"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review 14: The Veggetti

  The Veggetti is a great tool that makes eating your vegetables fun!  Like other slicers that are out there this one allows you to cut different vegetables or other foods into fun things like chips, pasta or slice them thin.  The tool is very easy to use and clean which makes it a great item to have in every house hold.

     How it works is simple, you put whatever food you are cutting on the right by the handle and the other end by the blade.  Once set just spin and the handle and the food will go through the cutter and make whatever style you wanted!  Have a bowl ready to catch the outcome and then cook however you want.  This item is really cool because how easy it is and how fun it makes some foods.  Cutting different vegetables into things like a pasta make eating them easy and fun.  It also comes with a recipe book.
     I think when it comes to eating your vegetables people just need to cook or prepare them in a fun way to make them easier.  If you just put them on your plate yes it can be intimidating but this machine makes eating your veggies fun and easier.  As far as the machine goes, so far so good.  Kayla used it a few times and things it works wonderful, she said it is very easy to use and change blades.  After the clean up was fast and simple.  The machine is also small enough to put away and safe space in your kitchen.  We have yet to have Quinn test the veggies it makes but we will soon.

Below are some great pictures for you to view.

Here it is.

As you can see, very simple to use.

     As far as this goes I think this product is a great tool to have in your kitchen.  Vegetables are very important part of everyones diet so if this machine can make them easier and fun to eat get one!  So far we are very excited and can't wait to try this out more with new dishes.  You might be able to get this at your local food store if not however I'm sure you can online.  The cost for us was about $25 dollars which will pay for it's self because you can spend much more on pre done packages ones the store will sell.  However if you love to cook I would recommend this.  


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Honey Garlic BBQ Chicken

     With Spring Finally here I wanted to start off the nice weather with a classic!  Grilled Chicken with some healthy sides.  I have been cooking chicken for longer than I can remember, over the years I have learned a lot, how to exactly cook it, how to keep it from drying out when to apply glazes or sauces.  Many people think that chicken is easy to cook.  However this is misleading, chicken can burn or dry out very easily.  Below is a very easy recipe that will make your guest going for seconds!
The meal below will cook for about 4 people.

Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Total Time: 1.5 Hours

1 lb of thinly sliced chicken cutlets
3 Tablespoons of Honey
2/3 Cup of BBQ Sauce. (I used Sweet Baby Ray's maple and brown sugar)
1 table spoon minced garlic
Basting Oil (olive old mixed with variety herbs)
Salt and Pepper

Lay out your chicken on a cutting board and use a culinary meat hammer to pound down the thick parts.  Just a little because think cutlets won't need much work on them.
Then just lightly salt and pepper each side of the chicken cutlets
Drizzle some basting oil on them and cover each side.  Basting oil is olive oil with some herbs in it, like basil, time paprika.  You should be able to buy a pre-made bottle at the store.
Let the chicken sit for about 1/2 hr to 40 minutes.
Make your glaze as you wait.
In a small bowl mix your BBQ sauce, honey and garlic.  If you want a thinker sauce use more BBQ.  If you want a lighter sauce you more honey.  You ca start with little amounts and go from there.  I usually have more BBQ sauce to give a good coat on the chicken.
Start your gill and have the temp at low to med.
Place your chickens on the grill, not near the hot sides and let cook.
Cook on low for about 8-10 minutes.  Move the chicken around and lift to check.
Flip if they are looking cooked.  Let cook again for about 8-10 minutes.
Once cooked glaze the tops and then flip and glaze the other side.  Let cook again a few more minutes and flip a glaze again.
After about 5 minutes turn the heat to high and move the chickens to the hotter area.
Now that they are glazed and cooked you want to just crisp them.
Let them cook for about 3-5 minutes or you see nice grill marks.
Take off and glaze the top one more time.
Let sit a minute or two so the glaze sits in and thickens.

                                                                       Serve with a nice healthy side!  We chose couscous. 

The chicken has great gill marks and won't dry out.

 We served them over vegetables and had a side of couscous.  The chicken was absolutely awesome and didn't dry out, even after a day or two.  After reheating it, the chicken still had a great taste and was a great lunch for work.  I hope you use and try this dish out you won't serve dry chicken again.

