"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year...A New Start

     Well we made it!  December 31st 2016!  Here we are again, New Years Eve.  So do you have plans?  Are you ready for the New Year?  Well we are, kinda...  New Years is a great event, it is one we all celebrate and with a new year comes new beginnings.  I think everyone starts off a the year hoping it will be their best.

      For me I just hope this year is adventurous.  I have some ideas on what to do and how I want to change.  I think my biggest is just honestly going through with whatever I say!  How often do we not keep our resolutions.  I will admit this year was nice, I blogged less and lived more.  I took the time to be a Dad and Husband and not sit in front of a computer and just post my life.  Not that anything is wrong with that!  However this past year was good and we had some ups and downs but thats life right...  Can't have the perfect year, can have a close but perfect.  This year to come I think will have some really big breakthroughs.  I do plan on posting a bit more I took a larger break from one post to another but I will post probably more than last year but not everyday.

     Keeping this post simple I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve and Day!  I hope you take the time to clean the slate and just say this is a new year!  Spend time with your family and hug your kids...   Love life and don't spend every second on your computer or phone!  Just live life...

     With that said I wish everyone a safe and fun New Years!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: We are in the final week for shopping!

Hello all!

     It has been a few days since our last post but we wanted to check in and say hi! We are still here don't worry!  If you celebrate Christmas you only have a few days left to shop!  My tip today isn't go get gifts but mainly to say enjoy the season!

     We hope you took this time to just enjoy the holiday season and spend it with family and friends.  Be mindful there are so many others that have less than us and to donate time, money or food so they can have a safe place to go and something to eat.  There are many donation sites around that will show you how you can help.

     We also wanted to say we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  This time of year is crazy and busy but it is also a lot of fun and make sure you just take the time to unwind, take a walk down main street and see the lights and shops.  Take the time to enjoy the snowfall, if you have it...

     Pretty soon it will be January then the new year rolls on!  I think December is such a fun month because of all the events that happen.  Everyone gets together and cooks, shares laughs and just relaxes as they get ready for the holiday season.

     If you share a child with someone please get along as much as you can and show the child how much they are loved.  Everyone has different standing with their ex's but show the child how important they are.  Do everything you can to just let them know the joy they bring and just because you have to bring them home or won't see them a bit that they are so loved.

     We will update you all with some pictures soon but we do hope everyone has a safe week for the holiday to come!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, December 11, 2016

A weekend of Fun!

     Hello all parents!  I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season so far!  I hope your shopping has been going well.  If you are celebrating.  We love everyone and all they celebrate!  The holidays should be about family and friends, getting together and being thankful.  Remember it is getting very cold so please donate goods, money or time to organizations that help others that have less than we do.

     This past weekend was fun, we picked up Quinn and headed to the local YMCA per she was helping talk to kids as an Elf.  She was a good little helper!  Saturday we hung out and got some things done around the house.  We also took sometime to just rest and slept in!  That night we got some dinner with friends and hung out.  Its getting really cold out so its time to just stay in now!

     Sunday was fun, after we got the house picked up and cleaned Oma came over to visit.  She played with Quinn and visited with us.  We just talked and as we were cleaning it was nice to see her playing with Quinn.  They were having a great time.  So with another weekend down we are getting close to the New Year!  This year went so fast I can't believe it!  It has been going really well however.  I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year Quinn has grown so much and she is just so big now.  We had some up's and downs this year but we are still pushing through.

     With that said we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and we will update you soon!

Always Remember,

You Are Never Alone...


Here she is! What a good helper she was!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting ready for the holidays!

     Hello everyone, this week was a busy one!  It has been a good year and not posting as much to just enjoy life has been wonderful.  I love posting and blogging but taking the time to just be a Dad and husband is work so much.

      Friday we picked up Quinn and went to dinner.  We hadn't gone out to dinner in a while and she was excited.  She loves a good fish fry every once and a while.  We had fun, later that night we just relaxed and headed to bed.  Saturday we got up and Kayla had to work so Quinn and I just spend the morning hanging out.  It was cold raining so we just took some time to catch up on some of our shows and just have a relaxing day.  

