"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review 12: Three Pot Slow Cooker

     So the this being the first review of the New Year I wanted to start off strong!  This past Christmas Kayla got me a 3 pot mini slow cooker!  It's three smaller slow cookers all in one!  You can set all three at different temperatures and it is light and easy to wash.  The slow cooker I feel is something you should have in your house even if you store it away and use it a few times a month.  However this 3 pot version is amazing because you can throw a great party and cook three different apps!

     For example this New Years we did Wings in one pot, Meatballs in one and little wieners in the last.  They all cooked at different temps for different time periods and were really the perfect amount for our party.  There are many different kinds and brands the one below is a Living and there are many others of all different makes and shapes even.  They all range in price so I would say do some homework and even look at the reviews!

     However my review is on mine and the basic point of having a 3 pot slow cooker!  If have parties throughout the year or are going to one this really makes an awesome tool.  It allows you to really cook smaller amounts of different apps.  There are also books on slow cookers and all different small dishes to pass you can try.  The three black pots do come out and are easy to clean, the lids as well.  The unit is light and easy to use.  I store mine in my basement until I need it.  I love it because you can start one dish, the later another and even another all in one day!  Now you still may want a larger slow cooker for main dishes or dinners however for sporting parties I would really say get one!

     You can unplug it and put it on your table or keep it plugged in and the food on warm, you can even take the pots out and place them on the table if you don't want people in your kitchen.  I was so excited when Kayla got me this for Christmas!

     So if you like to entertain and cook, heck slow cooking is fun and easy!  Look into one of these, they make a great gift idea and once someone gets you it tell them you will have them over!  Below are pictures of mine, if you have one please share!  Again you can look online all over and even buy them in store or order them.   For this new start I give this product a great review pending what kind you use however I think this was a great idea and invention.

Here is the slow cooker.

One of the slow cooker pots.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Date with Bacon

     Who doesn't want a date with bacon?  Well you are in luck for this post and Cooking Corner entry you can have just that!  Years ago a friend gave me a great idea for an appetizer to bring into work.  He got this receipt from a friend as well so now I will pass it onto you!  A very easy unique dish that will make your guest say, "what is this again?'.

     They are dates stuffed with sausage and then wrapped in bacon then cooked.  A very different appetizer  approach from the typical ones you see.  They all complement each other very nicely and the different textures and sweet to crunch ratio is really nice.  Depending how many you make this dish can serve from 4 to how many you need.

1 Packages of pitted dates.
1 Package of sausage.  You can also get spicy if you like
1 Pack of regular cut bacon.  I have tired thick cut, and flavored bacon but regular seems best.
1 Package of Toothpicks

1) Take out a date and slice the middle open, do not cut it fully you don't want the date to open up to much just enough to put the sausage in.  At this time also preheat your oven to about 350 degrees.

2)  Take out about 1 or 2 individual sausages from the pack and squeeze the meat from the thin wrapper.  You just want the mean in them not that thing wrapper that holds them together.  Have this in a small dish.  You can season if you wish. 

3)   Take a date and put a pinch of sausage in it, don't over fill it.  Just enough to fill the date is fine.

4)  Take your bacon and cut it right down the center so you have the pack cut in half.

5)   Place one 1/2 a strip of bacon around the date that has been stuffed and then place a tooth pick thought it.  I sometimes start the toothpick at the sausage per you only have to go though one side of the date and this is easier.

6)  Repeat this process and place all of them on a baking pan.

7)  Place the pan in the oven and let cook at around 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  You can cook them at a higher temp for less time as well.

So to see when they are done check he bacon.  There is were some people differ.  Some people like their bacon cooked fully and crispy some like it more undercooked.  The sausage won't take long to cook because there is a little amount.  However make sure the bacon is at least almost done, I like it a bit undercooked because I don't like crispy bacon.

     Play this by ear and watch them, over time you will find a temp and time you really enjoy.  If you have people over this is very easy to make.  If you are going out prep the food and just use your friends oven!

