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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review 2: Neti Pot

     This past month I got a cold/sinus infection which brings me to my second review.  I am reviewing what they call the Neti Pot.  A device that helps flush out your sinus area with warm salt water.  Years ago I did hear about this product and have seen it however never getting a full sinus infection I never thought of the need to use one.  Many people do use them when they are not sick just to keep their sinus's clear.  There are also many people and doctors that do say it works.  Doctor Oz is one of them.  A like is there just click his name. 

     The way it works is you purchase one and put clean water in it.  You want to use bottled water or water that has been purified.  This is because water out of your tap has chlorine and remember this water is going though your sinus area.  Pure cleaned water is best.  You then put the salt they include with the package inside and warm the water in the microwave.  Usually a few seconds.  You just want it warm not hot.  Then you put the end of the pot up to one of your nostrils and lean to the other side and forward a little.  What is important is you breath through your mouth and keep breathing. Your body will let the water pass through the cavity area and fill up, then drain out the other end.  I know it sounds gross and weird but it actually does work.  You then tilt back up right and blow your nose.  After you do the other side and continue till the water is out or you feel done.

     The nasal area is very hard to get to and when you get an infection you will fee it and feel horrible.  Anyone that hears you have one will first probably say "ouch, they suck".  Below is a diagram of the sinus area showing you that is its al behind your face and difficult to reach to clean out.  Also this makes a great place for bacteria to linger and grow. 

     So I went to the store and picked one up, it was about 10 dollars and came with 50 packets of solution to put in the water.  I did use it a few times while I was sick and did notice the difference.  The warm water really helped loosen out my sinus cavity and blowing my nose after felt like the pressure was going away.  My sinus's were inflamed so after some time they did get stuffed up but I would use it before bed and in the morning.  I did notice sometimes you would get a little water down your mouth and it is a pain but that is when I would stop and start up again.  It is just salt water so it wont hurt you but can be a pain as your trying to breath.  I used it about three or four times and still did go to the doctor and get medicine however the product was good and did work.  There are a few different variations to the Neti Pot as well.  There are some you sand upright and push a bottle that forces water up and down your Sinus Cavity.  I didn't mind the one you tip your head because it was cheap and did work.  I haven't used it since I have been sick but might next time I feel a cold or stuffy nose.  I will admit it was weird at first, the water would go in and fill up my nasal area then finally run out.  However it did really loosen up the mucus and blowing my nose was easier and I did get a lot out of that area.  Remember you don't have to go to long either a few seconds here and there, take breaks when you need to and make sure you have tissues ready! 

     I would recommend this product and would say it does work.  I would of course say to see a doctor as well because you may need medications and proper treatment for a cold or sinus infection.  They can be quite horrible to go though.  However the Neti Pot does help with pressure and the warm water helps clean out your sinus's.  For the price and the fact it will last a log time and can be used over and over I feel it is a great product.  They say people have been using them for many years and that cleaning out your sinus cavity with water has been around for ages.  I am all for natural ways of healing and feel this helps however like I said before always seek professional help like a doctor if your condition worsens.  There are instructions and age limits, I wouldn't recommend small kids using this yet because they may not get the breathing down right and swallow water then get nervous or panic.  Im sure there are kids that do use it or have tried however at this rate I wouldn't recommend it unless I read more about it.  My daughter hasn't hada  sinus infection (Thank goodness).  However she is 6 right now and I don't think she would get it even if I helped her.  Again make sure you always do your research and speak with a doctor on this or any matter when it comes to health matters.  I am not a Doctor do not quote me!

Here is the one I purchased and I am very happy with it.  I would still do your own research and even talk to other that used it.  You can go online and even see video's.  I didn't supply one sorry.  There are some out there on how to use them.  So for my second review I hope I helped.  I would recommend this to try but use it correctly and read the directions.  For other question please see your doctor or if you have any for me and my experience leave a message or email me!

For more review visit my main page and click the review link!

I hope this helped.




Friday, March 27, 2015

The Weekend Update

This past weekend with Quinn was great!  Like i said in my Tuesday's Tip we just had a wonderful time and I think by explaining what we needed to do made it easier for her to not fuss.  We had some dinner Friday and just hung in, it was still gloomy out.  Saturday we spend some time getting some things done around town and then saw Aunt Ro.  It was nice because she hasn't seen her in a while.  We just hung out and then went to dinner.  We had a good of burger and fries!

