"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Monday, April 29, 2013

A day for Scouting

     This past saturday was scouting day at the Zoo.  My parents and I went to help get the word out about scouting.  There was a great turn out and since it was one of the first nice days of spring the Zoo was packed!  We handed out flyers and information to parents, there was also events for kids to do there and lots of information about scouting and the Zoo!  We had a great day just being in the nice weather.  We spoke to a lot of parents and then my Mom and I walked around the Zoo and looked at the animals.  We had a great day and the city spent a lot of time and money making the Zoo look so wonderful.  It was nice to enjoy the day with my parents and just walk around and talk to my Mom and just catch up.  It was good to great to get back to my scouting roots.  The rest of the weekend was nice, I think spring is finally here!  I got outside on Sunday and made sure my lawnmower worked and just got the porch table and chairs out.  Time to start cleaning now!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...


We're here!

Getting setup!

My Dad and I.  I can't believe I still fit in my Scout uniform!

We saw some great animals, like the American Bald Eagle.

The Tiger!

The lions had some cubs, but they were not out yet for the public.

Here are the polar bears!

One of the cub packs my father is helping with.

Here is Mom and I!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Weekend update!

     The past weekend was extra special because I got out of work early and got to pick up Quinn from daycare!  I haven't picked her up this year yet so I was so excited!  It was nice because not only did I get to get her it also was a good that her Mom and I are working to make things the best for her.  So I walked in and suprised her.  As she ran up yelling "Daddy"! She gave me the biggest hug.  It was so nice she hugged me so tight I just didn't wanna let go.  As we walked out with her we got in the Jeep and started our big weekend!  That night we went out to dinner and had a fish fry, we just had some time to go out and relax.  We got up on saturday and I made us Egg, Sausage and Bacon wraps!  After breakfast we headed to the Sandbox!  We have been going there for a while now and my awesome brother gave us some passes.  Quinn and I met our good friend Vinny, his girlfriend Courtney and her Daughter Alyese.  We just went to her birthday party not to long ago.

     I can't believe I forgot my camera! Well we did have a great time, the girls get alone so well and I got to catch up with Vinny and Courtney.  After our play date I got Quinn home and down for a short nap as we got ready for the rest of the weekend.  That night we just took it easy because the next day we had an adventure to go on! Sunday we got up and headed out to visit family.  We went out to visit Susan and some of my cousins.  Quinn, my self and Aunt Ro all packed up and went.  We made lunch and headed out.  It was good to see family that Quinn has not met yet, we still have some family down south to meet and I can't wait for Quinn to get older and make the big trip but for now, we took a day drive...

     We had lunch and just played around, we even took a walk outside and just saw the country side!  We just took some time to run around and enjoy or Sunday afternoon.  We left after lunch and got home for a bath and some TV.  We headed back to Mom's and ended the weekend.  In the end the weekend was so nice.  Quinn and I had some time to relax and bond.

Quinn playing with her friends!

Here we are leaving! I snuck a pic.

Just hanging out...

Finally got some pics of us!

Aunt Ro, Alyssa and Quinn

Lunch with the family!

Just talking a walk.

Susie and I.

     It's always good to see family you don't get to see much, I want to make sure Quinn see's family on both sides.  It's important to know where you come from and that your family gets to see your little ones.  

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


     When my buddy Hughey told me I had over 10,000 hits I didn't believe him at first.  I knew i was kinda close but when I saw the blog I was so excited.  Over the past few years I have worked hard to get my story out and to just help single parents.  Now with many viewers and followers I am so proud to say I really feel i have helped many people learn about single parting and that you truley are never alone...

     When I first started this blog I just jotted some notes down and put some pictures of Quinn up for family.  Then I started meeting other bloggers online and making the blog more educational.  I still have one more big upgrade to do and really want to get that set by spring.  I will say how excited I am on how far I've come and how many people have come up to me or emailed me with great responses and comments.  I even have had some super bloggers look over my work and stop in from time to time.  I have to say besides updating the blog another goal was to post daily, the past month or so I was very busy and have to say I slowed down a little but hope to connect again and get out there.  Now that the Weather is FINALLY... Getting better... I think the Winter blues are over.  I have so much to do this summer with Quinn I can't wait to share our adventures as well as tips and tricks for you single parents out there. 

I do want to thank all my followers for your support and taking the time to ready my post and send your comments.  Thank you so much...

  Stick around and hopefully I will be posting about my 20,000 hits soon.

And Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Friday, April 19, 2013

We took a day off

     The other day Quinn's Mom called because Quinn was running a fever and she needed me to take Thursday off to watch her.  I was sad she wasn't feeling well but was excited to have a day with her!  I stopped over Wednesday after work to visit her and see how she was feeling.  She was just waking up and was little tired still.  She really wasn't in the mood for company and asked when I was leaving, but I didn't take offense she was tired her mom and I caught up on some things for school with Quinn and then I said my good bye's.  The next day Quinn's Mom dropped her off at my house because it was on my way to work.  She was a little shy at first but she warmed up and we were back on track.  

     I started of morning off with some egg and sausage wraps.  Then we just took the day to relax and watch some TV and movies.  Around lunch time she was her normal self but usually that doesn't mean the child is well.  I had a feeling she was better, we did step outside for just a little.  We went to the park and just got some nice fresh air.  It was such a long winter we needed the break!  We went on the swing and down the slide a little then headed home.  Later that day I put her down for a nap and then her mom came to pick her up.  The day was great and just having that extra time with Quinn was so much fun.  It was one of the best vacation days I've used in a long time.  