   When Kayla go home we took out the tree and decorations and setup for the holiday!  Kayla and Quinn decorated as I watched, they did such a good job and Quinn loves to just help out and decorate.  She had so much fun and setting up the tree is something she enjoys so much!  That night we had some friends over for dinner and then took some time after to play some games and enjoy the time.

     Sunday we got up and had to get ready Quinn had a play date with one of her friends!  We headed over to our friends house and let Quinn play as we all had lunch.  Play dates are so important for kids and parents!  It gives them time to just let loose and not having any siblings yet I know it can be hard.  Kids need to laugh and just be around other kids!  We spend a few hours over there as the girls played and just hung out.

   We got home in time to get a few things picked up and the house in order to have a snack then head out.  Sometimes I can't help but feel the weekends are just so short.  How big Quinn is getting, I just can't believe it sometimes.

    The weekend was great and with the holidays coming up we are just so excited to have fun this month and enjoy our time!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Let your kids help you decorate they will love it!

We do hope you enjoy the pics!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Getting started!

Looking Good!

Even "The Rock" was there!

Nice job Quinn and Kayla!
Can you see the hidden kitty?

We had tacos for dinner, just in case you can't tell...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Rake, Jump, Repeat!

     I didn't have a weekend update per we were just so busy but also because we slowed down with blogging and enjoy more time with life and not always having to post!  Live first, post second my fellow parents!   So this past weekend we picked up Quinn and had a pretty chill night.  We had some dinner and just relaxed.

     The next day however we had some work to do!  We went outside and raked the front yard.  We also wanted to take some nice pictures of the leaves and us having fun in them.    As we started raking up Quinn said we don't have any trees in our yard!  They are next door.  I tell her yea?  She goes but all the leaves fall on our yard, thatch not fair!  I laugh and say well life's not fair as we kept raking.  Also it is a known fact leaves like to fall on other property!  Tree's just think they are sooooo funny!

     I was so proud per Quinn was doing a great job and raking leaves isn't always fun.  We made a nice big pile and then took a few pictures.  After we let Quinn jump in them and throw them around.  Pretty much destroying the pile and all the work we did.  We chased each other around as Kayla watched a bit.  Then threw some leaves and then headed in side before it got to cold.

     We had a great day and though we have to rake again, it still is just one of the moments you have to do with your kids.  Making a pile of leaves and then jumping in them!  I can remember doing this with my parents growing up so now being the parent was something I got to enjoy from this view.

     So if you have some leaves, rake them up, then jump in them!  Share this moment with your kids and just have fun!  They will have this memory for a long time and share it with their kids one day.  So share this day and moment with them!  Leaves can be re-raked!  Your kids will just absolutely love it!  

     So with out having a list of tips do this, Rake, Jump, Repeat!   Have fun this fall and do fun easy and cheap things like this!

I do have pictures just waiting to move them to my computer!  They will come soon!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Furnace Check.

     Hello all!
With Winter getting closer we have some great tips for you!  Depending on where you live and if you have a furnace.  If you do then making sure it is ready for the winter is extremely important! Your furnace is going to heat your house, keep you warm and keep the water in your home from freezing and causing really big issues.  Checking your furnace is a number one priority you don't want winter to come and the furnace to come on.  Here are a few steps to get you ready. 

     1)  Make sure when you turned it off last spring it was shut off correctly.

     2)  Inspect your furnace before you turn it on.  Make sure there is nothing leaning next to it and that it looks in good shape. 

     3)  Take off the face plate and see how everything looks, are the wires ok, ect.

     4)  Make sure your thermostat is ok, new batteries the timer setting is ready. 

     5)  Turn it on early to make sure it fires up!  Let the heat fill the house.

     6)  Check the vents and make sure all the rooms that need heat are getting it.

     7)  After a bit turn off the furnace and clean out any particles that came up.  It gets dusty over the summer.

     8)  Check your furnace filter, and change it if it's dirty.

     9)  Set your thermostat.  Make sure with every day it has higher temperatures and lower ones.  Your furnace doesn't have to be on every second of the day, have low cooler points.

     10)  Have someone come look at it, if you feel somethings wrong or if its not working.  Get this done asap!  You can't wait for the very cold months, everyone will be calling the companies so get it checked now!

