"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Mid Week Break

Happy Halloween! I can't wait to update you on tonight's adventure!

As it starts to get cold out I figured one more summer pic would be good to close out the nice weather!
Here is my little girl with her in the wind...

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Dinner to Celebrate Scouting

     A few weeks ago on Wednesday my family went and celebrated Scouting's 100 years of Eagle Scouts.  It was nice because I talked to Quinn's Mom and she moved my date to have Quinn so I could go to this dinner.  I was shy on babysitters and asked to move my Quinn date to the next day.  She said it was no problem and it was really cool.  We haven't had to move our days yet and it was nice that when I asked she was cool with it.  Its just good how we are working together, I feel this was a win for all.  Working together is something everyone wants and in the end if you and your Ex work together and your child is happy then all is good...

     So Wednesday I left work and stopped off at my parents.  We all went down town and got checked in and caught up with some friends that were there as well.  We sat down and had dinner, the food was great and supplied by Palmer foods Palmer Foods.  Kip the owner is an Eagle Scout and has a great food market in Rochester.  The food was so good and I knew it would be, he does such a good job when it comes to fish and meat.  After dinner we had some guest speakers, and some video's and clips about Scouting and Rochester.  There were a few Eagle's there that actually got to go to some events that were over sea's and actually meet Lord Baden Powell who was the creator of Scouting.

     Scouting has always been a part of our lives and as a family it was really nice to just go and see the years of scouting and what it has done to the community and the many people that are involved.  We had a few great guest speakers but were very honored to have the actual President of Scouting there Wayne Brock.  It was generous of one of the business men to fly him into Rochester from his meeting where he was.  He spoke about scouting and where it was going.  It was really interesting and nice to hear the President of all of scouting speak.  Once everyone spoke we got up and talked a bit more, I went over and talked Wayne and introduced my self even got our picture.  My dad got to meet him and take some time to talk Wayne Brock as well.  I know he was excited he was there and I know he wanted to meet him.  Its a big honor to meet the person that hight up in our orgaization.  He was very nice and didn't mind taking pictures at all.

  We had a great night with family and friends as we got home I said goodbye and went home.  The night was fun and I got Quinn the next night.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Here we all are! My Brother and Parents

There was a great turn out.

Dinner time

Me and my old man

Just talking

Mr. Marone was there too.

Just the guys talking again...

President Wayne Brock and I.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Laying with your Child: Part 2

     I posted this before about how important it is to lay with your child but I wanted to post today again just to tell you how important just laying next to your child is.  There are some weekends Quinn and I stay in and rent movies and just relax on the couch.  Only having her as much as I do I make sure we spend a lot of time just being next to each other.  I'll ask her if she wants me to lay with her, she usually loves it and says yes!  We usually just relax and watch TV laugh and have enjoy each other's company.

     When you lay with you little one the bond you share is more than just sitting there.  People have no idea that just being next to them makes them feel safe, secure and comforted.  Quinn and I share a laugh or just talk sometimes.  Sometimes she doesn't want to go to bed because we are having so much fun.  The joy of just laying next to your parent has so many positive aspects.  One of the biggest is just the feeling that their parents are there.  When you are dealing with a divorce it's hard because the child may not see their father or mother as much as they used to.

     I can't tell you how cute it is when she moves over and ask me to lay with her, we put on a good movie and just relax with a blanket and no cell phones.   Just some basic Daddy Daughter time.  I can't say how important it is just to be next to your parent.  Growing up I can remember how much I loved laying next to my parents and how just knowing they were there made such a difference.  So to any single parents I say spend time playing, running around and yes having fun, but spend some time laying on the couch or bed and just relax.  Take some time to lay with your child and let them know there is quiet time and a time to just relax.  Let them know you are there for them and that you love them by just being there.  Maybe they hear your heartbeat, or maybe they just hold your hand, but these small acts make all the difference...

     Lay with you're child and let them know, you are there...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quinn's Birthday!

     Hello everyone!  Sorry I have not posted about our adventures, the past few days I have been fighting off a cold!  Well a few weeks ago Quinn thured 4!  The following weekend we celebrated her birthday!  Friday night Hughey came over for our Friday Fish fry, and movie night! The next day we just relaxed because we had a party to get ready for!  My parents, brother and Aunt came over and we had cake and opened gifts!

     Quinn got some great gifts and after we just took the night to lay low and watch some halloween movies.  It was quiet but nice.  With the weather being so up and down the month has been very hard to plan for.  Later that night she hung out with me as we watched some movies, just daddy and daughter.  Sunday we got to sleep in a little and just relax.  Quinn and I painted some pumpkins and play with some toys but mainly stayed in from the colder rainy weather.   We had a bath and some lunch but the weekend was colder and rainy so we took the day to just stay in and put our feet up.