Let me know any tips or tricks you have or dishes you enjoy I would love to try them,



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Taking advantage of that Rest Day

    So yesterday I posted about how Kayla and I had a restful weekend, we didn't have Quinn this weekend and today I want to go into this more.  When I first started out after the divorce and moving out the weekends without Quinn were tougher than I imagined.  I spend hours and days just wondering what was happening, if I was missing anything.  It was hard, for any new parents that are alone or only see your children so often this post will help...

     As time went on I realized I have to keep busy, many family members and friends would invite me out and I would take advantage of this by  spending time with loved ones.  I would clean or do things around the house to keep busy as well and just overall try not to think about if i was missing Quinn.  I would but you need to keep busy.  Sitting still will just make it worse.  As time went on I learned more and more how to adapt and make my time without Quinn about me.  After Kayla entered the picture I was doing much better.  More settled and just wanting to give love one more try I guess.  Looks like she gave me that one reason to :).  So this past weekend we did miss Quinn of course however spending the weekend and just doing whatever we wanted was nice.  Instead of sitting around thinking of what we can't change we went out.  Enjoyed the day and each other!  We hoped Quinn was having a great weekend and we knew we would see her this week soon.

  That is the best thing you can do, just hope your child is getting the best no matter where she is.  Your home or not.  So below are some things for YOU to do!  I often give tips on kids and things to do but parents need it to!

1)  It is hard and ok in the beginning to be  sad about missing your child.  Take some time to let it out but soon find things to do!

2)  Reach out to family and friends.  Being with them and laughing or sharing a meal or a drink will strengthen your feelings of being loved.  

3)  Make a game plan, when you know you don't have your child, fill that slot with things to do.  If its work or fixing the car or house.  Anything use the time wisely!

4)  Take a day to rest!  You can also burn your time by just having a movie day!  Take a day to watch TV or play some games something you want!  You can't bother your Ex while it is their time with your child so let them have fun and yo do the same!

5)  If you start dating, make date days/nights.  Spend time with your new loved one and show them you care about them!  It can be hard being a single parent to date again, spreading love around and showing affection again.  However when you do enjoy the time you have.

6)  As your child gets older adjust what you do, they may also want to spend more time with you so be ready for that as well.

     The most important thing is to get over not being still crazy.  It stinks I know but you have to keep busy.  However if you start to plan things out and with the help of time you will do just fine.  Remember your state of mind is very important as well.  Your family needs you to be healthy and on point so keep busy so you don't find your self upset.

I hope the pointers helped, short and to the point...

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Monday, April 25, 2016

Having a weekend of Rest

     For all my single or non single parenting friends I wanted to just remind everyone how important it is to have a restful weekend.  This past weekend we didn't have Quinn nor any big plans so we just played things by ear.  Kayla and I had dinner with my parents and brother Friday night and then on Saturday got up and did some small things.  We did sleep in and much needed it was.  We got up and went to the gym got a great morning started by getting the blood moving!  After we went home had some lunch and cleaned up  I took her to the planetarium as a surprise date.  She loved it so much and we saw a half hour show about the night sky.  Such a great thing to do and if you have one in your area check a showing out.  We sat and looked at the stars as the show continued and after looked around the displays.  Space and all its stars are just so amazing with so much around and such a big mystery.  You can't believe all the beauty and wonder it has to offer.

     That night we went to dinner and treated our selves to a steak and seafood place by our house.  We go a few times a year and every time just love our meal.  We have the chef come out ever time to just thank her for her cooking.  She now knows us per meeting her a few times lol but she really cooks an amazing steak.  Kayla says they have the best french onion soup too, very good with lots of cheese and thick cut bread inside, if you are going to have a cheat night go big right?  Well I don't count steak a big cheat meal per there are many benefits to eating it after a hard work out.  We enjoyed our meal and just talked as the weekend continued.  We had a drink and as our meal finished we got ready to leave.  We had some friends over that night and just had a fun game night and relaxed.