     I hope the following tips did help, of course be safe per most are natural gas used so they can be dangerous if you are not careful.  Always seek professional help if you have a feeling something isn't right.  Take care of your furnace and make sure your humidifier is on too, you need to get water into the house during the winter.  Follow these tips and you will be in great shape come winter!

    I hope everyone is having a great fall!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone,


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween!

     Hello all and Happy Halloween!  We hope everyone had a safe weekend!  Halloween is tomorrow but we celebrated today!  Today was a fun day we had a lot to do and a short time to do it in because we went trick or treating!  Quinn got her outfit a few weeks ago and we called up our family and friends to make sure they would be home.

     Friday was quiet, we got Quinn and just relaxed in.  Saturday we had a busy day just going out and getting things done.  We made dinner that night and let Quinn stay up a big watching some of her Halloween movies!  We just took the day to celebrate Halloween with some scary stories and good food.  Sunday we got up and had some breakfast, we got the house cleaned up and had lunch, and got set to go.  We got Quinn dressed and ready and we headed out!  We headed to my parents house first and saw them.  Quinn was Little Red Riding Hood and she was so excited too.  We spent some time over there just getting some snacks and letting Quinn visit her grand parents and gave us time to see them.

     After we headed to my Aunts house to see her and spend time there.  We take our annual picture there as well.  It was nice Quinn got to show her outfit off some more and she loved it.  After spending a bit of time there we moved on to our last stop to some friends house to say hi, they happen  to live by my ex so it makes it easy to get her home then.  After spending some time with some friends we headed to drop Quinn off with her Mom and we got some things done to finish our weekend off.

     So with everything how it went we had so much fun.  It's hard tomorrow is Halloween and we don't have Quinn so we have to work around it.  We have been going out around Halloween for years now and our family is great at accepting it.  Its a divorce and it is how it goes.  So if you are a divorced parent don't worry just work around things.  Don't stress, take it from me.  You just work around it that's all.  We hope everyone has a great holiday!  Enjoy the pics!

Always Remember,
You are never alone,

Quinn with Oma and Popi!

Quinn with Aunt Ro!

Quinn with Daddy!

Quin and Kayla!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Day in the Pumpkin Patch!

  The past weekend before this one, we took Quinn out to get a Pumpkin!  We take this weekend to also get Quinn her Halloween outfit.  So Friday we went to get Quinn and picked her up from school because it was the annual fund raiser there.  The Hoe Down, they call it one big night.  Kayla, I and Connor who was visiting went and picked her up.  We walked around and saw some of the fun things they have.  The kids love this night because the school is filled with events and food and friends.

     After Quinn ate we headed home and got ready for Saturdays big day of fun events.  We got up and had breakfast Saturday.  After we got cleaned up we headed out to a local farm market and looked around.  We went through the fun activities and then picked some pumpkins.  We took a look around inside and got some goodies!  After we headed over to get a custom for Quinn, sorry have to wait till next weekend to see it!  She did find a great one lets just say that.  After we headed home and carved up Quinns pumpkin.  She did a great job! We watched some scary movies then headed over to a friends house for dinner.

     The night was fun and one of my favorites because of things we do.  Sunday we got up and went to church.  Kayla had to work which stunk but a little time with Quinn was cool.  We cleaned the house up and got ready for Kayla to come home.  The weekend was fun and honestly it went fast like they always do.  I hope everyone has had some time to get some of the fun events done for Halloween.  Have you picked your pumpkin yet?

We hope you enjoy the pictures.  Also note I haven't blogged as much because honestly I just wanted to live, I still take pictures and maybe will post them differently or on G+ so if your on that check us out!  I took sometime this year to just realize I wanted to enjoy my time with Quinn and my family and not always have to rush a post.  So you know, spend time with your family not just in front of a computer.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Look at all the Pumpkins!

Kayla and Quinn!

Is that what your going as Connor?

Hey they are cleaning the Pumpkin out!

Time to carve it up!

Fun scary face to show it off!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

Hi Everyone! It's Kayla again! Today is very special day and I wanted to make sure it didn't go unnoticed! Today is Christopher's Birthday!! I couldn't let him write his own post so I snuck in here again this year, well kind of, he needed to give me some instruction. Of course, we're both working during the day but we have special plans for tonight! We're heading to our favorite restaurant and bringing a special guest, my brother Connor! Connor is in town for a couple weeks visiting and staying with us.

