"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Anniversary Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze.

     A few days around Christmas in 2010 I sat down in my house alone and started this blog.  I wasn't honestly sure what I was going to talk about or how far it would go.  All I know is that I wanted to just put some thoughts and feelings down because at the time I was alone in my new home always from my daughter only seeing her a few times a week.  I can remember as time went on all I wanted to do was help others, single parents or not.  I know I only had one goal just to reach out to at least one person.  I wanted to let parents like my self who are going through a divorce or are raising children in different homes now know they are not alone.  There is hope, and others out there, even if you feel you are alone you are not.

     As my post increased I tried to add things like Tips and tricks new pages came along with help on divorce and raising a child.  I even started doing reviews this year.  I can remember my first comment from someone I did not know just saying my blog was helpful and being a single parent was difficult.  I can remember just be so happy that yes others may have been helped but this was my first comment that I saw and if I helped others and they were just quiet its ok.  Seeing my first comment of someone reaching out and saying thank you made it all.  It just makes that difference.  When you work so hard to reach others and put a blog together with things you feel would help, all the time and energy and then someone says thanks and yes you made a difference, to me.  I can't tell you how amazing it was.

     Now the site has gained popularity and with many people reading it I still say you are never alone.  Even with the people out there that send hate comments or ones in anger keep reading, keep posting and never give up no matter how hard it may seem. 

     I wanted to thank all my readers and followers for all your help and encouragement.  You have all been amazing.  My family, friends and fellow bloggers.  As we start a new year I wanted to say I am excited for what is to come, the joy, hope and struggles that come with it.  No matter how hard life gets look around you and know what you have and remember there is hope.

     I want to specially thank Kayla for coming into my life and never giving up.  Never getting angry how difficult my life can be.  She took Quinn in as her own and loves her very much.  She helps me in more ways I could ever possibly imagine...

    I also want to say to Quinn I know its hard, you have two homes and are moving to each one weekly.  I know I can be hard on you at times and for this I'm sorry.  Once day maybe you will read this post and see my site and know all the work I do is for other parents that need help, but also for you.  I share our adventures because I want the world to see how much you are loved and how anger and things like a divorce won't win.  That when I pick you up that's all that matters... 

It has been an amazing 5 years and I can't wait to keep posting.  I can't wait to share more stories and tips.  For anyone out there know I started off in a place of confusion, anger and frustration but with time, family and friends there is hope.  Never give up...

Here is the link to my very first post.
Day one the storm subsides.html

Always Always Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Day one the storm subsides.html

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review 11: The GingerBread House

     For this special review I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.  I wanted to post a fun review about the Gingerbread House!  This was our first year trying one and we had so much fun!  Now there are many ways you can make one, I am reviewing one you buy as a kit. 

     Kayla got a Minion one because her and Quinn love them.  The kit had everything in it which was nice and the instructions were easy to follow.  We took it out mid December and started building it.  Kayla and I did the main house per it needed more of an adult touch.  Quinn then decorated and finished the last several parts.  The house was fun to make and included everyone.  I think they are actually really cool because they include all walks of life.  I know the holiday time is different for everyone per their religion however anyone can make a Gingerbread house! 

     So we put the walls and used the frosting to hold them together, then Quinn decorated with the left over frosting and candy they provide.  We really had so much fun.  I know you can actually do them without a kit we just wanted to make it a bit easier since we are not hardcore builders!  I think the kit's they now have really are fun and make the day enjoyable.  When it was done we all had this big feeling of accomplishment!  We took pictures and had the house out for display!

     You can make one from scratch or you can get a kit pretty much almost anywhere.  I would say bring your family together one day and make one.  Have fun and laugh as you all work together, split up the work so everyone gets to help also!  Your kids will want to feel they did some work too!

     I will say a few downsides, they can be tricky to build.  Frosting is not glue so it can take time to get the frame set!  Also you have to keep an eye out because of how sweet it is, you may get fruit fly's or the family pet my see and want to get at it!  Keep it covered or protected and take it down over time. 

   Again, I didn't really post about a specific one just wanted to say they are just so much fun and what a great idea to keep the family busy if its cold outside and you need a fun activity to do! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed this review!  I look forward to next year's monthly reviews and if you would like something reviewed let me know!

Enjoy the pics!

Minions Gingerbread House Kit

Everything was included

My Daughter had a great time helping

Here is the finished house

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Single/Parents always remember your past...

     I say single parents however sometimes families not divorced still can have fincial struggles.  When I first moved into my home now I had nothing, well I had family and friends but I had to start over and fill it with stuff.  I had to make it a home and that took time and money.  Many people helped me and donated many items to help me out.  However this post is very special because our first Christmas a friend gave me Candy Land.  A classic game everyone loves!  The game was older and a few things missing but I was so happy he gave me it.  I wrapped it up for Quinn and it was one of the gifts she opened.  She was still little so she didn't end up ever playing it, so yes the next year I wrapped it up again.  She still opened it up and never knew lol she loved it and a parent will do anything to give their kids a good Christmas.

     I wrapped up the game one more time in 2013 and by then I knew she would now keep it open.  I laugh as I tell this story but honesty it was hard.  I was working 70 hours a week coming home dead tired and even sleeping over friends and families houses because they were close to work.  Quinn still always loved Christmas and now this year my brother got her a brand new one!  So she opened it up for the last time, again...

