"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Never Forget How Important YOU Are..

     As August closes out and child support awareness months comes to a close I hope I have posted some things everyone has learned.  Know that after August leaves child support will not but I hope everyone knows how important it is and if you feel you are on the loosing end you can look into options.  I know this month is not known for child support awareness but if you are paying or receiving it well its very important to you know.  Unfortunately we live in a world where most people don't have concern for things unless it starts to impact their lives so divorce or child support aren't big because those not going through them don't understand or care.  Honestly it is justified we have so much going on we can't be involved with everything however if you have family or friends that are going through this please try to understand where they are.

     Always know that what you are paying for is so important and that one day that little person will grow up and you won't have to pay that support.  Know how important it is to be there for your kids and show them how much you love them.  Take the time to just hang out with them and laugh with them.  I know times may get financially hard but look at other options there are and to just keep pushing.  As Quinn gets older she will be able to make her own options and do more as she wishes.

     Throughout the good and bad with your ex just do your best to know your little one is counting on you and to never give up.  I'm not a saint and I have had my times of trial but I learn and we move on.  We do the best we can, because that's all we can do.  There are long nights and dark mornings but remember if you slip its OK just catch yourself before you fall.  As you go through life do one thing, show your kids you love them more than anything and that they are your world.  They will grow up and soon fight to see you...

Below are a few of the reasons that the working those long nights don't matter...

Never forget you are more important to them than anything... 
Never give up.

Always Remember You are Never Alone...


Thursday, August 25, 2016

A mid week break.

     We have had a great week with Connor visiting us and hanging out!  Quinn loves it because she loves Connor and she does so well when he comes!  We took this past week and weekend to just have fun and cooked up some great food.  So for this post I wanted to say it was just a fun week and having family you don't see much come visit is always a joy.

     I laugh because how how excited Quinn gets when we get to visit Kayla's family or when they come she always gets excited.  However when Conner comes up she his just so over excited!  So yesterday we took a nice picture of them both of them which she was so excited to do!  As this week ends we now wait for time to pass till our next visit.


     We had a great week and still a weekend to come, I hope everyone enjoyed this visit per my last post was difficult and wanted everyone to know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Divorced Parenting and Communication - It sucks...I know...

     When it comes to communication with my ex, its bad, I don't even like seeing her name come up on my email list or phone via text.  I see her as little as possible and honestly tell 3rd parties to just m meet with us on and individual per we can't be in the same room...  When we have to email each other it usually isn't fun I never get the information I request and she just emails me demands.  Honestly she just doesn't know how to at least ask in the form of a question.  I wonder if she even knows where the ? simple is! Look every keyboard has one!   I have one see! ????????????????????????????? I use it, I ask and try to not just state shit, but here we go.  My tip on when it comes to your ex reaching out to you and communicating things.... Unless your are a one of those people that are not together but are like best friends... Then FUCK OFF...  This post isn't fore you...

     One of my biggest struggles when I was a single parent, and still is even now remarried is talking to and getting new information from my ex.  Sometimes I feel every text or email that comes in is is just a going to be a warning.  Like when I see her name come up, its like Sound the Fucking Alarms! Really, what am I suppose to say, Ohh a text from my ex how wonderful, the woman making my life a fucking hell now needs something, usually its kicking me in my Fucking balls but whatever.. Lets just read it, maybe she feels bad that I make 9 times less than her and she is going to try to make us work more as a team...

     Of course not!  They never go that way, they are usually just a bunch of instructions and never questions like can we do this or that.  So how do I deal with this монстр? Before I used to yell at her ass and just start firing missiles back which led to many bad fights, battles and even wars.  So how did I go from..


Well I have this...

     So what can you do...  Well honestly if you don't such a calm and understanding spouse you do need to keep cool.  Take your finger off the launch button and just sit back for a second before you start nuking innocent people.  If you have someone you can talk to, call them!  If you need them to write a reply, have them!  My ex does a good job of now emailing me in a nice tone to tell me whats going on, even if rates go up or some other bull shit happens,  Then I call Kay to let her know and we talk about it.  Since being with her it has helped, however I have launched a few nukes while being with her...

