"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

     Well it's been one heck of a year!  I posted more which is good, I did have less videos.  Work has been good the Ex and I have gotten along, for the most part...  I've learned a lot and about being a single dad and even found someone to spend it with.  The family is good and well the world still turned...  Next year I plan like a lot of people to work out more and get in better shape.  I plan to post more and put more videos up as well.  I also plan to take some more time off and visit more friends.  I lost the Jeep and gained a car.  I made some new friends and lost touch with others.  I plan to look over more of my friends blogs and keep in touch more.  I also plan to update the blog to the 3.0!  Some of my post have been shorter than I wanted so I plan to work more on that.

    Over all each year usually gets better than the last and everyone has it's up and downs but since I started in the house 3 years ago I've made much progress and grown a lot.  I've become more independent and leaned to live on my own.  It's been a good year and the next one is just around the bend.

To all my readers and fellow single parents I tell you to hang in there, love your kids and always, always, always remember...

Happy New Year!
Here we are!

Kayla and Quinn

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays!

     I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and spent time with family and loved ones!  Our Christmas was very nice.  I can't wait to show you all pictures!  Getting the post will take a few days so I just wanted to tell all my readers I hope they had a happy holiday.

     To all my single parents I hope you worked with your child's other parent, being a Dad or Mom.  Please put your differences aside for holidays like this and remember its all for the child...

I know this post was short, but again I hope everyones celebration was safe, fun and enjoyable...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's getting close!

As you can see, its almost time for Christmas!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Always Remember,
You are never alone.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Aunt Ro and the Gang!

     Sorry this is late my readers!  It has been a busy week, getting ready for the holidays and work being busy.  Last weekend was Aunt Ro and the Gang's (formally Grandma and the Gang), night out.  I have been going to dinner with my brother, aunt and well grandma before she passed since we were little.  We would go to dinner and then drive around to see lights, then sleep over.  Over time we stopped sleeping over because we got older but we always went to dinner and had fun!  This year my aunt took us to the Garden Factory!

     We had so much fun, there were vendors and all different kinds of things to do and see.  We got to my aunts house and all left to go.  When we got there we walked around and just took in all the sights, it was bring your animal to show day.  People brought dogs, and all different kinds of pets!  We saw all kinds of animals.  There were rides for Quinn as well as food and even a light show!  We walked around and just took in all the holiday spirit.  Quinn loved looked at all the animals and vendors she was so excited!  We spent a few hours there and before we left we saw the light show!  A big light production to music.  It was really fun and Quinn loved it.  It was good also just hanging out with my brother, I haven't seen him in a while and Quinn just loves spending time with him.

     After we went to agatinas for dinner.  A nice small Italian place that has very good food.  We ate and talked and just had a good time.  Quinn loved her dinner and we just enjoyed her company.  After we went to my Aunts for some pie and ice cream!  Quinn helped serve and just was silly.  She was so excited it was so funny to see how much energy she had.  The day was just so much fun and even though we don't spend the night we still had so much fun.  My Aunt brought up all the old times of us running around at night trying to sleep and we laughed.  I always look forward to this night because it brings me back to when we were kids and did it.  Makes me remember my Grandmother and how much fun we had.

     I know all of you have a memory like this and I hope this post makes you remember it to.  Thanks again Aunt Ro for a wonderful day!

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone.


Here we are!

Look how big it was!  I don't know who that guy is, he wasn't with us!

We lost the chips, I posted this b/c my brother laughed cause I took it.

Just walking around.

Quinn and her big prize!

She is just so cute!

Going down the slide!
I told Quinn this is the dog I would get her. haha.

Quinn and Aunt Ro

Here we are!
Here we are at dinner!

Time for dessert

There's my daughter.

Just me taking pictures of Quinn.

Quinn loves her Uncle!

More goofing off.

Trying to keep her under control.

Ken and I.
Kayla and I.

Aunt Ro, Kayla and Quinn.

Kayla and Quinn.

