"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review 15: The Weber Grill

     The Original Kettle Grill.  This Weber has been around for a long time and I am excited to do a review on it!  I have used many grills in my time but make sure I always have one of these simple but elegant grills in my garage.  Weber has been in the grill business for many years and sometime perfection is easy and simple.  There are many variations to this grill but the simple fact is the grill is small enough to move around and large enough to grill and smoke meats on.

     With two simple areas, one for coals and one for your meats this grill makes it easy to cook.  You can get add-on's.  It has a one touch cleaning system and really can get all your cooking needs done.  Not as fast as the gas grill when getting started however just as effective.  The gill stays warm preventing you from making many trips to keep adding coals to it.  The ash box at the bottom makes it so easy to get rid of your old ashes as well as keeping your area clean.  I think may people look for fancy grills when cooking.  I feel they need to see smoker boxes or an electric smoker that looks and probably is to expensive.  What most grilles don't know is you can grill and smoke great foods right on this using indirect heat.  The models go from $99-$300.  They also now almost all come with thermometers as well built in which is so handy in working with.

     My grill took maybe 20 minutes to assemble, now granted I partly put it together wrong however it happens.  The book doesn't tell you exactly how to place the legs so my grill is turned a bit. so the handles aren't like below.  However this grill can be put together with one person.  With grilling season coming I would invest in a grill like this.  Like I said just keeping it simple.  Some may spend up to thousands on a very expensive smoker or grill and to start off all you need is this.  With easy air flow and ventilation you can cook for hours without working hard at all.  

     They sell covers and other features to keep your gill safe and protected.  There are also only a few parts so you don't have to worry about it falling apart or trying to find replacements for it.  I think my favorite feature is how well it contains the heat.  I smoked a chuck roast for 5 hours and added new coals maybe 3 times.  Just a hand full here and there. The grill keep the heat at a perfect  250 degrees even as I just relaxed.  So if you are new to the grilling world or a pro I think this is a grill we all need.

     Here is a great link to get you started!  This post was easy because Weber is just a product I believe in and just.  I didn't have an exact picture of mine, I can get one soon, but here is one.

Weber Grills              

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you need more information check out their site it will give you prices and sizes this gill comes in.  I hope you enjoy the cooking season that is now underway!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

     Happy Memorial Day Everyone.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day and if you had off I hope you enjoyed the day off of work.  Today we remember all those who gave their lives to serve and protect.  Always make sure you remember those who gave their lives to keep your country safe.  The men and woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives.  Today I hope you took some time to think about those who can't be here and how the world is a better place.  How leaders that tried to hurt humanity are now gone.  There will always be people that want to hurt us for no reason or a reason they believe in.  There will also always be people that protect us and stop those who want to cause harm.

     As summer starts I so hope everyone has a wonderful and safe one, I hope where you live is safe and you are protected.  I hope you understand why.  You don't need a long post to say thank you.  Thank you to all who gave up their lives to take down the ones who want to hurt us.  Please take a moment to think and pray for those who are no longer here enjoying what we have.

     Happy Memorial Day.

Always Remember,

You are never alone...


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Get out and see a Movie!

     The past week or so I have been talking about single parenting and some of the struggles single parents face.  One is just having to work around when you see your child, also I talked about how to keep busy when you don't have your child.  Today I wanted to just give you a tip and say get out and see a movie!

     This past weekend we didn't have Quinn so we took the time to go out to dinner and have a nice meal.  After we went and saw the movie Money Monster.  The movie was good and we had a great time.  More importantly it was a well deserved  date with Kayla and I.  If you are a single parent or have you kids all the time you need to have a movie night!  Not just one inside the house, but get out and go see one.  When you look back at your week you will find most of it is working and sleeping.  We work so much then get home to get dinner made and have some time to unwind and do this all over again.  A movie night allows us to get out and do things like go out to dinner and have someone else cook and clean.  Then just relax in a dark room with some delicious over priced popcorn.  This allows us to unwind and just let our body and mind relax.  We turn off all the power to our brain except just watching a and basic thinking.  The dark setting allows us to close our eyes a bit and for once not have a child yelling for something they need right away!

