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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Has it been a Year already?

This November marks a year since I've been in the house and it has been one heck of a year...

The first couple months I moved out it were difficult.  I found myself with cabin fever.   I didn’t know what to do or handle being alone.  I remember the long nights and just feeling like I was loosing it from time to time.  The long nights and just not used to being alone took its toll on me.  The winter was hard I won’t lie.  When i had my daughter I missed us all together and thought about how to get us back as a family.  I called a lot or tried to set up just hanging out.  I had trouble being alone I was lonely and sad.   As spring came around I was working a lot and was still getting used to living alone.  I did things to keep busy but didn’t handle everything perfect.  I spent a lot of time missing my daughter and her mom.  

Without having to explain my entire story I will say this.  At first it was hard.  The move was tough I wasn’t ready and was clingy at first.  When I was moving out I was nervous and excited kinda at once.  I guess just because I never had my own place.  When I first moved in I remember my first night I'm not sure really sure what i was feeling I just remember being in a this new bed in my new room.  I knew it wold just take time.    As time went on I tired to keep busy I worked on the Blog but never really went public with it.  Over time we just kept it to light conversations and things about Quinn.  I took advise from family and friends just stayed busy and realized that it was over.  I took my blog and started to talk to new people.  I started talking to new single Mom's and Dad's and realized how many nice awesome people are out there and willing to talk and share their stories.  

Time is the only thing that can heal us.  As the year moved along I put my focus on the house and learned how to go through my life, things did get easier.  Here mom and I learned how to communicate and show Quinn she is so loved.

I had one of my best friends weeding to go to in the spring and me and my other best friend were in it so that was just amazing,  and had a lot of fun. The summer was so much fun.  Quinn and I went on many adventures and campouts.  We took so many pictures and just relaxed some days and enjoyed our time as father and daughter.  She loves the house and her little room.  We made it so comfy for her.  She has her little bed, and toys and table to work on too.  We have a park down the road and the area is very safe and quiet.  Our neighbors are so wonderful and just love Quinn.  

When the summer ended we started working on the yard and I leaned how to put my focus on that.  I visited friends and went on campouts.  Just realized that my time with Quinn was my time and that when I have her I just have the best time.  When I don’t have her I use the time to clean or visit friends and family. 

If I can say anything to you my readers it’s I am doing so much better.  I’m so glad to have great family and friends.  I’m also so glad I went out and talked to other bloggers.  You all have been so amazing and wonderful.  The next up coming year I have a lot of plans.  I have a fire pit to build and some more things to finish but other than that I’m really excited.  I have some more things on the blog to work on and am excited about that. 

This coming year I have some plans I'm excited about.  I wanna work on my yard, build a fire pit.  Work on the yard a little more, we have to fix the fence and thats it I think.  Well if my dad's reading this consider it our work list!!! haha

Now as I blog in my little home here, filled with pictures of my loved ones and little girl I feel at ease.  I feel like I have really grown and time does make it pass.  My advise to anyone is to keep busy.  Spend time with your child and make that time count.  Keep in touch with family and friends.  Keep busy, look for people online and read their stories.  It will take time, but you will get stronger…

Below i posted a video blog check it out.

And always remember you are not alone…
I love you,


  1. Hey,

    Chapter one done, now on to the other chapters in your life.

    As for keeping busy, call me, boy do I have a list.

    The adventures of Dad and Quinn are always so much fun. You are very loved by Quinn. Her daddy or as she sometimes calls you, Chris (she does have your sense of humor and spirit of life for sure)loves you very, very much.

    One piece of advice, Keep the Lord near.

    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro xoxoxoxo

  2. Good for you on staying strong. Thanks for the words of encouragement you're such a great dad