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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: We are in the final week for shopping!

Hello all!

     It has been a few days since our last post but we wanted to check in and say hi! We are still here don't worry!  If you celebrate Christmas you only have a few days left to shop!  My tip today isn't go get gifts but mainly to say enjoy the season!

     We hope you took this time to just enjoy the holiday season and spend it with family and friends.  Be mindful there are so many others that have less than us and to donate time, money or food so they can have a safe place to go and something to eat.  There are many donation sites around that will show you how you can help.

     We also wanted to say we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  This time of year is crazy and busy but it is also a lot of fun and make sure you just take the time to unwind, take a walk down main street and see the lights and shops.  Take the time to enjoy the snowfall, if you have it...

     Pretty soon it will be January then the new year rolls on!  I think December is such a fun month because of all the events that happen.  Everyone gets together and cooks, shares laughs and just relaxes as they get ready for the holiday season.

     If you share a child with someone please get along as much as you can and show the child how much they are loved.  Everyone has different standing with their ex's but show the child how important they are.  Do everything you can to just let them know the joy they bring and just because you have to bring them home or won't see them a bit that they are so loved.

     We will update you all with some pictures soon but we do hope everyone has a safe week for the holiday to come!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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