     So drop your kids off at a family members or if you don't have them that time use this to just spend it with friends or a loved one!  Remember you are not good to your family or society if you are stressed out.  After a good movie and some nice company, you will leave very relaxed and refreshed.  Now keep in mind I'm not sponsored by the movie industry this is just me telling you last weekend our date night was much needed.  We work so hard, as do you so take some time to unwind and let go.

     The movie it's self was good and here is the trailer below!  However what movie you see is up to you of course.  I do hope everyone does this and listens to me.  You need to take care of your mind as well as your body.  Take some time to relax with your loved ones.

Have a great rest of the week everyone and don't forget how important You are!.

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to work around life's schedule...

     We all know time and life never stop.  So if you are a parent who shares your child you have the struggle of not always having them when an event comes up.  So how do you work around life's schedule?  Well I am going to tell you...
  A few weeks ago was the annual lilic festival here and due to weather we just couldn't make it but being an inventive Dad I had a back up.  So every year I have brought Quinn to this great festival and when Kayla came into our picture she started going with us too.  We would all walk around and see the vendors and sights.  Walk though the very pretty lilic hill where they all are.  It really is nice and every year we get some fun pictures!  After we usually get some food and then do a few more laps of the area and then head out.

     When I became a single Dad over 5 years ago due to our divorce I realized I had to work around other schedules like her Mom having her and life in general.  So the reason for this post is because if you have children and you have them on different days then I hope this post will help you.  What I learned is just to do your best when it comes to single parenting.  If you don't have your child on a specific event or time frame where there is something fun going on, you can always do things to show your kids you love them and can work around dates and times.  If I don't have Quinn on Halloween we still go around to friends and families houses trick or treating the next time we have her!

     So because we couldn't go to the festival due to weather I still wanted to have our fun annual picture!  So before we took Quinn home Sunday we took a picture of her by a lilic bush at our house and it all worked out.  When you have to work around life you can still enjoy it!  For my single parents or families sharing their children do the best you can and if you have to be inventive do it!

     Below is our annual picture that we had to work around per we couldn't go, but as you can see we didn't get upset we just did this!  You can't let things let you down, if you share your time with your children never let them know you are upset, just do other things to work around life and smile...

     I hope this post helped and remember get creative!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stepping up and working together.

    Since my divorce over 5 years ago I feel my ex and I have drifted and not only speak when we need to.  Things get tough per I pay child support and work very hard to do this and support Quinn.  My ex and her new life are doing very well, setting that aside frustration can set in but I learned to move on and try not to let that get in the way of life.  I have a new bride who loves Quinn and I so much and that is all I try to focus on.

     Over the past few weeks and months Quinn's School wanted to talk about how she is doing and what areas she can use help in.  Without going into detail they needed us to come in together and talk.  Usually her parent teacher conferences we do separate, schedules are hard but also if I don't have to meet with my ex I don't.  I tend to get quiet and from past experiences just listened.  So we set a time and I headed over.  It was yesterday and I left work a bit early to go.  When I arrived and turned the corner of the hall I saw my ex outside Quinn's room.  I walked up and waited per she was on the phone.  She was just finishing up, now I haven't been in this situation before with her talking to her new husband so she said said she loved him back per he said it.  Not being bothered but it was odd i guess.  I quietly laughed a bit to my self.  Not at her but just funny to hear your ex say they love someone else in front of you.  Not in anger or jealously at all just never saw that yet.  However before I get to the story yes, when you are around your ex and they say they love someone else is odd to hear.  It was a first for me so I wanted to post it.  Now I love Kayla, and one day my ex maybe around when I say it to her.  Just wanted to point that out it was different, not bad I'm very happy and happy for my ex just new I guess.  If you are still with your spouse just take a second to think how you would do if you heard them say that to someone else (after a split obviously).  Its odd i would say, either way getting back to my post.

     So we went in and sat down, of course in those tiny chairs that hurt and are like two feet of the ground!  Quinn's teacher was there and started talking, later a few more teachers that work with Quinn came down.  I listened to everything and was quiet at first.  My ex talked a bit and then Quinns teacher asked what I thought.  When my ex and I are working together involving Quinn I usually get quiet.  Now I'm a loud guy no joke, but I know her Mom likes to hear what I'm thinking but I just walk lighting so no arguing gets started.  I would just say she is a strong person and I'd rather back off then have to be right.  That doesn't mean I'm a pushover just don't want the conflict.  We have had our fair of fights and I just don't want to deal anymore.  Let Quinn grow up and see the household she is in and decide.  The meeting went well and we all worked and talked together just fine.  I stayed back after to thank Quinn's teacher per last week was teacher application week!  That night my ex and I texted a bit but in the end both agreed on what to do which is good.

