"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Monday, November 30, 2015

Review 10: Movie, Recess: Schools Out.


 We all have some of our past kids shows we loved to watch growing up.  I was in High School when it came out but still enjoyed a good cartoon here and there.  One that made me bring back my youthful days epically were encouraging.  A cartoon about kids and how they spend their adventures on the playground.  Getting into trouble or the mysteries they uncovered.  I was a bit older but still saw some of them and remember liking the show.  A little about the show, well the show started in 1997 and is about 6 fourth graders ranging from 4 boys and two girls.  as they spent their time on good old Third Street Elementary.  The show had 6 seasons and went from 1997 to 2002 an impressive run for a cartoon if I may add.  They had two movies, Schools Out and Taking the Fifth Grade.  There were some other smaller unrelated episodes like All Grown Down and a few Christmas ones.

     Being off the beaten path of why I reviewed this, well as it makes the fifth year of my Ex and I being apart and Quinn now living in two homes I look back to when I first moved out.  Five years ago I had a new home and new start.  I was still adapting and making the place comfortable and I got a TV with a video cassette player in it.  This video was one of the first ones we bought and I showed Quinn.  The movie it's self gets a great review seeing how its a funny and interesting.  The kids all go away for summer except one who finds there is an experiment happening at the school.  He has to round up all his friends and figure out what is going on and together with other kids and the teachers stop the bad guys who are trying to actually ruin recess for all schools!  The video is really funny and like I said has a great story line.  One of the things that makes it so special is just how we started off.

     I can remember just wondering how I was going to do this all.  I had some great ideas and we di go places however some days we just wanted to hang in and relax.  I would play the movie for her and she would just love it, we would watch it together and just relax or even nap a bit.  She would sit in her little pink chair and have a drink and I would be on the couch next to her.  When the winter came and we would be outside a bit I knew after she would love to come in, warm up and put this movie on.  The movie was one of the first pieces of entertainment I had to help us both with the winter and this new lifestyle we now had.  As time went on more movies came and went but this one never left our collection.  In fact the tape broke at one point.  I actually loved it so much I got another VCR one online! 

    So as far as reviews go well every parent holds a few pieces of treasure that they have for their kids.  This video will always be one for us.  It marked a time when she was very little and I was there in this house alone wondering what to do.  Now she has Kayla as well as I and more toys, plus being more independent she has learned to live with both houses and has grown so much.  I am so proud of her.  However for a brief time there was just us and the few movies.  One being our favorite  Recess.

     I hope everyone has a special video or possible show they have with their kids.  Remember TV or movies can bond and strengthen us.  It's good to get outside but sometimes relaxing with a good movie can bring parents and children together.   Quinn has since grown and found new shows we both like to watch however Recess will always be one of my favorites and key parts to our adventures we started so long ago.       

     I hope everyone enjoyed this review on not only a great movie, but something single parents should have.  A bond that helps them get started.  Every single parent starts over and they may feel scared or alone.  

However always remember...

You are never alone...



Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Sandbox: The goodbye...

     For years now we have been going to The Sandbox!  An indoor playground gym that I found when I started off on my own.  I would bring Quinn a few times a year and even did a review on them!  I have many post about going and as Quinn grew older you can see how bigger she has gotten and started to out grow the gym.  They gym is for babies up to about 7 yrs old for kids.  Quinn being over 7 I figured we would do one more trip and say goodbye.  They have always been very good to us and have changed over the years.  For the better, making the facility fun and enjoyable.

     They always keep it very clean and took out a lot of things that kids didn't use or play with or toys the may hold germs.  They replaced them with other fun toys and bounce houses.  They also don't charge adults which is also great!  Quinn and I danced a bit on this great floor that has lights and games.  Quinn did some jumping in the bounce houses and climbed the bounce slide stairs and came down.  As I watched her I laughed I can remember her as a little one trying to make it up those stairs and now she did it with ease.  How they grow so fast.  We did some other fun activities and then said our goodbye's.  It was a great afternoon and after 5 years I just smiled and thanked great places like that for all they do.  So this chapter closes out and new ones start.  The journey moves on and I'm sure I will be back because Kayla and I do want some kids.  She was working that day but understood that I wanted to bring her and she was happy I got to take her one more time. 

     I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Quinn when I first moved out, the sandbox was one of the first places I found and it has been awesome.  So as she now moves on to bigger play places and new adventures but we never forget the fun times we had.  I wanted to thank them so much for just being this awesome place and for all they do to keep it interesting, clean, fun and just a great safe place to bring your kids!  