    This experience tells me and us that even though I am doing better and Kayla and I are giving Quinn a good life at one point I was scared.  I was tired, over worked and just run down.  I will tell my parents and single parents where you are now however never take for granted.  There may have been a time you weren't as well off.  Kayla and I both talk about how our parents growing up worked hard and when we were little they did everything they could to help their kids (us).  Now that our parents are older and also in a different state they always come to our aid to help with the house or to make our Christmas a wonderful one.

     So I say this always take pride in your lives but remember where you came from and know where you were and some of the struggles.  So below I show the old game and the new one reminding me and maybe others our past is who we are...

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and helped me get where I am now.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


The old Candy Land is retired! 

The new one from Uncle Ken!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Being a stepmom

Hi everyone! It's Kayla again! I told Chris that I wanted to do one more post before the year closed out and he told me I could post whenever I wanted! I had to think about a topic that I wanted to write about and I've wanted to start a journal on being a stepmom and all the adventures and feelings I go through for a long time but just haven't found time to do so. So I thought I'd just start here and maybe this will inspire me to start my daily writing.

As you all know already, we went home to visit my family this weekend for Christmas. It was so nice to see all of them and all of us together again under one roof. I was so excited because we haven't been home since September. We of course had Quinn and she was very good for most of the weekend. She's coming out of her shell more and more with my family and it's so nice to see. My family just loves her and treats her like a granddaughter. Sometimes when we bring her up north, I forget that she's still young and not going to act perfect. There's times I think I expect too much out of her and I have to remember that she is split between 2 houses with 2 sets of rules. She does pretty well I think for having to deal with all that.

Saturday night, Chris went back upstairs to sit with my brothers and watch the football game with them. I stayed downstairs with Quinn because I was tired and ready for bed. When Chris went upstairs, she asked if she could come up in the bed with me until Daddy came back downstairs (she sleeps on an air mattress when we go up north, she kicks and moves wayyyy too much for her to sleep with us). I told her that was fine. I figured I would stay awake anyway, but she got in bed and laid her head on me and fell right to sleep. It was the best feeling in the world. Sometimes I second guess myself on what I'm doing with Quinn and if I'm being a good stepmom, that moment made everything right in the world. Of course, a few minutes later I fell asleep and she must of moved because the next thing I knew, Chris was back downstairs and moving Quinn to the air mattress. She is very good with me and listens to me for the most part.

I love being a stepmom to Quinn. Yes, there are times I want to scream but those times are few and far between. I love the ready made family and I couldn't ask for a better husband. He always includes me with everything and makes me feel important, especially when it comes to Quinn.

I hope everyone has a great, happy and healthy new year! Maybe I'll see you guys next year!

Always remember,
You're never alone...


Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Weekend Closes Out!

     So the big weekend now closed out and everyone now playing with their new toys and trying on their new cloths and PJ's.  PJ's are cool and everyone gets them during the holiday.  We picked up Quinn on Christmas and headed up North to visit Kayla's family.  Quinn was excited, we made it there in good time and said hello's.  Then Quinn tore into gifts lol, we had family coming over so we had to get them opened and set.

     Kayla's Aunts, Uncle and Cousins came over and we all had dinner with the family and Nana.  It was so nice her Nana could come.  Her Grandmother and other Aunt came down as well so we had a full house!  As we ate we laughed and talked and just caught up, we also had many wedding pictures to give away and show.  After dinner we just relaxed and hung out.  Saturday we had some things around town to get done and then had dinner with the family.  Kayla's Dad and I cooked some fish up and I can't wait to post that!  This year was special because I had Quinn on Christmas day and then the weekend came which was mine so like I said we saw her Wednesday then Thursday for the morning, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  What a week!  I will say she was good to I don't know everything she goes through so I try my hardest to understand.  However she is just a good kid...  Parents I hope you spent the holiday with your kids!

     Sunday we just packed up and headed home, unpacked our gifts and are no home relaxing.  The season is not coming to a close but not before New Years!  This week will be fun I have a lot of great post to put up and can't wait for a new year and beginning.

     I hope everyone had a great relaxing holiday!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

     Hello my readers and Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and spends it with loved ones!  For those far give them a call and wish them a Merry Christmas.  For those near get together with loved ones over a nice meal and some presents.  Remember the gift of day is who much we have in our lives with our loved ones not personal things.

     Well we went to church last night and it really was wonderful the late service always is so special to me.  We not got up and will pick up Quinn and head up North to visit Kayla's family.  So spend the weekend up there and then come back for the New Years week!

     Well to keep this short and sweet, have a happy and safe Merry Christmas!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

     Hello all my readers!  Today is Christmas Eve for those who celebrate!  It was a good start for me I had a half day at work!  After getting out and some shopping done I plan on making Kayla a nice dinner  and plan on attending church after.  Yes my cooking fans I will post!

     So this is it, the big night before Christmas.  A time for joy, love, family and friends!  Its odd b/c its in the 60's here a record high!  It was so warm I opened our bedroom window!  So as we celebrate this joyful time I hope everyone had a great december and a very nice holiday.  Religious or not I do hope this month was festive and fun for anyone that is religious I hope you all remember what this month means.  Now of course there are speculations on when Jesus was born and many now say the spring per well many things however I have heard them all but still always feel December is a good month to believe let alone everything out there.  So I do hope everyone gets to attend a special service and remember what was given to us and given up for us.

     So as tonight comes and the kids get tucked in to bed and sweet dreams I hope their parents have a safe and fun night and wake up to kids happy and excited to unwrap gifts!  A joyful time of year and I want to wish everyone a nice night and keep prayers in your hearts..

    For my parents that have their kids tonight but not tomorrow have fun and love them!  Spend time with them and just be with them.  For my parents out there waiting to see their kids tomorrow.  Be patient and enjoy the night.  I pick up Quinn tomorrow so tonight I will enjoy my time with Kayla and let Quinn have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Morning tomorrow before we pick her up!

