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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year...A New Start

     Well we made it!  December 31st 2016!  Here we are again, New Years Eve.  So do you have plans?  Are you ready for the New Year?  Well we are, kinda...  New Years is a great event, it is one we all celebrate and with a new year comes new beginnings.  I think everyone starts off a the year hoping it will be their best.

      For me I just hope this year is adventurous.  I have some ideas on what to do and how I want to change.  I think my biggest is just honestly going through with whatever I say!  How often do we not keep our resolutions.  I will admit this year was nice, I blogged less and lived more.  I took the time to be a Dad and Husband and not sit in front of a computer and just post my life.  Not that anything is wrong with that!  However this past year was good and we had some ups and downs but thats life right...  Can't have the perfect year, can have a close but perfect.  This year to come I think will have some really big breakthroughs.  I do plan on posting a bit more I took a larger break from one post to another but I will post probably more than last year but not everyday.

     Keeping this post simple I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve and Day!  I hope you take the time to clean the slate and just say this is a new year!  Spend time with your family and hug your kids...   Love life and don't spend every second on your computer or phone!  Just live life...

     With that said I wish everyone a safe and fun New Years!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


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