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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Relaxing Weekend.

The following Blog was for the weekend of 01/28/11-01/30/11.

Friday was a good day, work went well I picked up the munch and Brooke and her and I went to dinner.  It was good we went to Red Robin.  I love going to places like that because its funny to see how she loves to eat the burgers.  She barley takes her food but loves ours.  We dropped Mommy off and home for some TV.  She was in bed by 7 after a little TV time.

On Saturday we work up early and headed over to Uncle Kenny's apt.  We were going to breakfast with the family and I wanted to spend some time with my brother.  He loves being an uncle.  He put some cartoons on for her and we had so much fun.  She sat on the chair as we talked and stuff.

Hanging out with Uncle Kenny!

Just chilling on the couch.

After breakfast we hung out and spend the morning with Oma and Papi and Kenny, we watched some TV and she went to bed and my family took off.  My dad helped me hang a painting and get some work done.   After her nap we got some chores done and relaxed.

Sunday we got up and went to Aunt Ro's house for some breakfast!  We had a lot of fun playing and eating.  Pancakes and eggs.  After we went home to relax a little, we do a lot of relaxing.  Here is a picture of Quinn just chilling.

Chilling with Daddy

After her nap we spend the day just relaxing and playing games and puzzles.  We had dinner then back to Mommy's house!  The weekend was great i love spending time with her and just watching her grow and see her personality shine.  This week i have to focus on work, its going to be a busy one and this weekend I have to work so its going to be a long one.

Until next time!
My love to you all

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