"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner

    I like to post about cooking every once and a while.  Cooking is one of my favorite and relaxing hobbies I love to do as much as I can.  There is nothing like reading a good recipe and then shopping, getting all the ingredients set, cooking it up and then enjoying your hard work after.  There is also nothing like a great cook book.  Growing up with family that cooked and cooking at jobs I learned some really fun and easy dishes.  I love to post about fun and easy dishes I make with Quinn but every once and a while I love to post about other dishes I find or know.  Maybe I will post more if I get good reviews!

      The dish i posted about is a bean dish.  Used more for a side but I cooked enough for dinner.  I love to eat healthy and have been doing great at keeping up at it.  The dish is easy it is beans with almonds and it was given to me by my Aunt.  It has a name but I forgot! I'm sure she will comment on it and correct me. :)

      Take a bag of beans, french cut ones are better but I had whole ones this time.  Some come in packages that you can just microwave.  If not you can just heat them up.   

      Next take a pan and heat up some butter but don't let it burn.  Put the almonds in and brown them.  It won't take long because the butter and almost are small and thin and will cook fast so watch the pan or you will find them burned.  I would use med to med/high heat to cook the almonds.

      Then add the beans and just stir them around.  You can add a little salt and pepper for taste.   

      Once done you can use it as a side or eat as a dish.  I think its a great meal because beans are good but if you don't like the taste a little butter and almonds help.  Almonds are also great for you and have many good nutrients that are helpful for you body.  The mix together is a great hit and your kids will even try it.  Getting started or eating vegetables isn't as fun as ice cram but if the one thing that keeps me eating them is 1) They are very good for you and your body, as I grow older I know it is the best choice.  2) Making vegetables with other fun things like spices or nuts or even shrimp or beef can make a healthy meal and get you started on the path to healthy eating!  

Try out the dish and let me know!

Happy Cooking!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Helping to get through the long term hurdles of being a single parent

            In life there are always hurdles but when it comes to single parents we have somewhat different ones because of the how often we get to see our children.  I put together some tips for my fellow single Mommies and Daddies who have to see their children on scheduled times. 

            Long-term Hurdles:  The hardest hurdles to get over are the long term ones.  I want to post about one and that is time.  Time I believe is the hardest hurdle to get over but when you are over it you will be stronger than ever before.  I started out with the hardest point because it is the one that in the end will be the most forgiving.  This means if you distract you’re self with things like working or seeing your friends they will be fun but they are more short term.  Once time has set in and you have realized how to move forward and be alone while your kids aren’t with you things will get easier.  It isn’t easy to start off however.  You will find your self staring at the clock or just feeling the day is never ending.  In the mean time just be patient and use short term activities.  When you use short term activities they will help you get to the long term fixes.  Time is also hard because when you see your child only every so often it feels like she is growing up and you’re not even there to enjoy it.  They will come over and you will be amazed how much they grew or have learned in school.  For this you can either try to get more time with them or you can adjust with how it is.   I will use the short term tips to get you through some of the long term hurdles but never get hooked on short term fixes.  I will explain this when I talk about the short term fixes. 

            There are other long therm hurdles like love, recovering your finances, your heart healing, and the fact that you will feel you only see your child every so often and may feel it’s not fair, aka jealousy.  Anger, frustration and pain are the biggest and time will not be on your side in the beginning.  These I will address in later blogs and break them up so you’re not reading all night, and I’m not typing all night.  Once you have mastered your feelings and you understand that a divorce is a horrible thing but that you have to move forward and keep your child in the best you will soon be a stronger person than anyone out there.  You will have skills and patients to help you understand and work with different aspects of life that will make your journey difficult.  The question I’m sure you are asking is how will Time help me?  Well once you get through the long term hurdles you will be a productive single parent.  You may get a second job and start saving to rebuild.  You will also understand that time is precious and that you shouldn’t be sitting on your couch thinking about how you miss your child or how it’s not fair you have to go days with out seeing them.  You will realize you can volunteer or help your community out.  You can keep your house cleaned and in order, work out or pick up a hobby like cooking or some other form of artwork.

            When the seasons change make sure you change with them.  After a while you will realize you walk into your place alone but your no longer scared or lonely.  You have to go shopping or think about shift you picked up at work.  You will also have time to plan little adventures with your kids when you don’t have them.  You will become a master of your time and before you know it you will be back and in action!