     Why I posted this was because it is important to be there, not just for your child but yes show up and meet with your Ex and others that are working with your child.  People that don't have kids and split yes, easy they part ways and done.  For those that have kids, you will be tied for a long time, or at least until the child is old enough.  What I will say is go out and be there!  Sitting next to your ex, especially if they hurt you or if the divorce or separation didn't go well.  It's uncomfortable, and just down right hard.  My heart goes out to you too, however you need to go and support your half.  You need to speak up and address anything you have.  You may not like or work well with your ex but do this.  Go to school events and conferences and be good spots.  When Quinn has open houses we all go and talk and its ok, Kayla and Quinn's step father are there we all get along.  More the merrier I guess.  However yes it can be difficult especially at first.  Do the best you can and show the child you love them...  

     Working as a different unit may have it's challenges but we just have to keep going.  If we ran from things that scared us we would never live our lives.  Or worse live them in fear...

So step up, work together and just do what you can.    

Always Remember,
You Are Never Alone...



Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Special Post to a Very Special Step Mom

      Now usually I do a Tip on Tuesdays however today I wanted to say my tip is to appreciate the step Mom's around the world and all they do...

   A few Sunday's ago was Mothers Day, since we didn't have Quinn I wanted to wait to celebrate with Kayla, so the Wednesday after I picked up a card and some hanging plants and we celebrated!  Quinn wrote some very nice things in her card and I put up the baskets then we had her come outside and see!  She was so happy and excited for her card and flowers.

     I know I am not a step parent my self but having Kayla with me, sometimes I'm not sure how she does it.  Quinn and any child can be a handful.  Now try coming into a situation and working with this.  If you don't have children, then all of a sudden you do!  A lot of people say step parents are parents but not their actual parents.  I have to say this, being a step parent can be just as hard as being a parent sometimes even harder.  Just for one second imagine this.  One day you single, working and sleeping in or doing what ever you want, then a bit later you have a small child who is screaming and making a mess of your car and getting you up early I don't want to even think about the older ones that yell "your not my real Mom/Dad!"  Step parents come in to help love and teach a child and to go from having maybe just the responsibility of your self to a family can be difficult.  Depending on when you come into that family as well.

     I see how much Quinn loves Kayla, I also see her give Kayla a tough time and sometimes I wonder why she doesn't just take the easy way out!  After a few bad melt downs from Quinn I thought Kayla for sure would pack her backs, say F this Shit and bounce.  She didn't however and doesn't.  She loves Quinn she sticks out the tough times because the good times always outweigh the tough times.  To all step mothers out there, you are amazing for all you do and work with.

     Loving someone with a child can be very hard because you come into a family and good step parents do everything real ones do.  They don't have to, they can s F this!  I'm out, I wanna sleep in and not hear this brat screaming...  However good step parents don't they stick through the yelling or screaming and love the child.  They cook for them, clean them, teach them and shop for them.  Taking care of another persons child can be difficult however if you think of how it should take a village to raise a child then I feel you aren't so self centered and we all should help raise our kids per they are our future...

     So often we hear or even may say "not my kid".  I can't help but feel we just look after our direct own and we shouldn't.  Are there to many of us on this planet?  Are we to busy with work and school to just slow down and realize how we are all important?  Either way a step parent gives up a lot of freedom to love you and your child which is just so special.  Kayla gets up with Quinn to help her get ready for school, She helps me get her ready for bed and her homework done.  She spends a lot of her hard earned money on her when if she wasn't with me should could be doing whatever she wanted.  So I say in the end if you have a spouse who is now a step parent see how much they do and how much they, and their family love your child.  Now imagine if you could do it.

     I wanted to wish Kayla a Happy Mothers Day and to all the step Moms out there as well.  You work very hard and if you have kids of your own or not your step kids love you just the same...

Here is Kayla and Quinn!