     Sunday we got up but then fell back a sleep, for a while.  I can't tell you the last time we slept so late into the morning.  I always feel partly bad per the day is going  and you can't feel a bit guilty for letting it slip by but sleep is just so important and working so much as we do, we just need it.  The rest we felt was awesome however sometimes you can get to tired per all the sleep you get.  The rest of the day we just relaxed an made a nice meal Sunday night.

    For all my parents out there I posted this weekend to remind you all that rest is important and make sure you are getting a day or weekend of it.  Have your kids go with the grandparents, or if you share your kids with your Ex, take a weekend you don't have them to relax.  Don't worry or get upset because you don't see them but rest up and enjoy the time to do other things.  You can't change what is but you can enjoy the time you don't have with your kids by living you life.  Kayla and I spend our time just being a couple and just relaxing.

     Take your weekends to rest up because when Monday comes, its back to the grind...

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

At the planetarium! 

An amazing dinner to end a great date day!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Butter and Garlic Wings

     I found a great butter and garlic chicken wing recipe.  I will admit wings are one of my favorite apps to cook.  I do enjoy them but I think I love cooking them more.  We have a lot of friends and family that love to eat them so I love showing them new styles and flavors!  This recipe is great because it is oven based so you don't have to take out the fryer.

     One of the best things I love about wings are you can do so much with them.  You can fry them, oven bake them or even use your slow cooker!  You can bread them or leave them naked as they say.  There are also many different glazes you can try or make your own up and share!  However the case maybe always try to cook new kinds and expand your horizon.  Don't get scared to leave your comfort zone.      

Prep Time:  10 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Total Time: 40 Minutes

2 pounds chicken wings
2 tablespoons butter, melted
Pinch of salt and pepper

7 garlic cloves, minced (or 2 table spoons if you have a jar of minced garlic)
5 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon flour

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place the chicken wings in a large mixing bowl, add in the melted butter, salt, and pepper. Mix everything together.  Place the chicken wings on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, turn the wings over and bake for another 20 minutes.
  2. While the chicken wings are baking, prepare your glaze by sauteing the minced garlic and butter in a small pan on the stove on low-to-medium-low heat. I did this after flipping the chicken wings the second time. You do not want to burn the garlic, just cook it. Whisk in the flour and allow the glaze to cook for another 5 minutes.
  3. Glaze the chicken wings, turn the oven to broil on high, broil for 4-5 minutes then flip and broil the other side. Serve with your favorite sauce, or enjoy plain!
  4. ***A short cut also*** If you just used minced garlic from a jar you can mix this with the melted butter and save time sauteing.  Also you can cook the last few minutes on broil and crisp the the wings. Flip them over for another few minutes, then toss them in some left over butter garlic sauce then serve.  

Here is the site I found it off.  Great other ideas as well, check it out!
Gal on a Mission

     I hope you enjoy this great app.  Making wings can be very fun and with all the variations it is endless.  I liked this recipe because I got to use my oven this time and the texture was different.  One of the nice things about these wings are the sauce is light and they are easy to bake per they are done in the oven.  If you have any questions or anything to add let me know!
Thank you Chelsea again for this great recipe!

Remember, cooking should be fun!  So have fun doing it!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bacon Sharp Cheddar Cheese Burgers

     Want a great easy burger recipe!  This Sharp Cheddar Cheese Burger is both easy and delicious!  Many people put cheese on top of their burgers, which works great and I continue to do so however this spin using shredded cheese will make you think twice about where it goes.  I have been cooking for many years and putting different things in burgers was by no means invented by me, however I wanted to share this great dish with you.  You may have friends or family that may never have tried this spin on a burger, give it a shot I'm sure they will love it.

