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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A short but good weekend.

I was excited to get Quinn.  It was a long two weeks since Easter so i was excited.  It was mothers day so I bring her back to Brooke's on Sat. night.  But i had some fun times set for us.  I picked her up and brought her home.  My parents stopped over for dinner and to say hello.  We hung out a little and off to bed my little munch went.

The next day we spent some time getting some chores done.  We had a great breakfast, eggs and fruit.  We played and took a good Nap.  After we did some coloring and drawings.  She is getting really getting good at learning her colors and how to use a pen and things.  I love all the pictures she makes!

I only had one picture i took this weekend but really love it.  I hope you do to!  I brought her back to Brooke's and had a quiet rest of the weekend.  Back to work tomorrow...  We start the week all over.  The weather is getting better so its nice to get out side and start working on the year.  I have a lot to do but am excited to get going.
Enjoy the pic.

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