When I serve them I usually get great reviews!  Many people love the fact that it is a different style and kind of appetizer.  Some question the Date part.  I tell them it is so good and not to understate the date!  Some will also then ask what a Date is, after I started making this I wondered doesn't anyone know or eat dates anymore?  Either way this fun app will draw some attention and is very easy to make.  I hope you all try it, and let me know...

Always Remember,

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Mid Week Break

Our Little Diva...

Kayla and I love you so much!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Don't let Snow Keep You In!

     So not to long ago I dusted off my old snowbard and my buddy and I went up to Bristol Mountain for the night.  I haven't been on my board in probably 2 years so I knew I would be starting off rusty to say the least!  My board hasn't been sharpened or waxed that long either so I knew I had to be careful.

     So my buddy Paul came over and we headed up to the mountain for some fresh air and clean nice riding...  When we arrived it was cold, that deep cold I think it was around 20 degree's.  We geared up and got our passes.  As we headed up the excitement of just being back filled my bones and I was eager to get moving.  We got to the top and got set, down we went!  Just like a bike I was cutting down just feeling the speed and moving freely back and fourth.  We took an easier trail to just get started but it was nice to just play it safe.  After a good solid run I headed over to the black diamonds because well you know me... 

  As I approached the seep drop I over looked and saw the hillside and all the lights.  I sat and just looked out because the view was and is always amazing.  It was cold but that didn't keep me inside.  The snow and ice didn't keep me from coming out and just cutting down the mountain side.  I headed down the steep slope and saw much faster boarders and skiers pass buy.  I didn't mind I like being in one piece and I was just taking it easy.  My board not as sharp as it was and I don't need  face plant that night.  So I cut down and just took it simple by the time I felt how the hill was going I went faster and got down in one piece.  It was nice to get those hard hills again and know I still got it lol.  It was a great workout to! 

    We did a few more runs and I did manage to get a pic in as we were going down.  The thing is winter is a part of our area.  It snows and gets cold so don't get pushed around, beat that winter blues and get out for some winter fun!  We plan on doing more as well like sledding or ice skating this year but for the few hours I was on that hill I just had my music and piece of mind.  The crisp air, feeling my board cut into the snow and just that feeling being free on the mountain.  It was a great night to spend outside and if you are looking for something to do or learn try skiing or snowboarding!  Of course take lessons first but I think I want to teach Kayla and even Quinn maybe someday.  She is little but she might like to learn. 

     Not your average tip I know but I hope everyone doesn't get stuck by the cold.  Don't let it keep you in!  Dress warm and get some time outside.  Of course be safe and don't stay outside to long and wear protective gear as well.

     I hope everyone is having a fun Winter and getting sometime to have fun and even get some exercise and fresh air!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend has come and gone and like mine I hope yours was fun and eventful!  Friday stayed in per it has been a cold start this new year.  Saturday we got up and got ready because she had basketball!  We headed over and sat as this week they working on shooting and ball handling.  The coaches are so nice and did a good job seeing they had many girls to manage plus the boys that came in after.  Quinn did great and ran by all the cones and did great at shooting.  She had improved so much and feels she really likes it.  What is very important is that these kids are playing for over an hour!  I know they play during school but on the weekend it can get difficult to get outside and with this weather only makes it harder.

    Sunday we took some time to pick up and do some house cleaning.  Watched some TV and played some board games and even did some reading.  I watched as Kayla played a fun card game with her and just spend some time keeping warm.

     I hope this winter everyone is staying warm and having fun.  I hope if its cold outside everyone found something fun inside to do!  If your school has an activity or camp do it for sure!  In the winter it can be just so much harder.  Sunday night we made homemade fish and chips!  I found some great ideas and tried them out.  I for sure will put this on my cooking corner blog!