Below are some pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


New jumping areas!

The dance/game floor!

Look how nice it looks, they do such a great job keeping it clean.

This ladder used to give Quinn trouble, now look at her go!

Some air hockey!

Here we are, saying goodbye!

She tried to get in this car and got stuck, it was quite funny. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday, is it still on Friday?

     Well today has come and almost gone.  The big Black Friday, the term was actually used because the stores do most of their sales and biggest sales today.  With big deals and long lines stores used to open at 5 AM and be open till late in the night.  I can remember on Thanksgiving we used to look at the ads and the papers and check out the deals.  We would talk to my Aunt who used to get up really early and do the black Friday shopping!  She would go with some friends or alone sometimes and I can remember telling her shes crazy for getting up so early!

     Now she seems like she sleeps in late per todays standards.  So as of a few years ago now stores are opening Thanksgiving night!  Yes we can't even make it to Friday!  I remember stores started opening earlier and earlier and now this!  A few years ago I worked at Target just for a bit and I worked Thanksgiving night.  It was crazy!  The lines were out of control, people standing in line hours before they opened!  When we got set and the doors opened it was just a mad house!  Of course the people just rushed in and went to the electronics.  I can remember working till about 2AM and just being so tired.  So many people just running around and looking for stuff and all the deals.  I got home and went to work the next day, I don't know how but I made it.

     As years went on I always worked Black Friday, well my main job that not the crazy night!  I only did that once, it was an experience I will admit.  So that brings me to this, what happened?  We now live in a world were stores just have to open that early, on the actually holiday!?  People standing in line days before the opening night waiting and waiting for items?  There were people waiting outside for 11 days!  Really?  This is what we are now doing?  Is Black Friday still fun anymore?  I can remember people getting their ads and deals ready meeting up and going.  Now they leave their families house and wait in line that night!  Personally I don't know, lots of people shop online now too however I personally feel the energy of Black Friday is going away with stores open on Thursday.

     Either way the world is changing I guess, last year Kayla and I went to Target to get a small TV.  This year I stood my ground and we didn't go.  So the day closes out and now the holiday season starts.  the countdown begins and now you can put on holiday music!  So as the next season starts I hope everyone enjoys the days and nights and make sum holiday fun!

I can't wait to post and read your post!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

     Hello all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving today!  As the night closes out I hope everyone spent time with loved ones and family and friends.  I hope anyone who doesn't have as much did have a warm meal and a dry safe place to go.  In this holiday time and entering the next season we try to do as much as we can to help those in need.  I encourage everyone to give what they can to help those with less in their lives.  

     So spending time with family and friends the day closes out.  We spend time giving thanks for those we love, protect us and pray for those who need help around the world.  So now the countdown begins for the holiday season I hope everyone is ready, lots to do and with a new year to come I have a lot of post to do!

  Well I am thankful for a lot but my new bride and having my daughter with us was some of the nicest...  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Mid week break

     Tonight Kayla had to work late so it was just the munch and I.  We made some dinner then a little TV and bed.  We had a pretty normal night and brought me back to before Kayla where I had to fend for her.   Now with her help we work as a team but she did great tonight and even picked up her room and got ready for bed with no issues.

     So the night before Thanksgiving the big night to go out!  Yes I'm here blogging.  I can remember back in the day at college we would go out till late in the night and try to wake up early or try to at least for Thanksgiving.  Now I laugh as I am older and have a little one, the biggest night to go out,  I have the biggest reason to stay home...  How we grow and look back at what we used to do.  Getting up now early is something I do now and with Quinn being excited to enjoy the day with us I need my rest!

     So I say I hope to everyone going out tonight please be careful and safe for tonight everyone is going out and catching up but remember  to be safe and remember there are others on the roads and to get a driver if you had to much to drink.  Tonight the law is out for sure and looking to keep the others safe.  I do hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow I will be sure to blog too...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Thanksgiving


     Thanksgiving, one of the holidays that allows us to relax, eat, and be with family.  Tip one. Get Alcohol...  I'm teasing, to a point...  So as the day approaches I have a few tips for all you single parents out there and even non parents as well.  I hope as everyone sits down to enjoy time with loved ones you remember there are many without this year.  Many serving for our country, others even working just because they can't get off.  However think of the many that are alone or with no home.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers for as you enjoy all you have be mindful.  I have a friend who long ago told me they celebrate "Takesgiving"  He was part Native American and said "yea, you took it all"  My wife, who is 1/2 Native laughs, then says "yea you did"...  So what ever one you celebrate be with loved ones. (I'll probably hear about this post now from the wife lol)

     1)  Get ready early!  If you are hosting make sure the house is ready, cleaned up and set to go.  Now most can do this Wednesday however getting started sooner is better of course.