So I haven't given Chris his presents yet so I can't say what I got him but Quinn gave him her present last night. We went to the store after I picked her up and she picked out her very own card, a small balloon and I hinted to her what his favorite chocolates are. She was very excited to pick them out and give them to him. We got home and she immediately wanted him to open it. The card I have to say was quite cute and funny, he got a good chuckle.

Chris is always thinking of others and wanting to make everyone happy. He loves to laugh and has the best smile. With everything he does for me and our family, I could never thank him enough. He has been through so much and I'm forever grateful that he was put in my path. He says I saved him, but what he doesn't know is, he saved me as well. He taught me how to trust and love again and for that I will always be thankful.

So on this special day Chris, I want you to know how loved you are. You are never 2nd place to me and never will be. You will always have my heart forever. Quinn and I are very lucky to have you in our lives and she loves you so much!

I have a couple surprises up my sleeve for tonight but I'll guess he'll just have to blog about it later :)

So, with all that said, Christopher--I just want you to say thank you. Thank you for being patient with me, for always loving and supporting me. For always being a shoulder for me to lean on when I need it. Thank you for providing our family with a loving home and always making sure we have what we need, even if it means you working late hours. I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, you deserve nothing but the best!

Always Remember,
You're never alone...


Happy Birthday to my amazing husband!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Tip getting ready for Winter!

     Image result for winter prep
     Winter can be fast upon us and with this comes the cold weather and possible snow if you are fortunate enough...  So what can you do to prep.  Well below are a few things to do to get ready so you aren't left out in the cold!  No pun intended...  Follow these things but also let us know of any we missed or you may do as well!

1)  Make sure your snowblower is ready.  Check the oil and gas and see if you can start it.  If we get snow early you don't want to be fighting this when its cold.

2)  Closer to late fall winterize your lawn mower so in the spring you won't have issues starting it up!

3)  Close your storm windows in your house.  This will keep the heat in when it gets colder out.

4)  Start your furnace.  Make sure your furnace turns on!  Kinda a big one.

5) Check insulation, you may not get it fixed this year but figure out how your insulation is and if you need to invest next year.

6)  Switch your summer and winter things.  Take our your warmer cloths and get ready to put away those summer ones!

7)  Make sure your car is ready!  Check your ties, get a tune up, ect.  You need good tires for winter so invest now!

8)  Do any last clean up around the yard.  I know leaves will fall but think about raking out the gardens or pulling weeds one more time.  Also spray the borders of your home with home/bug spray.  When it gets colder out, bugs will try to get in to stay warm.  Put a protective barrier up around your home.

9)  Check your driveway, if you haven't gotten it sealed yet and it needs it, do it!

10)  Make sure not only you but your family is prepped for winter.  Getting cloths, things to just keep you warm.

     There are of course many others but these really are important.  Winter isn't something we can mess with.  The cold and snow will make it difficult to live.  Making sure you are ready will make live so much easier.  I know I post this every fall but it really is just that important!  I hope you enjoyed this post and honestly get ready for winter because ready or not...  It will come...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Quinn!

     This Saturday was Quinn's Birthday!  Quinn turned 8 this weekend! This being the first year since the divorce I had her on our weekend it was very special!  Friday we hung in and made some dinner, Aunt Ro came over and spend some time with us per she wasn't going to see her Saturday.  She got to have dinner with us and then give some gift!

     Saturday we got up and I made a special breakfast for us, we all had homemade french toast!  The day went on and we just cleaned up a bit and got ready for the party.  Before the party we ended up giving Quinn her gifts from us and just spend some time with her.  When everyone started arriving we got some food ready and just spend the time hanging out and talking.  We got dinner set and we just ate and had fun.  Talking to Quinn about her school, how things were going and just enjoying her company.  After we celebrated with her cake and then did presents!  She had a great time just opening her gifts and seeing what everyone got her!  She got a lot of new cloths, coloring items and some toys she wanted.