Winding down the night.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why does it always snow at night!?!

    Every time I look out my window right before bed, it seems the night is clear and the roads are plowed.  Then I wake up and then there it is!  All the snow the secretly fell while we slept!  You would think the snow fall is the quietest prank mother nature gives us.  One minute your laying down, the next  getting dressed as fast as you can so your not late to work, or stuck in your driveway!  Honestly for years I think most of all the snowfall has come over night.  Yes I know we have had some bad storms during the day but I just feel it's always nigh time it hits.  I wonder because Mother Nature knows were sleeping and makes it easier on the plows to clan while the roads are clear.  Maybe its a sign that we wake up to late and should be up earlier getting ready.  Either way I always feel it won't start snowing till my eye's shut.

    I can't wait to update you on the weekend update but for now, I have some updated news, the new car is running great, however the snow blower is now in the shop!  Not a good time either!  It is running, but the blades that bring the snow in is not turning.  We think its the gear box but we gotta call our guy now.  So I just did it the old fashion way all weekend and got the driveway cleared.  I hope everyone is ready because at least in NY winter is just starting...

I will have some great tips to follow...

In the mean time if you wake up in the middle of the night look out the window, maybe mother nature will know your up and stop snowing!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Friday, December 13, 2013

Get Ready to bunker down!

     So with the weekend finally here so comes the cold and snow!  Get ready to bunker down...  Well in the NorthEast  that is.  Were due to get almost a Foot of snow, and we already had a few inches.  This past week it has been in the Teen's for temps.  The drive to work warmed up to 24 deg!  That was warm.  With the cold weather and lots of snow, its a good time to just stay in and watch some movies, eat some popcorn and just watch the snowfall.  If it warms up I'll take Quinn out to play and get some fresh air but if it says to cold I'll keep her in just so she doesn't get to cold.  She is still young.

     With the tree and lights up, it does make a great day to just relax and cuddle on the couch!  We are going out this weekend so I can't wait to update you on that.  However please if you are in the colder states be careful of diving and just staying outside to long.  Remember its not save to expose yourself to the cold for to long and you can freeze very fast.  So take some time to just relax, maybe get some cleaning done, or just catch up on movies and snacking!

     Either way just remember to be carful and and have fun!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sometimes they are just to cute...

     Last night I was rocking Quinn and she said "I love you Daddy" I told her I loved her too.  Then she said she would still love me if I didn't.  I laughed and told her of course I did and that I always would.  She just was so cute, I told her I would always lover her but for her to just say that was love.

     Sometimes Quinn will just be so cute when she says things like that.  The other night she was going into the bathroom to wash her hands and I reminded her the soap was on the left, she said "I know dad, I have eye's".  I laughed and just whispered smart ass.....  As she is growing up the things she says have been so cute.  When I get her ready for bed she always ask for a hug and kiss before bed and I tell her of course!  I know when she gets older she will be more independent but for now she is my little 5 year old.

     Sometimes when she's on the couch she will ask me to come lay with her and she will cuddle into me as we watch TV.  I'm excited about this weekend and whats to come.  I know this blog was short but I just had to share a few stories.  Nothing is cuter when your child says I love you.

     Always remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting Ready for the weekend

     With the holiday approaching I just can't wait for the weekend!  The tough parts over this weekend should be fun.  We have our annual dinner planned and just getting the house ready for Christmas.  The tree's up and some other decorations.  The snow is even falling!  I can't wait to see how excited Quinn is when we make cookies and get some gifts under the tree.  

     I guess this year was a crazy and now that it's winding down I'm just excited to see what next year will bring.  Tonight I told Quinn that we had a busy weekend ahead and to get ready.  I guess with everything that has happened and sad events it's good to have some good and exciting events to come.

     I hope everyone is having a great December so far and getting ready for the new year.  I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, December 9, 2013

It's time for the holiday's!