Short Term Fixes:  Short term fixes are designed to help you get through the hard times and help you adapt to the long term hurdles like time.  Some short term fixes and assets are family and friends, work, any hobbies you have, your child, or just relaxing.  Family and friends will always be there for you but there role when you feel you are loosing it is to just be there and help you.  They can make some dinners or have you over to just pass the time.  Now you can always visit family, but when I say short term I mean when you are pacing around the house and putting marks on your floor from waking in circles!  Family and friends turn into a shoulder in the beginning and then move back into their normal role after you are healed.  They can always turn back into a shoulder when you need them.  That’s the best part. J  They take you out and talk to you, show you how special you are and when you have your child they have dinners take you all out.  Friends do the same thing but sometimes we just want to be around our buddies more than our parents.  (No offense parents)  When it comes to work I know it will be hard because who wants to work as they miss their children but if you focus the time will pass and eventually you will be back in the swing of things.  Don’t slow down or get in trouble for being lazy at work you need your job!!!  Hobbies are always very healthy because the use up your time and since it is something you enjoy your mind will not be focused on the fact that you went through everything you did and now you only see your child here and there.  Relaxing is the last one I used, there are many more but I kept the list to short few.  Relax and enjoy your time.  Take a walk, listen to music take a nap just give your body a physical rest.  After everything you went through mentally your body will feel it.  You need to put your feed up and let your body de-stress.

The other nice thing about a hobby or something fun is you can show your child and chances are she will love it.  If it’s cooking or some kind of craft your child will absolutely love to be involved.  When I cook Quinn loves to sit on the counter and watch or even get involved and help me out.  Cooking is fun because you learn a new meals and kids usually love to cook and if you include them on anything you do they will just be so excited.  Kids love to be a part of what you are doing and all we as parents have to do is give them that attention.   We as children will always want to be a part of our parent’s lives and what they are doing, especially when we are little.    

If you use the short term tips and helpful fixes they will get you to that long term hurdle.  Once time has passed you will be such a strong person I can’t tell you.  I know my daughter is little but I have already acquired skills and helpful emotions that will get me ready like letting go.  I have a long time before this happens but the fact that I had to get through the fact that I couldn’t see her will make me ready when she goes away to school or meets a boy.  I will probably never be fully ready… But that’s just because I’m a Dad… But I will have the tools and emotions to understand her and realize it is time to let her venture out.  These are the skills and traits we have to acquire or when they get older you won’t know how to let go.  Sometimes we as single parents that may not see our children as much in the short term have to deal with things we will be ready for later in life.  The one thing I know in life is that besides the fact that it is mysterious, life is a circle and everything ends up just going back.  If you get ready now you will be ready when the time comes. 

Learn how to buy your time now and remember in the beginning it will be hard, you will have pictures of your old family and of your kids but as time goes on you will replace them with adventures you both went on.  I can’t tell you how hard bringing my daughter home for me still is.  It always will be, I still to this day feel its just not enough time.  I have to realize it is what it is.  I also realize it may not be like this forever, she may want to move in with me and live with Dad.  I don’t think about that but you never know.  All I know is that this is how it is now and I’ve had a few years to get ready for everything and I used most of it wisely.  When it comes to the nights of feeling alone or if you start to feel sad or cry, my heart goes out to you and that is still okay to do.  You don’t see your child and you’re only human after all.  Do your best keep your composure and keep pressing on.  Use tools and tips to help you get through the harder aspects of being a single parent. 

This post can go on a lot longer with many side doors to open but I like to keep my post to a nice average limit.  I may come back to it later down the road or branch off it and talk about different hurdles we as single parents face and how to help over comet them but for now I just wanted to get some ideas out there for my other single parent readers.  Think about things you can do to help you get through some of the hardest and more difficult of times and challenges.  Remember time is not easy to get over, it just has to pass, but when it does you will be stronger than ever…

Always remember…
You are never alone.


Thursday, April 26, 2012


            I took the time this week to think and post about what it means to sacrifice when you are a parent or guardian.  Webster defines the word in about 5 different ways but one that I wanted to talk about was the following.
“b : something given up or lost <the sacrifices made by parents>”

            This past weekend I was invited to go to two different bachelor parties, two different game nights and a birthday party.  Even if I didn't have Quinn that night I still couldn't have pulled it off, but we make sacrifices for our kids.  Time being the most important of them all.  Being parents or guardians we will give up money, time, energy, and probably gain lots of headaches and sleepless nights.  We also gain joy, love, compassion as well as sadness and many other emotions along the way of life.  The minute Quinn was born and I saw here crying as the nurses cleaned her up I looked over by all the wonderful staff I knew I had a new role in life.  I knew it was my job to now tell people “I’m sorry I can’t make it”.  I new this little person, this little life so innocent and helpless was going to need me.  I knew she was going to need her parents to guide her and train her for life as we were by our parents.  I knew as a father I had a new job the biggest one and I knew it would be a responsibility that takes much patients and skill to master.  Nobody can master being a parent but we can learn as we go and that is what life is all about.