     After people started to head out and we had the joy of cleaning up!  As Quinn gets older I look back and see how far we have come.  Each birthday is so special and I can't believe how fast the come and go.  To all my fellow parents/single parents make sure you just have fun with the child on their day.

     We have pictures but I am having an issue getting them on the computer from my phone of course! So this week I will move them over to them.  Check this post later this week!

Thank you all and Happy Birthday my little one!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Friday, September 23, 2016

Spelling Test!

Image result for spelling test     

So Quinn has started 2nd grade this year!  With that comes so much more and newer responsibility!  This year they start spelling test.  They gave us a sheet of all the words and bonus words and when they will have the test.  Quinn had her first one last week, we will find out how she did next week when we have her.  We are so excited because last weekend she was studying and getting ready buy writing them out.  She did really good, she was able to spell them all with out help!

     I can remember growing up and the spelling test we had to take.  How nerve wracking they were!  I think the spelling test is one of the first a child will really take.  I told her how important spelling is and she doesn't want to end up like Dad!  I can't spell that well at all, thank you spell check on our computers!  However still a very important skill to know.  You have to know how to spell in life or you can't write and it won't look good.  Spelling is something we all have to learn and just get better at.

    Over the next few months her words will get harder however she will adapt and learn.  This year is going to be harder than 1st grade and she will have to work at it.  A few words at a time however and we will get there.

     For all my readers!  I hope your school year is going well and remember how important homework is, also how important spelling is!  Take time to learn how to spell.  I know we are spoiled with computers and all the technology given to us but we still need those basic fundamentals like spelling and reading.  An education is so very important so keep your kids learning and spelling.

Who knows, maybe someday they will become a big Blogger!

I will let you know how she did next week!

Have a great weekend!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Aunt Ro!

     This past week was our Aunt Ro's Birthday!  So Saturday we just had a little celebration.  We had a small dinner and even uncle Kenny came over.  We made some chicken on the grill and cooked up some other very taste foods to just eat and talk over.  We had a good night and then celebrated with Quinn giving her a nice card and some flowers.

     My Aunt has always been a big part of my and my brothers life.  She has done a lot for us and many others so a little dinner I feel is the least we can do.  It was a nice to just have a quiet dinner and relax.  After dinner and some dessert we just hung out and talked.  It was a great time and everyone had fun.  I wanted to say thank you for coming and celebrating with us and very Happy Birthday Aunt Ro!  


Aunt Ro and Quinn!
Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, September 18, 2016

October Fest!

     Last night was our annual trip to the October Fest here in town.  We have been going for years now and Quinn just loves it.  My parents came with us along with some friends.  Every year we go to enjoy the food, music and just the German experience.  My Mom's side was German and taking it in school led me to a tip with my German class to have an exchange student then go over and see the country.  It was amazing to say the least.

     So every fall we go for a few hours to the festival here in town and just have fun.  Quinn loves the food and we do some dancing.  Festivals like this allow us to see other cultures and experience their food, music and games.  They setup a big tent and have a stage and lots of vendors inside.  They really do a good job with everything and yes you do pay to get in and the food is a bit pricey but what are you gonna do right?

     So we got a table and our food and just hung out eating and having a good time.  We listened to the music and talked.  After we got up to do some dancing.  Quinn really loved it!  She loved to dance and just have fun.  After dancing we saw some of the games they do and then had some dessert!  We headed home.  Quinn was tired but we let her stay up  a touch later per this was a special event.  We pretty much all went to bed after that per we were all so tired.

     I hope everyone enjoyed this post but also I hope if there are festivals by your town you check them out because its really nice to see what other cultures do and how they live.  Check out different events the come to town.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

We hope you enjoy the pics!

We got seated and had some dinner!
Here was the band!

We did some dancing!

Quinn with Oma and Popi

Here we are!

Always Remember
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Getting back in the School Year!

     So with this week now pretty much starting off school I hope everyone's year is going well!  I hope the nerves are calming down and the excitement is rising.  So with Quinn now in 2nd grade I have a few tips I might be able to help!  I also always take pointers too!

     So I didn't have time to put out tips out before school but I hope by now everyone has their school supplies! So now that school has started here are some tips for you and them!

1)  Make sure you keep asking your kids how their first few days of school are and if they know any one from last year or met new friends yet!