     With the past few weeks of being heart breaking because of the loss of Paul Walker Christmas just didn't sink in.  This weekend however I got some holiday cheer.  The tree is up and running!  The house feeling more festive and just driving around and seeing the lights is helping to bring back the holiday spirit.  I have Quinn this up coming weekend and I am so excited to see what's in store.  As the holiday's approach make sure you get out there and enjoy the season!  Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a friend.  Drive around and enjoy the beautiful lights and the sprit of the holidays.

     Yesterday was my parents anniversary.  It was also Pearl Harbor day, a day that we should never forget.  I noticed the flags were at half mass, and took some time to watch the news about it.  Many men and woman lost their lives that day and it was a tragic day for all America.  With the loss of both Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela this Holiday has been a difficult one to kick off.  Both were amazing people and have done a lot for this world.  I said some extra prayers for both families and still didn't understand why Paul was taken from us.  Nelson Mandela lived a very long and amazing life, it wasn't easy but he did and changed so much for so many people. 

     As I push through the tragic times I try to remember its time for the Holidays and cheer.  Go out and decorate, be in the festive mood and just remember all that was given to us. Make sure you have your house decorated with things that bring the spirit alive.  Come January it's back to just the average grind.  Being my 3rd Christmas in the new home I am excited to say I am trying to get the house ready for Quinn to enjoy.  I can't wait to follow up with pictures and stories!

     With all that is going on in the world, and all we have lost in our lives always remember to keep going, keep living.  Morn who we lost but know they want us to keep living and enjoying life.  I know this time of year can be difficult there were probably other stories that are heartbreaking to hear but we have to remember one's we lost we will meet again.  They are just waiting and watching over us.   Keep the spirit alive...

And always,

Remember you are never alone...


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sometimes it takes a few days to let things sink in.

     This past weekend Paul Walker tragically passed away in a car accident in California.  Paul had many great movies but the The Fast & The Furious franchise was what people knew him for most.  Paul was in the middle of filming the 7th movie.  Paul leaves behind many family and friends and his beloved daughter Meadow.  After his death lots of articles and stories came out about how amazing he was.  How he started an amazing charity to help reach out worldwide and help with disaster-relief.  There was also a story about how he helped buy a couples engagement ring and never let them know it till it was later leaked.  As I looked over the articles over the week and watched some of the news it was sad to see how much he loved life.  I loved the Fast & Furious movies and I also loved some of his other movies but I learned from watching interviews from his co-stars how just amazing he was.  I didn't realize till just now that they wanted to make up to 9 or 10 movies.  Paul worked hard and gave everything.  Many directors said he gave it everything when he came to work.  Brought a brightness to work and was just overall easy to be around...  

     Why I always admired him was because he didn't flaunt his fame or was in the media because of drugs or getting in trouble.  He was humble and just overall kind.  I know I never met him but I honestly would have loved to.  When I heard the news of his death I was in complete shock.  The next few day's I just though about how he was so young and that I couldn't believe it happened.  Everyday there was a new story or article just about how he tried to help others.  Over the past years there have been many tragic deaths but I think when I heard about Paul I just didn't want to believe it.  People die, it's just a part of life.  What happened to Paul and the other driver was something that was just not fair.  

     Their car lost control and hit a lamp post and a few trees.  They say the driver died right away and now they believe Paul was still alive and the fire killed him.  I can't even think or talk about how someone could have passed that way.  It doesn't even seem fair, an amazing person and father pass like that.  Being a single Dad I could only sometimes feel what struggles he went through.  His daughter just started living with him too.  Sometimes I just ask why.  I know we never met but the past week I won't lie when I though about what he has done and the stories that were told I had to hold back some tears.  Paul didn't have anyone who didn't like him.  Some said he wasn't the best actor but I know he was and the Mother of his child even was his best friend.  He just loved everyone and lived life to it's fullest.  

     I know there is nothing we can do but pray for Paul's family and tell people to please be safe.  We may never know what happened in the car or what was going on but we just have to pray and hope this doesn't happen again.  I honestly don't know when the hurt will subside.  It will take some time when i think about his movies and his life I still get sad I know it just takes time.  