            As time went on I learned how to make changes and I made sacrifices as well.  I knew that nights with my friends were now getting smaller or altered or well sometimes I would just come out with a baby on my lap.  I can remember in October when she turned 1 I was out of town because one of my best friends was getting married and I was in the wedding.  Quinn’s Mom stayed home and I new I would be missing her first birthday but this was very important and being so little I knew she would be okay with it.  I remember talking to her and how excited she was because she took her first steps!  I was sad but I knew there was nothing I could do I joked about how I missed her first birthday and steps so I failed already.  I made this as a pun (so please don’t take it to heart.  Ha-ha).  I got home and everything was fine, I never knew that would have happened anyways so it’s okay. 

            When my divorce came not only being devastated and confused I knew I had to give in to the biggest sacrifice.  I had to move out and sacrifice giving up time with my child.  I had to give up seeing my little girl, the same little persons who looked up at me the day she was born not knowing what was about to come her way.  That my readers and friends is something I wouldn’t want anyone to feel…  I knew I would be there for her, I knew I would have my time to have her but it’s just not the same.  It is hard sometimes when she comes and I can’t believe how big she is getting or how her communication skills are growing along with her vocabulary.  Maybe that’s why it took me so long to realize it was over or that it actually happened and I had to go.  As time went on I realized there is nothing I can do but use the time I have to be the best father I can and she will see this.  My family, and friends sacrifice and still do for me, for many people.  But it was my parents and my close family that sacrificed the most.  They gave up much time and energy raising me, teaching me and making me the person I am.  They gave up the time they had to spend on me.  To me time is still the biggest sacrifice because everything else can be found or replaced.  Money is just paper, skills and education are nice but they can be reached through different areas.  It’s time that can not be replaced.  We all have a life span and one day we return to the earth.  Time is the most valuable it’s what we look back at and remember the people in our lives giving up their time to be with us.  Raise us, laugh with us, cry with us, even just come over and have some tea or talk to us.  Time is the most valuable and wonderful sacrifice anyone can give, it shows you are willing to do something for them when you could be doing something for your self. 

            So when this weekend came I knew I was missing out on two good friends bachelor parties, a few game nights but I knew everyone would understand.  When I told everyone I had my daughter and that I haven’t seen her in while and didn’t want to get a sitter they all understood.  The universal understanding of “hey don’t worry about it buddy”.  It was nice to know I have such good friends who understand and it is nice to know how amazing people are, they know my situation and that every second with my child is precious.  I just tell them maybe next time or can I get a rain check?  As they grow older and have kids they all will be in the same boat.   The harder thing about being a single parent is that yes there are sitters but getting a sitter means that I loose time with her and that’s time I can’t get back.  I don’t have much time to begin with but I do enjoy letting my family watch her from time to time.  She should have time to enjoy them as well.  Bonding with other family and friends is just as important as the bond between your parents.  So as we played and hung out this weekend yes I did think about my friends and hoped they had a great time, but I also smiled when I looked down and say my little girl in my arms watch TV with me, or doing a puzzle.  I knew from the day she was born I was going to have to make sacrifices and I think I also knew I would never be a parent that made sure they were entertained first or did what they wanted to first then made time for their child.  “Sometimes we have to give up our dream’s in order for our kids to have one.”  She told me all weekend “I love you Daddy” and hearing that just makes me melt.  She also tells me “I’m sorry Daddy” when she does something wrong which is also so cute.  Having only a few days with her makes me realize how wonderful life is and how I can’t change the circumstances I am in but I have to embrace them. 

            So as you go on with your day, week, year, even the rest of your life think about who sacrificed their time, hard earned money, skills and education for you.  So you can wake up in the morning a good person.  A person who will try to make this world a better place, a person who has to make their own sacrifices maybe to your kids or someone you look over.  Think about others that have given to you and then maybe giving in return won’t feel so hard.  I want to thank everyone reading this post.  I know everyone has some sacrifices.  You maybe a parent or have someone to look over like someone elderly.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and say you did make a difference.  That person knows, maybe even the earth.  If you took a minute to clean up or plant a tree, everything is connected and in the end what you did and do is worth it.  Never forget that…          
           Sacrifices come in all different shapes and forms but remember time is one that you can not get back.  It maybe simple but it is one of the most important and stabled sacrifice just short of sacrificing life I know of.  Time is so easy to give and then gives back so much.  So please go and think about what you can do to maybe make a difference.  Take some time tonight to listen to someone, talk about your day give someone your time, your undivided attention.  Sacrifice some TV or book time to play with your kids and create that bond that will in-turn show them to sacrifice for their kids.   Sacrifice… A small word, but such a big outcome…