Thank you for all you do Kayla you are an amazing step Mother and Quinn loves and is thankful for all you do.  I know I am!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, May 16, 2016

Mozzarella Sticks

     Like the Pizza Log, this is a great appetizer or late night snack.  Now this post is the easy one, not the one where I show you how to make them from scratch, I will be looking into this.  However with my blog I wanted to show receipts that are both easy and difficult.  Funny thing is, yes people can mess up Mozzarella sticks so as easy as they are out of the box a few tips I wanted to share with you.

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 8-10 Minutes
Total Time: 15 Minutes

1 Box of Mozzarella Sticks
Red Sauce

Heat up your oil to 350 degrees a deep fryer is the best to use.
Let your Mozzarella sticks sit out for about 5 minutes to warm up a bit.
Place in the oil and watch closely.
When they are done they will pop.  Once you see a bit of cheese coming out of one they are done.
Take out and let sit for a minute.
Serve with red sauce.

     That's it!?  I know easy breezy however check them when cooking many people will under or even over cook them.  Once you see cheese coming out of one they usually are done.  I always say wait for them to POP.  However this is a very fast and quick dish late at night it makes a great snack!  They also are loved by many and just take a few minutes to make.  Chances are if you have them out you probably are already cooking with your fryer so hold them till the later part of the evening.

     I am looking into making them by hand.  I have seen a few ways to do this and am curious but for now I just wanted to show you a fun and simple way to cook them.  You can get them either in your local food store of if you have a vendor that supplies restaurants check them out.  I again go to Palmers.  They have a great store as well as supplier to a lot of places and let regular people come and get bulk food.  The good kinds too, not the cheap ones you may see around.  The Mozzarella sticks always come out as a hit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have a chance to pick some up do it and give them a try some night.

Remember, Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

The weekend update.

     Yet another weekend has come and gone and I hope everyone had fun! This weekend for us was awesome!  Friday we picked up Qinnn and really just hung out.  We had some dinner and relaxed, the week was long and we were really just tired I think.  Saturday  Kayla had to work so it was just Quinn and I for a bit.  We had some breakfast, cleaned up the house a bit and started cooking dinner.  I smoked a chuck roast!  More to come on that.  However we had a lot of fun and when Kayla came home we tried to let her rest.  We had some friends over for dinner, and Quinn had a great play date.  Lilly is one of my friends daughter and she is a bit younger than Quinn.  However Quinn was so good with her and they sat and eat and just had so much fun.

     Not sure why but it is so interesting to see kids with younger kids.  Quinn was so good and shared her toys, showed her the house and her room and they say and ate together.  Quinn even ate her veggies!  I think to show off, I hope because we have instilled this to be healthy but its ok. The night was fun with good food and conversation.  Everyone left and we pretty much crashed.

Sunday with the rain we just cleaned a bit and hung out on the couch.  We just hung out and had an easy day.  One of those where we just needed to rest.  So ending this post short I do hope everyone had a great weekend!  Some fun pics below!  You will notice I got a haircut!  Hope you like it!

I asked Quinn for a Pic, she goes sure we can do a selfie.  Great she knows that word now... haha

Quinn and Lilly

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Pauly Special

     With Summer right around the corner here is a great drink to have and relax with some friends.Not to long ago we went over with some friends to visit Paul and Amanda.  Paul is one of my best friends and Quinn's Godfather.  He had a drink for us and we all loved it.  I don't think it has a real name yet but for now the Pauly Special...  He likes to mix and make all different kinds of drinks and when we came over he had this for us to try.  We were excited to and after a few variations we think he masted this down.

1 Parts Sake
1 Parts Vanilla Vodka
1 Parts Malibu Rum
2 Parts Cranberry Juice
2 Parts Pineapple Juice
Lime wedge.

In a shaker add ice and all parts
Shake and pour into a rocks glass.
Add Lime

     You can also up the parts of the liqueur if you want I think Paul did one with 2 parts of all the liqueur.  Guess it depends on how hard your day was...  This drink was fun and new, the mixture really came together and has a great color.  You can get all the ingredients very easily and it makes for a great drink before dinner.  

     So if you are in the mood for a new mixture give this a try.  A fun drink that will leave your guest wondering what and how you pulled this fresh fun mixture off.