Be strong for all my parents moving kids around this time of year and always make them feel loved.

Always remember...

You are Never alone.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A mid week break!

     Tonight was a special med week break.  My parents, aunt and brother came over for dinner.  We celebrated Christmas with Quinn because this weekend we are going up north to spend time with Kayla's family.  It was really nice, everyone came over and had a nice dinner and just talked laughed and had a wonderful time.

    After dinner we did some presents and Quinn had a blast she loved all her gifts and of course was opening them as fast as they came!  We had to move a bit fast because it was later but we had so much fun.  After we had some dessert and off to bed for Quinn.  We spent some time talking to my family after a bit and just caught up and the were off.  We cleaned up and then headed to bed.  As a short post I wanted to say as a parent that has to share my child we do what we can to make it work.  Being remarried and not having many families Quinn wants to see them all.

     We do whats best for the child and thats whats best for the community.  Just because its not the 25th doesn't mean its not Christmas!  Christmas is a day to be with family and love ones...

I have a picture just didn't post it yet!  I will!

Always remember...

You are never alone.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Enjoy the Holidays!

     With just a few days to go I wanted to just give everyone the best Tip I can.  Have fun the next few days and enjoy time with your family and friends!  Take pictures, laugh with your kids and watch them open gifts and see the joy in their eye's. 

     The next few days will be so much fun and after well the new year will come and we start all over. Remember this time of year is here and to just enjoy it, live in it and make sure your kids are having fun!  Take the time if you haven't to watch some movies for the holidays and bake some cookies prepare a nice meal and just enjoy the time with your kids. 

     For all my single parents out there make sure you make each second you have count.  I know that most have to split up the time so make sure you are enjoying it as much as possible and just hug and hold your kids.  As they grow up they will be there still but also want to go visit friends and then start dating and your time will be less and less which stinks but enjoy the time now and just show your kids how much you love them in the end that's all they need...

I don't need a long post to just tell everyone enjoy the days to come...

I hope everyone has a great rest of the holidays and enjoys them festivialy and religiously if you do that and to be thankful for even if you are a single parent you still keep going never give up and always remember...

You are Never alone...


Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter has arrived!

The Winter Solstice is here!  What's that mean?  Well one its Winter, and two that today is the shortest day of the year!  Today the north pole is tilted far enough away from the sun that the sun doesn't rise north of the Artic Circle for an entire 24 hr period.  So the Northern Hemisphere receives the fewest hours of sunlight. 


     So today will be a short day for us in the N. Hemisphere but good news it only will get longer!  So you probably drove in to work today in the dark and will drive home in it too.  Nothing to boost your spirits like that right?  With no snow on the ground by us right now it sometimes makes it hard to realize Christmas is so close however the drive in and out of work is nice with clean dry roads.  It's a touch call but yes having snow on the ground especially in NY is something we love.  In fact where we live we have broken a few records so far because how warm it's been.  We had a few days in the 60's last week!  So with a few days of shopping left and the shortest day of the year today what will you be doing with your time? 

     Happy Winter everyone! 

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Super Saturday!

     Today is Super Saturday, the last weekend before Christmas and a busy one.  We took the day to sleep in honesty someone we just needed to rest this weekend and relax.  We ended up getting ready and meeting Vicki for lunch!  Vicki who I talked about very much in my blog and an old minister and high advisor.  We caught up and had some lunch and shared some photo's of the wedding.  It was really nice and we haven't had seen Vicki since the summer.

     After Kayla and I did some shopping for Christmas and just did some over all last minute things.  It was fun but busy, there were a lot of people out and it did get colder out as well.  Still no snow but that makes the driving easier so I won't complain that much.  When the night came we just settled in and had some dinner.  Now we have to get some gifts wrapped and honestly will just relax.  With the holiday approaching so fast we just needed a break and and a night to relax.

     So as the last few weeks of the year approach I hope everyone has some resolutions ready.  With a new year comes a fresh start I start to think.  Well as this big weekend closes out I hope everyone is ready for holidays and ready for the new year.

Always Remember...

You are never alone.


Friday, December 18, 2015

A week before Christmas

      So being the person who wants to wish everyone a happy holiday and with all the religions and celebrations I don't push just one.  Since I do celebrate Christmas I am just giving a weeks notice!  Make sure you are wrapping up your shopping and any other gift buying.  When it comes to online shopping make sure you are looking at delivery dates and all that or you will be giving gifts for new years!

     With holiday parties also be safe this time.  Tonight we have Kayla's work party and we are very excited but will be safe in our travels.  Be safe and don't celebrate to much, or make sure you have a driver.  The last thing you want for the holidays is a DWI, or worse to hurt someone else.

     One week to go, be sure to enjoy the week and for other religions as well!  This is a time for giving and being thankful for all we have.  Enjoy time with family and friends over a nice meal and just have fun.  Share stories, play games and remember this time comes once a year...

  So with the final countdown I say be safe and watch the Mall or other busy stores.  I was out today mid day and it was still busy!

Enjoy the holiday...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Movie Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens



    Tonight Kayla and I got to see Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens!  It opens tomorrow but many showings started as early as tonight.  The movie was good and seeing all the old characters was awesome, the new ones did a great job as well introducing this next set of movies.  Han Solo and Chewy were funny as usual and seeing them Lela now a General was really cool again.  It was really funny hearing people cheer when they came on screen however there were other smaller roles that came on and I cheered, and was alone. haha.  Being a real fan I knew who they were and laughed.  There were a lot of funny small hints and scenes that made me really think about the 4th installment, the one that started it all.