          I wrote this post a few days ago but before I posted it I wanted to add one more thing.  I got invited to one of my best friends brothers weddings and I had to decline.  We all grew up together and as a matter of fact they lived right down the road.  He's getting married in June and the weddings just outside of DC.  Over the past few months I though of different options on how to get there and if I could take time off my other job.  I finally had to cave and tap out.  I'm not sure if my rents are going but with everything going on and not have the best tax year, actually having the worst one it was with a heavy heart I had to decline.  I was talking to my best friend on the phone and I could tell he was disappointed, well he told me he was lol so.  

    It stinks I really wanted to go but with working both jobs and asking for all the time off I just couldn't do it.  I guess the drive was something I don't know I'm not good in a car for over a few hours.  Sorry, I love flying, I would fly to a city next door lol.  I knew this year was going to be hard I knew I had to make some sacrifices but I can't help but feel terrible.  It's just hard with my situation and trying to make ends meet.  I had to decline a few events already and have a few more this year I already know i can't make.  Being a single Dad with two jobs is just a world on it's own I guess...
Always Remember,
You are never alone…

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Mid Week Break

I hope everyone's week is going well with May just around the bend I can't believe we just got snow!  This city has no idea what it want's to do when it comes to the seasons.  I hope everyone has a great week and weekend coming up!

Daddies Little Farmer!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Quick Treats

            This past weekend I made a great snack with Quinn, they were little brownie cupcakes.  I have talked to many of my readers and some though a great post would be about snacks and treats we make.  It would follow along side our arts and crafts area with the aspect where we can eat them though!  So today’s tip goes out to the fun do it your self packaged snacks!

            It was a Pillsbury box and inside was everything you needed!  The only thing I had to add was just a little water.  The snack was cheap and the nicest thing is it comes with the mix as well as a couple small throw away cup cake trays!  We made the snack around lunch time and it was very fast and easy to put together.  Set the oven to 350 degree’s and then put the mix in a bowl with the amounts of water 3 table spoons. Then mix!  Put the batter in the trays that the box provides and put them in the oven for about 15-18 min.  Once done pull them out to let cool.  After you can just push them out, the pan that is provided is nice because it bends so you can twist them so the cupcakes fall out!  The whole process with clean up took about 25 min. I have encluded some other fun treats below to look over! 

            Aside from desserts there are also a lot of un ready to make meals you can look into.  I will post more about them as I go!  Now I love to cook and have been for a very long time and when it comes to making dinners I love making home made dishes.  I will say this quick idea was really nice!  It was fast, easy, cheap and after it was done we moved on to our next project.  There wasn’t sugar or eggs all over the kitchen or anything!  I think this idea is great for anyone, people that like to cook and bake or people that may not have the experience.  Keeping a few of theses meals and desserts on hand in your kitchen also is great for quick thinking and improvising!  Which I know you all know I do! 
         Quick Treats are a hit and your kids, family, friends and guest will love them.  (and never know!)  If you wanted to just sprinkle flour over your counter and hide the box, then you can show them all your baked from scratch treats you slaved over! J 

If you have any other ideas or tips please comment or email me them I would love to put more on the blog!

Happy baking!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 

Today Quinn and I celebrated Earth Day by not driving!  Well I had to bring her home but we stayed in.  It was still very cold out and Quinn had a cough so I kept her in.  We had some breakfast, got dressed and then did some puzzles and played some angry birds.  It was a nice little end to our great weekend of just chilling with Daddy.

Later that afternoon my parents came over and they got to give Quinn her Easter basket!  She got some candy and cloths and this awesome blanket my Mom made!  It was so nice and soft, she loved it!  It was nice to see my parents playing with her it has been a long time since they have had some time with her. Again, the past few weeks have been really busy so to see them playing and just enjoying her.  We hung out on the couch and just relaxed.  The weekend was not over later that day Uncle Kenny came over!  He hung out and got to see Quinn as well.  She was tired and had a long day, family, bath, puzzles she was tired!  At the end of the day she got a little tired and was getting a little difficult but now as I sit here and blog I miss her so much.

