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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just checking in

     I have to admin December was busier than i expected!  The past few weeks have been so busy at work.  The past weekend Quinn and I had one heck of a weekend.  Friday we had some dinner with Hughey and saw our friend Meg.  After we headed home to watch some TV and then off to bed.

     Saturday we went to church and had our practice!  She did so well for doing two sets.  After the kids got to have a big pizza party and all hang out.  She was so cute, Quinn sat on the floor next to the other children and talked and ate.  Just watching her grow up is so amazing.  Later that day we took our nap and I brought her to my parents.  It was their night to take her to dinner.  Every year my parents take Quinn to dinner and just enjoy her.  My brother and I still go to dinner with my Aunt to this day.  Since we were kids we have gone to dinner and then would spend the night and run around and drive my Aunt and Grandma crazy, but they loved it!

     Quinn had such a good time, she loved going out with my rents.  The morning however it all started.  Quinn woke me up by pretty much throwing up on me.  My poor munch!  I got the bed stripped and gave her a bath and got her back in her bed.  I stayed up all morning getting laundry done and just checking her.  I though she just ate something but I gave her some water and toast that morning and she napped in my fresh made bed.  A little while later the toast came back up...  My poor little munch, and bed!  So off the sheets go again!  Back in the tub and we stated all over again.  I had to call my parents and let them know to tell Vicki and the church staff that I wouldn't be there.

     Quinn just relaxed that day and hung out on the couch while I cleaned up and did laundry.  I ended up bringing her home early because she wanted to see her Mom.  I understand because when kids get sick they want to be by their Mom.  I know Dad's are great but there is just something about a mothers love.  The rest of the week was good, I picked up Quinn Wednesday and she was great she feels better and we had a nice night in.  She's in bed sleeping now and as I review the next few weeks I do feel so blessed.  I also know how hard it is now to be a single parent.  I have had Quinn while she was sick before but it was difficult trying to get the rooms cleaned and Quinn down.  Even though the divorce was for the best, it doesn't make it easy being alone...

     I have some great post coming and I can't wait to get the new year post ready.  I think it's time for a new year...

     I will catch up with you all soon!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Dinner with Dave and Jenn

     This past weekend we had so much fun!  We started off Friday with some dinner, Hughey was out this weekend so I went with Aunt Ro.   Later that night we did some Christmas shopping and headed home to just relax.

     The next day we went to church to get ready for the pageant.  Quinn was in it last year and was so excited to be in it this year as well.  Later that day we just hung out and did some cooking.  We had company coming over!  My mom stopped over and we got to sit and talk as Quinn took her nap.  It was so nice to just catch up with my Mom and sit and talk.  Quinn woke up and our company came over, Dave and Jenn stopped over for dinner.  We had dinner and enjoyed Quinn, after wards we all settled in and watched some TV.  Dave has been one of my closest friends his girlfriend works with us and we became good friends as well.  They both are very good to Quinn and I and are always there for me.  I was so excited to show them the house and have them over for dinner.    

     The next day we went to church and had another rehearsal.  Sundays we usually just take it easy so we played with some toys and just hung around the house.  We had some dinner and then home to Mom's.

   With Christmas coming Quinn is getting very excited and I can't wait to get the tree up and ready.  This time comes and goes so fast sometimes i feel i sit down and it's already the new year.

I hope everyones Holiday Season is going well and I look forward to catching up soon!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Dave and Jenn!

Quinn loved her dinner

Here they are!

Here we all are!!

Just chilling!