     2)  Make sure everyone knows what they are bringing if you advised them to bring something, and remember if you are going someplace to remember to bring you're dish!

     3)  If you need to go to the store to get food or supplies do it now!  Do not go tonight or tomorrow night!  If you go tonight it might not be to bad, try to even go later.  Tomorrow however the day before will be busy!

     4)  If you are cooking a Turkey, or other large piece of food.  Make sure its thawed!  Do not start tomorrow.  Something like a Turkey fully frozen will take up to 3 days to fully thaw!  Cooking a frozen Turkey is not advised, unless you can stop time...  It will take so long and now cook well either.

     5)  Enjoy the day, if you have your kids this holiday enjoy them!  Play and laugh with them, don't ignore or do other things.  Sit with them even if your all just napping after the big feast.  Remember single parents we don't always get our kids every holiday so make sure you enjoy the ones you have.

     The rest of the day is up to you.  Remember be safe, most fires happen on Thanksgiving so mind your oven and just overall enjoy the day and be with your loved ones.

Always remember,
Be Thankful, and that you are never alone...


Sunday, November 22, 2015

A relaxing weekend

     This weekend came and went and Kayla's parents came to visit so we spent the weekend just relaxing and hanging out with them.  We don't get to see them much per they live about four hours up North and with the winer approaching we usually visit them one more time at Christmas then not till spring again.  It was nice on Saturday Kayla got to spend time with her Mom and I with my Father in Law.

     I always do love blogging about family even if i don't have pictures its so important to visit with them and see them.  Friday we all went to dinner and got something to eat and talked.  That night we just talked and caught up up.   Saturday we just hung out and watched some TV we did a guy trip to the Home Depot and just all around relaxed.  That night we had some dinner and then relaxed with a movie.

     The weekend was tough per since its getting cold and people are sick at work I had a cough that didn't quit till Sunday.  Ohh well its always something right...  Sunday her parents said goodbye and headed home.  The rest of the day we just keep it simple and relaxed.  My Mom stopped over for a bit because I haven't seen her in a while and my Dad was out of town hunting so it was nice.

    As the night ended I just sit now and get ready for the holiday to come!  I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving, remember only about 3 days left!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A mid week break!

     So every year how many people rake someone else's lawn?  Well every year I do, without a tree in my yard I still get all the leaves?  How does this happen is it physics or just how the universe likes to F with us?  Well I raked this past week and bagged them all up.  I know it stinks but its over.  I learned to get them done now its easier and once I am done its done...

     Not to bad but as you can see, no tree, well except the one over out of my yard!  Well its funny and I know many of us have to pick up our own leaves and others too.  So happy fall!

     Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Struggeling with Pickup and Drop off's.

  I can remember the first time I picked up Quinn and dropped her off back home after our divorce and when I moved out.  Five long years have passed and so many since then.  I have had good pick ups and bad ones.   I have driven to her Moms house for pick ups and drop offs every time and it does get tiring after awhile.  Some days it gets hard when I wait in my car which just feels like time drags by and as the so fast weekend comes and goes bringing her home is just as hard has she now doesn't want to go.  We reissue her she will be back soon and to have a great rest of the week.  Going back and fourth for a child is hard and I can't imagine how strong they must be to do it.  I know Quinn however is so strong. 

     Here are some tips I have learned through my years for any parent that has to pick up or drop off their kids and how to help.

1)  Remember most importantly why you are doing this.  To see your child...

2)  Take your time and on the drive relax and breath.  It can be stressful because you are driving to a place you probably don't want to go.  Take the time to reflect and how excited you can be to see your little one.

3)  While you are waiting just have some music on or rest.  They may not come out right away.  If you feel its been a very long time ring the bell again, maybe they didn't hear you.

4)  If you feel your ex is taking advantage of you or making you be in a bad spot talk to them, or seek legal action.

5)  Don't put the child in the middle and fight when they come.  I know you might be mad about something if they want to talk about something that might get heated remind them they need to talk outside of the child ears. 

6)  When you drop them off hug and kiss them and tell them you had a great time!  Tell them you will all have so much fun next time and always let them go on a good note!  Don't let them leave upset or crying, you will only feel it 10 fold when you get home.  I have and its horrible.