     Well long story short its about 30 years in the future, the empire and rebellion are now different.  They really didn't get into the senate or how that worked but you do find out Lela and Han have a child and he is the apprentice to the dark lord.  Luke disappeared after training Jedi but Han's son turns and well bad things happen.  The main point is everyone is looking for Luke and they all need him for some reason.  With new powerful tools like a planet that makes the death start look like a rock and pretty much the same fighter crafts.  I did wonder where all the rebellion fleet went I felt there wasn't many ships but then again the first of the next three usually is just the intro.  All in all it reminded me of the 4th installment, A New Hope, I guess the action scenes, being on a desert in the beginning and the scenes with aliens just made me think back.  There was a big battle to blow up the new weapon and smaller light saber battles.

     I will add between the movies time goes by, a lot usually which makes you wonder where people go, what happened to them.  After 30 years from the 6th movie you wonder what all happened but they did a good job trying to explain it all.

     I will drop the spoiler and say so far yes we think Han gets killed.  I know I was in shock!  The crowd all gasp as it happens.  He tries to save his son and he is stuck by his son's light saber and falls off a bridge.  It was so sad and the cast all saw it, Chewy was just so upset.  The story went on and they ended up re-gathering and Fin is left injured as Rey leaves to look for Luke, does she find him?  Well I wont spoil the whole movie.  However in the end yes it was a good movie and I give props to JJ Abrams did a great job so I would say go see this one and the good news is two years till the next one!  2017 the 8th one comes out so thats not to bad!
     Below is the clip and I hope everyone has a great time and if they are a fan, go check it out!

     Always Remember...
You are Never alone...


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars... 24 Hour Countdown Begins!


     So the big day is coming, Star Wars A Force Awakens comes out Friday!  However, this guy gets to see it tomorrow 12/17/15 at 7:00 EST!  Now the premier has come and gone with great reviews however I have always loved a good day early showing!  I can remember seeing I believe the second episode at midnight the night before it opened, or was it Episode 3.  It has been so long since then.  With everything just booming I am excited, however for the record I am a true Star Wars fan.  I grew up watching the original Episode 4,5,6.  When 1,2 and 3 came out well there were mixed reviews but I think they did a good job.  Hard Episode to do per you know what happens lol.  Growing up I played almost all the Computer gams and followed the story line.  I am not a new aged fan where I just jumped on per it is not popular.  I am excited to see so many new fans, however it is funny they love Star Wars, but how many people have actually seen at least one of the movies?  Believe it or not there are many that haven't. 

     My wife Kayla is one, she hasn't seen any but also is going really for me.  When it all came out that George Lucas sold his company to Disney, well...  It was bitter sweet I guess.  I was put off, I mean Disney they just have to own everything and as much joy they bring there is some darkness they do so well covering up.  However the story can go on and with George getting older now the stories will be finished.  They said they would keep it classy and JJ Abrams is an amazing director as well.  Of course Disney now blew it all up and everything is now Star Wars and they are just killing it in profit plus the movie that is said to crush box offices.  They will make their 4 billion back don't worry. 

     However It still is funny because like I said before there are so many fans but how many really understand.  How many know the story and how many just know its popular and want in.  I will say I am so excited the old cast is back!  For a while I was scared they would replace them but Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are back and will be in the film as well as Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew.  I just think how important for the original cast to come back and help with the new film. 

     As this day comes and goes and the big day comes I hope if you are excited to do go and see the movie and if not, well there are other movies to see and well shopping that still can be done!  However I am very excited and nervous, I have know idea how long the lines are going to be even with tickets purchased! 

     Well I hope to get my review out tomorrow right after the movie!  I will be sure to keep you all posted! 

Always Remember,

You are never alone...



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: A Single Parents Hardest Struggle...

  As I start my tips out ever week I wonder how I can help my fellow parents out.  No matter what family situation you are in.  I sometimes gave a little more advise for single parents jus because that is where I was and even now remarried the struggles are there working with my ex.  As I started this Tip I wanted something meaningful, deep even hard to open up to the world.  I don't have a list of tips today but more over just want to talk to you all about what it is to be that single parent and what we go through...

     When I first moved out I worked a lot, two jobs about 70 hours a week.  I looked so think you could count my bones.  Kayla says when she see's pic's of me I looked like I had cancer.  Well as I progressed and moved second jobs and worked less I settled down and started spending more time with family friends and just enjoying life and not working so much.  Well now that my life isn't just my daughter and work there is more a struggle because I didn't make as much as I did, well when I worked my life away...  Its better to, however as my dated and they sold his house and the house my ex and I lived in and bought a very nice one in very wealthy area well things get gritty I guess to say the least.  Still working a lot Kayla and I try to provide everything we can for Quinn however as a parent that splits up time epically with an ex that well does work with me but nothing out of the ordinary.  I won't give all examples because its not a complain fest I want to just tell you that yes its so hard paying an ex child support when you leave knowing they really don't need it at all.  You hope they are saving it for later use for the child and HOPE. 

     However if your child acts up or you start to feel they are not grateful for all they have be clam and know they are moving between two homes.  Sometimes I can't help but feel we are moving to fst as a society and technology, forget it!  Kids don't want toys unless they are electronic, or can download.  So like it has happened to me and poor Kayla who tries to referee Quinn and I because we are alike!  Keep your cool, don't say anything hurtful.  There is nothing worse than arguing with your child and having to bring them home that day.  You will leave in tears because you won't see for a while.  Like I said last post Quinn and I argued this weekend because mainly she was just not cooperating when she said she would earlier.  There is a difference between being funny bad, and just screaming bad.  It wasn't funny bad.  