     I can't believe how big she is getting, her communication and motor skills are improving sometimes she does things with out me having to ask her.  As we go out and do things I can just tell her where we are going and why and she understands.  She looks forward to Friday's so much and loves Hughey!  He's so good with her we have our little dinner tradition going and when I pick her up she just is so excited!

    Well all in all it was a great birthday and mine was just a few days after hers.  Being a single dad I now take a back seat to her's but enjoy it.  I have had my fun growing up and now all that matters is her.  

Hughey, Fish fry, Movie night!

Quinn's Birthday Party!

Here we all are!

My parents got her the cute cake.

 Chilling with dad and uncle kenny

Happy Birthday!


More fun gifts!

Sunday we painted pumpkins!

And had more cake of course!

Enjoy the pics!  I look forward to sharing more adventures!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Phone time

     This past weekend was my birthday and even though I plan on posting about that I wanted to talk about how important it is as single parents to talk to our kids even if its just phone time.  It was nice Quinn's Mom called me and put Quinn on and she wish me Happy Birthday.  It was cute but what was nice was the fact that we just had time to talk.  We talked about her day and what she did.  She was so cute and excited to talk to me.  Her communication is awesome I can't believe how she just picks right up and talks about her day and how she can't wait to see me and go out.

     She was so cute she asked what we were doing for dinner.  As for single parents I would encourage you to talk to your children on the phone when you can't see them.  They will feel you are excited to see them and you can talk about what you are doing the next time you have them!  I know getting phone time can be difficult with working and getting time may not be easy but in the end it will pay off.  As Quinn gets older I can't wait to be able to call her more and just ask about her day.  I can't wait to see what she has been doing in school and just tell her how much fun we are going to have on our next visit.

     Communication is very critical, as they grow older your kids are going to be involved with friends, school, sports and other things that will keep them busy.  If you call them and raise them to just always know that a quick conversation can make all the difference then they will love to keep in touch.  I love calling my family and friends.  Even with the past few being as busy as they have been I have always made time to check in with family.  It can get hard with work and just wanting to relax.  Sometimes I have to catch up on my nights off which can be hard.

     So try to take the time when your children get older to check in and just let them know you are thinking about them

Sunday, October 14, 2012

An End of an Era

    Today was an end to an era...  It was my final day at Lowe's.  I have been working there for over four years and it all came down to one day.  I started when I was married as a Dept. Manager and worked there throughout my divorce.  I then realized I would need to have weekends off for Quinn and thats when I went to Paychex.  I have been there over two and a half years and worked at Lowe's part time.  It was hard, and I was tired but I loved the people.  The managers worked with me and even put me on leave for a few months so I could get my life in order.  When I came back they all welcomed me and worked with me to get my schedule set so I could see my Daughter.  My final year I was in the Paint department and made some new friends and grew closer to some other ones.  It was a lot of fun, but I have to say I came home very tired and my family and friends saw it and felt my pain.  They hated how much I had to work and how late I got out.  They also helped me and gave me words of encouragement.

    Paychex decided to move our building to an area where I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to work then home with out filling up on gas ever other day.  It was sad, and honestly it just down right sucks.  I liked my building and everything.  I know sometimes change is good, but I'm not ready for it!  Not yet at least!  Plus I still needed the income!  As the time drew closer I tired to get jobs that kept me in the building or anything to keep my part time job.  I finally asked to be put on leave but my store manager denied it.  There was no reason he just didn't want to help me out.  Sad and everyone was pissed.  (nobody there likes him anyway so).  I fond this out just days ago so I went into work this weekend and worked all weekend.  I was tired and worked long and early hours like usual but I got to see all my friends and just shoot the shit like the good old days.  Saturday was my birthday and everyone was so nice there and the day was great!  I will post about that later.  After work today some people took me out for dinner and we just talked and joked around.  I left my old department and my upper manager a thank you letter to just tell them it was so fun working there and for just being amazing people.

     As I drove home I got sad, yes I am tired and my knee's hurt but I really will miss that place.  Just something about leaving hurts.  Four years is a long time and even though the days are long and hard you still go in, sometimes its honestly because of the company.  I guess I'll have more free time now to work out or work on the house and stuff.  Maybe I can take up some new hobby lol.  As I sit here and look back at my time there my heart hurts a little.  Life goes on, even thought this was just a job I will miss it.  People get attached to things even if its just work.  We love to go in and see the people we work with and talk about our kids and now I have to press on.  I will go in from time to time but honestly I will really miss that place.   My family would come to see me or my Aunt would come in and bring dinner and walk around and talk with me.  My office at Paychex used to be right up the road from her home and now it is very far.