     I will pray for the family and for Paul.  You truly are a gift and I can't imagine why God would call you home unless he needed a driver...

Although we have never met Paul, I grieve for you and one day will meet....

Always remember,
You are never alone...


God Bless you Paul Vin said it best, God has a new Angle.

The pic below was taken about a half hour before the drive.  They say it was the last ones of Paul.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Traveling with your child

     This past weekend I took Quinn up north and being our first longer trip there was much planning.  Details to com on the trip it's self.   When it comes to traveling a few tips.

1) Make sure your child is ready, they are feeling well and ready.  This goes for you too.
2) Make sure your car/van/suv or whatever you drive is ready, has gas and can make the trip.
3) One of the most important, make sure they have something to do!  I got Quinn a DVD player and some snacks.  The DVD player was key, it allowed her to watch something she liked and not think about the tirp.
4) Make stops, your child(ern) as well as your self may get hungry or need to make a bathroom break.
5) Most important, drive safely!

     The trip went great and the only thing that happened was we hit some traffic and a couple car crashes that slowed us down.  However if you make your child trip ready the trip it's self will go a lot smoother.  Remember have your child comfortable, give them things to do and have fun!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, December 2, 2013

It was a good run, but it's time to upgrade.

    For 6 years the "Jeep" was good to me, it carried Quinn as a baby it got my friends and I around, took me to the came, work helped me move my stuff when I had to get my new home.  The Jeep got me out of some deep snow and well some tough spots.  It was a good Jeep and did it's job well.  I had 6 yrs, many miles and a few jobs it took me to.  It was even hit twice, but still keep driving.  I would fix it up and just smile as it started up.  Recently however the engine was leaking coolant fluid and I knew the end was near.  I though I had some more time or at least to get it through winter but about a week ago the drive was worse to work.  The guys at the shop told me this was it, it would cost a lot to even just look at it.

     I didn't know what to do, I knew this day was coming but I just couldn't believe how long I had it and how many miles were left.  The Jeep didn't have many and when I started looking for a new car I knew it was time to go to a car.  I figured it was time to go back to being low to the ground.  I was also scared of my engine light always coming on.  I found a new Chevy and pictures to come, also a name once someone names it.  I was so busy looking for a new car my blog was even put on hold!  Well I know it was just a Jeep but it got me around, keep me and my family and friends safe and didn't give up till the very end.  Quinn was sad when she heard the Jeep finally gave in, she was excited about the new car but she got sad.  I have new memories to make now and the Jeep was tired.  I hope they fix it up and someone else gets to enjoy it.  I'm sure everyone has an amazing car story and I hope this blog brings back your own memories...

Jeep you did well...

     Always remember you are never alone...


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!  Please think of others and those who have less in their lives or fighting for our freedom.   

And always, always, always remember...
You are never alone...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sometimes its nice to relax

     This past weekend I took the time to relax, from friday till tonight I honestly didn't to do much besides catch up on some sleep and get some things done around the house.  I went to the gym a little and of course thought about my little one and how she was doing.  Sometimes its just nice to get some rest before the big holiday weekend.

     As the cold air came in it was a nice time to well finish raking my neighbors leaves, and getting my lawn picked up.  Only two bags this year, not bad...  I also made sure the old snowblower would start up.  Thankfully it did, so with the house ready for winter and the furnace running and now the snowblower up and running I think I am all set.  I have some salt but honestly when is anyone ready for winter...   I will admit I do like to stay in and bunker down for the winter, catch up on movies, video games and yes snowboarding (I hope).  I do hope everyone is taking some time to rest up during the cold months, remember when its cold out that means stay in and be warm!

     As I close this post I want to say, rest up now that winter is coming but make sure your winter tools are working or you will be stuck in side!  So settle in the couch on a nice cold saturday, grab a blanket have the furnace on and put in a movie!  It's time to relax...

