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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Dinner to Celebrate Scouting

     A few weeks ago on Wednesday my family went and celebrated Scouting's 100 years of Eagle Scouts.  It was nice because I talked to Quinn's Mom and she moved my date to have Quinn so I could go to this dinner.  I was shy on babysitters and asked to move my Quinn date to the next day.  She said it was no problem and it was really cool.  We haven't had to move our days yet and it was nice that when I asked she was cool with it.  Its just good how we are working together, I feel this was a win for all.  Working together is something everyone wants and in the end if you and your Ex work together and your child is happy then all is good...

     So Wednesday I left work and stopped off at my parents.  We all went down town and got checked in and caught up with some friends that were there as well.  We sat down and had dinner, the food was great and supplied by Palmer foods Palmer Foods.  Kip the owner is an Eagle Scout and has a great food market in Rochester.  The food was so good and I knew it would be, he does such a good job when it comes to fish and meat.  After dinner we had some guest speakers, and some video's and clips about Scouting and Rochester.  There were a few Eagle's there that actually got to go to some events that were over sea's and actually meet Lord Baden Powell who was the creator of Scouting.

     Scouting has always been a part of our lives and as a family it was really nice to just go and see the years of scouting and what it has done to the community and the many people that are involved.  We had a few great guest speakers but were very honored to have the actual President of Scouting there Wayne Brock.  It was generous of one of the business men to fly him into Rochester from his meeting where he was.  He spoke about scouting and where it was going.  It was really interesting and nice to hear the President of all of scouting speak.  Once everyone spoke we got up and talked a bit more, I went over and talked Wayne and introduced my self even got our picture.  My dad got to meet him and take some time to talk Wayne Brock as well.  I know he was excited he was there and I know he wanted to meet him.  Its a big honor to meet the person that hight up in our orgaization.  He was very nice and didn't mind taking pictures at all.

  We had a great night with family and friends as we got home I said goodbye and went home.  The night was fun and I got Quinn the next night.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Here we all are! My Brother and Parents

There was a great turn out.

Dinner time

Me and my old man

Just talking

Mr. Marone was there too.

Just the guys talking again...

President Wayne Brock and I.


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