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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dinner in Brockport

I know im a little behind on blogging!  Sorry.  This entry was for the weekend of 4th, 5th and 6th.    Friday we hung out and had dinner.  We just stayed in because it’s getting colder out it’s also getting dark soon now to. 

Saturday we woke up and an awesome breakfast!  She loves Eggs.  We did some puzzles and took a walk.  I’m trying to get her used to the colder weather so we take walks and still go out side but I’m also getting her to do more puzzles and we sit and read more too.  This time of year can be hard because you have to remember summer is over but we can’t go sledding yet well cause there is no snow on the ground.. Yet….

Later that day we went to my buddy Sean’s apt.  He lives with his girlfriend Samantha.  The both go to school at Brockport.  We were planning dinner for a while and I was excited to bring Quinn.  Samantha’s little nephew was there with us hanging out. 

Sean made BBQ meatloaf and veggies. It was so good.  Quinn and I brought a pie from Leo’s.  They have such amazing baked goods.  We all hung out and talked and just had fun.  Quinn did so good!  She ate all her dinner and a big piece of pie! 

The rest of the weekend we just relaxed and enjoyed our time.  Sundays we usually just read books and listen to music watch a movie or something. 

It was a great weekend!  I have to get my post up and dated too! Sorry to my readers.  I am still behind a couple but I will catch up this week.

Playing on the bed!  Look at how big she's getting!

Just hanging out.

Dinner time!

Here we are!

It is nice to be in a couple shots!

Time for Pie!

I took a Nap.

Time for some coloring! 

Jumping on Sean!

Hanging out with Sean

We had a great weekend!  Thank you Sean and Samantha for having us over!  We had such a great time your apt is awesome!  I now have to have them over to the house!

Till next time! I love you all 

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