Prep Time:  10  Minutes
Cook Time: 15 Minutes
Total Time:  25 Minutes

1 Lb Ground Beef
1-2 Cups  Sharp Cheddar Cheese
2 Strips bacon per burger
Salk and Pepper
Kaiser Rolls

Take your ground beef in a bowl and add some cheese until you feel your burger meat has a good ratio.  (You want to see the cheese mixed in however you don't want to see just cheese so about 1-1 and a 1/2  cups of cheese for one pound.)
A pinch of salt and pepper.
Mix in and then from  your patties patties. A tip from my Mom and other chef's use your thumb to indent the burger a bit.  This will help with cooking.
Before you place on your grill get your toppings ready.
Cut your tomato, onion and lettuce, have your rolls ready too.
Place your burgers on your grill and let cook.
I said up top to put a thumb indentation in the middle of your burger this is to help the cooking and will keep you from wanting to push down your burgers!  Never push a burger. Do you like getting pushed?  Your burgers won't!
Once you see blood forming on top you can get ready to flip.  Try to flip once if possible, less is more!
Cook your burger to the way you like it!  Temperatures will be down below.
When they are almost done add your cheese and cooked bacon and let warm up a bit more.
Take off and place on your roll and dress.  Let sit for a minute and add your sides.


You can add spices or even bacon to this burger if you would like as well.  Burgers are so fun to make per you can just make them all different ways.  You can use this as a blue print to add other things like spices you like or other toppings.  I know a lot of chef's don't like to add things like cheese or other ingredients inside the meat but I like to make all different kinds of burgers.  Some have things inside others don't.  Either way you will never know what they taste like unless you try!  So try!!!  Remember if anything use my cooking site as a guide and go off course if you want!

Make your patties

Have your fresh ingredients ready!

Grill them up, then add toppings about 2 minutes before you remove them.

Serve them up!

Always Remember, Cooking should be Fun, so have Fun doing it!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Getting Ready for Spring-Final Steps

     So now that spring is pretty much here (knock on wood) I have a few great steps for everyone to get ready.  With Spring here there are things we need to do to get ready so when summer arrives were not scrambling for last minute things!  Every season we have to do some things, some small some larger to get us and our homes ready for the seasons to come.  So as the new warm season arrives here are a list of tips that might help you get ready faster!

1)  Most important wait till Spring really is here!  Sometimes it does show up but doesn't fully stay.  So make sure its late April or ever early May before you start doing larger changes.

2)  Get your snowblower put a way.  If you one, run it till the gas is gone and just place it away till the fall time comes.  Taking the gas out will allow you to put new fresh gas in and it won't get stale.

3)  Start doing more in depth cleaning.  Clean your windows and start to clean the outside of your house.  Take your house and reconnect it.

4)  Start getting things like bags and tools ready like rakes and things for the outside.  Also get your warm cloths put away and get the summer gear out!

5)  Get outside and start raking and cleaning your flower beds.  Earlier the better so when summer comes around you don't have to.

6)  Open your windows and let your screens down.  Get some air inside your home and start to get that colder winter air out!

7)  Wash your cars.  Take your cars and get them cleaned off or wash them your self.  Get the left over salt off and dirt.  Get them ready for summer!

8)  Start a plan about what you want to plant or how you want to arrange your flower beds!

9)  Get a plan for you and your kids to!  Get outside and start going for walks, to the park.  Time to get some sun!

10)  Look into turning your furnace off, however just wait till you are sure you won't need it!  Don't turn your furnace off then realize the temp will drop next week.

     I hope the following last tips helped for getting for spring.  The final touches are really important because with Spring here it will get harder to do those touch ups.  You will find your self wanting to get outside and not get the things you need done.  So be sure you get ready for each season correctly!

If you have any other tips for getting ready let me know.

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

     Okay I think it's now safe to say we are in the clear!  I really hope, if we get anymore snow it is my fault...  So with it now being close to the end of April and the weather finally breaking I get to remove the snowy background and finally bring in some nice colors!  With the new season coming I hope everyone is ready!  I will post some last minute follow up tips for the Spring time tomorrow but think we are finally in the clear!

     I even did some grilling yesterday!  I do grill in the winter however not as much though.  Cooking when its snowing out isn't always fun!  So here we are, the warmer weather, fresh air, and sunshine!  I hope everyone is getting excited to get outside and do some yard work, get some nice deserved sunshine and just overall turn your furnace off and put the boots away!

     We have some much needed yard work to do this year however we are excited and can't wait to get started.  The Spring cleaning season has begun and I would say do it now and get it over with!  Nothing is better than a nice cleaned up yard and home for the summer.  I hope everyone has a great Spring start and keep those warm thoughts coming!