7)  I know staying positive is hard but try your hardest.  Think about the fun things you can do while you wait and just how special and important they are to you.

8)  Be courteous and say hi to everyone show you are working together and the child is not impacted.

9)  Don't let the stress of work or life build on the way over.  I know the drive might suck and you feel all you do is drive back and fouth and your ex does nothing but come out, which might be true but who cares.  When I drop off and pick up Quinn I tell my self it sucks driving but at least my ex doesn't do it and see my nice home.  I don't want my ex near my home you don't have to have your snoopy ex looking around.  This will keep you positive and in control.

10)  Most important never blame it on your child.  Never get made you have do all this and make your child feel horrible or to blame.  They are probably excited to come out and see you so make sure they feel welcome and loved...

I hope these tips help.  I know it sucks doing a lot of the driving I am there myself but stay strong and do your best to take a breath and remember this is all for love.  The love of your little ones (s). 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

     Today  was a great day we got a lot done and had fun doing it.  We had some breakfast and got some cleaning done early.  Quinn has been doing a great job cleaning her room.  After I cleaned up the yard a bit.  (I will post about that mid week)  I also took down the patio table and chairs.  I took advice from my own tips and did thinks like mowed the lawn and just did some final cleaning up before it gets to cold.  I got some oil for snow blower which I have to empty out and put the new oil in.  The lawnmower ran out of gas as I finished which is great because now there is no gas in that.

     After the year was cleaned up Quinn came out and we kicked the soccer ball around!  It was a great day to get some exercise.  She did great and we had a lot of fun we played all different kids of games it was awesome because so late in the year its hard to get out as it gets colder

     After we ran and kicked and laughed we came in to rest and relax.  I was proud she did so well and ran around which all kids need.  Later that night we had some dinner and off back to Mom's house.  She gave us all big hugs and didn't want to go.  As she gets older I know she will have more say but its nice to know she loves our time and wants to be with us more.  I told her not to worry Wednesday will be here soon and we will have fun.

     So another weekend down and time rolls on.  Quinn is getting so big I still just can't believe it.  She is just such a good kid.   I hope everyone had a great weekend and hugged their kids...

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Here we go!

What a good goalie!

She stopped it!
Great day to be outside and play!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

A fun day out!

     Today we had some friends come up from Buffalo to visit!  Kayla's good friend Amanda came up with her two kids!  We all went to the Jump Club for a bit and let the kids play and jump around!  Quinn's been there before and loves to go she also knows the place well.  Emma Amanda's daughter is just a bit younger than her so they had a lot of fun.

     After we went home and got some dinner and just hung out.  We played with Amanda's little new baby boy Gage.  He was so cute!  We all ate and talked and then hung out while the girls played and just had fun being kids.  It was good to see Amanda and Kayla catch up they have been friends for so long now so it was good to see them just catch up and talk.

     We had a fun day and it was good to see Quinn with other kids i know at my house it can be harder because most of her friends are at her Mom's, one of the harder aspects of being a single Dad.  However today was great and a win so I'll take it.

     Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are!

There they go jumping and climbing around.

Kayla with Gage!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The driveway gets a lift!

     Well not a lift per say but kinda a asphalt job!  Went from a B to a C... No pun in tended!  

  Since I moved in 5 years ago I have struggled with the driveway because it is a single wide that opens up into two spots in the back.  Well with friends coming over and family and now Kayla living here I knew I needed more room.  At first we wanted to pave the area between the road and sidewalk where we have people park sometimes.  I learned however the town won't allow us to pave that.  So years went by and finally this year I went to the town and got a permit to get my driveway extended.  Widen that is about 7 or so feet.  The front part of the driveway from the sidewalk to about the house.

     After speaking with the town and sending my lot in with the check I got the permit this fall!  I then found a great guy to dig up the lawn, put stone down and pave it.  He offered me a great deal and it only took a few days.  He had to get the gas and water lines checked out first to make sure there was no issues then in one day his crew took care of the job!

     We are still letting it settle but should be on it by the weekend!  We are excited because we should be able to put a few cars there now and off the road or side area.  Come the middle of November till April you can't be on the street overnight.  Plus when Kayla's parents come to stay we have more room as well.

    So I would recommend doing this if you have a smaller driveway and look into paving in the fall sometimes the deals are better because you can't pave in the winter, well in up North states that is.

Here is the outcome!

Always Remember
You are Never Alone...


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day!


