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Friday, March 4, 2016

Real Men Play With Barbie's

     I wanted to end Quinn's and our last weekend update with this great post.  I know it is a bit late however a great tip for all Dad's.  I saw a post on G+ I really loved.  It is below.

     This is so true and this past weekend I took some time to hang out with Quinn and play on the floor.  Now we usually do a lot but yes I will admit I only played Barbie's with her once before.  So Saturday night I told her how about we do that.  She was so excited and the next day after we ate the two of us got down on the floor and played with her Barbies.  We used the Jeep, the house and some of her other toys to interact with our little play date.  Now laugh if you want however when a child spends time with their Dad or Mom it doesn't matter if there opposite gender what matters is your child is doing something they love and sharing that love with the person they love, you!  So as we played and took some fun pictures I said to my self how important this is that yes even though I am playing with a more girly toy the fact is Quinn knows the only place I want to be is there and by paying attention to just her.  

     So to my fellow Fathers with kids don't just buy them toy's  play with those toys!  If you have a little girl this might mean you are going to have some dolls, stuffed animals, pony's, Barbies or anything with girly colors or backgrounds.  However the biggest of Men are Fathers that spend time with their kids, get down on the floor and just show them the time they are spending together is the most important.  I think for Daughters it is different, Daddies are very special to all kids but Daughters look up to their Dad's.  They need us to show them that men are good and by teaching them how to be safe and trusting they will not resent the men of this world.  A child/parent bond is very important especially in a divorced home where you don't see your child as much.  I also note this when Kayla has time with Quinn, she is her step mom but also just as important.  Just as Quinn's Mom and her now Step dad too.

     After lunch her and I went outside to make a Snowman!  It was our first real one since the snow was perfect for it!  We had fun and later Kayla came out and joined in the fun.  Being outside was nice because the fresh air helps and the fact it was sunny was nice too.  We had a fun time building it and throwing the occasional snowball at each other too.  The Sunday was great we did a lot of bonding and had a ton of family time.  Parents make sure you take this time to bond as much as you can especially at this age.  They need you most and depend on you to teach them, love them and even discipline them when needed.

Just hanging out with Quinn

We had a lot of snow for our play day!

Getting started!

Almost done!

Here we are!

     So yes Real Men play with Barbies....

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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