     Quinn is getting to the age where she can really hold her own.  Her conversations, doing things, getting things all of that has been progressing with her age.  We sat and talked and had some ice cream while we laughed and hung out.  The next day we went to church.  Quinn did well she didn't really want to go in the beginning but we got there and she did really well.  Church is so important because we all need good in our lives.  Faith is a good thing and it brings people together no matter the faith.  I know her Mom brings her too which is nice.

     We spend the day hanging out and updating her room!  I do have pics i will upload soon!  Quinn did a great job helping us and just letting us know where she would like things moved to.  She is old enough to point out what she would like for her room.  We had some dinner then headed home.

The weekend went to fast of course and I think she really loves her time here.  Still a single parent has much to over come but the base is there...  Love.

She really is a cute and good kid...

Hug your kids and tell them you love them...

And always remember,
You are never alone...


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sometimes they even suprise you...

    If you are one of my longer readers you know I try to work with my Ex and that it can be difficult for any single parent.  It takes time and you have to give and take.  I have expressed I was upset over time because I needed her health insurance cards incase Quinn got hurt.  At first it was a battle and asked and asked till I finally gave up because she kept saying no.  Over time I started asking again, just nicely and advising that Quinn was older and it was important to have. She did finally say she would get me them.  I was happy we made this progress.  Over time I continued to ask if they were in yet and she was still working on it. 

     In the beginning she expressed it was her insurance and she didn't have to give me them.  She said if anything happens just call her.  I was upset because if anything happened I am going to look like the dumb parent who doesn't have a card!  She told me they would treat her, I said yes but that doesn't help!  As I started dating Kayla we went up north and asked again expressing we do travel now and really should have them.  For years it just was an unsettling feeling to have.  God forbid something happen and I need them.  I didn't want them for any reason but an emergency.   

    Being how I worked for a health insurance company I know it takes a phone call and done.  I just waited and bubble wrapped Quinn. haha no I just asked over time.  So yesterday I picked her up and in the bag on top was the card!  Yea!  I hate to say it but FINALLY!  So now I have it and its in my wallet in case I need it.  I couldn't believe I saw what I saw...  I was happy to see that what ever reason I did get them and over time we have been working together.  We still have bumps but we do our best for Quinn. 

     So now with this down I can't tell you all good it is and how relieved I feel.  To have this important card.  I urge everyone to please share this with your ex if you share a child!  It is so important they have the emergency information if anything happens.  Please put your child first and do what is right.  I know sharing a child can be a struggle even a power one, or one parent doesn't want to miss anything but you have to work together.  Remember the child comes first and if one parent isn't equal or not treating the other one fair the child will pick up on it over time.   As of now I treat this a victory in a way that we are making progress...

Work together please single parents.....

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Having a fun weekend with control

     Hello all,
I did take some time off because I did get a little sick last week but now I am back! I wanted to post a tip about this past weekend.  I still have to post what we did however it was a great weekend.  This past weekend we had so much fun and we didn't need any timeouts. 

     Parents when the weekend comes there will be sometimes a time out is called however this weekend we had some homework, some things to do and we did everything with out any problems.  How we did it, well we talked to Quinn Friday and laid out what we had to get done this weekend and what fun things we can do.  We explained what homework we needed to do and why it was important.  We looked over the list of what we could do and gave Quinn some options letting her know she had different things she could do.  We did our homework over the course of the weekend and we did it in the morning.  This way we had the day to relax and hang out.  We explained to her in a nice manner that we have some school work we have to get done and that it is important.  Then if we get it done in the morning we can relax the rest of the day.  I try to teach her work then play. 

     Saturday was great and she did all her work after breakfast, then we spend the day just doing what we wanted to and having fun.  We told her that night we were going to Church and we didn't want to argue in the morning.  That morning she did push back a little, however we did go and after had a nice lunch at home.  I told her I know church isn't exactly fun for kids but we need to go because it is good for us on all levels.  Having a faith in something good is good for us physically, mentally and spiritually.  Quinn played with us this weekend and had some independent study.  She has even gotten better at cleaning her room when we ask her.  After explaining how it is important and if we clean it we will get rid of things she usually gets going.  She did get rid of a few toys this past weekend and I am proud she picked them out and didn't have any trouble doing it.

     With parenting it just takes time and explanation.  Letting your kids know what your doing and why.  Giving them reasons and letting them know a schedule.  Sometimes you can surprise them and granted they will ask you what the surprise is over and over so get ready for that.  However as they get older they do get in a pattern of how things are run.  With divorced kids it can be harder.  Quinn moves from one household to another  I know its not easy to have different settings and guidelines so I try not to get upset rather show her the right way if she is not seeing it at the other home... 