     However I want my parents and single parents to read this.  Never bring your child into your pain.  You may feel behind the 8ball all the time but after we cooled down Quinn took me aside and apologized to me and I back.  Kayla also does the best talking to her.  For my single Dad's I do say meet a nice girl they do wonders Kayla puts our more fires than a firefighter!  Getting back to my tip you and I mean me to, need to keep it cool.  As they get older the will retain more and fighting and asking for forgiveness gets harder.  Now we still fight with our parents its ok it happens but we need to learn not to vent and argue so its not like this all the time.  Learn how to punish them for example maybe not saying you will take something away per they might go further into their fit. 

Now don't let them just get away with anything but don't add fuel to the fire right away.  I am also trying to practice what I preach.  Just I know how you feel and when I say you are not alone, you aren't.  It sucks there are ex's that just want the power and all the time, they say the share but it doesn't show.  When your child grows up keep the faith in them and they will see the truth.  Holidays can be hard especially with bills, child support, and buying toys.  Trust me, Quinn once opened up the same toy 3 years in a row!  I was just that short on money when I first left.  Candy land, yes she got it 3 times for Christmas, the same box too!  I hang her stocking which is plain and pink and tell Kayla I got it for $1.  Now we are doing better however I tell her it reminds me that once things were tight and that's all we had and could afford.  I use my stocking back from when I was a kid too!   We do what we can people and never be embarrassed.  Be proud of where you are and remember where you came from.

     Always know how hard it gets to now let that anger boil over into your child's ears.  Nothing is harder than when you and your Ex kinda work together or not at all, when you pay her the support and they are very well off, or when you just miss them and know your ex see's them so much more.  Make the memories you have with them good and they will remember!   

One of my hardest Tips because I experience it as well and I could go on but know that you need to be there more than anything.  Yes your family can babysit and your child needs to see all your family but be there and show your support.  You child will see how much you are trying, an instinct they have.   

Always Remember,
You are never alone...



Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunday was busy!

     Sunday we got up and did some cleaning early.  Quinn and Daddy had a little dispute but we got through it.  Were still working on Quinn and when it comes to listening and telling the truth.  She is still picky on what she wears and getting her dressed is well hit or miss.  We are cutting tags off her pants because they bother her and well were working this still.  We told her we can't cut the tags off everything because we wont know her size!

   Well later this afternoon my parents came to pick Quinn up to spend some time with her.  They haven't babysat in a while and had a great day planned.  They went home and had another neighborhood girl over that is her age and made crafts!  A very pretty tree ornaments as well as some nice cookies!  When Kayla and I picked her up she was just so happy to show us her work!  We took a few pictures and then headed out.  We went to a late church service and then back to her Mom's.  It was a great day and picking up Quinn made me remember all the fun days we spend with our friends and all the fun things my Mom had for us.

I can't tell you how important it is for your children to see all their family.  I know in a divorced situation its harder because you don't see them as much which is what I tell my family a lot!  However give them time they need to know parents come first but that your child needs interaction with everyone.  So for my single parents out there be patient and remember to make sure your child does have time with all your family.

 What is best for the child is what we always strive for... 

Quinn with Oma and Poppi

She did such a great job!

Hanging the ornament!

     I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is enjoying their parenting time! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, December 13, 2015

The weekend Update

     This weekend was so busy I need to blog twice!  So today I will talk about Friday and Saturday!  Friday was great, I picked up Quinn and we headed home for a surprise dinner.  Kayla went and got us dinner from a local place.  She got Quinn and I a fish fry and her self some Mac & Cheese.  Quinn loves a good fish fry and she hasn't had one in a while so we wanted to surprise her.  We watched a bit of TV then off to bed.

     Saturday we got up and had some breakfast and got ready for the day.  We had a lot to do and spend a lot of they getting stuff done for the holiday and did some shopping.  After we put together a gingerbread house!  We had so much fun and Quinn loved it!  Kayla and I did the body work and Quinn decorated it.  It really was a fun project and plan on blogging more on this later.    That night we had some friends over for dinner.  Uncle Paul and Aunt Amanda came over along with Uncle Matt and Aunt Becky.  Paul is Quinns Godfather and had some for her.  Aunt Ro came over for a minute as well and had some dinner and then some games.  It was nice because Quinn loves our friends and they love her.  That night we laughed and ate and just had a great night.  We cooked a great meal too, we made chicken parm with real mashed potatoes and a nice salad!  I can't wait to post on this later too!!

     After Quinn went to bed we just sat up later talking and laughing about the old days.  We had a nice night and it was fun to just have a night in with friends.

I can't wait to update you all about Sunday!  More to come!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Minions gingerbread house!

Everything was there for us!

The walls are up!

Quinn started decorating 

Here it is!

Uncle Paul and and Amanda with Quinn!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Deviled Cod with Asparagus

     After the new year I am planning on a new tab!  A cooking tab I have been tossing around for a while now.  My G+ page has a few Collections involving cooking and some of my loves I have for them.  So to start off I wanted to put up a recipe  I got off of a site I have been following for a while now and honored to call them fellow bloggers and friends.  Being a big fan of seafood I wanted to cook this healthy and easy meal and give credit to my fellow bloggers.

     Now my friends at the Lou Lou girls had this over a winter greens.  Kimberley's son Zac brought this to their blog and I share it with you!
    I had a small twist and made it over Asparagus.  Mainly because I forgot to pick up the greens but also to share that changing or altering a recipe is always fun and totally acceptable!