     I talk to Kay now and make sure we just see what is going on and what we can do.  I also go here to have a good laugh and know others are frustrated with life and other things!  So click the link!  
Click it, he really is funny, maybe he will do a story on me and what I go through.. 

    It can be hard yes, especially if you are in my scenario... (below)
If your wondering which one I am..
Hint... I'm a guy....

     So as we are all upset and dealing with someone controlling and well off can be difficult.  My biggest tip honestly, just slow down.  Take a break do not reply or anything until you just relax.  Then search out a friend or loved one and talk to them.  See what you can do and just chill out!  Reply back with a nice tone even if your saying you need to get back to them in time.  You don't have to be mean, but you don't have to take their shit either.  You have rights and don't let them think they speak=you do! 
 Fuck off Man...  

     You just cool down and read my blog, and click the Grade A link above for a good laugh.  
Honestly however you need someone in your life you can trust especially if you are someone that gets walked over.  (like me).  Also know if it is anything with finances and you have a signed decree you need courts to update that.  Remember they may stick a big dick in front of your ass, but only a judge can push it!  I know child support awareness month is almost done and I do hope I helped you all out.  You maybe a man or woman either one can be taken advantage of.  Usually its the richer one that has to get their way wins...  Sucks I know, it's rigged...  Divorced with kids is like a Carnival game.  You know your gonna loose but you play anyway thinking you might win.  Unless your are the one that is running the game.  In my case, no...not running it at all, in fact my game is ring toss, the worst one of all!  So if you think you got it bad, come to the booth I've been stuck at!  

     So in closing I know you all think I'm angry but I'm not yes it happens, even to me still with my ex but we just have to take a step back.  This is our best response, just show them you are cool, but know your rights and will go over all the paperwork to make sure you aren't being mistreated.  With all this said and done you think I'm so angry and trying to just post a mean post.  Well it sucks I am angry my ex and I can't work per she has to have her way but what ever one of the reasons I blog. So I can help others.  Also no this is a positive post!  I want you all to just know if you get upset, relax ok.  Just calm down and try not to do what I did, get pissed and upset.  I do hope everyone learned something and if you liked this post please, share it!   

     Also know there are others with less off than you and if you just love your child they will see how you are being treated and they will stick up for you.  Quinn is already showing this.  When it comes to finances well maybe you have a rich family member that is old?  Get on their good side?  
 Just Kidding!   
I hope this helped, in closing just cool down and be smart.   Reach out for help, reach out to me!  I am here you know....   Also check out Grade A Under A on YouTube, he's really funny, cheers me up...

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


Sunday, August 21, 2016

A weekend to celebrate

     This past weekend was a fun one!  We had Quinn and just had so much to celebrate!  Friday Connor came into town, he is Kayla's youngest brother.  He is also here for the week so thats awesome.  Friday we got dinner and just hung out like we usually do.  Saturday we got up and got the house ready per we were having family over.  I ended up smoking ribs for dinner, I did two racks smoked and two slow oven cooked.  We also cooked some great sides like our potatoes and onions and vegetables.  The ribs took a few hours and usually drains me but they are worth it.

     We had family over to celebrate Kayla's birthday.  We had so much fun and though it was hot we still made it!  After dinner we had some cake and then did some gifts.  The day was great and It was nice to see family.  Quinn had a great day and spent time with everyone as well.  Sunday we got up and did some breakfast then Kayla and Quinn had a bridal shower so Connor and I hung out home.  We relaxed and got some cleaning done before the girls came home!  When they did we all just took the day to enjoy the rain and hang out

     The weekend was so much fun and I hope everyone had a good one as well.  Everyone weekend we have Quinn we have so much fun I can't believe how fast they go.  I do hate how fast they come and go but its ok we have fun while shes here.

