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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Mid week Break

Quinn moved up!  I can't wait to fully update you on her new bed!
Details soon to come!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: When I say leaves of three let them be, I mean it!

                    So a few Tuesday s ago I told you that when you see poison ivy, turn around.  Well do it!  After a doctor visit and meds some friends and I went back to the camp!  It was about two weekends ago for the Annual Balloon Rally at Wellsville.  We had so much fun, sorry I didn’t snap many pictures but I will next year.  Well somehow I woke up Saturday and was itchy, again!  I survived the weekend but wasn’t excited as I would have liked to have been.  I got home and went to the doctors on Tuesday afternoon, he verified it was back.  I told him I wasn’t near anything this time but it’s okay he got me back on meds.  When I got home I realized I think I took the last prescription wrong.  He told me to take X amount of pills a day for this then you drop the number and so on, and the bottle said the same thing, but the days and amounts were different.  I’m thinking that could have been a factor so read your directions Is tip 2!  So a few doctors visits, a couple medications later and now things are going okay. 
                It has been about half my time into round two of the meds and things are better.  So my first advice is keep your eyes peeled for that menacing plant and if you get it treat it correctly right away!  Either way I am glad to be blogging again and my little vacation is now come to a close.  I have some more pics and a great update for the rest of the weekend that I can’t wait to share with you all!  I just wanted to let you know that I am doing better and will be back to blogging. 

I hope this finds you all well!
Always remember,
You are never alone…

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Carnival Time!

     It's that time again, carnival time!  I picked up Quinn and we headed off to the East Rochester Carnival.  Aunt Ro takes us every year and we have so much fun.  So we all headed out and had some dinner first.  It was Friday so we had our Friday Fish Fry!  We all got to the carnival and got some tickets.  Quinn was so excited to go back on the rides she loves so much!  There were some new ones and some of her classic favorites.  She took turns taking us on different rides and then we even played some games!  This carnival is one of her favorites because the rides are smaller and she can go on them.

     After we went and got some funnel cake and headed to the dance floor!  Our cousin Tina was singing with her band, Me and the Boyz She sang and danced and the band was awesome!  Quinn loved dancing with my Aunt and she then gave Tina a huge hug goodbye!  We did a few more rides and then headed home.  We are going again tonight and Quinn is so excited, tonight we are going with a bigger group!

I can't wait to update you all!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are!!!

She loves the dragon ride

Quinn in the bounce house!

She did great!

Here we are

Going down the slide!

Quinn and Kayla!

Aunt Ro and Quinn!  I can't believe my Aunt went on this ride.

Playing some games!

She rode the Jeep, I bet this one is in better shape than mine!

Funnel Cake time.

Tina and the band.

Hughey and Quinn Playing a game.

Did we win!?

Quinn and Tina!

A few more rides!

She loves the swings!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Hughey!

Well I wanted to let everyone know I am still here, but it was Hughey's birthday on Wednesday so Happy Birthday Hughey!!

This is the pic Hughey would want to show you!

This is the one Quinn wanted to show you!

Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you!!!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, July 11, 2013

The weekend update!

                This past weekend my family with Hughey went to the camp to work on it.  Friday night we arrived and settled in, we had dinner and a fire we also lit off some fireworks.  The weather was great and we had a nice time just talking about old times and enjoying a beer by the fire.  The next day we got up early and had some breakfast, and then we were off to work.  The camp needed some foundation help; my dad worked under the camp while Hughey and I Cut and made supports.  My brother spent the day cleaning up the yard and back woods area while my mom made lunch. 
                The work took all day and I felt bad because my father and brother already worked all day Friday before we got there.  Keeping the camp in good shape is just part of enjoying it.  We have been working on projects for the camp for years, like a home it needs to be updated and maintained.  The foundation wall has been a project for years now and I think we are in a good place with it.  That night we had dinner and just relaxed after our hard work.   It was nice to enjoy dinner on the deck and just joke and talk.  It never ended up raining which was great because we stayed on the deck till late into the night hours.   Sitting on that camp deck has always been one of my favorite places, its peaceful, quiet and just a place you don’t have to worry about the busyness of life. 
                The next day we all woke up and had breakfast and left.  I got home and just relaxed a few hours of just lying on the couch after I unpacked was well deserved.  That night I caught back up with my Dad, Brother and Hughey  we ended up going to a movie and just having a guys night out.  We saw the new World War Z which I though was good.  I think this weekend was just overall wonderful. A chance to work hard, relax after and enjoy the beauty of the camp. 
      Well if you are a follower you will have seen my previous post about getting the poison ivy, well the meds are working and I am getting better!
                I hope you enjoy the pics!  I can’t wait because in a few weeks we will be up there again for the Balloon Rally!  
Always remember,
You are never alone.