     I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pizza Logs

     Years ago I used to work at the Penfield CC, there I met one of the all time sough after appetizers and late night snacks...  The Pizza Log!  This masterpiece of a hard shell incasing cheese and pepperoni and sauce then dipped in whatever sauces you prefer will set any hunger at bay.  A very easy treat that will get everyone to praise your work and put you at a very high cooking standard! 

     As collage came my friends and I got a small deep fryer and I would buy the pizza logs from a local food distributor.  We would get a box of about 72 and after a night of hanging out we would drop a few baskets and the group would be so excited.  The golden brown crispy shell and the nice hot insides make a great snack after a night of hanging out and putting a few drinks back.  Our friends loved it also because if you go out to order them you will have to spend at least 5-7 dollars for 4!  The markup is ridicules, I thought about traveling around to outside concerts and just making them I figured I would make a killing! If I had them at parties to that could have paid for my college!

    So for this great starter or night ender here is what you need!

Pizza logs: The original pizza logs  There are many other brands however the following has proven 100% Yum Rate! 
Fryer with Oil

You may think this is easy but you can mess this up so read the following directions.

1) Thaw the Pizza Logs.  Do not fry them frozen they will take longer and cook unevenly.
2) Heat up the fryer oil to about 375 degrees.
3) Fill the basket with pizza logs and drop them.  Don't get greedy and over fill the basket!  This will cause them not to cook through.  Just put a layer or two.  You can cook more as they are done.
4) Cook for about 5-8 minutes or look to see if they are golden brown and popped  little.  If some cheese is coming out they are ready.
5) Pull up the basket and let drain.
6) Place on a nice platter with some souse or blue cheese!

     You can also oven cook them about 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until they open, they won't have the same golden brown shell because the oven cooks them differently.  However if you don't have a fryer or large pan to fry them the oven does work.  However I would fry them, that is my preference.

     You will have a very happy late night crowd.  The Pizza logs make a better late night snack mainly because you will eat to many before your dinner, but also the mix of crust, cheese, sauce and pepperoni taste so good late at night!  Per some of my friends it would be considered a meal that's how much they love them!   However this first cooking corner post goes to the Pizza Logs under the late night snack section.

     When my friend Jim comes home to visit and his siblings come home to I usually bring the fryer over and a box and cook them up some.  They all love it and even ask if I am doing it before the night begins.  Like I said a late night snack and you are the Hero!

    Check out their site or stores near you! 

Many food wholesalers sell them, the one I use is palmer foods
Palmers is one of the best in the area their food is amazing and they have a lot of whole sale and fresh foods to buy. 

So to start off my first dish I hope you all enjoyed it, below is a pic of the finished product!

This and many others will be posted on my Cooking Corner Tab at the top of my blog. 

Always Remember,

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!

Chef Christopher

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Mid Week Break

     Happy Mid week break everyone!  Tonight was a great night we had some dinner and just talked about Quinn's day.  She talked about the weekend and what she did.  For our quick picture I took one of Quinn reading.  How important it is to read and have your kids read to you when they get older.  Here is Quinn reading to us!  Happy mid week break!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: The importance of Chores

     So as most know our little one is 7 and for years I have talked about the importance of starting to do chores like pick up your toys or make your bed things like this.  As Quinn got older we would help her less when it came to the smaller things.  When it coms to her toys we do allow her to bring some up and down stairs, however when its cleanup time she has to bring them all back to the place they belong.  Sometimes bringing toys upstairs is harder than down.  We sometimes struggle with this but we instill that it is very important that she cleans up and that we are not going to.

   If you do all the work for your kids they will only grow up thinking this is how it goes.  Now depending how old they are you will do more.  However for example Quinn after dinner needs to put her plate and cup in the sink.  She can't reach the faucet yet so we wash them however she also needs to wash up after dinner.  We also started asking her to set the table.  When it is bedtime she is expected to get in her PJ's without an issue and brush her teeth as well.  Picking up her toys, getting ready for bed and putting away her dishes are very reasonable but teach her to start early.  It shows her that we are not going to follow her around as she makes a mess and we pick it up.  We talked about giving her an allowance down the road when she starts doing more chores which she is excited about! 

