!

     The day was fun, cold but very fun.  Being outside all day does take a toll but there are a few fires here and there for some events I would go to and warm up.  We had lunch and then finished up the events.  After everyone went down to the main field and we did the great sled race.  Before however I got to give out fastest pitch trophies.  It was something I always loved to do.  I handed out the trophies to these kids that weren't even born when I was working this event and then we started the race.

     The kids had fun and the race was great.  Everyone had such a great time and we packed up and started to head out.  I left and headed home, when I got there being outside finally took its toll as I was drained.  This event always takes all the energy I have but yet I wait to do it every year...
So we close out another year again and as I post this to my fellow readers I want to say I hope you all have something you really enjoy.  I hope you have an event you just look forward to and have fun with...

I hope you all enjoy the pics...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone


Here are the Veterans walking out.

My Dad talking about what they do for us.

 Retirement of a Flag.
Here we our!  Our yearly picture!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Bunker Down... It's Winter!

    Hello all!,
     I hope everyone is having a great start to this new year.  For those who live in warmer states this may not fully be the post for you, plus if its 70 degrees or so we don't wanna hear it!  This is the post for those who live in the colder areas.

    So now that winter is here yes we are allowed more movie days/nights!  So today my tip is to relax and let the snow fall...  With the cold weather here I just wanted to remind everyone we are allowed more days of just staying in!  Of course if it is nice out enjoy the snow, build a snowman, fort or go skiing/snowboarding.  However there are muddy cold days that just stink so yes, my orders!  Stay warm and dry.  Take this time to play inside with some board games or other toys.  You and you children are at risk if you are out in the cold to long.

     Here are a few tips we have for you!

     1)  Don't stress.  Winter comes every year just get used to it.

     2)  Play indoor games or do crafts with your kids to keep them busy and learning!

     3)  Put in a fun movie and have some popcorn!

     4)  Spend some time outside, but not to much fresh air is good, but cold air is for the birds!

     5)  Do some cooking!  Make cookies or different dinner recipes.

   You can still do things like go to the gym here and there but don't worry about a few pounds that add on!  Besides the gym is packed right now with all the people going who think they are gonna actually keep going! ha-ha....  Sometimes if we don't have Quinn Kay and I do a movie day or play games.  We go shopping or just keep busy by cleaning up the house a bit.  Either way I have been living with Winter my whole life so yea we are used to it.

     However Cabin fever is a thing and can happen.  Take this time to just relax and stay warm, it will get warm in a few months and you can rush outside to start your spring cleaning soon enough...  Enjoy the winter and do a bit of hibernating!

     Stay safe, put a movie in!

Always remember,

You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Keep you and your car safe!


Hello all,
     Winter is now in full, cold swing!  So I wanted to give everyone a few tips to help them stay out of trouble when it comes to their cars!  Getting stranded is not fun, but in the winter it can be very dangerous.  You need your car to be running without an issue during the very cold months or you can have a problem, a serious one.

     Keeping your car running is not that difficult, however during the winter months you do have to adjust what you do and we wanted to give you a few tips you might be interested in that can keep you moving!

1)  Make sure your gas tank is between 1/2 a tank full to full.  You don't want to drive on a low tank during the winter because your car will use more gas and you can find your self out sooner.  Also the weight of the gas will help hold your car down as you are driving in the snow.

2)  Make sure you have good windshield wipers!  We only check them when they break...  Well make sure they are in good shape.  Besides the rain winter time we use them the most.  If they break while you are on the road it could be a big problem.  Get new ones or check them out before the winter months start.

3)  Check your windshield washer fluid!  Since we are on the topic of windshield wipers, make sure your car is full of fluid.  We use this fluid mainly in the winter to clean off salt as it hits our windshield.  Once you are out the view will be very hard to see if you can not clean it.  Keep the topped off!

4)  Wash your car!  This is not to look pretty but getting the salt off will help prevent rust and other issues.  This will wash off the dirt and salt that will ruin your car frame and other parts that will cost you lost of money in the future.  You also want to get the snow and ice off of it and out of the wheel wells.

Be aware do not wash your car in very cold weather.  If it is below freezing the water from the car wash will freeze and ruin your car.  Very cold temperatures will not allow the salt to work so don't panic.  Wait for it to warm up and then go get it washed.

5)  Very important, make sure you have good tires!  Make sure your rotate your ties through the year and just importantly get them checked.  If your tires are balding you will not get 5 feet out of your driveway!  You need good tires  especially during the winter.  So keep an eye on them and save slowly during the year to pay for them!

    With regular oil changes and just regular tune ups you should be fine, however most important!  Drive Safe!   Be careful when you drive and be mindful of what is going on.  This will keep you and others safe.  With this in mind please have a great winter and yes, if you are going to do doughnuts in your car go to an abandoned parking lot and don't get caught....

Happy Winter!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eve gave us a scare...

Hello everyone,
     I hope the New Year has been good to you!  Before Christmas Eve was not feeling well,  She started peeing in our laundry bins and we got worried.  After the holiday we brought her in and they had us test her pee.  They thought it was a UTI and she got a shot.  She got one for her rabies booster as well so she had a big day!  Poor Kitty :(

     A couple days ago she did it again so the vet said bring her in again and they can do an X-Ray.  We did today and they found some small stones in her Bladder, we were sad but the vet said its no worry we just have to update her diet.  She gave us some pain meds for the poor cat as well and we were off.  We will have to schedule another visit  to do one more X-Ray.  We mixed the new food in with her old food and in a few days will just move her over completely.  Pets are such a big part of our lives and well going to the vet can be expensive!  What would we do without them however.

     Eve has been in my life for a very long time, she moved out with me when the divorce was going on and has adjusted to the new home very well.  When I was all alone she was there just giving me company.  I know one day she will move on but for now I just am not ready.  She really is just a good Cat.  She hasn't shown pain or anything.  She has been sick a few times and never lets us really see or hear it.  She just keeps quiet which is also why I worry!  So with this new diet we think the PH level will change and she will be ok.

     So now we have to get Rx food but its ok if it makes everything ok.  Quick note, do not look up vet stuff online!  You will just worry and think you are in trouble!  The bill wasn't that bad and the cat will be ok so no more looking on my own!  I hope everyone takes care of their pets and knows how important they are.

    To our loving Cat, you will get better!  We will always look out for you.

     Here is to our Eve "PorkChop" Kitty.  She is doing so good and we wish her a speedy recovery!
We hope everyone has a great weekend and hug your pet!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Start off the New Year Great!

     With the New Year here we hope everyone had a great and safe time celebrating the New Year!  We wanted to put out our fist tip of the New Year!  We hope everyone has a good year this year and remember it is a new year so just remember this is a great time to just start fresh and make a clean slate.

  So here are a few tips from me to you to start your new year off!

1)   Honestly try to start a New Year's Resolution.  Think of something and work to making it happen to better your self.

2)  Parents, get a game plan for your kids.  Think of ideas for the year now and then you won't be bored as time goes on!

3)  Make this year the best year you can!  Then next year, repeat!

4)  Think about the past year or so, see what didn't make you happy and see how you can change it...

5)  Remember, another year will come so don't stress when issues come!

     There are so many more I can give, but honestly just take this time to relax, embrace the new year and know there are many more to come!  Enjoy this new year and take it as a clean slate!  A chance to really start a resolution and stick with it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful year to come!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...