1/3 cup Panko breadcrumbs
2 Tablespoons of chopped Parsley
2 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise 
1 Tablespoon Mustard. Dijon or Honey works best
1/4 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
4-6 Oz skinless Pacific Cod, Fresh or Frozen
1 Small bundle of fresh Asparagus
Pinch of salt
Olive Oil
Grated Parmesan Cheese


Place the Asparagus on a tray and drizzle with olive oil back and fourth.  Don't coat each one fully but make sure you all have a bit on them .  Then sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over and put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes depending how well done you like your Asparagus. 

In a bowl mix your mayonnaise, mustard and garlic powder in a bowl.
Season the cod on both sides with salt and brush the of the cod with the mayonnaise mix
Press the fish on the Panko breadcrumbs, repeat on all sides. 
Coat a cooking sheet with a bit of olive.
Place the Cod on a sheet and place in the oven.
Set to Broil and cook until golden brown, about 5-7 minutes.

Watch carefully when the Panko breadcrumbs brown and about 5-7 minutes take out.  Take our the asparagus and place on a plate, lay the Code over and garnish with lemon and serve.  

Please feel free to add any other seasonings or spices to your mix and always remember cooking is fun so have fun doing it!  This makes a great quick and easy dinner!  If your family loves fish or is just starting to get into eating fish this meal is perfect!  It is also healthy and a light meal to eat.

Thank you Lou Lou Girls for the Recipe I have changed it a bit from what they posted but for their version please check out their great site! Their dish is a bit different but I altered it per what I like and you can to!
Lou Lou Girls site!

Cooking Should be fun, so have fun doing it!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

The decorations are up!

     This past weekend Kayla and I did some decoration setup!  It was that time of year we got everything out and ready last Sunday.  Setting up the Christmas decorations are always a great time.  I can remember setting up the house growing up, my Mom would setup most of the inside and my Dad would put up the lights outside.  Now that I have my own home I get to decorate!  Since Kayla moved in we have purchased more decorations but I did have a tree of course lol!

     We used to have a tree decorating party growing up.  Every year we would have the friends over or my parents would have co workers, every year we had different people.  The years we had our friends over was really fun.  We did that a few times our friends would come with food and we would eat, drink and then put the decorations up.  We brought up boxes of them!  As we put different decorations up we would explain some of the odd ones or laugh at the pictures of my brother and I on some of them.  It took some time and led into the night, after we hung out and played some games and just had fun.  So one day I can't wait to start maybe a tradition like this, for now its Kay and I.  Quinn put a few up Wednesday when she came over.  The spirt of decorating always a joy.  Now with some lights and tree up its just a new feel and look for the season.

     I hope you all had a great time decorating your homes and enjoying the spirit.  Here are some pics of our tree!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are!

Quinn adding some last minute touches!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Mid Week Break

     Happy Mid week Break!  So tonight I am highlighting that fun Elf Holly!  When Quinn came home she saw Holly and the Reindeer were playing games!  Usually once a year Elf is caught playing games with those deer.  Last year she was playing video games!
     I hope everyone is having a great December and having fun with your kids!  If you have an Elf or something else to enjoy with the kids just have fun!

Look at them go!
Playing Connect 4!

I wonder who is gonna win!?

     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How not to be rushing on the holidays...

     So with the holidays now fast approaching and everyone celebrating and shopping, unless you don't per believes or other reasons which is totally okay.  For those who are I have a few tips I may find that will help you out. 

   So many times people rush out last minute and just wonder what to get family or friends and loved ones.   They flock to the malls to see what is on sale and fight though parking and crowds.  When it is all said and done you are overtired and just ready to fall on the couch.  You are sick of the holiday and just want to be left alone.  Or you could possible just love all this craziness and be inspired by it!  Either way with the holiday approaching here are some tips for you!

     1)  Try to get ideas a head of time.  This also means giving ideas to family that are getting you gifts.  The earlier the better, I know it can be hard and most people say "Don't get me anything".  In this case you will have to be creative and think of things they may want/use or like. 

     2)  Enjoy the holiday season.  It only comes this time of year then we go back to just having our homes regularly decorated.

     3)  If you are shopping online, do it now.  The longer you wait the longer things take to come in!  Remember shipping and all, use the stores or online but be aware of shipping.

     4)  Enjoy the holiday fun and foods but remember to be mindful and if you are working out or have a healthy diet to keep that close.  I enjoy the holidays but keep in mind the sweets can creep up!

     5)  Probably the hardest especially if something is on your mind.  Enjoy the holidays.  Recently I have just had so much on my mind I feel we are almost half thought it.  I know its hard and with me even saying this try to not let issues or problems burn into your head.  Close your eyes and take a few breaths.  Whatever the issues are try to relax and figure ways to not let them ruin your holiday...

     I hope this helped!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, December 7, 2015

Trying to be a Good Husband...

     So last Thursday Kayla was telling me she was having a tough day at work.  Just a headache and long day.  When I got home my Dad and I worked on the snow blower and she told me she was late because all the roads home had some kind of accident so it took her a while to get home which just made it worse.  When she arrived I had her relax and drew her a bath.  Then I told her I would make dinner and to just relax.  My Dad had left and I was getting some things done.

     I secretly ordered food from one of our favorite places.  I got a few dishes even an app and dessert, took out some wine and set the table.  She came down and was so surprised.  I was so excited to put on a nice dinner and let her know how much I lover her.  She had some wine in her bath so she was relaxed for dinner.  We ate and just talked, I told her I know bad days and that I care.  After dinner she fell asleep on the couch! lol  I was doing some things around the house, then made her lunch for the next day.