Sundays are still the hardest days of the week.  When I don't have Quinn I usually work a little and think about her and think about the coming week and how much I have to do.  When I have her I rush to get her ready and cleaned up because I have to get her home that night.  For any of my single Dad's or Mom's who read this my heart goes out to you.  It epically goes out to the Mom's and Dad's that really see their kids less.  Meaning they have more visitation rights than anything.  It has become something so common in our culture to have a child with his or her parents not together but what we still don't see is how we as people will never get used to it.  I understand divorce is more common but I've been living away from my daughter for over a year and a half now and I'll be the first to tell you I haven't had a Sunday I had to drop her off I haven't gotten used to...  I probably never will either... I guess that is just how it goes.  I talk to my friends who have kids or who's parents are divorced and I always ask them questions about growing up or how they did it.  When it comes to single parenting one can never adapt I guess.

So this post isn't just about Easter, or Earth Day, it's about Sunday nights and when Dad's or Mom's have to bring their kids back and go home alone.  I hope you read this and sleep with ease.  I hope you know your kids love you very much and that in times of darkness you have to find a light...

Always Remember,
You are never alone...

Enjoy the pics!

We played with our sea puzzle!

Oma and Popi are here!

We played and had time to just hang out.

Happy Easter!

Looking for all my cool stuff!!!

Wow look at this soft blanket Oma made me!

Showing Popi my cool stuff

Here we are just relaxing!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little rain wont' bring us down!

    Quinn was so excited Friday night because I told her we were making chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  After we got up we made them and had a great breakfast!  She ate them all up.  The weather shifted to rainy and cold.  Boo....  We made it work, Quinn and I won't let a little bad weather bring us down.  We ended up playing with puzzles and games and took out her toys.  Rainy days is also a great time to just relax on the couch with some good quality TV and some fun movies.  Now normally I limit TV time but on a cold rainy day we decided to just relax.  As Quinn sat on the couch with her feet hanging over my lap we enjoyed some good quality Daddy Daughter time.  There is nothing more pure and innocent than that.

    After her nap we went to Noah's birthday party!  We had so much fun!!  Quinn warmed up fast and she played with the other kids and just had so much fun!  We had dinner played with games and toys and even watched a movie!  It was just so nice to see how great she did with other children and to see them run around and make friends.  I love just watching how amazing she is and how we as people just adapt and learn and grow.  When the day was over we had just the best day.  I can't wait till Sunday, we have so much planned with family coming over and taking more time to relax.  It just felt so good to hug and see my daughter this month was tough and i just really needed to hold my baby girl.

I hope you enjoy the pics, cant wait to share our adventure tomorrow!

Friday night I had to take this pic.  I sleep the same way... She is just so cute...


We had corndogs for lunch!

Then made a little dessert.

Here w are leaving for the party!  Look at her cute jacket!!

My cute girl.

Here we are at the party

She did great with everyone. 

Dinner time.

More playtime.

There's my buddy Brad!  That's Noah's father

Movie time!

They didn't stay on the couch long, but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

My good friend Alexa and Stephie.  Alexa is Noah's mom.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finally back in the swing of things...

Finally back in the sing of things!  Two weekends ago since it was Quinn's mothers year to have her for Easter but it fell on my weekend I just advised it would be good for Quinn to be with her mom.  I know she would go to her families house back home.  I also figured we will have to switch weekends over time so I though it was a good time to start.  

    Well getting back on topic finally our weekend was back.  I picked her up and we headed home.  She watched me mow the lawn and we headed in for dinner.  We had a sub and some chips. Quinn was so excited to have a sub and she loves chips.  But who doesn't right.  So we splurged a little on some junk food.  

    After dinner we laid on the couch and just relaxed.  I knew tomorrow we had a big day so I took advantage of just relaxing and enjoying my daughter.  I was over excited to finally just hold my daughter and laugh with her, see her, talk to her and just enjoy her.  It was a long week and I tell you its all worth it to just see her and hug and kiss my little girl...

Well I can't wait to post on our adventures for this weekend!!!

We had a little dinner!

Just chilling...
Here are some pics for you!


Friday, April 20, 2012

What is this “Is The Juice is worth the Squeeze” all about anyway?

As I sat down and though about the busy week I just finished I said to my self “at least it’s Friday”.  I am very excited for the weekend because I have Quinn and the past month was a short month, meaning I let her mom have her on some of my days because of the holiday and all.  I am ready to make up for lost time. 

            I was asked not to long ago what I blog about and how I break my blog down.  Well to answer your question.  I try to blog about three different things.  I was also asked what did it all mean, my title why I though of it.  So here is the story...