Happy Spring everyone!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, April 17, 2016

The weekend Update!

     This past weekend was the first full weekend we had Quinn in a while!  Since her vacation and the holiday so we were excited to have the weekend to catch up and just be with her.  Friday we picked her up and went to dinner.  Its been a while since we had a fish fry and we wanted to suprise her she was so excited.  She was so excited to go out and the night was just awesome.  The next morning we went to a breakfast at a local church with Aunt Ro and some other family.  It was nice, well we had to get up early but the breakfast was good and seeing some family is always good!

     Later that day Kayla spent some time with Quinn they had to do some stuff at the mall and Kayla took her to get their nails done.  It was cute and she had a lot of fun.  That night Becky and Matt came over to celebrate Becky's birthday.  We had dinner and dessert and just hung out.  Quinn had a lot of fun she really enjoys seeing them.  So the weekend had a great start and Quinn was just having a blast.

     Sunday was so nice out we went to church and spend the rest of the day outside!  We kicked around the soccer ball around and then headed to the park for some much more needed sun!  The park was ready to finally have some visitors.  We ran around, burned off some energy and had fun!  We headed back after a while and had some dinner.  Before we knew it, time to get going.  We got Quinn back to her Mom's and then settled in for the week ahead.

     It was a great weekend and so nice to finally have Quinn for a longer period.  So with the weather finally breaking I can't wait to share more fun outside pics.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and got outside and enjoyed the spring time!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Quinn what a Diva...

Time to Play!

My loving Wife!

They even had a baseball game going on!

Look at her go!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crispy Fried Smoked Honey & Garlic Parm Wings

     One of my favorite and most asked for appetizers is my Honey and Garlic Parm Breaded Chicken Wings!  I have been perfecting this recipe and now want to share it with you!  These wings are sure to bring your friends and family to the table!  In the directions you will see a few steps you can do or skip and I have done these wings a few ways, no wrong way but below are some easy steps to enjoy a great crunchy wing mixed with that sweet flavor that will bring your friends asking for more!  However like my other Honey Garlic wings I have made these sit in buttermilk, then are smoked for a bit on your gill, then breaded and fried.  Smoking the wings before will give them their distinct darker and very favorable taste.

     So I have been frying wings for years now and I have used a few different breading recipes.  The one below really seems to work but always fee free to add or subtract anything you would like.  Seasonings can change and if you don't want them breaded you can cook them "naked" as well!  If you want them to be gluten free just skip the breading part!  I also like to have some not breaded just because it is a different taste and giving your guest a few options always makes you look like a PRO!  You can also cook half and half and give your guest something to vote on!  Or if you bread them one time, don't the next.  It's up to you but keep mixing it up!
Prep Time: 2 or more hours
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 2+ hours

Wings-You can use how many you need for the size of your party. Below serves about 20 wings.
Salt & Pepper
4 Cups Flour
4 Tablespoons Paprika
4 Tablespoons Garlic power
1 Cup Pure Honey-Get the good stuff from a bee keeper not off a factory line!
2-4 Table Spoons Minced Garlic
Grated Parmesan cheese

Make sure your wings are thawed, washed and dried.  Then place in a large bowl.
Pour the butter milk in and just about cover the wings.
Salt and Pepper the wings then mix around.
Let sit for a few hours or if you like over night in your fridge.
Make your breading mix (if you want to use it)
Mix in a larger bowl 4 cups of flour, 4 table spoons paprika and 4 table spoons of garlic powder.  You can go lighter or heavier with the seasons as well.  If you want more color add more Paprika, you can also add any other spices you would like!
In a smaller bowl mix your 1 cup of honey and the minced garlic and mix with a fork.
After a few hours or overnight. Take wings out but keep the butter milk aside.
Place wings on your grill, gas or coal either work at around high heat.
Cook the wings just a bit till the outsides look crispy or even a little black.
After Put them back in the butter milk to get wet again
Take your wings out of the butter milk and place them in the breading mix and get them coated.
Heat up your oil to 350 degrees
Place in your fryer for about 8 minutes or they float.
NOTE: They don't need to fry as long per they started to cook on the grill.
Place the wings in a large bowl and pour the honey glaze over top.  Just a little and if you want to add more you can.  Mix up the wings and then place on a plate.
Shake some grated Parmesan cheese over them and serve with any sauce you would like!