     I hop everyone had a great weekend and again, Happy Birthday Kayla!  The weekend was so much fun

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Cat Lives Matter

     Today is National Black Cat Day!  Yes really its a day...  I know we have days for everything it seems but I am excited to have heard this because I do own a black cat.  You may know by now.  Eve aka pork chop has been with me for many years now.  I got her at Lollypop Farm I was very excited to get her and I always wanted a Black Cat.  I have an October Birthday so I need a Halloween Cat!

     As she grew up we bonded and when I moved to my new home she came with me.  We have been through a lot and when I was alone and Quinn was not with me per her Mom and I shared her Eve was there.  When I first moved in it was scary.  A new home, all alone.  She was nervous as well but we got used to it and she was there...  We have been through a lot but she never left.  We had a few scares when she got sick but I got her fixed up and here we are agin still.

     She is so good with Quinn and just an all around good Cat.  Older now she rest most of the day and just lays with us at night.  I know Black Cats don't get adopted as much as others but I always loved them.  The Fall season is amazing and just having a Halloween Cat completes it.  She has been good to me over the years so today I say to her and all the other Black Cats.

Happy National Black Cat Day!

Must be nice to be a Cat...

She loves a good Picture...

     I do hope everyone who likes cats does take one in, they make good pets and I do pray for Cats and all animals for those who don't take care of them or abuse them.  Sometimes Black Cats are protected during the October month per people hurt them per the season and they are black, its terrible and for a while places would hold black cats till October was over.  She is a good cat, thats all that matters....

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Kayla!

     I wanted to wish my beautiful bride a happy birthday!  This past weekend we just hung out, the past several months we have just been so busy we took this weekend to relax and just have time for our selves.  I always tell everyone they need a weekend here and there to just do nothing.  Sleep in, catch up on rest.  Just take time for yourself.

     Friday we hung out with some friends and had some dinner, nothing big but a great start for a restful weekend.  Saturday we slept in, which was much needed.  The past couple weeks I feel we were running on borrowed time.  Also since it has been so hot sleeping with the A/C isn't as restful as having the windows open and getting the nice fresh air.  We did a few things mid day and then headed to the movies.  We had an afternoon showing to just have fun, a day out.  We ended up seeing Suicide Squad which was pretty good.  I liked it and think they did a good job on the plot and ending...  I'll let you watch and decide.  That night I cooked up some dinner for Kayla and I and we just relaxed that night.

     Sunday we got some cleaning done in our garage and then spend the day just getting things done around the house.   Then just rested for the week to come.  Throughout the week we have been watching the Olympics, it really has been a good year  I think a lot of people were nervous how things would go but we have been enjoying them so far!  So that leads us to today!  It is Kayla's birthday and I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday!  She has done and does so much for us I hope you have a great day off today!  She took off from work today to relax and just enjoy it.  I took off my second job to spend the evening with her.  Not working two jobs is pretty nice I will admit!

     Tonight we plan on cooking dinner and just relaxing.  I gave her a nice card and one of her gifts this morning and tonight will have more for her! :)  She doesn't know it yet...  I wanted to just wish you a very happy birthday Kayla because everyone has this day to share and I always feel its so special.  A day to celebrate you coming into the world!  Your day and one where people send nice wishes and give thanks you are here!  I think it is just such a special day and with only one a year I think everyone should have this special day to enjoy!

     I hoe you are having a great day today and I will see you home tonight!

I love you so much,

Always Remember,
You are never alone...  Especially on your birthday.  


Friday, August 12, 2016

The Summer pushes on!

    Image result for summer

      Hello everyone usually I blog about a summer tip and how things are going.  I talk about how to keep cool and safe while enjoying your summer.  I wanted to post that today and just remind everyone how the summer can be dangerous and what kind of summer this drought doing to it.