             First: I like to blog about Quinn and our adventures.  Pictures and videos of us and how she is growing up.  I do this a few times a month and usually when I have her.  I include what we did where we went some fun ideas and other things about her.  I love to blog about how much she is growing and what she is learning and doing in school.  I love to show my readers how excited her and I get while we have our time together but I also share when I’m sad.  It is something that does happen and tell my life story like it is.  Reminding my readers that I am a single Dad and although picking her up is fun and exciting I still have to drop her off which can be difficult and sad.  I have noticed when blog jumping there are a lot of family blogs out there and many stories about kids and life.  I think they are great and that’s how I started off.  I then realized I would love to get more readers and I knew although people love reading about Quinn I had to eventually add more commonalties to my blog.  A blog just about my daughter is nice but I wanted to pull in readers and other single parents looking for help.  This is when I though about moving my blog to the next level and getting the site out there for people to see and read.  I knew I had to add more, I then started the second items. 
                Second: I like to blog about being a single Dad.  Struggles I have, what I have been through and how I sometimes struggle.  Raising Quinn and juggling two jobs.  I like to blog about what its like being a single Dad and playing Mom too (or trying).  Referencing other blogs is something I love to do because there are so many other single parents out there that have new and other great ideas so you will see me do that a lot.  (So other bloggers beware I may post your work on my site!)  As I started looking around I found there were so many other single parents’ blogging and giving ideas.  Tips and tricks, great ideas for fun and things to keep your child busy.  Ways to help them grow and understand what it is like to be in a separated home.  I added this second type of post because of the great feed back I received when I started posting about my story and what I am going through.  I posted about my divorce as well.  I found many people where there to listen and give encouraging comments.  I also found people posted other comments that weren’t encouraging.  I like to read them all and take everything into consideration and I thank you all for you time and comments.  This type of post and the third I typically like to post in-between having Quinn.  I have tried to up my post and keep my readers interested.   

Third: I like to blog about general topics.  Maybe organization, stress, life, or different things I come across in life or read about in other blogs.  I just started this kind of post and from doing some research I found I really enjoy it.  When it comes to a blog, you have to write often and you have to write about interest that others share to pull in readers, you also have to know how to market your blog.  If someone has in interest they will follow.  Now my goal isn’t to be Mr. Popular but as I started to blog about Quinn then moved on to talking about being a single parent I realized I loved just posting about all different kinds of ideas and topics.  This being my newest area of topic I have heard great feed back already from some of my readers and can’t wait to continue on.  Please let me know of anything you would like me to post or look into.  If you have an idea you would like to share let me know!  Leave a comment or feel free to email me.  Crosini1@yahoo.com

When I started blogging and talking more about my life as a single parent I had one goal to star off.  That was to help at least one person if I could reach at least one person who found just a little bit of guidance and support then I know what I was doing was worth it.  A while back I received a comment from someone who told me he did just that.  He said my blog helped him and that he was thankful to read it.  After I saw this I was moved and happy that my story and works reached someone in need.  So I continued to post and will continue to keep posting.  

So what’s up with that blog title??? “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze”.  Well part of is is yes based off the comedy movie  "The Girl Next Door" A movie about a boy that meets his new neighbor and finds out her line of work is well... different.  Well though out the movie it asks the viewers if what you are doing in life is worth the sacrifice.  Meaning in the end what you accomplished or worked on worth what you had to do to get there.  In the end are you satisfied, happy, or are you ashamed or embarrassed.  The movie talks about this and even though it is a comedy it still really gets you to think when you finish watching it that is what ever you are doing worth it?  There are so many aspects in what we do and so many end paths.  I wanted people to think about what they do and that in the end to ask was it worth it…

So that is the one part of why I named it that, the other honestly is because I wanted to use this line for anything.  Is being a single dad and working two jobs worth it?  Yes because I have a nice home and safe place for my daughter to come and stay.  That is why when you come to the main page of my blog you will see the following quote.

"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Honestly I can't think of a more beautiful quote for my blog.  It just sums up everything..

So where do I go from here.  Currently I am working on getting information on my blog about single parenting and getting through a divorce, learning how to start over and the tools what will help.  A redesign is in progress and I am making good progress too.  I hope to get the new release out by summer if I can get the information set and done.  Then I have to meet with IT and all that techy stuff…  So we have some big plans for the site.  I will then see how it goes…

I usually don't add the same music twice to my blog but I have added David Gray's "This Year's Love".  It was one of the songs off the movie, "The Girl Next Door" I have added it because if you just take a moment to listen to the lyrics you will hear and feel how beautiful the song is.  Think about your life and if what you are doing and striving for is worth the sacrifices it takes to get there.  I'm sure you will find it is...