Here they are!  

     The following are grilled breaded and fried.  As you can see they are darker.  Remember when you are frying them to keep a close eye on them per they already were grilled a bit so they don't need to be in the fryer as long.  

     Always remember when cooking you can increase or decrease your ingredients depending on how many wings you use. Always start off with less and add more.  Typically with the glaze i use about one tablespoon of minced garlic to 1/2 cup of honey.  Feel free to add more or not as much depending on what you like!  These wings will give you such an amazing taste, the smokey flavor along with the crunch breading and sweet honey mixed with that hint of garlic.  When I made these I had some of my highest reviews and it was such a fun and easy appetizer to make.  Give this a try for sure, your family and friends will love them!   

Always Remember!
Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Simple words make all the difference.

   I cam across this post from G+ by Joel V it has moved around and others passed it along.  When i found this I knew I wanted to make it a Tip.  So often we don't have anything we can think of to say to our kids besides maybe "good job" or "I'm Proud of you" so when I came across this post I knew it would be good to share.  The simple phrases below you have all probably said or heard but if you didn't then start!  Such simple things like the words below can bring your child's spirit up.  

     Most kids just want to hear their parents say nice things to them over getting a physical gift or toy.  Getting a toy is nice but when a parent tells their child they are proud of them or that they are loved or listened to this will show the child so much more.  It will raise them up and they will understand how important they are.  Toys or things come and go but the love of a parent will not.  When you look below and use the following phrases however make sure you look at them and say the words so they hear and see you.  Don't say them fast so they feel you are just saying them.  Put feeling into them and show them you care.

     So below I have 66 tips today!  Check this list out and use new ones daily.  I think if you look over this list and use the following phrases your child will be very grateful and feel more confident.  I am excited to see things maybe I didn't think to use maybe I thought my daughter wouldn't care if I said that.  They will however!  So look over this list and see what you can say to your child to make them smile, best part is words are free and will last forever...

I hope the following below helps.  Feel free to add any in the comment section.

Always Remember,
You are never alone.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fried Ice Cream!

     Who doesn't love Ice Cream, and who doesn't like a good fryer!  So lets marry them, or at least take them on a date...  I came across this great dessert idea a few months back and after some trial and error I think I may have now finally pulled off this difficult sweet treat.

     You will typically see a lot of fried foods at different places like Canaveral or events like this that towns hold.  However after a nice meal surprise your guest by serving up a hot and cold dessert!  This dessert really isn't to hard it does take some time however because in between steps you have to refreeze the dessert however you can pull this off.  You and your guest will be very happy as you taste the crispy outer shell mixed with the soft cold ice cream.  A great hot and cold, soft and crunchy mix.

Prep Time: 4-8 hours A day or two is recommended to full freeze.
Cook Time: 30 seconds
Total Time: A solid day or two.

You might wonder why the prep time is so long.  Below I explain but when you are freezing the ice cream in the stages you really want at least 4 hours per set.  Honestly I would get these ready the day before and let them fully freeze all day.

1/2 GL of vanilla ice cream, (I would start off with plain vanilla then go for other flavors later)
Eggs, about 3-4
1 Box of already crushed corn flakes.
Oil for frying

-Scoop out the ice cream in about medium sized balls.  Use gloves per your hands will melt the ice cream, and get cold at the same time.  Make them as large or small as you want however if they are a bit smaller than a baseball you will get great results.
-In a separate bowl beat the eggs
-On a dish put our some crushed corn flakes.
-Roll the Ice Cream ball in the egg coating it all over
-Then roll the Ice Cream around the corn flakes covering it.
-Place on a dish and continue with the other ones.
-Once set put the dish back in the freezer for about 3-4 hours so they can harden.  I recommend you let them freeze overnight, then repeat  the process and let freeze again for a few hours.  A deep long freeze before you cook them is recommended.  
-After take them out and repeat the process, dip them in the eggs then breadcrumbs again.  This will give them that second coat and will be better when you fry them.
-Put them back in the freezer again for about 4 hours, until hard or you can just do this the day before and let them sit overnight.
-Heat up your oil to about 350 degrees.
-Place a few frozen Ice Cream balls in the oil and move around a bit for 20-30 seconds.
-Take out and place on a dish, you can decorate it them with chocolate sauce and whipped cream for effect!
Serve right away!

