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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!!!

     I hope everyone had a great Labor Day today as well as a great start to September!  With the new month brings the new school year and Quinn now going to full day School.  She gets on the bus this week and we can't wait!  Last week her Mother and I attended her school's open night to meet the teachers and learn about her new school district.  Recently they have moved, a little further out but as long as she is in a save home and in a good school thats all a single Father can ask for.

     As this long weekend winds down it was a very good one.  Kay and I just hung out, we slept in, watched movies, we even went on a picnic and out to a movie.  I do know I am yet still behind on a dozen post!  I will work hard to get them up.  I realized this year that I don't have to post daily.  After all I have a full time job.  I also realized sometimes cramming to post or get things done would just stress me out so I post when I have time and not to worry much.  I love my blog but recently I put down the camera and just enjoyed my time with my family.  I took the time to just lay with Quinn, not always take her photo.

    So to fellow readers and bloggers, always remember life comes first and it always will...  Live it and don't spend your life behind a camera all the time...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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