Until Next Time.



Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Coping with periods,when you don't have your kids...

     The Tuesday after a weekend without Quinn is one of the hardest days I sometimes have.  We see Quinn every other weekend and every Wednesday so after the Wednesday after our weekend its a full week before we see her again.  Over the past few years I have learned how to deal this this time.  Sometimes it comes up harder than others but nobody knows what its like but single parents that have vitiation so to you I say be strong because you are so special.

     Many parents that are together will never know the pain of having to go a day or a few days without seeing their parents.  Some separated have their kids still more than one parent.  In the beginning it was so difficult I felt I was going stir crazy and I probably was going crazy.  I have posted so many times how to keep busy and only if I had the help back then.  This is why I hope I can get my message across to newly single parents and help them so they don't have to go through what I did.  I have talked about reaching out to family and friends or even getting a hobby which always is the best keeping busy.  However even with being married again and lots to do I still feel a bit of emptiness when that long week goes by.  I know it makes me stronger and any parent that is in this situation is too.  I have tired to look into getting more time but it ends up going back to just having the child get older and letting them decide,  After an agreement is signed its so hard to go and re-look. Just once it would be nice for Quinn's Mom to have my schedule and see what it is like.  Honestly she would never make it.  She just isn't strong enough, and to controlling.  Which is why parents like myself are going to be so much stronger when our children grow up and go away.  If they decide to go to college or move far away.  We will be strong and encouraging where the parents that control will fail.  Children will grow up and rebel, the harder you try to stop them the harder they will rebel.  A love for a parent is deep but independence is very strong as well.  

     So know as you grow up with your child and they make decisions you will have the understanding where your ex who maybe more controlling will not.  I don't think my ex could make more than one week with out Quinn.  When we go on vacation for a week she deals, but has to and knows once its over she will have control again of Quinn.  Sad but true, for parents who do this nothing I can say, parents who deal with this like me, I am sorry.  For my post today I don't have a list of tips so what I will say is just this, be strong, as strong as you can and don't let any weakness show.  Unless to a spouse you are with who will support you and care for you.  As you grow older and your child does know the hard times you went through are over and if you child moves in with you or moves away when they are older you will be strong and understand what they want and need.  You ex may or may not and they may find them selves going though a pain you did long ago.  

     Be strong my fellow single parents as the days go before you see your kids and do the best you can to show love and composure.  You just need to be there and be strong for you kids, show them love and guidance.  The rest will come...  For more tips see some of my previous post or check out my tabs on parenting as well as the tab on getting through a breakup with a child.  For any parent who has your child and doesn't share as much as you should, well there is nothing to tell you because you don't feel you are doing anything wrong but if your child moves on you may not be ready, just to keep that in mind...

Just remember when this is over you will be stronger and understand more.  Keep busy on the long days or weeks you don't see your child my fellow Dad's and Moms.  Your child will always love you,

Its Not the Quantity but the Quality that Counts...

Always Remember,
You Are Never Alone...


Monday, May 9, 2016

Crispy (Burned) Broccoli

     So everyone knows Broccoli is one of the most difficult vegetables to get your kids, and even some adults to eat.  However it is one of the best ones for you, there are so many good vitamins, minerals and other aspects the vegetable does.  This post would be to long, so in short it really is a super food!  I will be the first to admit I don't eat enough of it, my wife will tell you this too.  I know the importance of vegetables and try to cook them in a way I will enjoy them so I eat them more.  Below is a great idea we came across at a friends house and loved it ever since!  We even get Quinn to eat her broccoli this way too!

     So how does one put broccoli and burned together to make something good to eat!  Honestly I have no idea maybe to negatives equal a positive?  I will admit it is odd but I never know till I tried this new side dish how much I would love it!  Kayla does an amazing job at making it, no lie, Quinn asked for seconds and thirds!  I think the crunch along with the seasons cooked in with the oil just makes them easy and tasteful to eat.

     We actually broil it.  Yes we cook them at a high temperature with some seas onions and oil and give it a  good char.  The nice crunch and bit of char taste makes them easier I would say for me that is to eat and enjoy!  There are many ways to cook broccoli however this one always works for us and I hope you enjoy it to!