     Change, I will someday have to post about it, how it effects us and how we deal with it.  I just wanted to end by saying it was a great four years and the next few weeks will be hard.  I will come home to a quiet home and have to actually pass the time.  I will have to get up extra early to drive the further rout to my new office.  I will miss all my friends I grew to love.  Change...  Funny thing it is...  It can make us feel good, and sad, sometimes all at once too.  So as I go to sleep now and post this I will get up and keep pressing on because in life we just have to.  

~Goodbye Lowe's, somedays you were good to me, and somedays you were hard on me but in the end I will miss you...

Always remember,
You are never alone


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Midweek Break

Hello All,

I hope everyone's October is going well!  The fall is in full swing, and we have some great holidays coming up!

Enjoy the midweek break pic!

Quinn with Eve, our halloween kitty!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Working on Clean up

Over the past weekend Quinn pulled out all her toys!  Now I haven’t blogged about the past weekend yet but I will.  We were getting ready to go out and get some things done and I asked her to clean up her toys.  Now in the past I usually clean them up and get the area in order but I am trying to instill that she has to start cleaning up or she will think I will for her all the time.  I told here I was going up stairs to get ready and I wanted her to pick up her toys.  She asked why, and I told her because when we are done playing we clean up.  So I went upstairs and got ready for the day and when I came down there room, well looked better. 

The table was cleared off and the toys were in a pile.  It looked ok, better but still needed some work.  I fixed it up a little and explained what needs to be done next time.  I was happy however that she did some work and made an effort.  I was nervous for a while that nothing was going to get done.  I know she is still growing but she does understand rules and when I ask something she knows she needs to do it.  The early years are about testing the waters and yes time outs.  Kids will be in them because they need to know we mean business!  As far as cleaning up I told her if she doesn’t then I will hide one toy every time, making clean up very easy if she doesn’t start.  She is 4 now and it is a very touch age on parents, the child again is testing their boundaries and maybe a little pushy.  Others may think it’s cute or to just let it slide but you can not.  Parents have to instill boundaries and rules.  Yes, we are the bad guys.  Sorry just how it goes, I always tell people “Every story needs a villain”.  I use that when I have to be the “bad guy” even though it is for the good of the child.  

So how did all this come about from toys?  Well again kids are going to play and then feel they can just leave things.  Make sure they start to clean up.  It will instill good habits for the long run as well as let them know they have to listen to their parents and they can’t just have fun and not have responsibility after wards.  Keep your cool parents, tell them we need to clean up because it is very important.  Help them at first and then slowly step back over time.  Of course you will always have to help a little.  Also let them know if they don’t there are punishments.  Of course follow through as well to, if they fight you a good time out will always do the trick.  Put them in their room or even cancel the event you are going to.  I know it seems bad but one of the hardest aspects of parenting is following through with your words.  If you have to leave an event early or not possible go it can be sad and very hard but your kids need to know you do not bluff!  They need to know if Mommy or Daddy says we are not going, we really aren’t going.  Once they realize you’re not messing around they will start to listen and not push you over. 

Always also remember to go slow and help them with things like clean up.  Do not just jump to telling them to pick up.  Help them and show them were everything goes.  Then when you are done tell them now nice it looks and how easy it was!  Encourage them in a fun way how being responsible is fun and a good thing!  It will make it easier in the long run and before you know it as they get older things like cleaning their room, emptying the dishwasher and picking up after them selves will come easy.  Also remember this phrase.  “Because I said so” my dad used that one on me a lot. Haha I can still hear it in my head.  Kids are going to ask, “Why?”  They love it, it is their favorite word!!!  If you tired to explain something and it isn’t working, you can always just veto everything and say that.  You are the boss and you don’t need a reason.  I tell it to Quinn because sometimes they just need to know they need to listen to us.  Always keep your cool and keep control don’t let them see what gets you upset.  They will grow and learn and with proper help become great parents like us…

Try some tips and tricks and let me know!
PS I do have a cute pic of the pile she made I just haven't uploaded it yet.  I will in my weekend update!

Always remember,
You are never alone…


Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Boys of Fall

     This past weekend was our annual trip to the camp!  This year was extra special, it was Jason's (aka Spaz)  bachelor party.   We have been going up to the camp for many years now and over time we have added more and more people, brothers you should call them.  These was 6 of us this trip.  Jason, Hughey, Kevman, Tim, Sean and my self.  We drove up Friday night and had dinner down at the local restaurant.  It was nice to have all 6 of us together and just exchanging stories and having some much needed chow.  