     So without making this like a tip because I just did one I wanted to just remind everyone to have fun this summer but also be careful.  Make sure you are using sun block and putting it on regularly.  You may look funny doing this, however sunburns hurt as much as they are dangerous, this is to everyone not just kids.  Since we are destroying our ozone and don't seem to mind at least protect your skin and your children who have very gentile skin.  It only takes a few moments and most rubs in with no issue or oily feeling.  Getting sun is important we all need vitamin D, however we don't need the skin cancer that can come with all that exposure!

     When it comes to this hot weather and drought we have been having I would say just try to conserve on water usage!  You don't have to water things you don't necessary need.  I feel bad my lawn looks brown and is painful to walk on and look at but it will come back.   Water items that produce foods and plants that are potted or flowers as such they will die easier.

     Just a short while ago I heard on the radio that we actually moved up on our drought so if we dont have to use the water try not to.  Our area is about 6 inches of water that we are short.  I honestly can say this is the hottest and scariest summer I have seen.  If you don't have air conditioning then look into getting window units for your bedrooms at least.  We have one in ours and Quinn's.  It would be a mess if we didn't our upstairs gets so hot I may just start cooking up there, I wont even need the grill, just the food and a pan!

     Either way try to keep your home as cool as you can for yourself, kids and pets.  Summer is dangerous because it is hard to escape the heat.  At least in the winter you can cuddle up and have some layers!  Walking around in the summer naked and complaining isn't going to get you anywhere!

     So with this quick post I want to say I hope everyone has a great summer and is having one!  We don't have Quinn this weekend but I have a fun fun things to post about so I will share those Sunday!

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I have dropped a teaser video and will be dropping more weekly!  We officially start in the fall but its looking to move up early per everyone wants videos!!!  I can't complain high demand is good!  Keeps me in business... Wait I'm not even getting paid...

Well be sure to check it out, because when I get popular... I'll remember you...

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Child Support and Dark Days...

     Every once and a while there may come a time in your days where you just feel you are always getting bad cards dealt your way.  If you have child support or not, life can just suck some weeks.  Before a paycheck drops being the responsible person that I am and sometimes hate it.  (I always feel the irresponsible people in life have more fun)  I do a break down of what bills we need to pay add in what child support is and just overall life.  Then if there is anything left over usually change that is usually saved.  Spending money is getting to become an endangered species.   So what do I do besides sit back and say great no money this week....

     Well besides working another job or getting people to live with you to help on expenses you can do other things.  First by taking a breath and going over the numbers again and seeing what is necessary.

1)  See what money you absolutely have to pay or what money you need to save and go from there.

2)  Try to pay down credit cards over time and see what is due and what you can pay. Maybe pay half this week and the other half next check.

3)  See about overtime or a second job.  I know its hell but with today's day in age everyone works two jobs its horrible but true.

4)  Look at different income.  I started a You Tube Site .  We are doing it for fun but it might pay off over time.    

5)  Then Start cutting the Fat.  The saddest part, start looking for ways to save, stop doing things you don't have to do.  Cut on your food bill, or shop cheaper.  Look for places to buy cloths that are cheaper.  I go to Goodwill ain't nothing wrong with that...

    Seek out different ways to do your best to survive and make them legal...  Just saying...  It's hard and for those who pay I know how and what you are going through.  You pay child support and then have to support the child again.  If your ex makes good money its just more fuel on the fire and i'm sorry.   My ex makes insane amounts more than I and I Pay her.  I know seems messed up, well it is and when my check comes in I feel it.  It's hard because then we have to feed and cloth her too.  As the years progress and the weight presses down it gets hard.  You may see your ex doing very well, going on vacations, getting nice new things and you look down at your old shoes that have holes in them.

    I can't say anything but I'm sorry...  I used to be angry and say I hope everyone gets divorced with kids so they know what I go through.  I know its horrible to say but nobody understands what we go though excepts other people that are doing this, lawyers that try to help us and the people of faith that are here to hold us as we fall...  Other than that you just don't know and will never know how difficult it is to get paid and then see a good part of that leave.

