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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Wet And Wild Weekend!

The following Blog is for the weekend of 12th-14th of August.

The weekend was a blast i picked up Quinn early on friday and we went to visit Kevman and Ashley.  We dropped off some presents it is their anniversary Sunday.  We hung out and saw the puppies then wen to my rents house real quick to say hello.

Saturday we got up and went to Rothfuss park!  I've been trying to get Quinn to a new park every time she comes.  Rothfuss park was built a few years ago over the old Rothfuss Farm.  I started working there when I was in my early teens.  We bailed and moved hay, it was hot and horrible, I loved it.  The money was great to a new teen.  John and I would have fun chasing the barn cats or just talking.  The farm life slowly moved out and the land over time the land was turned into a park.  It was really cool and the land is beautiful there are playgrounds and areas to have parties.  We played for a bit then took a drive over to Jim and Kelly Clancy's house.  I had some things from Lowes for him.  We also saw their puppy which was fun.  We talked to them and played with their new dog and then headed out!

We went home and had lunch, then Uncle Kenny came over!  He looked at the lawn and then came in to play with Quinn and watch some TV with us.  After Quinn went down we hung and I got to see my brother which i don't get that much because of our schedule.

After her nap we got up and then went to Baycreek!  We went on a Kayak and Quinn loved it!  We went through the cat tails and saw ducks, and swans and turtles and a crane.  It was such a nice sunny day the weather was perfect.  We went under the bridge and even out to the bay a little.  After we went over to my parents neighbor's house.  They were out but they always let us use their pool.  My parents were across the street at a party we would join them later.  It was cool we had the pool alone!  Quinn and I went down the slide and just floated around.  Sorry no pics since it was just the two of us, but see previous blog entry if you wanna see us in the pool.

After the pool we cleaned up and then wen across the street.  The neighbors were there for a picnic.  Forgot my camera in the car! It was fun though all the neighbors were there and Quinn had a great time, the food was great and Quinn was a hit as usual.  After we headed home and just relaxed.

Sunday we slept in a little then went to Friendlies and saw Aunt Ro and Ro George and Violet and other friends.  After we stopped over Aunt Ro's to hang out kicked the soccer ball around and played with my old mail box toy I used to play with!  We got home and had some lunch and just relaxed with some TV. Later that day it started raining and thundering and lightning!  Quinn was cute she hugged me when it got loud.  We went outside and played in the rain.  I love running and playing in the rain only because you never really can enjoy it unless you just get out there.  I love feeling the rain just come down most people don't take advantage of it...  We got dried off and went to Tully's for diner.  I have a co-worker from Paychex that works there so we dropped in to say hi.  We had a great dinner then played some video games!  After we went back to mommies and called it a day!

The weekend was just amazing I can't believe how fast it went.  I got home and cleaned up the house and just relaxed.   Enjoy the pics!

Here we are at Rothfuss Park

Climbing the big rock wall.

Uncle Kenny came over for a visit.

Playing catch with my Uncle.

Time to hit the river! Here we go daddy!  You paddle i'll just hang out and watch!

The view of the area was so pretty look at the lilly pads!

What a beautiful flower.

We saw some ducks

There was a turtle too.

Some swans passed by

Here is a house that was once owned by some people we knew.  It is so beautiful.  The state owns it now i believe and use it for people to look out and view the area.

Here is Quinn getting brave and moving ahead to the front of the boat!

What a beautiful view

We went under the bridge!

Bay Creek was where we went!

We stopped over to see Aunt Ro!

Ring Toss!

We played mail box.

We went out in the rain!

Just jumping around!

Quinns first picture!  She did a good job don't you think?

Playing some games!

After i dropped her off I kept busy by cleaning the house.  Sometimes it gets sad when i come home to an empty house.  I laugh because she runs around and screams and plays and then when i get home the quiet sets in.  I talk to my aunt about how her and my grandma went through it when we went to visit and i guess i know know what they mean.  I got my house cleaned and lunch made and worked on my blog but now i have till Wed but i know wed we will have a great time!  

Saturday night i was laying in bed and called out "Quinn"  she went "yea"  i go "you wanna come lay with daddy?"  She went  "yea" in this cute voice, then ran in with her bunny and jumped in bed.  I know she has her own bed and room but when your child gives you that cute and sad "yea" when you call them in your heart just melts.  I laid in bed just looking at how much i have and how thankful i have this little special kid.  

The summer is winding down but we have a lot to go and I'm excited because the fall is coming up and I have a lot planned.  Thanks for all your messages I love reading them.  I hope all is well and please keep in touch!


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  1. You really know how to have a good time with your daughter, she always looks so happy, and Aunt Ro seems a very nice person, you're so blessed for having them in your life