    It was nice to finally sit down and just see your fiends, bust each others chops and just laugh.  We went back and unpacked.  It was cool because we put together a gift for Jason.  We got him a bottle of Johnny Walked Blue Label.  If you don't know that is a very nice bottle of Whisky.  A special thanks to Hughey for helping with this more than one way...  Jason was so shocked but it was just so cool to see how excited he was.  We had some drinks and initiated Jason into the camp, which he was waiting for since last year he came up.  After we got settled in we got a good card game going and just had some drinks and relaxed.  It was good to have our cell phones off, the quiet of the hills and no talk of work or what we have to do the next few days.  We didn't have any responsibility, any worries, nothing.  The fridge was full of food the drinks were cold the company was perfect.  We worked all year for this weekend and here it was.  The boys of fall were back...

    We cooked up some pizza's and finished our poker game that night.  Early the next day i got up to take some pictures of the camp and the area.  The fog comes in and just makes it a sight you would have to see for your self.  I made everyone breakfast and we started they day.  We had egg, ham, turkey and cheese wraps.  Some sausage on the side, the guys loved it.   We headed out side to start our afternoon of shooting and just being the boys.  Tim, Sean, and Kevman brought their guns and we had some clay pigeons to shoot this year.  We had such a great time shooting shotguns, and some different pistols.  The weather was so nice, the sun was out and it was a great temperature.  Kevman had to leave early because he had to get home to finish up some projects that were going on at the house.  It was really cool he took some time to come up with us.

     After we cleaned up we had some lunch and just played some card games.  We also took some time to just relax and enjoy the day.  I put the fire together and got the evening ready for us.  We started the fire and sat around it just enjoying our drinks and talking.  As the night drew later I made our usual trash plates and then we hung out some more by the fire just listening to music and relaxing.  The next morning we got our stuff all together and cleaned up and left in the early afternoon.  Sunday we don't to  much just because we have to drive home and relax then.  After I got home I just relaxed did some things around the house and took it easy.  You are drained after a weekend like that but it is always so worth it.

     I hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Here is Jason, the man of the weekend!!  I took a pick of the Johnny Walker but not sure why it didn't take.  Here it is all wrapped up at least!

Little card game action.

You know, just chilling

Jason's induction along with the Alliance founders, Kevman, Hughey my self & our secretary Sean!  You would think its alchol in those glasses, its act not. What is it you ask?  Ask me and I'll tell you.  

The morning was beautiful...  I haven't seen that much fog in a long time.

Me just taking some scenic pics.


Everyone just hanging out before chow.

Breakfast is on!

Time to setup!

Here we go!!!

Sean shooting his shotgun with Tim throwing, I have to say what a perfect action shot!

Kevman and Jason throwing for Tim.

Kevman getting some targets taken out!

Tim shooting some targets.  Out come the pistols!

Kevman did great he hit the targets almost every time.

I could have been in Good Fellas, I'd make a good Wise guy.


Not sure what was really going on here... 

A perfect action shot!

Sean was up

Jason took some targets out...

Just chilling, shotgun style...

Even I took some targets out... 

Just getting rid of the last targets.

Here we all are!
The boy's of Fall.

This is why Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It was just so beautiful.

Hughey and I

Hughey, Sean and I 

Just trying to show the young bachelor I can still roll...

Jason and I

Here we are again just playing some more cards.

We started a little fire...

Okay maybe it was a big fire...

So were a close group!

Relaxing before dinner.

The morning we left.  It was a beautiful weekend...

     The weekend was just awesome, the weather held off for us and it was good to celebrate this event for Jason.  He gets married next weekend in Aruba!  We are all so excited for him and what a great weekend to just go and let go for a weekend.  He told me this weekend I really love that camp.  I told him back, I do.  It is where i go and take friends to get away, there isn't much cell phone reception, the town is small and quiet.  Everyone waves and just gets along.  When you wake up and walk outside and see this.  Dew and fog covering trees of all different colors.  So quiet you could hear a pin drop.   I love to get up here a least a few times a year but always during the fall to see the colors and get that fresh crisp air.  The camp give me new energy and also lets me just unwind and relax.  Get away from the busyness of life and work.  Lets you see what I call, God's country...  All those guys are very special to me and are a great group.  I love my boys of fall trip  It just gets me ready for a long winter and lets us unwind. 

     I hope everyone has a place or spot they can go to and relax, think and clear their head.  I feel this is so important, even spiritual on a level of just re-energizing and getting in touch with your self.

I hope everyone has a great week and start to October!