2)  Make sure you are starting homework and getting into the routine of getting it done!

3)  When the school info comes out make sure to look it over and save all the important dates.

4)  When the things like fundraisers and classroom meetings.

5)  Take time to sit with your kids and get ready for homework.  Remember its been a while since you have done this!

6)  Getting up early is something you need to get back into swing of.  Making lunches, breakfast all this fun stuff we didn't have to worry about summertime.

7)  For your sake as well make sure you are leaving early to for work!  Your commute will be longer so remember this.

8)  Also remember someone needs to get the kids on and off the bus!

9)  Be excited about this year and motivate your kids to have fun and work hard.  Education was so important.  Remind them how fun school can be and they should be having fun learning, meeting new friends and just enjoying the time there!  After school is over its work work work!

I know this tip was short and sweet but this week is so important.  Parents and kids are both nervous so I hope you take the time to get back into the swing of things.  Have a great first few weeks of school and get ready because fall is pretty much here!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy First Day of School!

     Happy First Day of School!  Like a national Holiday I tell ya!  Some started already, some start a bit later.  Today however was Quinn's first day of school.  We were so excited because every year we go and see her before she gets on the bus.  So Kayla and I headed over and spend some time with Quinn.  She was nervous but excited and of course she looked so pretty.  Her hair was done and she had a nice dress on.

     We talked to her a bit and just tried to take her mind off that big first day.  A few new kids now come down to her house and catch the bus there so that's nice.  She has some company to join her.  As we sat and wait I just thought back to how little she was.  Now she is starting 2nd grade and just so big.  I can't believe my little one is growing up so fast.

     I hope everyone had a great first day with their kids and got some great pictures!  As the year starts I hope everyone has a great year and best to all!

     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Oma!

     This past Sunday was my Mom's birthday so over the weekend we all hung out!  I haven't posted per I honestly wanted to just relax and enjoy the weekend and get to posting later.  I found taking the time to enjoy life in the moment is better than having to update the world on every little thing as it happens...

     Saturday we went over and just hung out, Quinn played some games with her Oma and we started cooking dinner.  The day was nice and for once it wasn't to hot out.  Quinn was excited to go, she loves birthday parties!  We haven't been over to my parents in a little while so it was nice to stop over as well to hang out and just relax.  We finished getting dinner set and all sat down for a nice meal and talk.  Typical birthday stuff right?  So after we did some cake and presents and Quinn and Oma picked some flowers.

     My parents see Quinn as much as we can per the divorce but it does get difficult at times because kids that have separated parents have to go back and fourth so times can get thin.  I know the frustration it sometimes causes and do my best to just keep reminding everyone its the time we have with her that counts.  Quinn loves all of us and that's all that matters.  The ground is solid and there is nothing to worry about if you have the concrete foundation.  You just have to enjoy your time and be there.

     My parents love Quinn and are always excited to see her.  My Mom has been a big part of my life and now with my own child I want her to be there to see Quinn grow up.  Being a single dad for a while and having Quinn between homes has been difficult but she also got used to it and is doing much better.  In the end things are good and we just do our best.  That's all we can do.

     Happy Birthday Mom!
Quinn and Oma's flowers!

Just hanging out!


Happy Birthday Oma!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Never Forget How Important YOU Are..

     As August closes out and child support awareness months comes to a close I hope I have posted some things everyone has learned.  Know that after August leaves child support will not but I hope everyone knows how important it is and if you feel you are on the loosing end you can look into options.  I know this month is not known for child support awareness but if you are paying or receiving it well its very important to you know.  Unfortunately we live in a world where most people don't have concern for things unless it starts to impact their lives so divorce or child support aren't big because those not going through them don't understand or care.  Honestly it is justified we have so much going on we can't be involved with everything however if you have family or friends that are going through this please try to understand where they are.

     Always know that what you are paying for is so important and that one day that little person will grow up and you won't have to pay that support.  Know how important it is to be there for your kids and show them how much you love them.  Take the time to just hang out with them and laugh with them.  I know times may get financially hard but look at other options there are and to just keep pushing.  As Quinn gets older she will be able to make her own options and do more as she wishes.