     This dish will be a hit because most likely your guest have never had this or maybe have heard of it.  I will advise if you are doing this dish take your time and start it early.  You can't over freeze them but if you don't let them freeze enough when you fry them they will fall apart per they aren't cold enough.  If you have a friend or family member that is gluten free check your store for gluten free substitutes.

Remember cooking should be fun!  So have fun doing it!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Never Count Winter Out!


So here we are, April!  I looked out the window the other day and there it was, snow and ice.  The winter cold beating down on us again.  So for my tip today I want to say do not count winter out!  If you live in the N. East part of the states I would say never trust spring until May?  So here are some tips that might help you fight off that final winter push!

1)  Do not get rid of anything for winter until Spring really arrives say late April or May.  This means your cloths and snow brushes!

2)  Don't put your snowblower away or get your lawn mower out yet.  Sometimes we will get a lot of snowfall and putting that snowblower away because we have a nice day is a big mistake!  Like I stated wait till late spring to be safe.

3)  If you have warmer weather you can start to look around outside for things you need to do.  Parts of the house to fix up.  Make a list but don't take out the paint yet!

4)  Rake and get some yard work done!  If you have a nice day early spring clean up and rake your flower beds.  If you get another snowfall at least you cleaned on a nice day early!

5)  To keep moral up have another movie day!  If you get another cold weekend in the spring make one more movie day!  Take the day to relax and just stay warm.  If you get enough snow you can play outside in the snow one more time to.  However before the big thaw one more day in to relax and spend the day on the couch with your spouse and kids is perfectly fine!

     Some other big tips include not turning off your furnace yet and keeping your storm windows down until Spring finally says it is here for good!  April is tricky because you can get one or two more snow storms so you have to be careful.  A warm day here or there can throw you off so just to be safe wait until late April or even May.  We have had snow in May before so like I said, don't let your guard down!  I hope everyone is ready for the warmer season to come.  I know we are!

Any other tips let me know!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Oven Baked Chimichangas

    Not to long ago I came across a very easy and fun dish.  I follow a great side called Lou Lou girls.  They do all different things involving cooking and crafts.  Kim the person I follow put up a dish for a very fun dish.  This is an oven baked Chimmiechanga  The receipt is easy to follow and it only takes a few ingredients!  I made this last week for Quinn and Kayla and they loved it.

1 Package of Cream Cheese 8 ounces
1 Package of Taco Cheese or 2 cups
1 lb of ground beef.  (You can use Chicken or no meat if you like too.)
1 Package of taco seasoning
1 Container of Salsa
1 Container of Sour Cream
1 Package of Soft Wraps.  You can get whatever ones you enjoy most

Cook the ground beef until brown and add the taco season according to the package.  It will probably have you add a bit of water.
Put the meat in a bowl and add the cream cheese, and taco cheese.
Stir and mix together.
Lay out one soft warp and place a little of the mixed meat in the middle.
Roll and fold up like a wrap.
Spray both sides of the wrap with non sticking spray and place on a flat cooking sheet.
Repeat until sheet is full
Place in your oven at 350 degrees.
Cook for 30 minutes but flip them over after 15 so you cook both sides evenly.
Take them out and place on a dish.
Put some salsa and sour cream on top.
Add any side you would like and serve!

The oven will give them a nice crispy shell and the mix of meat and cheeses are wonderful.  This healthier spin on this famous Mexican dish is very easy and will surprise your family or friends.
You can add as much salsa or sour cream to the top as you wish however less is more.  We found just a little bit will make it perfect, if you add to much it can get to soggy.  You can also add Lettuce or other toppings as you wish.  This receipt didn't call for anything like beans in the mix but feel free to add them if you would like.

Here is a link to Kim's page where I found it!

Thanks Again Kim!

Always Remember,

Cooking should be Fun!  So have fun doing it!!!