     The only thing more sad is that fact that this post won't ever get read.  Since there is just so much crap uploaded the things that are so important never get seen and that bullshit stupid post get all the views because we as society just don't give a damn...  Just how life goes... This is why I have 175 followers and all I put out are tips and messages to help people in their darkest hour.  However the kid taking selfies on a boat will have 2000 followers because well were really stupid as a species...

    I always say when it comes to the internet...  Share the cure for cancer... Get 10 views and 2 likes...  Share a picture of a girl with a big rack in a short shirt... Get 1,000,000 views and 100,000 likes...  Sad but its the way it works... 

   So how am I still posting... Well because I have helped others and I will never stop because the day I do is the day someone who really needs it will come by my site but won't see anything and that will be a shame...   So I continue to post and contine to try to help and cut through all the stupid post online to let the internet know there are good people out there trying to help...

If I were to end I would just say try to keep your cool.  There are so many that are struggling and fighting to survive.  You pay child support to someone who really needs it and uses it, or you pay someone who makes a lot more and it seems so unfair.  I know but there are people here to listen so reach out to us...  We won't know unless you try.

As child support awareness month continues on I hope everyone is doing their best to know the money they give or get is going to a good cause, it should be too.  It is hard but you need to keep it together, even I start to fall apart.  Just look for light like this and we will help...

I hope this post reaches as many people as it can that really need help....

Always Remember...

You are Never Alone...


Monday, August 8, 2016

An Amazing Year!

     Today is Kayla and I one year anniversary!  I wanted to just her it has been such an amazing year and we have come so far.  I can't believe how fast it has gone and that I can't wait to see what else comes.  A year ago we were up north getting married and I can't believe how fast it has gone.  With a year down i can only wait to see what we have to come.

     I think the one thing I can't believe his how fast the first year went.  It does feel like yesterday we were getting married.  The past year and before we have done so much and though I thank her often it still isn't enough.  Kayla has been the best partner for me.  She understands me and cares for me listens to me and always has my back.  She works with me and we just know how each other does work.  She has been working so hard with the Tube Channel to help get it up and running also.  Most important I think is just how good she is with Quinn.  She cares for her and looks out for her.  She also helps get her ready in the morning and at night.

     I know Quinn is in good hands when Kayla is looking out for her.  After I started over and it was just Quinn and I, I didn't know what was going to happen I wasn't sure if we would find anyone else who would love us.  I thought it was just going to be us and then Kayla came along and several wonderful years later here we are.  We have been through so much with our home and trying to fix issues or update it but we never gave up on us.  If anything came our way we always tackled it together and that's one of the reasons I love her so much.

     We have had such a busy year too but we just keep going.  We take those lazy weekends we have and even if it means breaking an outing we just do what we want because its our time and we need them...  I know she will always have my back because I will always have hers...

    I know this post isn't long but it doesn't have to be.  Happy Anniversary my love...

Although you are my wife, you will always be my Bride...

I love you so much...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...

Love is there even in the darkest hours...  Read my Blog for proof...


Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Weekend Update!

     I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We are well on our way through August now and we have no intent to slow down...  This weekend we took time to have some family come visit us we had a nice dinner on Friday with some of our family from up north.  Kayla's Aunt and Grandma came down for a few days and we celebrated her Aunt's birthday!

     We had a great time and Kayla's cousin who is engaged to one of my closest friends came with her daughter who loves hanging out with Quinn.  They had a great time just playing and being kids.  Quinn hasn't seen Alyese in a few months now so they were so excited to just have time to play.  After dinner we celebrated Aunt Tee Tee's birthday.  We got her a cake and sang to her and let her open her cards and just show our love for her birthday.  After we all just hung out a bit and let the girls unwind.  We closed out the night and everyone packed up but it was just nice to everyone come together.