    However chores are very important because one day she will have High School and college then a job and I can't go over when she's 27 and pay her bills make her bed and get dinner ready.  "Yea No"...  So by starting her off early she will slowly advance to harder chores and then it just gets easier for some of the larger things in life!  My Dad would give us some money to clean the bathroom, do some dusting and vacuum a bit.  Now because of this I do this all the time in my home because I understand the importance of it! 

    I will admit Quinn loves some chores like feeding the cat and now setting the table.  Make chores fun or make a checklist like the one below!  If you make something fun or a game style they will be less likely to give you pushback!

Here is an example I found!  Tips are below...

So here are some tips that might help!

1)  Start young, when they are little help them pick up less and less and start asking them to pick up more and more after them selves.

2)  Explain the importance of chores and how cleaning up makes our room look nice and they won't loose their toys as easy!

3)  Give them storage spaces, make areas easy for them to have things away!

4)  If they argue tell them they just won't be able to play with as much next time, or they can't move toys around the house.

5)  As they get older talk about an allowance and different reward programs.

6)  Keep instilling this, do not give up.  Kids need to have us repeat what we need them to do, especially ones that travel between homes.  It can be hard one home may have different rules than others. 

7)  When it comes time to clean up or get ready for bed and they give you issues say things like "you know its bed time".  Reminding them they know the rules and just to not give pushback. 

8)  Tell them to only play with toys they really want out.  If they take them all out they will have a big mess.  Advise, take a few out and play.  Then put them away and take others out!

9)  If they ask to bring a toy down make sure they understand the rules.  If they say "can I bring one toy down"  I bet they will bring two, reinstate they can't pull a fast one on you.  Give them a pass but tell them next time they wont have this option.

10)  You're kids toys will have areas and yes they should get some space but keep your house picked up and remember it is your house!  Not there play house! 

     A side tip for single parents, try to be on the same page as the other parent however you don't have to be exact you have your rules and they may have theirs.  However instill that if you have chores at your house and the other parent does not, the child still has to do them.  Educate it is your best tool... 

     I hope the following tips helped, remember chores make us stronger and more efficient!  My parents don't come over and tell me to clean up or cook because they taught me the value of this growing up!  I know we want to help our kids but start them small and let them grow with the chores they do!  Remember if you do everything for them by the time they are 18 they won't know what to do if they move out for college or move out to work.  Birds push their babies out of the nest for a reason, not that I want you all do this but look at how nature treats their young.  Only humans will do our kids laundry till there 40, why cause some parents wont stop.

If you have a tip to share let me know and leave a comment!

Always Remember,

You are never alone...


Monday, January 18, 2016

The Cooking Corner is here!

     So as you can see the newest tab has arrived!  The Cooking Corner is now located in the tab next to my reviews!  This tab will feature links to the post I do on cooking!  I decided to post links not the page per it will save on space and allow you to look down all the things we do.

     I hope many will view and even give me some of their ideas!  I will plan on posting things I have cooked from other sites, or ones maybe I think are interesting!  If I do I will give credit where credit is due.  I am excited and as of now yes the tab is empty however I have a lot of post to come and lots of food and drinks to show off!

     I planned on having everything from apps to main dinners, desserts and even a BBQ and smoking section for thinks like meats and ribs!  With this new tab comes new experiences and even am thinking about a kids section to help bring in my parenting section.

    So I hope you all are excited and there is more to come!  This is just the start, if you have something you would me to post or try to make send me an email!

Hope you see in the kitchen!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spending a weekend away from you kids.