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes
Total Time: 25 Minutes
-Broccoli (measurement is up to how many people you are having)
-Olive Oil
-Garlic Powder or other seasons you enjoy!
-Any other seasoning you would enjoy

Set your oven to broil
Take your broccli and trim them down cutting them to smaller pieces.
Place them in a large bowl.
Drizzle olive oil over them.  Just a bit you don't have to soak them!
Lightly season them with salt, pepper and anything else you would like.
Place on a cooking sheet.
Place in the oven and watch carefully for about 20-25 minutes.
When you take them out they will look burned, that is good!  They will have some crisp and texture to them.  You can also cook them shorter or longer.  This is all up to you.

  We also do other vegetables like cauliflower this way too.  We found it really works and even I love them and will have seconds and thirds of my vegetables!  This side dish is also so easy and you can just have it cooking while your main dish is being worked or cooking too.  The dish won't take up to much of your time.  You can also prep the broccoli early in the day to so your are fully ready if you are having a party.

Give it a try, your kids might like it and surprise you.  

Always remember, cooking should be Fun, so have Fun doing it!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

     I wanted to wish every Mom or motherly figure today a very Happy Mothers Day!  Today like every other day we should celebrate how special our Mom's are.  They do so much and ask so little and we often to much brush it off.  I wanted to just say thank you, to mine and all the ones that are just so special and do so much.  They hug us, kiss us and heal our bruises.  They support us and even teach us some of the most valuable lessons.

     Our Mom's keep us safe even before we take our first breath, they do so much behind the scenes and things we will never know.  They are our biggest supporters and are always in our corner.  We call our for them when we are sick and they come right away.  They run to the store to get us medicine and then stay up with us all night.  

     I wanted to wish a special happy mothers day to all the step mothers as well, ones that come in and love kids that may not be there's from the start but soon love them back.  Kayla, as been such an amazing step mom to Quinn and is loved so much.  I can't tell you how much Quinn loves Kayla and how much she just needs and depends on her.  It has been so hard being a single parent and since Kayla came around she has been so amazing to us and helpful.  

     I wanted to wish all the mothers today a short and sweet post to just say thank you so much.  We love you and no gift is more important or wanted then that...

Happy Mothers Day!

Always Remember,
You Are Never Alone...


Friday, May 6, 2016

Continuing to Build a Strong Foundation

        Last night was my Quinn's open house.  It was only for a few grades and wasn't very large however we were excited to go, she asked us this week and we of course told her we would be there.  When a child has two homes to go to each parent must try their hardest to put forth all the effort they can.  Now being the one who doesn't see her as much per like other parents we have to really show that effort.  Nothing is stronger than the base when it comes to a foundation.  It has to be the strongest because it holds the most.  Your basement is reinforced and has to be very strong because the house rest on it.  This goes for the same as a child, if a parent is there every once and a while they will see this.  When a child feels you are coming or is told and you don't it really can effect how they act and that night they will be hurt for sure.


     That night when Kayla and I arrived we went to her room where she was doing something already with her Mom and Step Dad.  When she saw us she lit up and yelled Daddy and ran over.  She gave me the biggest hug.  I of course was so excited to see her school, room and what she is doing but also knew the importance of going and telling her we were going and showing up.  She walked all of us around the school and at the end we had some ice cream in the cafeteria.  We do the best we can at getting along her Mom and I and that night we all talked and it was good.  As a child grows up however being there for things like her school activities is just so important.  You need to build this foundation and show they can count on you and trust you.  When they grow up they will look back and see this.  They won't see an empty spot where you were suppose to be.  Kids may not remember every activity but they will know if you were there or not.  

     Now we have a very good foundation with Quinn so if we had to miss something for a very important reason she would be ok however you really want to be there and show support.  Also you want to see what is going on with their school work and how they are progressing.  Here Mom did introduce Kayla and I to some of the teachers we haven't met yet and that was very nice.  You want a foundation with the teachers also so they know you are involved.  This is important as well.  

     Now if you and your child's other parent don't speak that much, you need to be in contact with the school.  Get on their email list!  Quinns school emails us along with others all the actives this way we know what is going on.  Some things slip through but for the most part you can be in contact with the school.      