     Throughout the good and bad with your ex just do your best to know your little one is counting on you and to never give up.  I'm not a saint and I have had my times of trial but I learn and we move on.  We do the best we can, because that's all we can do.  There are long nights and dark mornings but remember if you slip its OK just catch yourself before you fall.  As you go through life do one thing, show your kids you love them more than anything and that they are your world.  They will grow up and soon fight to see you...

Below are a few of the reasons that the working those long nights don't matter...

Never forget you are more important to them than anything... 
Never give up.

Always Remember You are Never Alone...


Thursday, August 25, 2016

A mid week break.

     We have had a great week with Connor visiting us and hanging out!  Quinn loves it because she loves Connor and she does so well when he comes!  We took this past week and weekend to just have fun and cooked up some great food.  So for this post I wanted to say it was just a fun week and having family you don't see much come visit is always a joy.

     I laugh because how how excited Quinn gets when we get to visit Kayla's family or when they come she always gets excited.  However when Conner comes up she his just so over excited!  So yesterday we took a nice picture of them both of them which she was so excited to do!  As this week ends we now wait for time to pass till our next visit.


     We had a great week and still a weekend to come, I hope everyone enjoyed this visit per my last post was difficult and wanted everyone to know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Divorced Parenting and Communication - It sucks...I know...

     When it comes to communication with my ex, its bad, I don't even like seeing her name come up on my email list or phone via text.  I see her as little as possible and honestly tell 3rd parties to just m meet with us on and individual per we can't be in the same room...  When we have to email each other it usually isn't fun I never get the information I request and she just emails me demands.  Honestly she just doesn't know how to at least ask in the form of a question.  I wonder if she even knows where the ? simple is! Look every keyboard has one!   I have one see! ????????????????????????????? I use it, I ask and try to not just state shit, but here we go.  My tip on when it comes to your ex reaching out to you and communicating things.... Unless your are a one of those people that are not together but are like best friends... Then FUCK OFF...  This post isn't fore you...

     One of my biggest struggles when I was a single parent, and still is even now remarried is talking to and getting new information from my ex.  Sometimes I feel every text or email that comes in is is just a going to be a warning.  Like when I see her name come up, its like Sound the Fucking Alarms! Really, what am I suppose to say, Ohh a text from my ex how wonderful, the woman making my life a fucking hell now needs something, usually its kicking me in my Fucking balls but whatever.. Lets just read it, maybe she feels bad that I make 9 times less than her and she is going to try to make us work more as a team...

     Of course not!  They never go that way, they are usually just a bunch of instructions and never questions like can we do this or that.  So how do I deal with this монстр? Before I used to yell at her ass and just start firing missiles back which led to many bad fights, battles and even wars.  So how did I go from..


Well I have this...

     So what can you do...  Well honestly if you don't such a calm and understanding spouse you do need to keep cool.  Take your finger off the launch button and just sit back for a second before you start nuking innocent people.  If you have someone you can talk to, call them!  If you need them to write a reply, have them!  My ex does a good job of now emailing me in a nice tone to tell me whats going on, even if rates go up or some other bull shit happens,  Then I call Kay to let her know and we talk about it.  Since being with her it has helped, however I have launched a few nukes while being with her...

     I talk to Kay now and make sure we just see what is going on and what we can do.  I also go here to have a good laugh and know others are frustrated with life and other things!  So click the link!  
Click it, he really is funny, maybe he will do a story on me and what I go through.. 

    It can be hard yes, especially if you are in my scenario... (below)
If your wondering which one I am..
Hint... I'm a guy....

     So as we are all upset and dealing with someone controlling and well off can be difficult.  My biggest tip honestly, just slow down.  Take a break do not reply or anything until you just relax.  Then search out a friend or loved one and talk to them.  See what you can do and just chill out!  Reply back with a nice tone even if your saying you need to get back to them in time.  You don't have to be mean, but you don't have to take their shit either.  You have rights and don't let them think they speak=you do! 
 Fuck off Man...  