     This past weekend we spent a lot of time with friends and family!  When I was starting off as a single Dad I used to wonder how I would ever make it on the weekends without Quinn.  As time moves on you find things to do including relaxing.  So this past weekend Kayla went bowling with some friends on Friday!  I haven't bowled in such a long time and it was so nice getting out there again.

    There is a deal late at night where you can bowl all you want from about 10-2 for $13 but have to rent shoes too.  We played about 5 games with the four of us.  It was just so much fun and it was nice catching up with some friends we haven't seen in a while.  I won't lie I did pretty well and had a lot of fun too.

    The next night we had some other friends over, one of my best friends and oldest ones, Paul.  I talk about my best friends Paul and Jim a lot.  Paul lives here and Jim is in CT.  Paul and Jim and there two wives are very close with Kayla and I.  So Paul, his wife Amanda, Paul's parents and my parents came over because Amanda we found is pregnant!  We were so excite to hear so we had a nice dinner for them last night!  I made chicken parm with pasta and we had dessert and apps and all that!  The chicken came out amazing I will admit and we had so much fun just hanging out playing games and talking into the night.

     So the reason I titled this post like this was because since I started without Quinn I feel I have come so far.  Last night like many now without Quinn was nice, we talked about her and of course I miss her but being around family and friends helps and over the years.  So my advise to all my single parents, keep busy!  When you have a weekend without your child keep busy, seek out time with family and friends.  If you don't keep busy you will find yourself just wondering what your child is doing or just being lonely.  Take the time to do things and stay busy!  The past few years I have moved on a lot as a single parent.  Now married again and keeping busy with new adventures I feel if I didn't do anything it would just be a waste of time.  Time you can't get back, so my advise for those who are single parents or moving a child between homes enjoy your life and don't let a weekend without your child sadden you.   They want you to be happy too...

I hope everyone had a great weekend...

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Instilling you are still the Parent


When it comes to children sometimes they feel they are older than they really are, hence the joke our kids are 7 going on 25...  We try to give Quinn responsibility and let her understand what being older now means and comes with.  Sometimes however parents like the government just are allowed to do things without question.  Now as parents it's our responsibility not to over use this or just say "I'm the parent to bad" everything you do.  Sometimes you have to time what you do accordantly.  For example if you give your child a small cookie for dessert and the fact that they did listen to you.  This is no problem, however do not mention you are having popcorn and a movie or ice cream when they are in bed.  This will just make them want that and not the one thing they are eating at the moment.

     I can remember when Quinn was small I would sneak in the kitchen to enjoy a quick snack so she wouldn't see me.  I know it sounds bad, but I am the adult and well all parents do it.  Where adults and kids differ is adults are still growing so sneaking a small sweet or salty snack usually is controlled by just a few and adults have an easier time working that snack off.  Children however will eat until they are sick or the snack is gone so its just better not to let them see this.  However being older my daughter now moves faster so this has proven more difficult however for the record we eat very healthy foods and have a snack like chips every once and a while.

     So this past weekend Kayla and I were very busy and skipped breakfast and lunch, I know not a good idea.  We had Quinns basketball practice to go to then smaller things to get done and dinner to make.  I came back from the store only to have a few chips in a weak moment I know.  I was hungry.  Well she was eating her snack and of course comes in the kitchen because that's what kids do and saw me!  She then started asking for them for her snack.  I put them away and advised I had a few and that her snack was on the table.  The asking now turned into whining which grew and got annoying per she is older now and this shouldn't happen.  Well long story short we had her take a small time out and when she was ready to talk we explained that she had her snack and that yes sometimes adults have different ones however we don't have much.  Now I don't usually use the "because I'm and adult, that's why" card that much but sometimes kids need an explanation for everything and well as a parent you don't have to give one. 

     For what happened, well I could have eaten the chips in hiding, but I told Kayla we are not prisoners in this house.  As a parent you shouldn't have to hid if you want a more adult snack.  You work, you pay the bills and children have children snacks.  However I will say if you are doing this don't over due it and be mean, take out a hot fudge Sunday or something that will temp them to an extreme.  I had a few and she needed to be taught she can ask for some or one but we may say no. That she has a snack and she now is learning to say ok. 