    With us working so much I just wanted her to know how much I love her.  She does so much for not just myself but Quinn.  A nice dinner even it its take out is just what the doctor ordered.  When I got the food everyone at our restaurant was so happy what I was doing.  They told me to take care of her and they hope she feels better!

     So to all my friends out there treat your wife or significant other very well and surprise her!
Here is the pic for you all.

Our Romantic Dinner.

     Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Sunday, December 6, 2015

A weekend to catch up.

     Everyone needs a weekend to relax, well we did and kinda ran around.   This weekend we spent time with some of Kayla's co-workers.  We went to dinner and just then back to one of their houses for some drinks and some games.  It was a fun Friday night.  The dinner was really fun and honestly with the long week it was relaxing and so nice not to think about work or the holidays to come.  The next day we did some sleeping in and then some things around town and then that night went to an friends place for some dinner and a movie.

     My buddy fixed Kayla's computer it was so nice of him to help us out it is working great now!  So after a movie we got home.  Today we just relaxed a bit again and then headed to a friends house for dinner.  One of my best friends Paul, I talk about Paul and Jim a lot and we have been friends since pretty much birth.  Well I met Paul we were like 3 Jim was not born yet lol.  All in all we are extremely close.  All in all the weekend was really nice and with the holidays getting closer its time to start getting ready for parties, decorating and just having some holiday fun!

   I forgot to mention this week that last weekend after Thanksgiving I got to see my buddy Jim who i just talked about up in the paragraph.  Well his brothers and his sister came in for the holiday and Meg his new bride too who we love!  We had a great night and just caught up talking and have a few drinks with food all over.  We won't see them now for several months so we loved the time just hanging out.  At Christmas we are going to see some of Kayla's friends so this year has been a good one we have seen all our friends between the weddings and visits!  

     I hope everyone had a great weekend as I did and as the season approaches be sure to just enjoy the month!  

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting the Snowblower Ready!

     So tonight my Dad again saved the day by coming over and making sure our snowblower was working correctly.  He came over and we had to do some adjusting, we had to fix a few things and take some of it apart.  I had some older gas in there still that we had to get rid of and put the new gas in.  Then we got the rest of it set and started it up with the new gas.  So far looking good!  After we did a quick oil change and we should be ready for the snowfall.

     If you haven't yet, get ready if you live with snow!  Make sure you have a way to clean it out.  Like I said check your snowblower now!  Well you should have a while ago and I even said this lol, but I didn't know I would have the issues I did.  I guess that's what makes life up.  So before you have snow on the ground and its really cold, check that snowblower if you use one!  You do not want to have snow fall and then realize you can't get out to work or remove it.

    So I say thank you so much Dad!  You again tough me so much.  It really would have sucked to have snow falling and wondering why the blower was not starting.  It is now fixed and ready so now all it has to do is snow.   Please no overnight snowfall mother nature, I am not a morning person...

Make sure you are ready for winter!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Mid Week Break

     Happy Mid week everyone!  Tonight Quinn came home and went right to looking for her Elf Holly!  She looked all over and did find her eventually.  She loves looking for her.  We had taco's tonight, she loves when we do this night!  We had dinner and just had fun talking and having a great dinner.  

     We did some reading, in fact Quinn had a book that was harder than her typical one but she did good.  She was nervous at first but she made it!  She was off to bed and Holly now has to think of a new spot to hide!  

  I hope everyone is ready for the weekend, it's almost here!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Here she is!

Holly is back!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: The Early Holiday Prep

 So everyone knows the holidays are now approaching, with Thanksgiving past we now get ready for, well there are all different events depending on what you celebrate!  Here ate Parenting 365 we love to share the joy in all of them.  I also don't like how things now are so commercialized.  However a lot of parents will now start getting decorations and yes the little Elves out so their kids and see them and get some list written for Santa, or other holiday magical person.  Here at our house we do the generic elf on the shelf.  That means we didn't spend 40 dollars for the elf, box , DVD and Name.  We just got a less expensive but just as cute Elf we named.  So last year it worked out great, Quinn loved looking around for her, yes we have a female elf.  Again no discriminating here.  I talked to HR and its all good. 

     However with the first of the month now starting here are some tips to start the month off and get your child ready for the _________ (insert religious/holiday theme in line) season!!
Remember if you don't celebrate anything at all you can still be apart of they joy and season!

     1)  Take your elf out and write your child a note from them.  Letting them know they are back and watching!  (If you do the Elf thing)  We think its cute and fun.

     2)  Let your child know that the past 11 months counts as well, they can't just be good for December so you can go back in the books and see.

     3)  Do things like advise them they need to donate toys or some of their stuff.  Since they are getting new things!  We asked Quinn to donate 7 items since she is 7!  She was awesome and actually gave up 8.  We will put them buy our tree for Santa to take!

     4)  Plan things out!  Don't let this month go by and you not have anything to do.  Make sure you have lots to do, this is a fun month and you can do so much before your holiday events!

     5)  Decorate!  Include the family and do it all together.  Now single parents I know you may not have your child on the weekend you may do this.  As it falls we will put up our tree this weekend but we don't have Quinn.  Let them do other stuff like add things to the tree or put up other things around the house to make them feel like they are helping.  Kids love to feel they are helping!

     6)  Make sure your winter gear is out and ready!  We may get snow, well some areas of the world I guess.  However don't be running around looking for snow gear!   Be ready and get out side for a bit to enjoy the weather!