And like always,
Remember you are never alone,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Sometimes a car nap is all they need...

     I know I blog and tip about naps a lot but I can't stress how important they are.  When you nap or sleep your mind and body rest, and recharge.  I know sometimes people say kids grow out of naps but I ask them, when did you nap last?  I bet it wasn't to long ago.  We as adults still nap or even doze from time to time.

     This past weekend Quinn took a small nap in the car on the way her play date.  I let her nap on the way over because she was tired and over the weekend she takes a nap to just rest up.  There are times she doesn't nap so I now allow her to let me know if she is tired or not.  If i see she is getting well tired I will have her rest for a little.  So as you read this just remember the nap is still important and there is nothing wrong with just resting for a bit.  The car is perfect for this, as long as you the driver are not napping!  So if your child had a long dad there is nothing wrong with a little bit of shut eye.  Let them rest for even a few minutes and just  relax.  Remember they have their whole life to study, work and well not rest...

Take a minute some time and just nap...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Monday, November 18, 2013

The last warm weather says goodbye...

    This past weekend the weather was so nice, it will probably be the last warm weather before winter finally hits.  Friday night after I picked up Quinn and we just stayed in the past few weeks I had her we were so busy so this time we just relaxed a little.  Saturday we got up and had our breakfast and then spent some time just hanging out, that afternoon we went over a playground and just burned off some steam!  Quinn was so excited to get out and burn some energy.  I can't believe I forgot my camera!

     Well that night we just took it easy and watched a movie.  Sunday we watched a little TV the worked on her homework.  Quinn is doing so well, she still gets a little frustrated but everyone does it's just the learning process.  She is working on counting to 100, writing her name, writing numbers and making sure she knows them.  Her handwriting is getting better but she is left handed so it is an obstacle we are still working around.  Being right handed I am working my hardest to help her and she really is doing such a great job but working on her writing takes time and practice.  I will say I am excited that she likes to do her homework.  When I tell her it's homework time she does sit down and work.

     Later that day we went to visit Alyese.  We had lunch with Vinny and Courtney.  It was nice, pizza and wings and the girls.  They are so cute and play so well together.   It is so funny to just hear them talking and hearing them.  It was cute to see them run around outside and just have their little conversations.  They play so well together and are becoming such good friends...

     Later that night we took a special trip out to cold stone to get some ice cream to finish the wonderful weekend.  A nice time to sit outside one more time and just enjoy the weather before it goes.  Having some ice cream with her was nice just sometime to bond and see my cute little one before our time ends.  I dropped her off, gave her a big hug and kiss and watched her go inside.  A few days before I get to see her again so it's not so bad.  Just have to get through a few days.

     The year has been a good one I will say.  Quinn and I have been bonding and our relationship has been growing and getting stronger.  Her Mom and I have been working together and we haven't argued  much which is good.  I feel when parents argue over their child and its about time well it's just them being passionate.  I usually argue with Quinn's Mom because I want to see her more or think she it would be nice if I could have her more or her to ask my help.  Just have to keep pushing forward...

     As the weather gets colder I hope everyone stays nice and warm!

Sorry I don't have any pics for you but I will soon!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

And there back...

     I got home from work and my nice raked lawn was full of leaves again!  So see my last post...

     I can remember when I was young the day after Halloween a few friends and I would go down and rake the neighbors lawn.  He had so many leaves but in the end we made some good money!  The job took so long his front and back yard will filled with leaves.  We would rake into the night and when the job was done we lined up over 70 bags!  I would also help my parents out as well and when I was married I had a few to rake but since I moved to my new home a few years ago I had to pick up the old rake again.  So I raked the whole lawn yesterday and today when I got home it was full again!  I can't believe the whole yard was full again.  I'm talking full not just a few I can't believe in 24 hrs it was covered again!