    For kids it can be hard they feel why can't they get what you get.  For kids that are moving back and fourth especially with divorced parents it's even harder.  For my parents that share their kids be patient and understanding.  Don't let your anger of how things are fall on your kids shoulders.  We have to keep remembering they are being raised by two households and if the parents don't meet up to talk it can be even harder.  Children will also as they get older learn to play off this. 

     So my tip for today, you have a right to be an adult just don't flaunt it in front of your child.  Be careful what you may say and don't bring up something they will want like food or an outing.  Think and talk to your loved one in private this won't spark the child to start asking or crying that they want that item now.   So it is some give and take however you are an adult and no you are not a prisoner in your home so you are allowed to let them know when they get older they get more responsibility and different rewards!  That's all!  If I said this was easy well I would have a book deal.  It will take time but I assure you take the time and even issue a time out if they get out of control.

     I hope this tip helped and if you have any feel free to let me know!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Sunday, January 10, 2016

The weekend Update: Keeping busy during the winter!

     This past weekend was great!  We picked up Quinn and started off our weekend!  Friday was slow we had dinner and just relaxed because how busy Saturday we were gonna be!  Saturday Quinn went to Basketball Camp!  We signed her up not to long ago and were so excited because it is winter and can be difficult because well its Winter and we live up North.

     We arrived at the school and got her setup and then waited.  The coaches were very nice and got all the kids rounded up.  The split up and then started some drills.  The kids had so much fun and the Coaches were awesome they made the kids laugh and just over all understand the game and have fun!

     Events like this are fun for the kids because during the winter you can get stir crazy.  However schools and your local towns will put out some games our activities! So the kids have fun, you get out and everyone has fun!  If you are looking for things to do this winter look at what your school offers or towns!

Always Remember
You are Never alone..


Getting ready to play!

Here they all are!

She had to shoot in front of everyone!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Quinn's First Purchase

     For Christmas Quinn was given some money to spend on her self and she was so excited.  We save her money but she was told to just have fun.  I was excited because now she has her own money to buy something she wants.  We were up north for Christmas and when we were out shopping so we let Quinn pick something out.  She walked around with Kayla's Mom and picked out a small cute toy.  A plastic bird cage with a little soft bird in it.  You can hold the button down and speak and it will record and play back for you.

     She was so happy and proud of her new purchase and played with it over the weekend and now it sits in her room!  This however is only the half of it, why I blogging is really because it is showing her that when you work or are given some money you can reward your self.  She takes very good care of her bird and loves it very much.  The money was a gift only because she is 7 and can't work but she does understand the value of her own money and she can buy what she the funds for.  It is a great learning experience and we talked to her about the prices and what she had to spend so we even did some math!

    Soon we are going to get her into small chores and maybe some cleaning.  She is interested in money and wants to have it which shows growth and responsibility!  As she grows Kayla and I will talk about what we can do to have her work and get an allowance.  I am excited Quinn is showing she wants to earn money and now will start to buy a few things on her own...

Here it is, Quinn's first purchase!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Mid Winter Help

             Here are some great tips for those cold winter days/nights for those who don't live in the south that is!

      So January marks the middle of Winter, usually things start to warm up around March or April.  This year we had a warm December but now that it is getting colder out I wanted to know get some great tips out there for you! 

     1)  Make sure by now if you haven't prep your house.  Have all your storm windows down your furnace filter changed and different things like the hose away. 

     2)  If you have an auto start for your car use it in the mornings or before you leave.  The time you spend getting ready you can heat up your car and get the engine running for a cold drive. 

     3)  If you haven't yet make sure you have snow removal!  A snow blower, a plow or even shovels.  Keep checking your snow blower as well making sure it starts and runs.  You don't want to have it snow and that not start!