     7)  Watch holiday movies!  I think bonding is great and watching a movie on the couch with your family is one of them.  Take some time to have some holiday specials on or put some of your holiday movies in the player!  This is the best time to watch them and get in the spirit!

8)  Do some cooking and baking!  Make some nice hot homemade meals and do some baking!  Fresh cookies, or other breads is always fun and educational.

9)  Take the time to go around and look at the lights!  Many people around your area are going to be going overboard with lights so go enjoy their craziness!

10)  Enjoy the season!  It only last about a month so take part and just have fun!  Remember after Jan 1 we have a break for a while again so have fun this holiday season and take it in!

From Parenting 365!

I hope the following tips helped always feel free to add some!

Always remember,
You are never alone!



Monday, November 30, 2015

Review 10: Movie, Recess: Schools Out.


 We all have some of our past kids shows we loved to watch growing up.  I was in High School when it came out but still enjoyed a good cartoon here and there.  One that made me bring back my youthful days epically were encouraging.  A cartoon about kids and how they spend their adventures on the playground.  Getting into trouble or the mysteries they uncovered.  I was a bit older but still saw some of them and remember liking the show.  A little about the show, well the show started in 1997 and is about 6 fourth graders ranging from 4 boys and two girls.  as they spent their time on good old Third Street Elementary.  The show had 6 seasons and went from 1997 to 2002 an impressive run for a cartoon if I may add.  They had two movies, Schools Out and Taking the Fifth Grade.  There were some other smaller unrelated episodes like All Grown Down and a few Christmas ones.

     Being off the beaten path of why I reviewed this, well as it makes the fifth year of my Ex and I being apart and Quinn now living in two homes I look back to when I first moved out.  Five years ago I had a new home and new start.  I was still adapting and making the place comfortable and I got a TV with a video cassette player in it.  This video was one of the first ones we bought and I showed Quinn.  The movie it's self gets a great review seeing how its a funny and interesting.  The kids all go away for summer except one who finds there is an experiment happening at the school.  He has to round up all his friends and figure out what is going on and together with other kids and the teachers stop the bad guys who are trying to actually ruin recess for all schools!  The video is really funny and like I said has a great story line.  One of the things that makes it so special is just how we started off.

     I can remember just wondering how I was going to do this all.  I had some great ideas and we di go places however some days we just wanted to hang in and relax.  I would play the movie for her and she would just love it, we would watch it together and just relax or even nap a bit.  She would sit in her little pink chair and have a drink and I would be on the couch next to her.  When the winter came and we would be outside a bit I knew after she would love to come in, warm up and put this movie on.  The movie was one of the first pieces of entertainment I had to help us both with the winter and this new lifestyle we now had.  As time went on more movies came and went but this one never left our collection.  In fact the tape broke at one point.  I actually loved it so much I got another VCR one online! 

    So as far as reviews go well every parent holds a few pieces of treasure that they have for their kids.  This video will always be one for us.  It marked a time when she was very little and I was there in this house alone wondering what to do.  Now she has Kayla as well as I and more toys, plus being more independent she has learned to live with both houses and has grown so much.  I am so proud of her.  However for a brief time there was just us and the few movies.  One being our favorite  Recess.

     I hope everyone has a special video or possible show they have with their kids.  Remember TV or movies can bond and strengthen us.  It's good to get outside but sometimes relaxing with a good movie can bring parents and children together.   Quinn has since grown and found new shows we both like to watch however Recess will always be one of my favorites and key parts to our adventures we started so long ago.       

     I hope everyone enjoyed this review on not only a great movie, but something single parents should have.  A bond that helps them get started.  Every single parent starts over and they may feel scared or alone.  

However always remember...

You are never alone...



Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Sandbox: The goodbye...

     For years now we have been going to The Sandbox!  An indoor playground gym that I found when I started off on my own.  I would bring Quinn a few times a year and even did a review on them!  I have many post about going and as Quinn grew older you can see how bigger she has gotten and started to out grow the gym.  They gym is for babies up to about 7 yrs old for kids.  Quinn being over 7 I figured we would do one more trip and say goodbye.  They have always been very good to us and have changed over the years.  For the better, making the facility fun and enjoyable.

     They always keep it very clean and took out a lot of things that kids didn't use or play with or toys the may hold germs.  They replaced them with other fun toys and bounce houses.  They also don't charge adults which is also great!  Quinn and I danced a bit on this great floor that has lights and games.  Quinn did some jumping in the bounce houses and climbed the bounce slide stairs and came down.  As I watched her I laughed I can remember her as a little one trying to make it up those stairs and now she did it with ease.  How they grow so fast.  We did some other fun activities and then said our goodbye's.  It was a great afternoon and after 5 years I just smiled and thanked great places like that for all they do.  So this chapter closes out and new ones start.  The journey moves on and I'm sure I will be back because Kayla and I do want some kids.  She was working that day but understood that I wanted to bring her and she was happy I got to take her one more time. 

     I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Quinn when I first moved out, the sandbox was one of the first places I found and it has been awesome.  So as she now moves on to bigger play places and new adventures but we never forget the fun times we had.  I wanted to thank them so much for just being this awesome place and for all they do to keep it interesting, clean, fun and just a great safe place to bring your kids!  

Below are some pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


New jumping areas!

The dance/game floor!

Look how nice it looks, they do such a great job keeping it clean.

This ladder used to give Quinn trouble, now look at her go!

Some air hockey!

Here we are, saying goodbye!

She tried to get in this car and got stuck, it was quite funny.