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      This area is dedicated to all the reviews I have conducted.  After I review something and post about it I will put the link here so you can find that post easier.  I started thinking about doing reviews after getting several emails from companies asking to review their products.  I decided to take this on as part of my blog because I review all different things.  Some might be for kids and parents, others maybe products or even a restaurant.  I don't have many limitation and will try to start off by giving a review a month. 

     I will research to the full extent and take my time.  The post will give you a brief overview of the product as well as a link to their site.  I will give different things I viewed that I liked and any constructive criticism as well.

Please note anything I post is subject to change and to always contact that product or service for the most up to date information* 
Would you like something reviewed?
     I do encourage anyone, if you have something you would like to have reviewed, a product or destination please send me an email.  I will review your product fully, give you a post as well as share it with the community and allow you to use my post.  I will say I am not a professional reviewer however I will do a good job what I review. 
  If this takes off then we will see where it goes!  I hope you enjoy this page and feel free to leave me any comments or experiences you may have had with what I reviewed.
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