     Well raking leaves is just another tradition and good exercise!  It brought me back to the days when I was younger.  So now I will have to rake them again and figure out where to put all these leaves!  I though the town picked them up if you just pile them up at the street but I am seeing people bag them so looks like I'll be bagging.  Well I hope everyone didn't have as many leaves as I did and I don't have trees!  Either way that's just how it goes I guess...

    Happy raking!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Get ready for the winter...

     So i think fall pretty much skipped us this year!  As the days get darker sooner and the leaves finish falling make sure you are ready for winter!

1) Make sure your heater is working correctly and on, or getting ready to turn on.  If it doesn't the line to get it fixed is growing!

2) Make sure you have your warm cloths ready.  Put away the shorts and take out the sweaters.

3) Make sure you have some kind of snow removal ready, call your plow guy, or make sure the snow blower is working.  Or get the old shovel ready!

4) Get your windows ready, put the storm windows down, pull the A/C unit out try to seal up any cracks and keep the cold air out.

5) Most important get ready for weather change.  The dark nights coming sooner can cause depression don't let it!  Keep busy, get some movies ready but don't let the early darkness get you down!

    Now this is just a starter tip, I will have more to come and more tips about how to keep busy with your child to come as well!

Ready or now.... Winter is coming....

Always remember,
You are never alone....

(unless you don't turn your heater on, then nobody will come over!)


Monday, November 11, 2013

The Circus was in Town!

     Last weekend we went to the circus!  It was something my parents were planning for a while and wanted to take us to the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus.  It was such an amazing show and the first time I even attended!  We got there early and went down to see some of the act perform for the audience before the show.  The clowns and elephants were entertaining and there were people everywhere.  When the show started they had the theme of the Dragon and did  such a great job the show was actually not just amazing stunts but actually a show and they did such a great job telling this amazing story.  They had all kinds of animal acts, high flying stunts and even Shaolin monks.  They did all kinds of stunts with fire and sharp objects and everything was just spot on.

     The most amazing thing was how fast they got the different stunts setup so fast.  While they were setting up they had something else going on so you would look away.  When that was over the next part of the show was on.  I was so amazing how spot on everything was.  I think the entire time only one stunt was a little off.  They had a guy on on guys shoulders and another would jump down and then shoot the third on his shoulders.  The didn't get it the first time but just shrugged and made us laugh.  The they did it again and were on point, and everyone cheered!  The audience was very great and I think everyone had a good time.  At one point one the Lion tamer was in a cage with 4 female lions, 4 tigers and one male lion.  He did all sorts of tricks and even made them jump over each other.  I can't believe how he was in that cage with all those amazing animals and they all got alone too.  It was just something else to see it.  I would have been freaking out lol, guess that's why I didn't do it.

     They also had the cage where the motorcyclist all get in and ride.  They got 8 riders in at one point!  I couldn't believe it, they whole show was amazing I would tell anyone to go and see it.  Quinn had such a good time she had some popcorn and just enjoyed the whole show.  See for your self!

You have to at some point go see the circus, so make sure you do.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


The pre-show work out!

Here is there famous sign.

Quinn getting ready!

They show begins!

The show starts!

The monks were amazing.

The Ring Master!

I wonder why this guy's pay is....  I can't imagine being in this cage!  They still look small compared to Eve!

Imagine being feet away from an animal that could just tear you apart in seconds.  This part of the show was just simply amazing.

One of the monks jumped through a ring made of blades on fire!

Oma and Quinn!

Oma Quinn and Popi!

You need a pic of the band!  Which did such a wonderful job!

Not as scary as the Lion's but the dogs were cute.

This cute dog in the box rode all the way up and then jumped off!

They had a few shows going on at once too!

You can't have a Circus without Elephants!

The cage with the riders!

They had 4 then 5 then 6

The 7!

Finally 8 people on motorcycles! 
I can't believe it!

The dragon

The show was over and I have never seen anything like it.  It was just amazing, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  They did such a good job and I want to thank everyone for such an amazing time.   So the next time the Ringling Brothers Barnum Baily Circus is in town make sure you go and see the amazing show!