     4)  Take out warm clothing and blankets!  Even with your heat on make sure you stay warm in side.  If you keep the heat a little lower to help save make sure you are staying warm!  Layer up and keep warm.  Cuddles are always effect. 

    5)  Make sure you kids or any older people you live with are warm.  The cold can hurt them easier and faster!  Kids usually are always warmer and run at a faster speed than adults engines do.  However make sure your kids are staying warm and dry. 

    With many more things you can do the list can go on.  However keeping your furnace in good shape and checking doors and windows for cracks or leaks is very important.  My last tip is this, if you get snow buy a roof rake!  I got mine early this year.  A roof rake will allow you to pull off snow that is on your roof.  You will get a few feet but its enough to help with the edges and gutters.  After a heave snow fall use the rake to take pressure off the roof and help prevent damage and ice built up!
There are many other ways, some use salt or heat strips however I don't want to put salt on my new roof and the electric coils I think only work if you always leave them on.  Electric coils plus water, snow and ice... Hmm  I know they are save and tested but still... Naaa no electric for me. 

Here are a few more off the Internet as well!

 Just use some basic tools you can get at any hardware store and you will be set!  Also keep an eye on your roof and house foundation!  Like I advised there are many tips to use however I hope the following get you started at least!  If you have any else let us know!

Happy Winter!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Sunday, January 3, 2016

The weekend update!

     So the first New Year of 2016 has come and gone and it was a relaxing one.  Yesterday one of Kayla's old friends came to down.  Andy and his girlfriend came to visit for the night.  We had Matt and Becky come over as well, Becky also knows Andy very well and she wanted to say hi and talk.

     We had some dinner and drinks and just a great time talking and showing off some wedding pictures they wanted to see.  After dinner we took out some games and just spend the later part of the evening laughing and just playing games.  Andy only gets to visit a few times so it was a special trip.  His girlfriend Delaney is so very sweet she has come to visit with him before and as we get to know her better we just love her more and more!

     The past few months we have seen a lot of both our sides of friends and this weekend I knew it was very special for Kay because she hasn't seen Andy in so long.  This morning we saw them off and we just spend the day relaxing.  We stopped off at my parents for a few more gifts they wanted to give us and caught up with them which was nice.  Then we really just relaxed, as the winter comes its just nice to relax on the couch and watch some TV or take a little nap.

     We have a busy year to come with many weddings to attend and lots to do so with one weekend down and many more to go I wish everyone a save start to 2016!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

     Hello all and happy New Year!  So here we are a new year a new beginning and this year is going to be a big one!  Well maybe, I'd better not hype it up yet.  I have a lot of plans and may even do a blog makeover.  I am adding a new page!  A cooking page that I so excited about, some different recipes and ideas as well as other boggers ideas and creations!

  Last night Kayla, Quinn, my self and Uncle Kenny went to dinner!  I have been taking my brother out to dinner for well over 10 years.  We started in college, we go to the same Chinese place and just talk and have fun.  Kay and Quinn come now too of course!  This New Years I had Quinn so she came and was very excited!  After dinner we had some people over for some small snack foods and drinks.  We talked, laughed and just had a good time.  At midnight we had a toast and all hugged then did some cleaning up and everyone headed out.  I have always hung with a crowd that partied fast and was out after midnight!  I can even remember in college I threw a party and I was outside having a cigar with my brother.  Our parents came home and asked how it went?  I said everyone is out cold in side! haha.  We were over 21 too in case you were wondering...   My Dad laughed, he came over later than us and there all my friends were out cold...

     I guess this time it was just more of old age haha.  Its ok we stayed up till midnight and had a great time.  Today was great because I had enough sleep that I felt great all day!  We just really hung in and relaxed.  It was cold out and really New Years day is perfect for just hanging out.

     So today I wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year!  I hope everyone has a great start and remember this is a time for new beginnings...

Stay tuned for some great things to come!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...