     We gathered up her stuff and art projects and started to head out.  I do hope I get some from her Mom to view but if not remember parents don't fight of stuff like that.  If one parent takes all the child's work home just don't worry.  You may see it down the road or if not its no big deal.  Having your child with you is more important than some drawings.  Plus i'm sure they will draw you a picture any day!  

     However if you are a family not together or you are just remember you have to show support and be there!  Being there is just so critical, it shows your child you gave up everything else that night to look at what they are doing in school, or sports or any other activity.  Remember showing up is really not that hard to people.  You just go!  That simple, I can't tell you enough how excited she was when we walked in and that she gave us a bunch of hugs when we left.  

    Foundation.., Build it and Maintain it.   

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chicken Parmesan Chicken Wings

     I found this great Chicken Wing recipe that seemed very different but I knew I had to try it.  The picture looked interesting and I decided to give it a shot.  Everyone loves Chicken Parmesan so why not try them on  Chicken Wings.  One of the nice things about this meal is if you make Chicken Parm a lot this meal will be just as easy.  You don't have to measure much of the ingredients out just set up your 3 style pans with flour, beaten eggs, and bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese mixed in.  You can lightly salt and pepper each pan.

Prep Time: 15 Min
Cook Time: 8-10 Min
Total Time: 25 Min   

Chicken Wings 
Italian Style Bread Crumbs
Parmesan cheese: Grated and Shredded 
Marinara sauce  
Mozzarella cheese 
Salt and Pepper

Thaw out how ever many chicken wings you need.  About 3-4 per person roughly. 
Wash and pat dry.
Lightly salt and pepper each side of the wings.
Dredge them in a pan of flower and coat each side.
Coat them in a pan of beaten eggs.
In your third pan mix bread crumbs with grated Parmesan cheese and bread the wings covering each side.
Heat up your oil to 350 degrees and fry wings around 8-10 minutes. You can fry them less because you are putting them in the oven.
Pull the wings and top with a little sauce and mozzarella cheese. Just a bit on top, don't cover the wing.
Place in your oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted.
Take out and sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese and  chopped parsley on top.
Serve with a side of red sauce.

     I think this style of wings are awesome, very different and not like ones you usually will eat.  Give this one a try and surprise your friends and family!  If you don't want to have sauce or cheese you can simply just bread the wings and cook them.  The first picture is cooked breaded wings before sauced or cheesed.  You can use this style as well for those who don't want sauce or cheese.

Just Breaded Wings, you can also serve these along with the parm wings.

They came out great, once out of the oven just sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese over and serve with red sauce!  I hope you enjoyed this recipe and give it a try.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the 4th be with you!

Image result for may the 4th be with you

     Yes, the fourth of May, Happy unofficial Star Wars Day everyone.  If you are a fan or not today is still a fun day to love Science Fiction.  A day to enjoy some of the films you so love.  For me I am a Star Wars fan.  I have been following since I was a child and when I saw the newer installments come up I did see them and thought some were better than others.  As far as the newest one goes, well again some things good, some things not so good.  However today is still a fun day to observe our love for the stars and mystery.  If you are a fan then you for sure know what today is and maybe you set aside some time to watch a move or two.  As for me, well we have Quinn tonight but maybe one of the Star Wars 1/2 hr shows will be on who knows.  

     So if you are a fan of Star Wars, do you have a favorite movie, or game or series by chance?  Mine, well I honestly don't know for sure.  Return of the Jedi is one of my favorites then again Attack of the Clones I liked as well.  I know episodes 1,2 and 3 well had some glitches but that's just how it goes.  I have many very old computer games for the series an avid gamer in the day, now however I feel the games they came out with aren't like they used to make.  

     I will say it was fun to go see the late night screening of the newest installment The Force Awakens.  We went the night before it came out, Kayla came and no she didn't see the other movies she caught on quick with a pre-lesson before the movie from your's truly.  I do hope the next few they make do a good job and if they make a few installments that would be good too.  In between each movie there was a lot of time that passed so it leaves us with many questions.  A movie here and there to fill that gap would be nice.    

     As far as the fact that George Lucas sold the rights to this and other things to Disney. Well I still have mixed emotions.  I am happy they will carry this on and continue to make more films, however they are making changes that I think they shouldn't in the film.  Also they will just make as much off this as they can and sell shirts over priced so who knows.  Nothing we can really do now the deals done just hope they do the best job they can at making anything they do with the franchise a good one.  