Enjoy the pics!

Getting started!

Here we are working on the Camp!

Almost done!

Trying to cook... We did a great job...

Hughey and my Mom!

Even my old Man put his feet up!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Leaves of Three... Let them be...

     So this past weekend at the camp we had to get clean up a part of the woods and while we were in there, well my dad and I.  We ran into some old friends...  Good old Poison Ivy.  Well as my brother from the safety from his truck yells, "thats not poison ivy".   Well it was...  So I showed and thought I was safe.. I was wrong.  

     I woke up Monday and well I though my face was sunburned.  I took the day to work and then got home and put aloe on.  That was the second bad move!  Well Tuesday I got up and I barley could open my eyes.  I got to work and people were scared!  I called the doctor and got in that day thankfully.  Yup, it was Poison Ivy, he prescribed some meds and told me to just stay cool (good thing its only July!)  I took the night to relax and just post my adventure.  Well I'm on meds for about 12 days now and will just keep cool and try not to scratch.  

     So my tip to you is well, just don't touch it or get near it!  Remember everyone is different.  Some are not allergic to it and some are dangerously allergic.  If you even just get near it the vapor can cause you to break out.  After i was in the patch I did shower but i guess i didn't get it all.  So just stay clear and remember what it looks like.  I guess I was due, it has been years since got it, lets hope this is it!  Have a good summer and be safe! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

     Happy Birthday America!  I hope everyone has a great day off, and if you are working I hope you're not working long and at least getting paid extra!  As we celebrate today with good food and maybe a cold drink I hope we all remember how important this day is.  How a group of people stood up for what the believed in and now we stand free and united.  A day to just be happy we live in such an amazing country and a time not to think about war, taxes or how many jobs we may have.  All year I explain the joy and conflict single parents have.  Today however you have to remember we have so many rights and there are places that don't give people half.  I have amazing family and friends, a save home, good job and I will take the time today to be thankful.  Thankful for freedom and for a country that has first responders that protect us, an education system that teaches us, and a medical system that cares for us.

     So take the time today to wish America Happy Birthday and enjoy everything that was fought for you.  Enjoy the day and be safe!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny!!!

     This past weekend has yet again come and gone, it was a cold and rainy weekend.  The heat has passed and with the weekend came come cooler nights and some much needed rain!  I picked up Quinn Friday after work and went home, Hughey and Meg stopped by to hang out and just say hello.  Quinn was so excited to see them because they haven't seen her in a long time.  Saturday we got up and really just took it easy.  That morning it was still raining and Quinn and I had some breakfast and just relaxed, we caught up on some movies and shared some much needed chill time.

     That night she had dinner with Oma and Popi and we all hung out and then ended up going to bed.  I spend the weekend organizing my room out which I'll talk about this week.  While Quinn was sleeping I also had some time to clean out my basement and get some things done around the house.  Cleaning is a never ending process....

     Sunday we slept in!  We took some time to just relax.  That morning we went to breakfast with my brother and my parents.  It was Uncle Kenny's Birthday last thursday!!!  Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny!!!  We had a great breakfast and Quinn took some great pics with her Uncle!

     The rest of the day we played games with Quinn's stuffed animals, we ran around the house, and even had the Nerf Guns out for a little.  We even took a small nap on the couch before we left.  The weekend came and went so fast I still can't believe it is over.  I love taking Quinn to the park or going outside to play, but honestly sometimes a rainy weekend is all we need.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and I can't wait to catch up with you all...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


The Birthday Boy with Quinn!

More Uncle Kenny and Quinn!

Quinn was checking her Teddy Bear, he wasn't feeling good.

She's so cute!