     Saturday we just took the time to enjoy our Aunt and Grandma's time again and got some things done around the house.  That night we had some friends over and made it a movie night.  A much needed relaxing movie night.  Sunday we got up and saw our guest off and then did some cleaning.  We all took time to just take a small midday nap too.  I think we all needed it, we honestly haven't had one in so long since we've been so busy even Quinn took a small one and I think she just needed some time to rest...

   With the weekend coming to a close I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as we did.  With yet another work week starting We just start the motions again!

The girls at dinner!

Happy Birthday Auntie!

Just hanging out after...

     The weekend is now over and I hope again everyone enjoyed their time.  

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Mid Week Break


Seeing how it is child support month I figured I would drop this in and say how much do we pay for or pets!  We however love our pets and yes pay lots for them. Some say we should be able to write them off on our taxes! Ha-Ha Well as much as we spend on them, they love us back, well Cat's are different you love them and they pretend not to know you...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Adjusting to child support

     Image result for child support

    Since the month of august is child support awareness month I wanted to share some things this month I went through and what has helped me.  When you first get the word you will have to pay child support it is hard and scary.  Some states are different than others but in the end you will have to give a percentage of your income to help support your child if they are living with the other parent.  Unless you work it out so you don't pay or split the child typically yes you will be paying.  Now what that money goes to is to help the child.  However good use or not it is hard to hear how much you might be spending.  You might be moving out and needing to find a new place of your own as well as when your have your child you have to support them as well so you might feel double taxed because it is hard.  Then there is the factor of you might make less than the other person and now feel very stressed or you may make a lot more than the other person and they may have this feeling.  If one person makes more than the other it will be hard.

    Other factors can hurt such as control, like who wants it and all that.  So what can you do, well here are some tips that might help.  I could have used them that's for sure.

  1)  Figure out how much will be taken out of your check and see if you will be able to live on this.  Do all the math and see, you may have to work a second job, figure out if you want to do this.  Remember depending how old your child is too.  If they are young do you want to work two jobs forever?

  2)  Compare how much your ex makes to you.  Are you going to be living in poverty after you pay child support and all your expenses but they are making good money plus your check?  Try to talk to them and let them know it will be hard on you and the child too.  Reason and just let them know this will really be hurting you and if there is something that can be worked out?

  3)  If talking doesn't work speak to your lawyer.  Remember if you are both good parents the courts has to listen to you.  Not one parent has it better.  Tell your lawyer you would like other options like more custody (which is a good thing anyway seeing your kids more).  See what else you can do.  It is ok to split up but one parent shouldn't financially suffer because of it.  Times are hard as is, a child support check can really cripple that parent.

  4)  Sit down and see what you can do to save or make money.  Work a second job, cut cost look for a roommate in your place.  Do what you can and be creative if you need to be.  Remember don't let this ruin you, stand tall and work around it.

  5)  This is most important, do not be a jerk!  If you have to pay, PAY!  The courts do not like not seeing payments!!  I have paid every time on time!  Very important a good track record will be your best defense!  Courts like seeing you pay on time if an issue comes up you can say I have a great track record and they will see and understand this!

Bonus*  Know there are so many others but here are 5 to start plus one bonus.  I will do more maybe later this month.  If you pay by check and the money is not taken out of your acct.  Pay with a cashiers check/bank check.  The money comes out of your bank account so you don't have to wait for them to cash it, also you get a slip you can safe and show proof.  Keep the slips in a safe place and date each one.

     I know this is a hard topic but its important.  Paying child support is what we have to do and yes we hope the money goes to the child and not other things not needed.  It's hard my ex makes a lot more than me.  She is remarried and the both now do extreamly well.  Kayla and I don't make that much so its frustrating we we just see all the things Quinn has at her Mom's.  I get upset sometimes and feel she has to much.  I just hope my money is going to a good use.  I guess a tip I would give my self is ask.