     So I say today May the 4th be with you!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: YOU ARE SPECIAL...


     Today's Tip is just that simple...  Single parent or not parenting is one of the most special things out there.  One who is involved and loves their kids, one that is loved back.  I am writing this post because so often I may walk around and see others, maybe they make more than me, or own a better home or have a free single life with little worries.  They maybe funnier or smarter than me, may have better cloths or nicer things.  However I know I have something that tops it all.  I have this little person who depends on me.  Needs me and loves me, someone who looks forward to our time and hats to leave when they have to.  This post is for all the parents and guardians, I want to say especially step parents who come in and have to hit the ground running.  They are so special to love a person who has a child, then love that child as their own.

     However for all those parents that work late, or more than one job.  They work hard to make their home a better place and don't complain they just do it.  They are there for their kids no matter what and come when called no matter the hour.  This is something to know you have over anyone else.  People that don't have kids and brag well that's their life and I'd never say anything but never let anyone tell you different.  I have had to go pick up Quinn and work with my ex or see her when I just rather not but then Quinn comes out and hugs me and everything is just gone.  Kids have a way of just letting you forget all the problems you have.  The stress and worries, they hug you and tell you everything will be ok.  They fight for you and stand up for you when you are distressed.  They lay with you when you are tired and they love you for you...  You can't fake that or get it anywhere else.  I know sometimes they also cause stress and can drive us mad but that's ok too.

    So for everyone out there working so hard to give your children a better life keep going, keep working and fighting for them.  Keep trying to give them a good and joy filled life because of all the tips I have given this is just that important.  So today I don't have a list of things to look over or check off but just a simple message.  For all the times you get up in the middle of the night or fix a broken toy, mend a wound or cool a warm forehead.  All the kisses and hugs you give all the times you hold them but push when needed.  For all we do in life and when we grow up and see them venture off and take care of them selves that's when we can sit down and relax.  Until they call again, Mom/Dad... Can you help me?...


     Always Remember,

You Are Never Alone...


Monday, May 2, 2016

The Weekend Update

     Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  This past weekend we picked up Quinn and after much vacation and off weekends we finally had a nice weekend to just hang out.  We spent sometime catching up by playing some games or having dinner and talking.  My parents got to visit and see her as well and I think now that were back on track it is finally nice.  Every spring it gets off a bit but that's ok because she understands.

     She was pretty good this weekend and with Sunday we had a big day.  We had to do some house work and get some carpets taken up.  I will say Quinn was a helper asking what she can do and even thought it was a difficult job she understood and tried to help out as much as she could.  It's hard when you have a great kid that wants to help but the job is a bit over their level.  We try to give her small things to do but I'm so proud she is asking.

     Over the weekend we got out and visited the park as well.  Kayla made me laugh because she told me I don't have to take pictures.  She said the blog is full of pictures of parks.  I said I know, but on the other hand you can't take your child to park enough I feel.  So took a few for the fans and just ran around with her after.  With the weather breaking a big and the sun coming out it was nice I will admit.  We have a few rainy days this week and then I hope we are in the clear.  May is a good time to also start getting the outside of the house cleaned up and raked.  Start growing grass and fixing your flower beds.  We will have Quinn help because we know she does enjoy this

     However this weekend was fun and again gone to soon.  A few more things for the house but once the floors are finished we will be so happy.  Carpets are nice don't get me wrong but having nice hard wood floors with some area rugs in the main areas of your home I feel are nice and easier to clean.  I am just glad to finally get all that carpet out.  My parents came over and helped a lot again.  Parents they always come when called... :)  However we did catch up on some fun shows she was waiting for all year and I got to lay with her on the couch a big too.  Over the busy schedule just taking some time to relax on the couch is awesome and makes it worth while.  Always remember my fellow parents take the time to just lay with your child.  Even if you are watching TV or relaxing.  If you share your child with your Ex, make sure you take the time because you don't have them as much so take that time to do the little things like this.

     I do hope everyone had a great weekend and remember the nice weather is upon us so take advantage and start getting outside!

A new playground at my old elementary school was put in!

She had so much fun!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...