     Happy Veterans day everyone!  Today is such a special day because it marks a day to thank our Vets for all they do.  We should thank them every day that is and anytime you see a Veteran or active duty person however today marks a very special day because of how hard they have worked for us.  How they protected and continue to protect us from harm and people that want to do evil to us and others.  Sometimes people and I included feel the US polices the whole world and brings us further into debt.  However with everything going on there are people that need help.  People in area's that their own leaders won't or can't help them. 

     Always remember that many died to protect our freedom and to keep us safe.  They gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives.  I want to thank everyone from every country for we serve with others from around the world side by side trying to help those that need it or are hurt.  I know some wars seem longer than others and the war in the Middle East feels like it will never end but those countries need guidance and one day we hope to just be full out of there.  Will it happen, only time can tell.

     My Dad served when he got out of school, it is where he met some of his closest friends.  He was in the Navy during the Vietnam war.  A horrible time and war.  He now honors who serve and have served by going to events supporting his local Legion and having them honored at events like some Boy scout ones we had.  I know I or my brother never have served but have friends that have and always thank them.  Some of the hardest parts are coming back and having issues.  Always support Vets and the Wounded Warrior program.  We can never take our freedom for granted.   

     Thank you to every Veteran around the world making their country, our country and the world a better and safer place.   

Always Remember:

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the VETERAN, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the VETERAN, not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.


Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Make sure you are ready for Winter!

     So with my final post telling you winter is pretty much on our door step my advise now is to get the final little things done!  The colder it gets the harder it will be and I think we are pretty much out of nice days so make sure you are now really getting ready!   Below are some great tips for those who live in the colder areas.  If you live down south I guess you just have to ask your self what beach to go to, boo on you!

Lets get started!!

1)  Get those leaves raked!  Yes I'm sure your yard is full of them and I bet they are probably not all yours either.  I know it sucks but if you don't rake them now it will just get harder as it gets colder.  Also leaves will ruin the grass and harm the lawn.  Some places will allow you to put them all piled up at the curb, do this now!  Once done a few may fall but you will have a nice looking yard and won't have to deal with them in the spring too.

2)  Make sure your storm windows are now down and your screens up!  Winterize your home to get ready anything left like sealing up cracks or small hoes in the basement. 

3)  Very important if your furnace is not on yet make sure you turn it on!  Just to at least make sure it works!  You do not want to find out it's broke when you really need it!  Change the filter and have someone clean it or check it if its been a while or is older. 

4)  Once the leaves are raked think about mowing your lawn one more time to get the grass short, then also let it run and get all the gas out of it.  You don't want gas sitting in the tank over the winter. 

5)  Make sure you have snow removal!  If you have a snow blower, start it up, and get it ready.  Change the oil put gas in it, anything it needs to be ready for that snowfall.  It will be approaching fast! 

6)  Make sure your cloths are swapped out.  Pull out and wash all your winter gear, its being sitting all summer so make sure you clean and wash them.  Put away all the summer cloths and tell them you will see them later.

7)  Make sure you can find all your important winter cloths!  Hats, gloves, your jacket, scarves all this.  I know it sounds odd but you may have forgotten where you put them all!  Make sure they are all in good standing and buy new things if you need them. 

8)  Don't put the grill up yet!  One of my personal favorites, just because it's winter you can still grill!  I love grilling in the winter just be safe when you do it. 

9)  Have your car serviced, an oil change, tire rotation and all around check is great before the big winter months hit.  Make sure you're car is in good shape and that the tires are as well. 

10)  Most important, embrace it!  Go sledding, have fun in the snow, cuddle up and have movie days.  Catch on just keeping warm and sharing a blanket and some Pop Corn as the snow falls. 

     I will make sure to put out some great winter tips on being safe and having fun as well so stay tuned for those!  Have fun this coming winter!  Remember most important it will not wait for you to be ready!  Get ready now and when it comes you will be happy you did.

I hope the following tips helped always feel free to add some.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Big Anniversary!

     November marks my 5th year in my home and moving on.  As my readers know my divorce started November of 2009 and I moved out November 2010.  The papers were signed and everything was completed Summer of 2011 but I did move out and into my home in 2010 and not looking back I can't believe how far I have come...