     Ask the other person what they are doing with your money.  I know easier said than done but it might not hurt.  I may try it one day, if money comes up.  She probably won't tell me but it might be nice to know if she is saving it for school or whatever.  We just hope they do good with it.  Also remember the more children you have the more you probably be paying.  Sorry spoiler*

I hope this post helped and remember the money is suppose to be in good use.  If you feel it's not call your lawyer.  If they use child support in a bad way they can get in trouble.  I have heard of stories of people getting in trouble for not spending the money correctly.  It is suppose to go to certain things.   How to prove this can be tricky.  Guess a lot is we have to have faith...

Just take a breath and hug your kids when you see them... That's what I do...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, August 1, 2016

A Very Important Month

     Kayla was talking to me today and told me that August is Child Support Month.  First I had no idea this was a thing.  I just felt people that paid it just paid it and went on with their day.  So why is this month so important.

     This hits me very close to home for all who know me because I do pay child support for Quinn and yes my ex and I get in disagreements but only because over time things with us have gotten worse.  I have paid since I moved out on time every time.  When I first moved out I worked a lot almost two full time jobs and as time went on it started to show I was unhealthy and tired but I did it because that's what we do.  Things got tough when my ex moved on with her new husband and moved to a nice home and were doing very well.  She will always say till the end I don't wish her well but I do.  However when Kayla and I struggle and pay someone that could easily help us by lowering it or taking it away and us just working more together, well it gets frustrating.

     We work very hard and after we pay support we have to support Quinn as well, this is why so many people paying get upset because they pay support then have to still buy things for the child because they have them too.  Now my ex pays for a lot of her stuff of course and some things she doesn't charge me for which is nice.  However it is a difficult task now a days to pay and then support your self.  Any parent that moved out and started over and now pays I hope reads this and knows they are not alone.

     Please know like I do we have to pay.  Yes it is the law but our obligation to just be a good parent.  Try not to get frustrated or upset.  I have worked so hard to let go of my frustration that still shows and I am not proud of it.  However it isn't easy, some may pay support and have more or less rights and everyone is different.  I do't hate paying it, I just hate paying it then not having much left over to treat Quinn to something fun or special because now times are tight.  It isn't easy leaving a housing complex that is upper class and feeling hurt when your child wants to go to dinner but you have to go home and see what you have.  Anyone who doesn't pay or ever gone thought this, if you don't understand don't try to.  I'm sorry I don't mean to be mean but you have no idea the frustration.  Well we all do kinda.  We all pay taxes to a Government that waste our money or has corrupt leaders so kinda we do.  However that's a whole different story!

     So what do we do?  Well we just take this time this month to say to other parents or guardians paying we are here.  Men or Woman we both pay, there is nothing about it.  It is not just a Dad thing, there are mothers paying.

     Let's not forget about the reverse as well, the Mothers or Fathers receiving this money who really truly need it to support the family and the ones paying who make a lot more and fight to pay it.  I have friends that collect it and the father of the children fought paying in the beginning.  There are two sides for sure.  It just depends on the parents, either way we should work together, even if the parents just talked and said how can we work together so we all make it financially and we all have an easier life...  I tear up writing this because it just doesn't happen...  

     So as this month comes and goes please think about where your money is going and that I hope the person collecting is using it correctly.  For those collection please use it for the reason it was started.  For those paying and having hard times or working a lot I am sorry.  I know what you are going through and I am here.

    So take this month to understand if you know someone paying it can be difficult and if you know someone receiving, they are getting it for a reason and in the end its all for the kids.  It is a hard subject to talk about but it is there and knowing there is a month dedicated to it makes us feel we are not alone.  Yea it sucks paying I know but it's okay.  When Quinn hugs me all those long hours and late nights melt away and everything just seems to be okay.  Please take this month to see what is offered and out there.  Talk to help centers and different agencies that can help or give guidance.

                                    Some see this...                               

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                    Some See that...
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Kayla and I see this...

   For the Love and Safety of our Children...  

Always Remember...
You are Never alone...

Support is always here...