     You just cool down and read my blog, and click the Grade A link above for a good laugh.  
Honestly however you need someone in your life you can trust especially if you are someone that gets walked over.  (like me).  Also know if it is anything with finances and you have a signed decree you need courts to update that.  Remember they may stick a big dick in front of your ass, but only a judge can push it!  I know child support awareness month is almost done and I do hope I helped you all out.  You maybe a man or woman either one can be taken advantage of.  Usually its the richer one that has to get their way wins...  Sucks I know, it's rigged...  Divorced with kids is like a Carnival game.  You know your gonna loose but you play anyway thinking you might win.  Unless your are the one that is running the game.  In my case, no...not running it at all, in fact my game is ring toss, the worst one of all!  So if you think you got it bad, come to the booth I've been stuck at!  

     So in closing I know you all think I'm angry but I'm not yes it happens, even to me still with my ex but we just have to take a step back.  This is our best response, just show them you are cool, but know your rights and will go over all the paperwork to make sure you aren't being mistreated.  With all this said and done you think I'm so angry and trying to just post a mean post.  Well it sucks I am angry my ex and I can't work per she has to have her way but what ever one of the reasons I blog. So I can help others.  Also no this is a positive post!  I want you all to just know if you get upset, relax ok.  Just calm down and try not to do what I did, get pissed and upset.  I do hope everyone learned something and if you liked this post please, share it!   

     Also know there are others with less off than you and if you just love your child they will see how you are being treated and they will stick up for you.  Quinn is already showing this.  When it comes to finances well maybe you have a rich family member that is old?  Get on their good side?  
 Just Kidding!   
I hope this helped, in closing just cool down and be smart.   Reach out for help, reach out to me!  I am here you know....   Also check out Grade A Under A on YouTube, he's really funny, cheers me up...

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, August 21, 2016

A weekend to celebrate

     This past weekend was a fun one!  We had Quinn and just had so much to celebrate!  Friday Connor came into town, he is Kayla's youngest brother.  He is also here for the week so thats awesome.  Friday we got dinner and just hung out like we usually do.  Saturday we got up and got the house ready per we were having family over.  I ended up smoking ribs for dinner, I did two racks smoked and two slow oven cooked.  We also cooked some great sides like our potatoes and onions and vegetables.  The ribs took a few hours and usually drains me but they are worth it.

     We had family over to celebrate Kayla's birthday.  We had so much fun and though it was hot we still made it!  After dinner we had some cake and then did some gifts.  The day was great and It was nice to see family.  Quinn had a great day and spent time with everyone as well.  Sunday we got up and did some breakfast then Kayla and Quinn had a bridal shower so Connor and I hung out home.  We relaxed and got some cleaning done before the girls came home!  When they did we all just took the day to enjoy the rain and hang out

     The weekend was so much fun and I hope everyone had a good one as well.  Everyone weekend we have Quinn we have so much fun I can't believe how fast they go.  I do hate how fast they come and go but its ok we have fun while shes here.

     I hop everyone had a great weekend and again, Happy Birthday Kayla!  The weekend was so much fun

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Cat Lives Matter

     Today is National Black Cat Day!  Yes really its a day...  I know we have days for everything it seems but I am excited to have heard this because I do own a black cat.  You may know by now.  Eve aka pork chop has been with me for many years now.  I got her at Lollypop Farm I was very excited to get her and I always wanted a Black Cat.  I have an October Birthday so I need a Halloween Cat!

     As she grew up we bonded and when I moved to my new home she came with me.  We have been through a lot and when I was alone and Quinn was not with me per her Mom and I shared her Eve was there.  When I first moved in it was scary.  A new home, all alone.  She was nervous as well but we got used to it and she was there...  We have been through a lot but she never left.  We had a few scares when she got sick but I got her fixed up and here we are agin still.

     She is so good with Quinn and just an all around good Cat.  Older now she rest most of the day and just lays with us at night.  I know Black Cats don't get adopted as much as others but I always loved them.  The Fall season is amazing and just having a Halloween Cat completes it.  She has been good to me over the years so today I say to her and all the other Black Cats.

Happy National Black Cat Day!

Must be nice to be a Cat...

She loves a good Picture...

     I do hope everyone who likes cats does take one in, they make good pets and I do pray for Cats and all animals for those who don't take care of them or abuse them.  Sometimes Black Cats are protected during the October month per people hurt them per the season and they are black, its terrible and for a while places would hold black cats till October was over.  She is a good cat, thats all that matters....

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...