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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Quiet Night In

Well its been one heck of a week...  Last Tues i rolled my ankle and fractured my right foot!  I know Paychex is really dangerous.  Well for the full story feel free to contact me...  Well i got some X-Rays and i boot and crutches... For a little bit.  I get around and things are well.

I picked up the Munch today and she was excited i gave her a huge hug and we were off!  We did got some dinner and got some stuff done around the house.  We hung out on the couch and watched a little TV and had some R&R.  After we went up to bed red some books and it was bedtime!

We had a great night and this weekend we have a lot planned!!  Maybe i can teach Quinn to carry Daddy around!  Who knows...  Well i got one pic tonight and i hope you enjoy!  We had so much fun when it was bed time my little princess was tired!

PS. I opened the Posting to everyone, just found where i can finally do that, so enjoy!!!

Until next time!

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