     Just on the house alone I can't believe how much has been fixed, updated, broken then fixed, things upgraded and lots more still to go.  As I progressed emotionally as well I have dated and overcome everything with the divorce and found my love Kayla.  I have made a lot of distance with everything and Quinn has now called this house our home.  It has kept us warm, cool, safe and dry.  With many holidays, events and many different parties this home has been there for it all.  Now married again settled in and still improving and upgrading I am happy to say we are doing well.  We plan on staying here still for many years to go and one day maybe looking but for now we are happy and comfortable.  This week we are getting our driveway expanded which will make parking easier.

     As the holidays come up I still can remember first moving in and feeling along and empty.  Now the house is full of memories and life.  I can still remember my first night here.  Before I moved in I was busy getting my stuff in and setting it up.  Getting things delivered and just set up.  My first nigh it was just Eve and I and I think she hid all night!  I didn't even have any TV setup I was in bed laying there in the dark I was wondering how I was going to do this.  How was I was going to start over.  I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I knew I could do it and I did....  I wanted to thank all my family and friends for helping me get here, I couldn't have done it without you all...

Happy 5 year anniversary home!  We love you and all you do for us!

She was picture shy so I didn't take one...  She looks good though...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kelly Comes to Town!

     Catching up on some summer fun, late summer a very close friend Kelly, her husband Phill and little one Lucas came to visit!  Kelly and I have been friends for many years, she now lives in California and Phill I met while they were dating.  I have known him a while too he is just an awesome guy.  Their little one Lucas is so cute!  They were in town visiting family and I was so excited they stopped in and they got to meet Kayla which was awesome.

     We sat and talked, caught up and just couldn't realize how grown up we were!  It was so good to see them, I know they live literally across the country but we do what we can and we talk in between but with life you get used to your friends living all over.  I haven't seen them in a few years now so to see how big Lucas is was awesome!

     Growing up I always had a lot of friends, guys and girls but Kelly was one of my closest female friend.  It's always nice to have one you can just talk with and hang out with, visit at college and just hang out.  Kelly has always been such a good and close friend I do miss her and would like to live closer to her but seeing her when we can and talking helps.  I'm so happy she has such a cute family and how happy she is.

     We took some pictures and just hung out a bit more before they had to leave.  We said our goodbyes  and they were on their way.  This day was just so special and I'm glad I got to see my friend...

Thanks for visiting Kelly, Phill and Lucas!

Enjoy the cute pics!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Kelly, Phill and Lucas!

Kelly and I!

Kayla, Lucas and I!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Mid Week Break!

     Tonight we had a funny night reading.  After dinner we watch some TV and then Quinn does her reading.  Tonight Kayla and I laughed when we pulled out Quinn's book for bed.

     We laughed and just thought it was funny.  She did a great job on her books and then it was off to bed.  I made a few funny jokes to Kayla who rolled her eye's and laughed.  With the week half over I am excited about the weekend to come!  Only a few days left!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

     Happy Halloween everyone!  I know today is November 1st however we had a busy day and I'm sure you all did to!  I hope everyone had a great holiday and a very fun night!  I hope everyone had a safe and fun night.  With Halloween being on a Saturday it was special!  For me this was extra special, I only see Quinn for Halloween when its my time.  We don't rotate this holiday so this weekend being my night it was really cool.  

     We got up and had some breakfast then just hung in the day to save our energy for the big night!  That late afternoon we got dressed and headed out.  First we went to Matt and Becky's house to get Quinns face painted!  She was a zombie prom queen!  It was cute and Becky and Kayla did a great job!  We went to Aunt Ro's house next, we said our hello's and took some pictures it was a lot of fun.  Quinn and I have been taking our Halloween pictures at her place for years.  After we headed over to Oma and Popi's house!  She got some goodies there and we spend some time just talking and hanging out.  We made a Quick stop at Kendall and Adriana's place to say hi then we were off for candy!  We walked around our block a bit but Quinn really wanted to pass candy out so after a bunch of houses we headed in.  We got dinner and Matt and Becky came over and we handed out candy and had some fun kids movies on.  We let her stay up a bit late and then she was off to bed as we just watched a movie and relaxed.

     The day was really nice and we had good weather too.  Like I said I won't see Quinn for a few years because it won't be my day however we will still go out and celebrate the event like we have in the past.  The day went so fast as they always do.  The weekend to, I will be sure to update you all on that as well.  For this Dad, it was so much fun and as we start our next month and events I can't wait to keep you all posted!  

Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...


Quinn and Becky!

Here is Aunt Ro and Quinn!

Daddy and Quinn!  
I went in my old Country Club uniform still fit too...

Here we all are!  Kayla was a NY Giant!

Kayla and Quinn!

Here is Oma Popi and Quinn!