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Monday, March 20, 2017

A weekend to heal...

    Hello all!
I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year so far!  For us it's been really busy.  I know I haven't posted nearly as much but like I say, enjoy life and post later.  I wanted to post about the past weekend and I know I am behind on a lot of what we have done!

     This past weekend was a quiet one, Quinn had a bad double ear infection so she didn't end up coming over till Saturday morning per she was in so much pain.  That day we just stayed in and rested.  Watched a few movies and just hung out!  We ended up making some Taco's for dinner, which we all love!

     The next day Quinn was feeling much better so we took some time to do some cleaning and organizing.  She worked hard on her room as did we.  We got the house picked up and cleaned and then took some time to play some board games!  We let her pick per it was her weekend.  She has been working on her counting skills as well as game play.  Kids have to realize they need to play fair and be kind in the making.  We had a lot of fun and she ended up winning to!

     Quinn was cute, we talked to her Friday and she felt bad about not coming over.  We both told her not to worry and that it's better if she just goes to bed and rest.  Honestly I took what my ex said and didn't let it get me upset.  I know she wasn't feeling well so instead of trying to get her to come or fight we just have to relax and know what's best.  We did lose a night but its ok...  That weekend Quinn kept saying how bad she felt for not coming and how sorry she was.  We just kept telling her to stop worrying and that we just wanted her to get better.  We know she wants to come visit and now on Sundays she doesn't like leaving, but when she gets older its something she can address.  It stinks for now but we have time....

     I honestly miss posting about the family events and plan to step up more as it gets warmer out.  We have a bunch of things to update you on and I will be doing so, along with my Tuesday Tips that I have been slacking on!  Either way we have just been enjoying life and as she gets older the memories grow too.

We hope you all had a great weekend!

Always Remember,

You are never alone..


Here we are just enjoying the day with some board games!


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    1. I know right! I have so many post to catch up on! I hope you are well!