So stick around, it’s going to be a fun year.

And always remember…
You are never alone..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

When to Improvise

    So I picked up Quinn tonight and when we got home I asked her what she wanted for dinner.  After telling her Pink Fish wasn't an option I started thinking of things I had.  The usuals came up first like chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and BP&J.  After looking at me like ok... go on...  I started to think about what else we at and what she likes.

    I ended up getting out some left over pasta we had and some tuna fish.  I know it wasn't pink fish but close enough...  As we ate dinner I realized sometimes you just gotta improvise and think on your feet.  As a single Dad I know this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come.  I also know that as I look back improvising is something I have been doing for a while.  Starting over, working hard to get back on my feet.  Making ends meet and finding income, or making cuts to my budget.  Where ever we are or whatever we are doing improvising is something that is now a way of life.  With everything changing so fast and our path of the day were in changing with a single txt you never know what will happen.

    As you can see from above being in the middle gives us the best of both.  Being to much of a planner won't allow us to learn how to improvise and think on our feet.  If you are to far over and all you do is improvise then you'll never know how to plan and eventually you will run of of ideas and ways to improvise.  A good medium in life and everything is always important.

    As you can see from above as well the world thinks we are starting to improvise more often than we plan.  Sometimes I feel we are changing our plans or double booking so much that we don't bother to plan our day out because we are just going to improvise the end anyway.   Why get dinner ready when we can just go to the store and buy something.

Planning: Planning allows us to stay on target and keep to your goals.  Planning allows us to stay organized and when we are on track and pace for what is going on we are usually more calm and at peace.

Improvising: This allows us to think on our feet and when we need to alter our goals or plans.  Improvising allows us to be creative.

    So when do we improvise? Well when we need to of course!  Everyone's lifestyle is different I'll let you decide.  What we know is that there usually a good mix of both.  Why do we improvise?  Well that is easy, the ever changing day, and road we are on.

    With technology evolving so fast and americans doing more than we should in a days time I only feel one day we won't be able to improvise anymore.  There may come a day when we have changed and edited and worked around everything we have going for us...

    Now I didn't get all this from tuna fish and pasta...  But I wanted to just have you all think about how much you improvise and how much you change or edit your day or week because of our every changing lives.   Just remember when you have to improvise on what you just improvised, your either doing to much or your just that good!

Have fun improvising!!

By the way if your wondering yes she loved the noodles and tuna fish.  My improvising worked... This time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Mid Week Break

Well it's that time again!  I have heard so many good remarks about my mid week break post I had to make sure today's was a cute one!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and day...

Here she was tearing open a gift with my Dad on Christmas Eve 2010.

Always remember...

You are never alone.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter is in the Air!

Wednesday I picked up Quinn and came home to have her find her Easter Basket!  She was so excited she found it right away.  She is so smart she found it right away, picked it up and dumped it out!  Well she was so excited...

I got her some candy and books and crayons!  I was busy making dinner so I let her check it out and have a little candy before bed!  Being a single dad is all about give and take.  We had dinner and watched some TV and payed as well.  Hughey was over and he got to run around and keep her busy as I got dinner ready.  Easter was good I did the best I could it was her mothers year to have her and I have learned to just roll with everything and make up for time later.  So we has Easter on Wednesday!  Its okay, if you show you are excited your child will be as well.

But I've learned we celebrate things when we can.  As Quinn get older she will understand and as long as she sees as a Dad I make the effort and am trying I think she will be okay!  As Easter comes to a close and spring is in the air I get ready to get the yard cleaned up, and the house ready to open!  I am going to start my spring cleaning and  get ready to celebrate summer.  I have some new adventures for Quinn and I to go on as well as some old classics as well.  I hope you stay tuned.  I'm going to have some great tips and tricks as well as some really good pics to come!

Here is her Easter Basket!  I only have this one picture I was running around getting dinner ready!

Stick around... It's gonna be a great year...
Happy Easter to all!
Remember you are never alone...

Friday, April 13, 2012

A few days to relax...

Hello all,

Well my blog has been quiet the past couple days because I actually took some time off work to relax.  I wanted to get some things done around the house and I had to use some time because I was getting close to my vacation cap at work.

The past few days I had the opportunity to just relax and not work either job!! :)  Enjoy getting some much needed rest, see some friends and just over all take some time out for me!  Wednesday I had Quinn and I will be getting that update together soon but I just wanted to let everyone know that there is always time for "ME".