     I did want to say I was nervous about stopping over Wednesday.  It's been a long time since I've been in the old house.  I usually just pick her up an drop her off but it was nice she invited me in.  I went inside and sat down on the couch where Quinn was sleeping.  She woke up and while I was there like I mentioned we just talked.  After not being in the house for so long a lot of things ran through my mind.  I was trying to listen to her Mom but couldn't help and see some of the new things she did to the house.  It was funny because she even caught me looking around.  I just told her the house looked nice and some of the things she did.  The past few years have been difficult and just took time to adjust.  I never thought I would even go in her house again but over time we worked together and it was nice.

     When Quinn was dropped off Thursday morning I have to say it was also different to have her Mom in my house.  A lot of new things happening in just two days.  The morning wasn't to much Quinn just took a little time to get adjusted.  When the afternoon came Quinn was sleeping in my bed and her Mom arrived.  She came in and we just talked a little before we both went upstairs to see Quinn.  I was excited to show her the house, I wanted her to know things were good and Quinn was in a safe and clean home.  The upstairs hallway is also full of pictures she drew and some of her artwork and I'm proud to show anyone that.  She went in and Quinn started to wake up, she was a little cranky but it's hard to wake up and just get moving.  We took some time to just hang out and let Quinn wake up on her own.  We all went down stairs and I hugged her and kissed her goodbye as she was in the car.  

     It was wired being on the other side, seeing how I always do the dropping off and picking up.  I just wanted to let all my single parents know that there may come a time when you have to go back to an old house or apt and see all the memories you had.  It maybe hard, it maybe difficult, but just remember you always move forward.  I think today went great and I think we made some good progress.  I know Quinns Mom and I are not going out and catching up but maybe someday we will.  At least we made some progress.  I don't think I even saw her that long of a period in a long time.  Always remember your ex was once your love and to treat them with respect and always, always know the good of the child comes first.  If you are not getting along please do so for the child or when the are around.  Quinn's mom and I are doing well and thing's are good.  We made some progress on the parent front and things just take time.  

Just always remember....
You are never alone.

Here she is just relaxing!

We played some video games.

Time to get some fresh air!

Here we are.

A few more games, hey its our sick day...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Mid week Break

Sometimes the blog isn't always about being a Dad, but a son..
To my wonderful parents...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: How to keep busy on a quiet spring break...

     This past week Quinn's mom took her to Florida to see family and to just have a nice vacation.  Easter was the last time we hung out before this coming Wednesday.  So to pass the time I worked out and cleaned the house, I even took out some video games.  The past week went by fast and Quinn and her mom called to say hi a few times!  She was doing great and told me she had such a busy week!  Before when the divorce started I went through times where the house was quiet and I didn't know how to handle the fact that I didn't see Quinn.

     Now with a few years of learning to deal with not always seeing her this week wasn't that bad.  I took some time to relax and just get things done around the house on my down time.  Work went well and on the days I would have had Quinn I worked out and just did things to keep my mind busy.  I learned over the past few years that we can't let things beyond our control run our life.  There is nothing I can do but enjoy the her happiness and that she is having fun and seeing family so I am happy.  When she comes home I can't wait to talk to her about her adventures!  A few years ago I probably would have gotten upset and nervous but now as time has went by I have learned to just enjoy her and learn how to live around what comes...

     I would say when times like this happen keep busy!  Visit friends, exercise, go out and see a movie. Don't get upset that you may not see your child a little more than usual.  Always remember make the time you have with your child valuable!  Love them, and show them you love them, the rest will just fall into place...

Always remember,
You are never alone....


Monday, April 8, 2013

The Not as late weekend update...

     Okay so a few weeks ago Quinn had another birthday party!  She has a lot of friends! A friend from school Kassie had her birthday party a few Saturday's ago.  That Friday we just kept it low key, we had dinner in Quinn and I and just watched some TV.  I knew the next day was going to be busy so we got our rest.  The next day we got up and went to the party.  It was so much fun, the kids started off by just playing with some toys and getting settled.  Then we had some pizza for lunch!  After we opened up some presents and then had some cake!  The food was great and Kassie's parents did a wonderful job of hosting.  The kids played ring toss, pin the tale on the donkey and just ran around like kids should.  We played till late into the afternoon then we said our goodbye's and went home.

     Aunt Ro came over that night because she hasn't seen Quinn since her trip to Florida!  She was excited.  We had some dinner and then just hung out and watched some TV.  It was still cold out and we spend the day playing so we took it easy that night.   The next day we took it easy and just spend the day together.  I admit we were in PJ's for most of the morning, but hey we had a busy weekend!  Quinn and I played with our toy guns that day and just ran around like kids!  I gave Quinn a bath and cleaned her up to get ready to go back to her mom's I have to remind my self to get her a new brush.  I need one with rubber tips.  She has my and her moms hair so its blond but think to.  Being a guy I will say I'm trying!  We had some dinner than headed back to her moms house.

    I said my goodbye's as I dropped her off and gave her a big hug.  We had a great weekend and as our time moves forward I'm grateful how strong our relationship is growing.  Even in the darkness of being alone there is light, and it's name is Quinn....

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we are!

Yum, Lunch time..

Pin the tale on the donkey.

Opening some party favors!

Gifts time!

More gifts!

Time for Cake!

Hanging out with some friends.

Aunt Ro came over!

Cute pic of them.

Lots of laughs.

Sunday morning we pull out all the toys!

She even gave me a quick cute picture...

Look out she packin!

"Locked and loaded"

Playing with our Angry Birds game!

She loves Angry Birds!