     Let your kids know the game plan and express how work and things like religion are important in a weekend.  They will listen and work with you... 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Saturday, March 14, 2015

PARENTING 365 3.0!

    Well the release is here!  With some small adjustments being made to the design still we have made it official!  With the new look and features comes new and exciting things!  As you will notice you will see at the top there are now more pages to explore!!! 

The First Page is still the Home Page this will get you back to the main screen at any time if you are looking thought the blog.  Pretty self explanatory.

Second I have, From Flowers to Papers.  This is a guide for people going thought a divorce typically with a child.  It will give you ideas and tips in order to maybe help you along the way.  Things I learned and now want to pass down to help others.  There are references and guides to help you thought on of the hardest ordeals. 

Third is my Parenting 101.5 tab.  This is an ongoing tab that I will continue to update as my daughter grows.  It is parenting/single parenting guide on things live learned along the way!  There is a lot of information for single parents.  How to get started, how to deal with being a single parent, things like this that can be very useful.  The guide starts at the bottom and works its way up to.  I explain this in the page its self.  However I will continue to work on this page adding ideas, sites and pictures. 

Last (for now) is my reviews page.  This page will show you all of the products or services I have reviewed.  You can look back at past reviews if you have something you would like to see or contact me on something you would like me to look at! 

     I do hope you all enjoy the new site and as I add other features I will keep you all posted!  I kept this short and sweet to just introduce the new site!  Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting starting on getting that fresh air!

     So I posted this weekend how we went outside for the first real long time since winter started.  It has been so cold we just couldn't.  When it starts to warm up get out and start getting some fresh air!  Getting outside now when it starts to get warm will make it easier when it really warms up.  Get your self in gear to taking walks or just letting your kids run around a little in the snow.  Quinn had here gear on and loved it.  The snow wasn't good to make anything however we still had fun getting that fresh air.

     I do hope it now the weather will break and start to stay warmer.  With this being said also check your home for damage!  Look at the roof and gutters.  Check for any ice and with all the ice melting you may want to get a professional to chip off the ice.  However take the time to just stretch your legs and even talk a walk, go skiing or something like this.  Getting out later in the spring maybe harder and if you start early you will be ready for the Spring when it comes! 

     Also staying in to long makes it harder for you and your kids to get out there.  We have been stuck in side for so long that getting out was wonderful!  Quinn had a great time and was excited to get out and play.  Once it warms up it will be easier and I told her we had a lot of parks to go to and try out.  For now however out short time out in the snow was nice. 

     So get out and get some fresh air!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, March 9, 2015

Dad's Birthday!

     A few weeks ago was my Dad's birthday!  We celebrated it on Wednesday so we could come over and hang out with Quinn.  We stopped over and had a nice dinner and did some gifts.  My Dad now retired is enjoying his time off and had a great time celebrating it with us and his grandchild!  We hung out and just played before dinner.  Quinn helped with dinner and got the food out with us!  Then we all sat down to eat.

     After dinner we celebrated with some cake and ice cream!  Quinn helped blow out Popi's candles!  We did some gifts and just hung out.  Spent some time just playing around and having fun.  It was a great night and Quinn had so much fun.  Here are some pics below!

Happy Birthday Popi!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are!

Quinn and Popi!

Getting the cake ready!

Make a wish!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A day in the snow

     So with a few days off from blogging I wanted to get back out there!  I had a small vacation and will update you all!  As of the weekend well Sunday we finally got outside!  It was finally warm enough to play outside.  We tried to make a snowman but the snow wasn't packing snow.  However Quinn had so much fun, she made a snow angel and I pulled her around the sled a bit too.  It was so nice to just get outside finally and get some fresh air.

     We played with some snow toys Paul got Quinn as well!  With the temperature finally above freezing it was just finally so good to not be stuck in side!  After we did head in for some lunch and just hung out.  We spend some quality time just relaxing and even watched a movie!  Quinn has gotten better at bringing down her tows and bringing them back upstairs.  We don't have to pick up after her and she realzies that she needs to clean up after wards.

     We had some dinner and headed back to her Mom's house.  Quinn didn't want to go and almost refused but I told her I know and its hard but I'll see her again.  I told her there were times she didn't want to come over and that it will be easier.  It's hard, when your child doesn't want to leave I asked her if she had fun and she said she loved our time together.  I just try to make our time special...

     With another weekend down I can't wait to get the older post out there.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Enjoy the pics!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Here we are!

My little Munch!