Always remember to take time out for your self.  To rest and relax, go out to dinner and spend some money!  Enjoy life and remember work isn't everything.  Know that your body, mind and spirit need time to rest and re-sync.  I kept this blog post short because I just wanted to let you all know I'm here and just relaxing a little.  I will be back into full blogging mode soon.  I hope as the weather gets nicer everyone makes some "ME" time and goes outside, or makes time for family and friends.  Make sure your not over working or getting tired running around.  Take some time to smell the roses... :)

I look forward to coming back from my little time off to you all!

Talk to you all soon... :)

Always remember...
You are never alone...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Mid-Week Break

Hey Everyone!

To celebrate the passing of winter I am posting a picture of Quinn from last winter.  Due to the fact that we had no snow this winer!!

Here is my little snowboarder in training!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A video to start off the week.

I've been a Jason Aldean fan for a while now.  He has a lot of great hits but Fly Across States is one of his newest.  It is such a great song.  Just tells you how awesome America is and how small towns all over the states are so amazing...

If you are viewing this post from an email just click on the link to view the video off my blog.  Video's can't be viewed off a post from an email.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

    Today marks one of the biggest days on the Christian calendar.  It is when Jesus was crucified.  This service is one of my favorites.  I have about 3, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday and Christmas Eve (Midnight Mass).  Ash Wednesday because there is something about remembering that we came from dust and that dust we shall return.  The circle of life, and no matter your faith, or if you have faith or perhaps not we all have to agree that yes we all die and go back to the earth from which we came.  Giving back to our mother planet as she gave to us.  Remember that we are just a small part of this universe.  The size of a speck of dust and it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, famous or not, man or woman, it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, where you were born or who you know, we all give back and help the circle continue. 

    The late service at Christmas is a joyous one, the holiday spirit in the air and the weather changing.  It is a sense of renal.  But I will blog about those at a later date.  I wanted to take a moment to blog about Good Friday.  Being someone of faith I don’t blog to push my faith but I do like to blog about it and what it means to me and how it mixes in as being a single Dad.  Good Friday is a serious and sad because we know what it represents and that yes Easter is coming, but before the light can shine there was a sad and dark hour.  I try to think about Faith when I can besides just going to church and I think about how it would be knowing that you had to give you life up for humanity.  Now I know there are many other views and religions but being Good Friday I wanted to just post about it. 

    This is the day Jesus was crucified.  I try to imagine what it must be like the night before knowing what you have to go through.  We go through our day and say “uhh tomorrow I got a meeting or busy day”.  How many of us have to wake up or think well tomorrow I have to give up my life for humanity…  Good Friday makes us remember what was giving for us and that we can’t always just live in the now.  I do feel that yes we as humans honor the past and remember it but I still can’t help but feel we live in the now.  We move on to the next thing comes along.  Now moving on is important in life of course.  If we didn’t well nothing would ever get done!  I guess being in my church on Friday Night with the quietness and listening to the service makes me remember that no matter how much I give or think about others I’m still alive and there are others like soldiers and service men and woman who do give their lives to protect us.  I think about Good Friday and almost link it to a day of thanksgiving.  I’m thankful to have a faith that I love and family, friends and a community that loves me. 

    I wake up in a country that is safe and that we as Americans live free and that I don’t have to wake up to gun fire or a country at war.  Fresh water, a justice system and service men and women that will rush to our aid if we call.  We are blessed with what we have and today I sit in silence and give thanks for what was given on Good Friday so many years ago.  I guess just being in a quiet place looking up at the alter and seeing the black linen draped across the large cross and a stripped alter just reminds me that today someone gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life.  I sit and pray and be at peace for Easter is on its way but before we can all celebrate the joys of life we have to remember it was given at a cost.  I like Good Friday because it makes Easter that much more special.  It reminds me that yes on Easter I celebrate but know in the back of my mind that three days ago a life was given.  I always thank God for everything I have been giving, but on Good Friday I seem to always pray harder because I know what was given for me. 

    So I say to you reading this post, no matter your faith or background think of Good Friday not just a day for Christians but a day to think about giving.  Think about people around the world keeping us safe and protecting us.  Think about our families and parents that have given us everything we have.  Think about anyone that has offered assistance.  Even the slightest of gestures like holding the door of us.   This is what Good Friday means to me…   So I urge you to try to give a little more, help where you can and always remember what was given to us…

Although we have never met, I do love you...

Always remember,
You are never alone…